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It seems that there is a sub shop on every corner no matter where you go. When we do grab a sub, its Jersey Mikes. We love the bread, the ratio of ingredients, oil and vinegar, and seasonings. We dont eat out often, so when we get a craving for a sub we make a copycat of Jersey Mikes sub at home.

The keys to making a good copycat of Jersey Mikes sub are the right oil ratio and the red wine vinegar . After that, you can do whatever you want, pretty much. We like ours Mikes Way, with tomato, lettuce, onion, and of course oregano and salt. Its a combination that always works.

Also checkout my copycat of one of my all-time favorite restaurant sandwiches, Subways Italian BMT, and my copycat of Quiznos Italian Sub and of course, my copycat Firehouse Subs Battalion Chief sub too! And you dont have to make a copycat of a chain restaurant sandwich to have a great lunch, either. Try my house sub too!

How To Make Sub In A Tub

  • Get some meal prep containers. I use cute glass ones that I found at Costco, but any will do. These reusable meal prep containers are dishwasher safe and just fine.
  • Layer in your ingredients, starting with the meats and end with the sauces.
  • Package the sauces separately if you cant eat it within a day or two.
  • What Is On Jersey Mikes Italian Sub

    Most Italian cold cut subs are similar in that each sandwich may be slightly different, but all contain a variety of Italian meats and cheeses. Jersey Mikes Italian cold cut sub has: provolone, ham, prosciutto, capocollo, salami, and pepperoni. It took us a while to figure out that the ham on the sub is plain regular deli ham.

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    Tips For Ordering Keto At Jersey Mike’s

    • All of the sandwiches offered at Jersey Mike’s can be ordered as a “Sub in a Tub.” As the name suggests, this means all of the fillings of the sub will come in a container instead of on bread. The amount of lettuce is enough to consider it a salad, for sure.
    • You can save 3g carbs on your meal by ordering without onions or tomatoes. I tend to still eat them because they complete the sub sandwich fantasy, but it is an option.
    • To switch it up, try adding some additional toppings. You can’t go wrong with jalapenos or banana peppers.
    • Request that your toppings are sliced or chopped up to make it easier to eat on the go.
    • If bunless sandwich options aren’t your thing, soups and salads are also offered.
    • In a hurry and need to bypass the lines? Order ahead through the mobile app for a quick pick-up.

    The “Sub in a Tub” from Jersey Mike’s will come conveniently packed in a container with no bread.

    Jersey Mikes Secret Menu Chick

    Jersey Mike

    What in the world is that, you ask? It is a secret menu item that is packed with flavor. This secret sandwich is prepared exactly like the Jersey Mikes Philly Cheese steak Sub, only they use chicken instead of the steak.

    That is the Chick-Fila part of the sub. The Roni in the sandwich gives it the extra flavor blast grilled pepperoni and top it with chipotle mayonnaise.

    Of course, you can choose any sauce you like marinara, ranch, or a combination. There you have it! The secret menu item Chick-Fila-Roni

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    Popular Catering Choices At Jersey Mikes

    Different subs are available depending on how you want your subs packaged. Subs by the Box and Personal Boxed Lunches require you to choose cold subs, while Subs by the Bag give you a little more freedom to choose any sub you want off the menu.

    The Stickball Special

    Whats the point in eating a sandwich if it doesnt have a fun name, right? The Stickball Special is a cold sub that has provolone cheese, ham, and salami. On your choice of bread. These meats are sure to impress any meat lover in your group.

    Big Kahuna Cheese Steak

    Speaking of meat lovers, this one may just top it off on the hot subs menu. The Big Kahuna Chicken Cheese Steak has grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, jalapenos, and of course extra melted white American cheese.

    Fresh Baked Cookies

    For a perfect finale, as Jersey Mikes says, make sure to grab a cookie and brownie tray for dessert. The difference in these cookies are that they are baked daily in each store. Believe me when I say no one will turn you down for a fresh-baked cookie!

    Jersey Mike’s Big Kahuna Cheese Steak With Chipotle Mayo

    Sometimes a raging appetite calls for all the reinforcements to come in and quell that raging pit in your stomach. A salad just ain’t gonna cut it this time around. Even though you might want to stick to a somewhat healthy diet, every once in a while you have to treat yourself to what you know is the only answer to your stomach’s question. And, that often means a sandwich towering with glistening meat and enough saturated fat to make any doctor cringe. Hey, you only live once, and that’s why jumping in bed with the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak with Chipotle Mayo is the right move.

    You might recognize the term “Big Kahuna” from that classic Sam Jackson scene in Pulp Fiction. However, that was only a hamburger. Jersey Mike’s goes full-throttle and cranks the Big Kahuna-ness up to an entire cheesesteak, and there’s no going back once that bad boy arrives at the plate. All you have to do is combine the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak and the Chipotle Cheese Steak, and it’s worth every penny.

    Tender grilled steak, a heaping pile of grilled onions, mushrooms, pepper, jalapenos, and four slices of American cheese or pepper jack if you’re feeling frisky all come together for a lightning strike of flavor ready to electrify your taste buds. Top it off with the zest of chipotle mayo and you have yourself your new favorite sandwich.

    Sub In A Tub Variations

    • Turn it into a Cobb Sub in a Tub with hard-boiled egg, blue cheese, and leftover rotisserie chicken
    • Go Southwestern with grilled chicken, black soy beans, and this Creamy Jalapeno Dip that is also an amazing dressing
    • Try an old-school deli favorite with sliced roast beef, a creamy horseradish, and lots of crunchy veggies
    • Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean with a scoop of this Mediterranean Tuna Salad plus crunchy red bell peppers, cucumbers, and a few capers

    Jersey Mikes Subs : Trustworthy Franchise Since 1936

    Subway vs Jersey Mike’s | Best Italian, Cheesesteak, and Buffalo Chicken Sub!

    About Jersey Mikes: As you must have already guessed, the name of the owner of Jersey Mike, was Mike itself. And he started this joint in the year of 1956. And if you dont know, in the era of 1956 for a restaurant to survive, it must be unique with a good concept, exceptional quality of food, and great service. The Jersey Mikes subs were the first restaurant that came up with the concept of selling sandwiches in the form of a submarine, and it was a very new idea at that time.

    Jersey Mikes subs prices are more expensive compared to other sub sandwich chains. Also, there is no value meal or value deals options in this restaurant. But you save a bit of money, by choosing giant sub-options in many instances.

    In this restaurant, subs are offered in two ways, hot and cold . Additionally, customers can opt to have Mikes Way, which includes adding tomatoes, herbs, spices, sliced onions, tomatoes, Olive oil and cocktail of red wine vinegar. By choosing all these ingredients, the cost of Jersey Mikes Subs will be high. But you will definitely experience the good taste.

    % Agree This Is The Worst Sandwich At Jersey Mike’s

    Calling all sandwich lovers, we’ve got some news on the sub ranking front. For years, people have compared the hoagies made at top sandwich shop competitors like Subway, Jimmy John’s, and Jersey Mike’s, and then gone on to rank the sandwiches at individual shops, too. It’s difficult to name a definitive winner for any of these so-called competitions, primarily because everyone has different preferences in what makes a good sub.

    For example, this article from Business Insider ranked Jimmy John’s as the clear winner when compared with Subway and Jersey Mike’s, but this article from the Huntley Voice declares Jersey Mike’s the clear winner. We may never have a true answer, but we can tell you which sandwich from Jersey Mike’s was the majority loser when compared to other sandwiches from this chain. In a survey conducted by Mashed, we asked 642 participants in the U.S. what they considered to be the worst Jersey Mike’s sandwich, and there was a definitive answer.

    Video: Jersey Mikes Secret Menu

    So hopefully your mouth is watering or you are curious to learn more about the items we just described.

    This video has a great overview of the items so you can see what these items look like and see what the reviewers think. They review the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak with Chipotle Mayo, The R& R Special, Sub in a Tub, The Cancro Special, The Chicka-Fila-Roni, Surf n Turf, The Martian and the Sweet Pepper Wrap.

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    Jersey Mikes Wrap Up

    If you love sub sandwiches then you need to try Jersey Mikes. They have a full menu of delicious sandwiches to choose from or try one of the secret menu options mentioned above.

    As mentioned earlier, they also have sides, drinks, cookies, and chips. Bottle water or soda, fountain soda, tea, juice, cookies, brownies, and tastykakes. For your little one, under 8 years old, they have their kids meals a sub sandwich, a bottle of water, and a cookie. You can also have Jersey Mikes cater a party or a small family get together. They have subs by the box, subs by the bag, and boxed lunches. The boxed lunches include a sub sandwich, chips, drink, and a cookie.

    Go to and sign up for My Mikes. You will receive exclusive offers and promotions, earn free subs with their Shore Points, and get birthday rewards.

    Jersey Mikes Secret Menu Big Kahuna Cheese Steak With Chipotle Mayonnaise

    If you are in love with Jersey Mikes and you have a hefty appetite, then I have found the perfect secret menu item for the growl in your stomach. This sub is packed with delicious ingredients, giving it a whole ton of flavor for your monster hunger pain.

    This secret menu item combines two of Jersey Mikes regular menu items Chipotle Cheese steak and the Big Kahuna Cheese steak. Your sub will be bulging with grilled steak and onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, and peppers.

    Top it off with slices of American cheese and their spicy chipotle mayo. Perfecto!

    How To Make The Jersey Mikes Italian Sub At Home

    Greek Grilled Chicken Salad

    To get started making your Jersey Mikes Italian Cold Cut Sub at home, prepare by slicing lettuce, tomatoes and onions. The onion should be sliced thinly and then soaked in water to take a little of the bite away from the raw onion. Jersey Mikes use white onions in their sandwiches, but we chose a little milder red onion for our topping. Just one small variation on the original classic sub.

    Slice the Italian rolls down the middle fully so that the two halfs are completely separate. This will make it easier to assemble the sandwich rather than trying to stuff all the ingredients into an envelope of a sub roll.

    Begin to assemble the hoagie, by laying down the provolone first. The cheese acts as a barrier to the juice and will help keep the sandwich from getting soggy.

    After the cheese is down, layer the meats carefully on top so that the sandwich is light and stuffed fully.

    Avoid Dressings And Toppings

    As I just mentioned, a lot of Jersey Mikes dressings, toppings, and sauces tend to have a pretty absurd amount of hidden carbohydrates that you wouldnt find in store-bough versions of those ingredients. So its good to know exactly whats going into your meal by planning it out ahead of time.

    I will give them credit for their great meal builder on their website, which automatically adjusts its carb count depending on what ingredients you include in it.

    Fortunately, you cant go wrong with dressings like mustard, as it will almost always be 0 carbs.

    As far as toppings go, cucumber and avocado tend to always be safe for keto too.

    • Not all tubs are created equal

    While the sub in a tub is a pretty great hack for making Jersey Mikes keto-friendly, unfortunately there are a ton of options that simply dont make the cut when looking at net carb counts.

    A lot of subs, like the Philly Chicken Cheese Steak for example, still come in at a pretty high carb count, mostly from the sauce and type of American cheese that they use.

    This is why its especially important to do all of the necessary research before going into the restaurant, so you dont fall victim to Jersey Mikes treacherous hidden carbs.

    From here, Ill get a little bit more into some of the best keto-friendly options that Jersey Mikes has to offer, and will cover some other big sources of hidden carbs to avoid as well.

    Jersey Mikes Catering Menu And Prices

    Jersey Mikes has provided its customers with a catering menu that has various dishes such as subs by the box, lunch box, cookies and brownies. The Jersey Mikes catering prices will be from only $8 to $58. Their subs by the box will cost you 58 dollars and have the capacity of feeding almost ten people in a party. You can order multiple times of the same Dish depending on the number of people attending your party.

    Its catering service is as quick as three steps. First, you should figure out the members, next choose which type of food to order and finally place an order. But for large groups, you should order 24 hours before.

    Jersey Mikes 5-inch Mini sub can feed only one person, 7-inch regular sub also called a Wrap or a Tub can feed two persons. The Gaint 14-15 inch sub can feed three to four persons.

    Jersey Mikes Catering Menu and Prices

    Catering Menu
    12 gooey chocolate chip brownies $15.50

    The Guide To What You Can Eat And Stay Low Sodium At Jersey Mikes

    Jersey Mikes, a fast-casual sub sandwich restaurant, promotes that they offer A Sub Above®. The company defines that as serving authentic fresh sliced subs on freshly baked bread. For LoSo eaters, that phrase really could stand for, a sub above your sodium limit.

    It is extremely difficult, though not totally impossible, to eat at Jersey Mikes while maintaining a low sodium lifestyle. Overall though, it is probably best of LoSo eaters to avoid Jersey Mikes if you are looking for a wide array of low sodium menu options.

    A majority of the Jersey Mikes regular-sized subs clock in at over 1,000 mg of sodium. A regular size Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak registers an eye-popping 3,513 mg of sodium. That is significantly more salt than a healthy person should have in an entire day! And it is more than double the daily limit for most LoSo eaters.

    All sodium values in this article reflect the sodium content of a regular sub. It should be noted that Jersey Mikes considers only half of a regular sub to be a single serving. This simply does not reflect the way most adults would eat at Jersey Mikes. In fact, Jersey Mikes seems to know this since they call a 3.5-inch sub a mini and make it the cornerstone of a kids meal.

    Since I believe most adults would order a regular, and eat it as a single serving, I have listed all sodium content to reflect this.

    Jersey Mikes Italian Sub Review

    Pork Chop’s Food Review: Jersey Mike’s Tuna Fish Sandwich

    Weve been looking for a place that makes a great Italian sub. One thing that is crucial to us is the bread. It must be soft but have a great chew. The sub we ordered was the original Italian sub, and it was all that was promised. Nice selection of deli meats sliced thinly enough to layer just right.

    This is what a Jersey sub is supposed to taste like. You can order the sub any way you like. With mayo, sure. But we ordered it Mikes way. We are fans and soon headed back for the steak and cheese. The regular was fine for me, but next time Im getting the giant.

    Jersey Mike’s Sub In A Tub

    Carbs are the devil. Or, at least that’s what some people think. This starchy fear drives hungry consumers far away from the sandwich lifestyle, and makes it hard for anyone following those guidelines to enjoy the deliciousness that is Jersey Mike’s. Two pieces of bread? No way! But, Jersey Mike’s is well aware of the quick-growing anti-carb movement, so they stepped in to help with the Sub in a Tub.

    Now, while a Sun in a Tub isn’t technically a secret menu item, it’s definitely something most people aren’t aware exists. Let’s say you just get done with a grueling workout and need some sustenance to burn off afterward. You’re craving a sandwich but really don’t want to tack on any kind of carbohydrate and undo the progress you made. Well, Jersey Mike’s has you covered.

    Ask for your sandwich Sub in a Tub style and you’ll get everything on whatever sandwich you order without the bread. It’s that simple. It’s basically like eating a sandwich as if it was a salad. You get the meat and veggies and sauce, if your little heart desires without the guilt of all those super tasty carbs.

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