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A Healthy No-Mayo Chicken Salad Recipe | The Mediterranean Dish

Chicken Salad is a fabulous thing to have on hand because itâs high in protein, incredibly tasty, and quite versatile. This is a healthier version of the deli classic because it is made without mayo.

Many chicken salads made without mayo use yogurt. However, I have a really hard time with this because I think the yogurt gives the chicken salad a weird tanginess.

Some people claim that making chicken salad with yogurt tastes âjust as goodâ as when you use mayonnaise. Frankly, I find that offensive because I have taste buds, and yogurt & mayonnaise do not taste the same.

So instead of using yogurt for the mayo-replacement, use cottage cheese in place of the mayo. The cottage cheese adds no flavor and does an excellent job at binding together the chicken salad.

As the name implies, this is a chicken salad made without mayo. This Chicken Salad recipe is your standard chicken salad with celery and onions, letting the chicken shine through.

Instead of using mayonnaise, you blend cottage cheese to use as a binder. The cottage cheese has a neutral flavor and simply holds together the chicken salad. It does not give any taste or strange texture to the chicken salad. Pinky promise.

While I love yogurt in smoothies, mashed potatoes, king cake, dips, snacks, and more, I donât think yogurt can completely replace mayonnaise which has a much more neutral flavor compared to the tangier taste of yogurt.

How Do You Make Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Chicken salad is fantastic for making quick sandwiches. You can keep the chicken salad sandwich healthy by using whole grain wheat bread, or low carb wraps, such as a lettuce wrap, depending on your diet. Honestly, my favorite way to enjoy them is to toast up some Ciabatta buns. It isn’t the healthiest option, but it fits in with a balanced diet.

Here Are A Few More Healthy Chicken Salad Recipes

It wasnt until my trip with Stonyfield Yogurt to organic farms in Northern Vermont when my eyes really opened. On my trip, I was introduced to the organic process of dairy farming. I was so inspired by the farmers and quality of ingredients, I had to come up with a super healthy recipe where Organic Greek Yogurt was the star. Thats where this healthy chicken salad with Greek yogurt came in.

Below are a few other healthy chicken salads that you might also like:

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Reasons Youll Love This Recipe

  • Low fat and low cholesterol. Swapping in Greek yogurt for mayo makes this a hearty, healthy chicken salad recipe.
  • High protein. Depending on the brand, ½ cup of Greek yogurt adds 12-15 grams of protein!
  • Not too heavy. Mayo-based salads tend to sit like a rock in your stomach. Using Greek yogurt keeps the salad light while still filling you up.
  • Easy to make. After you cook the chicken, all other ingredients come together quickly in one bowl.
  • Great way to use leftover chicken. This chicken salad recipe can use shredded chicken, chopped baked chicken breasts, or rotisserie chicken.
  • Meal prep. I love making this 2-3 days ahead of time for a quick lunch or snack during the week.

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Avocado Chicken Salad No Mayo


Looking for a light lunch? How about a Chicken Salad No Mayo? Mayo out, avocado in! Nutritious and no less delicious, this chicken avocado salad recipe has chicken, avocado, onions, herbs, spices and olive oil. No matter if you are on a diet or not, this tasty and healthy avocado chicken salad will be one of your favorites.

I know that you love mayo. I mean who doesnt? Granted, mayo goes great in a chicken salad. However, we sometimes need to go light. Plus, mayo is not so innocent with the oils and additives that comes with it. I know that it seems inseparable from chicken salad, but contrary to what most people think, chicken salad without mayo is not necessarily boring. When combined with the right ingredients, your chicken salad will be as tasty as ever. And healthier.

Chicken salad with avocado instead of mayo makes a nutritious and light lunch. Keto Chicken Salad is a standby lunch for me when I need to be fast and healthy. It works perfect especially if I still have work to do in the afternoon.

As I have it quite often, I wanted to diversify my salad and ended up with this avocado chicken salad no mayo recipe. One of the yummiest salads so far. Avocado never fails when combined with onions, garlic, lemon, herbs and a kick of different spices. Yumm! What can go wrong when guacamole combines with chicken?

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The Best Tuna Melt Recipe

No matter where you are from, I think most of us grew up eating some variation of a simple tuna salad sandwich. For me, even now its one of my favorite meals to throw together for a quick lunch or dinner.

Now, just imagine taking a simple tuna sandwich to the next level. The Tuna Melt is basically just a scrumptious extension of the already delicious classic. Sort of like a fancy grilled cheese, but layered with yummy tuna salad, its cheesy on the inside and crispy on the outside. You can cook them in a skillet, but I actually like to bake mine in the oven. I have found that baking them is a tad bit healthier and also toasts them perfectly.

And this recipe takes very little effort and can quickly be made in just 15 minutes! Or, you can prep the sandwiches the night before. They make a healthy complete meal when served with a side of Air Fryer French Fries, a Ceasar Salad, or a bowl of Roasted Tomato Soup.

About This Chicken Apple Salad Recipe

Lately Ive been receiving quite a few requests for easy, make ahead, healthy lunch options that can be taken on-the-go.

And I get it! Falling into a lunch rut can be easy to do, and taking the time to prepare an entire meal mid-day everyday isnt always an option.

But let me tell you this easy prep chicken apple salad is your answer!

Im obsessed with this simple salad and eat it so often that I feel like everyone needs to know about how to make it themselves at home.

Since you can make it ahead of time & store it in the fridge, its perfect for lunch, a light dinner, or to bring to a potluck or picnic.

The combination of the hearty chicken, sweet apples, crisp celery, crunchy cashews and the shallot & white wine vinaigrette is so refreshing make it once and I have a feeling youll be hooked!

If youve never had a mayo-free chicken salad before, then youve got to try this one! The easy homemade dressing is light, tangy and adds plenty of flavor without needing any added mayo, yogurt or dairy.

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How Many Calories Are In A Large Bowl Of Chicken Salad

The chicken salad bowl contains 49 grams of total carbohydrates, 43 grams of net carbs, 30 grams of fat, 46 grams of protein, and 660 calories.

Salad ingredients, toppings, and dressings are just a few of the ingredients that can result in a significant caloric difference between salads. This dressing and the croutons account for nearly two-thirds of the calories in a Caesar salad. One cup of a Caesar salad without chicken contains one of these ingredients. Salads made from pasta, fresh vegetables, and cheeses are a staple of pasta meals. Salads that are high in protein, such as the Cobb salad, contain a lot of it thanks to its high protein content, such as eggs, chicken, or turkey. The serving size of one cup of egg salad contains eight grams of protein. A mayonnaise-based salad commonly consists of mayonnaise, onions, celery, peppers, and cucumbers.

Salads made with grilled chicken provide a lot of protein and fiber. Furthermore, it is a delicious side dish or a light meal that can be served as a side dish or as a light meal.

How To Make Chicken Salad Without Mayo

Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad (No Mayo Chicken Salad!)

This chicken salad is quite simple to make. In general, chicken salad is made my stirring together cooked chicken, some spices, maybe some diced veggies, and a binder of some sort like mayo, yogurt, or cottage cheese .

To get the consistency of mayo, you need to blend your cottage cheese I like to use a mini food processor. Once you’ve done that, mix it all together, and you’re good to go. It’s best to make it in advance to give time for the flavors to blend, but it can be eaten immediately if needed. Here are the step by step instructions:

Time needed: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

To make this simple no mayo chicken salad, you’ll blend cottage cheese with honey, lemon juice, and spices. Then you’ll mix the sauce with shredded chicken and celery.

  • Put chicken to a bowl. Set aside.
  • Blend the cottage cheese, honey, lemon juice, and spices in a food processor until completely smooth.
  • Grate the onion, and add to the food processor.
  • Blend together until there are no remaining larger pieces of onion.
  • Pour the cottage cheese mixture into the bowl with the chicken.
  • Using a fork, stir to completely coat the chicken with the mixture.
  • Stir in celery. Refrigerate.

    Best to refrigerate for at least one hour.

  • Taste and add additional seasoning if needed. Enjoy!
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    What Type Of Chicken

    You have a couple of options here. Rotisserie is the easiest and the most practical one. But I hardly ever go for that one since I prefer to make chicken at home. I usually poach chicken breasts for my salad. Or sometimes even better, I make crispy simple roasted chicken pieces in oven for dinner. Then next day, I use the leftovers in my salad. It is so practical and it is like I have two meals out of one. And you can do it with any leftover chicken.

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    Substitutions For This Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe

    This chicken salad is SO versatile. You can easily customize it with whatever you like/dont like or have on hand. Here are some ideas for you:

    Chicken You can sub chicken for tuna if youd like. We also have a Greek Yogurt Tuna Salad recipeI have not tried canned chicken in this recipe but I think it would work.

    Yogurt I like to use plain, unflavored, non-fat greek yogurt in this recipe. You can use 1%, 2%, or full fat yogurt if you like. We dont recommend using a flavored/sweetened yogurt in this recipe.

    Parsley- If you dont have fresh parsley, you can sub with 1/4 the amount of dried parsley. If you dont have or like parsley you can substitute with some fresh dill, thyme or even basil!

    Dairy Free I have not tried this with dairy free yogurt, but I think it would work. Make sure that your yogurt is unsweetened, plan yogurt.

    Grilled Chicken This salad is great with leftover grilled chicken. We love it with this balsamic chicken!Fruit- You can omit the fruit if youd like to. Apples can also be subbed for grapes or berries. If youre going to use a dried fruit like raisins or cranberries Id recommend cutting the amount in half.

    Celery If you dont like or dont have celery omit it.

    Weight Watchers The only points in this recipe for the blue plan come from the pecans. You can omit them or cut back on the amount to save points

    Keto If you are following a strict keto diet its best to omit the apples from this recipe.

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    Healthy Chicken Salad Ingredients

    • Rotisseriechicken: I like using rotisserie chicken because it makes the prep so fast and the chicken is already well seasoned.
    • Driedcranberries: Cranberries add a delicious sweetness and different texture. Dried cherries or cherry-juice-infused dried cranberries are also amazing in this recipe.
    • Celery: Chop into small pieces for a more-even dispersion the celery adds a nice crunchy texture.
    • Slicedalmonds: Again, a great textural ingredient. You can toast the almonds, but since this is a quick and easy recipe, I dont usually bother.
    • Seedless grapes: Red or green work equally well, but I prefer red for color. Make sure to get ripe, flavorful grapes for this healthy salad.
    • Poppy seeds: This is an optional ingredient they add a nice flavor and crunch.
    • Lemon juice: A little bit of lemon in the dressing adds a nice freshness and a very subtle tang to the salad.
    • Ranchdressing: Its the secret ingredient of this healthy chicken salad! More on this below.

    How To Make Chicken Salad With Greek Yogurt

    Chicken Salad

    I’ve found that using a rotisserie chicken or cooking your own chicken breasts ahead of time works best for this recipe.

    If you are using rotisserie chicken, simply shred the chicken with a fork or chop it into small pieces.

    For cooked chicken breast, I like to either chop it into small cubes or use a fork to shred the chicken.

    Once the chicken is prepped, add it to a large bowl with grapes, diced celery, and diced onion.

    I also like to add in a little bit of salt and pepper at this point.

    Next, add the Greek yogurt and mix everything together until combined.

    That’s it! Your Healthy Chicken Salad is now ready to eat!

    You can either enjoy it right away or store it in the fridge for later.

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    Chicken Salad Mason Jar Salads With Creamy No

    Make these easy Chicken Salad Mason Jar Salads for make ahead lunches during the week! With grapes, apple, toasted pecans, and a creamy poppy seed dressing, these healthy meal prep salads are sure to become a favorite!

    Mason jar salads are my latest obsession.

    For one, theyre so pretty! But more important, these ready-to-go salads in jars make it easy to eat a healthy lunch on busy weekdays. Ive been prepping some mason jar salads on Sunday or Monday each week, so we have healthy lunches ready to go for the first half of the week.

    The idea for these mason jar salads came to me when I was making my easy chicken salad recipe. I thought that chicken salad would make an incredible flavor for a meal prep salad and wow was I right!

    I tried it, and we loved it! The flavor of these salads is spot on, and packaging individual portions in mason jars makes these salads convenient for grab and go lunches.

    I made my Chicken Salad Mason Jar Salads in 16 ounce mason jars, because I have a ton of them in my kitchen. I couldnt fit quite as much lettuce as I wanted in the 16 ounce jars, so Im thinking of investing in these 32 ounce jars. Because there will be many more mason jar salad recipes in my future, Im sure. In the meantime, I just add a little more lettuce to my salad when I serve it.

    How Many Calories Are In A 12 Inch Chicken Salad

    There are approximately 1,500 calories in a 12-inch chicken salad from a popular restaurant chain. This salad contains chicken, mayonnaise, celery, grapes, and pecans.

    Rotisserie Style Chicken Salad contains more calories than Chicken or Turkey Salad and is not a healthy choice for those seeking a lower-calorie diet. If youre looking for a healthy salad option, try the Garden Salad with Broccoli and Carrots.

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    Why Make This Recipe

    • No mayo: If youre not a big fan of mayo, this recipe will be right up your alley! This creamy chicken salad is completely mayo-free, and I promise, you wont even miss it!
    • Nutritious: Loaded with protein, healthy fats from the nuts, and fibre, vitamins and minerals from the apple and cranberries, this salad is a nutrient-dense option that will keep you feeling satisfied for hours.
    • Quick and easy: If you make a batch of the cashew cream sauce ahead of time and have some left over chicken to use up in the fridge, all you have to do is mix everything together and serve!

    How To Make It

    Chicken Salad – NO MAYONNAISE!

    Making this chicken salad recipe without mayo is extremely easy, particularly if you are using a leftover rotisserie chicken. Begin by preparing the “dressing” by adding the Greek yogurt, avocado, Dijon mustard, and lemon juice to a large bowl and whisking it together until creamy. You can leave some chunks of avocado for added texture, if desired.

    Next, shred the cooked and shredded chicken and place it in the bowl along with the celery, onion, and cilantro. Serve immediately, as the avocado will oxidize and darken as it sits out.

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    How To Make The Cashew Cream Sauce

    The trick to getting cashews to blend up into a creamy sauce is to soak them in water for at least 2 hours. Simply pour the cashews in a bowl and cover with water.

    Once soaked, toss the cashews, garlic, water and salt into a blender.

    I like to use our ninja blender to make these types of sauces since it makes it really smooth and creamy without any chunks. Blend until smooth. Add more water if you want a thinner sauce.

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    Make The Chicken Salad

    To begin, you need to whip together the chicken salad. Just add the cooked chopped chicken to a medium size bowl along with the mayonnaise, ranch dressing, celery, parsley, salt, and black pepper. Next, mix it all together until the ingredients are well combined and youre done. The chicken salad is ready to go.

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