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Curried Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches

Best Chicken Salad Recipe

Sandwiches are often overlooked. Theyre perceived as the main course, but primarily for breakfast or lunch, excluded from even the most casual of dinners sometimes. Sandwiches are very rarely ever thought of as an appetizer or snack. Its time for that to change! These Curried Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches are a beautiful mix of fragrant curry powder, sweet dried cranberries, tangy apple, rich walnuts, oniony scallions, juicy chicken and creamy mayonnaise all working together with the crunch of toasted whole-wheat bread. Try them at your next dinner party, sports game viewing party or outdoor picnic.

Get the Recipe: Curried Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches

Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

One of the most classic salad recipes and truly delicious, this easy chicken salad recipe is creamy, sweet, and perfect on its own or sandwiched between two slices of bread or nestled into a buttery croissant. This delicious recipe can also be enjoyed as a wrap, in a pita pocket, or in lettuce cups.

Fancy Chicken Salad Recipe

We call this Fancy Chicken Salad because of the dressing, grapes, and pecans, but its truly easy. This is a fresher and lightened-up version of classic chicken salad and its perfect for meal prep.

This is the perfect side dish or main course. Its especially easy if you use leftover Roasted Chicken. Watch the video tutorial and see how simple it is.

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We love protein-packed salads like our Chicken Avocado Salad, Autumn Chopped Chicken Salad, and Cobb Salad. This creamy chicken salad is really the best combination of chicken salad and Waldorf salad that will become a go-to for lunch.

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Salad Dressing Chicken Marinade

We are talking grilling recipes all this week! Why heat up your kitchen when you can grill, right? Plus, I love that there is less mess when I grill up dinner. Did you know you can use salad dressing to your chicken in? You can! Its a salad dressing chicken marinade!

Why spend money on those expensive bottle marinades when a good old bottle of dressing will do. Most vinaigrette dressings will work great and even some creamy versions work too like creamy Italian. Then when you only use part of a bottle for a marinade you can use the rest for a salad. Just pick dressing with a nice strong flavor and that will go well with chicken. I was recently able to pick up a bunch of Kraft dressings for $1. For this photo I used the roasted red pepper Italian with Parmesan flavor for my salad dressing chicken .

How Do You Make Chicken Salad

Best Chicken Salad Recipe with Creamy Peanut Butter Salad ...

This salad recipe is so easy to make! It consists of prepping the ingredients and mixing together the dressing.

  • Prepare the dressing: In a medium bowl, combine mayonnaise, lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper. Stir until smooth and creamy.
  • In a separate bowl, combine chicken, grapes, apple, celery, and pecans.
  • Drizzle dressing over the top and stir together making sure the dressing is evenly distributed
  • Cover and chill for at least one hour before serving.
  • Serve as sandwiches on bread or croissants or as chicken salad lettuce cups.
  • Store leftovers in airtight container in refrigerator for up to 3 days.
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    How Long It Keeps How To Serve It Etc

    Once dressed, the leafy greens will start to get a bit soggy after around 30 minutes due to the oil in the dressing. So if youre making ahead, keep the dressing separate and cut the avocado just before serving .

    If youre transporting half an avocado to work, just drizzle the cut face with lemon juice and tuck it into your salad lunch box, or put it in an airtight container with half an onion .

    As for serving it, I think youll find this is substantial enough as it is to have as a main course. But of course, if you want to fill it out, nobodys going to say no to some freshly made crusty bread, right?? Nagi x

    What Makes This Chicken Salad Special

    The “secret sauce,” so to speak, of this chicken salad, is the tablespoon of plum preserves my mom adds to the mayo-based dressing. You could use any berry jelly or jam, but as we always have a lot of plum jam on hand , that’s what mom reaches for first.

    Mom balances out the sweetness from the dab of jam with a bit of lemon juice.

    The result? Wonderful!

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    How To Serve Chicken Salad

    This salad can be served as a side salad or as a main course. We love to serve it for lunch because its easy to turn it into a meal.

    • Over Mixed Greens place your favorite greens such as arugula or mixed salad greens into a large bowl, top with the chicken salad, and serve.
    • Lettuce Cups serving in lettuce cups is a great low-carb option for lunch.
    • Croissant Sandwiches Cut the croissant in half without cutting all the way through then fill it with the salad. It tastes like a bakery-quality sandwich.
    • Pita Bread we love to stuff a pita with chicken salad, its so simple and good.

    Pro Tip: The best way to reheat a croissant is to toast it in an air fryer at 350F for 3 minutes until its lightly crisp on the outside and warmed through. This is what we do with store-bought croissants and they taste like they just came out of a bakery oven.

    How To Make This Speedy Chicken Salad

    Fancy Chicken Salad Recipe – How To Make Chicken Salad

    It probably comes off as a bit condescending to show you these steps, being that this is quite a basic recipe! Its more out of habit given that I show steps for every recipe I do.

    I did say this was a BIG chicken salad it is very, very big! It will make a filling meal for 4 normal people, 3 with very very big appetites, or 6 people who are pretending to diet.

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    How To Make Grilled Chicken Salad

    To make this easy recipe for grilled chicken salad, follow our tips:

    • Pound the chicken breasts to an even thickness before marinating to ensure even cooking.
    • Use a meat thermometer to check for doneness. Chicken should be cooked to 165°F to ensure doneness. Dont over-cook it!
    • Allow grilled chicken to rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing.
    • Customize your salad by using your favorite salad veggies and salad greens. Add-ins like crumbled cheese, nuts, croutons, or seeds are great additions! I like sunflower seeds for salad.

    How To Cook Chicken For Chicken Salad

    If you are going to cook chicken specifically for chicken salad, the easiest thing to do is to poach it.

    What I like to do is put a pot of 2 quarts of water and 1 tablespoon salt on to boil. As the water is heating, I cut skinless boneless chicken breasts into large chunks. When the water boils, I add the chicken, and return the pot to a simmer. Then I turn off the heat, and cover the pot and let the meat sit for 15 minutes in the hot water while I prepare everything else. Poaching chicken this way allows the chicken to cook gently, so the chicken retains more moisture.

    After the chicken is finished cooking you can save the poaching liquid as light chicken broth.

    Poaching aside, you can easily use any cooked chicken for this chicken saladrotisserie chicken, grilled chicken, or roasted chicken. My parents will often use leftovers from their favorite baked chicken, and even include some of the crispy skin in the salad.

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    Tips For Making The Recipe

  • Dont skip the marinating time. Even if you just marinate the chicken for 15 minutes, it will really help to tenderize the chicken to make it more juicy. Theres also an added benefit of reduced cooking time!
  • The chicken should be at room temperature when you add it to the grill pan. If you are only doing a short marinade they can be left at room temperature. If you add cold chicken to a hot grill pan, it can result in a tough texture.
  • Let the chicken rest for 5 minutes after you cook it. Remove it from the pan and tent it loosely with foil. This will allow the juices to redistribute so when you slice it, its nice and juicy and not dry at all.
  • Add in other salad ingredients. This simple Mediterranean salad is full of flavor, but you can easily add in some other salad ingredients like red bell peppers or grated carrots if you like. The feta cheese can be substituted with goat cheese or left out.
  • Lady Marmalade Chicken Salad

    side view of top view of best ever Chinese chicken salad ...

    The name of the game with this Lady Marmalade Chicken Salad is pungent flavors. Every ingredient in this recipe orange marmalade, shallots, green apple, lime juice, garlic, brown mustard, curry powder, cilantro is working to pack a different punch of flavor, each of which, when married together, works to unify the dish. All of these elements are combined with creamy Greek yogurt and tender chicken for a salad that can be a stand-alone meal, but that is also great when paired with toasted bread or lettuce leaves.

    Get the Recipe: Lady Marmalade Chicken Salad

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    Picnic Potato And Chicken Salad Cups

    Summer is the time for picnics and salads. That is, potato and chicken salads! Get the best of both worlds with these Picnic Potato and Chicken Salad Cups. Full of fresh herbs like parsley and sage, you get the starchiness of potatoes and the succulence of roasted chicken. Throw in crispy bacon and plenty of crisp veggies and youve got yourself the best potato-chicken salad your picnic has ever seen.

    How To Make Honey Mustard

    Honey mustard salad dressing is a popular sauce that people buy often but is SO easy to make.

    There are four parts to every salad dressing: oil, sugar, acid, and salt. In this recipe, weve got oil, honey, apple cider vinegar, and Dijon mustard, respectively. Traditionally, the oil to acid ratio in this dressing is 3:1. No need to bust out your fanciest cooking oils for this.

    If your dressing is too acidic, add a little more sugar. Too sweet? Work it the other way around! An extra pinch of salt at the end brings the flavor together.

    So dont forget to taste and add until its just like you like it! If youre on a low-salt diet, leave the salt out and let people add if they want more.

    This can be made in a blender, shaken in a jar, or mixed by hand. Want to make it vegan? Drop the honey and swap it for maple syrup. The sweetness is still there!

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    What Makes It So Delicious

    So many folks have made this salad and asked us in complete sincerity: What makes this chicken salad recipe so darn delicious?

    Well, there are several reasons, we believe: Here are some of the main ones:

    • Roasting the chicken ensures flavorful, juicy chicken for the salad. In a pinch, you could certainly use a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket.
    • The addition of seedless grapes, almonds, and fresh dill are part of what makes this dish so wonderful.
    • A mix of mayonnaise, Dijon, and lemon juice adds a freshness that is just so very delicious. It all adds up to the best chicken salad sandwich you can imagine!

    Why We Love This Recipe

    BEST Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe!

    This salad is fresh and loaded with flavor. It is quick and simple to prepare, and is so versatile!

    Asian chicken salad is a great way to use up leftover chicken! The chicken in this dish can be served cold as a chilled salad for warm summer months or add chicken hot off the grill!

    Using cabbage instead of lettuce in this salad means it keeps well, so go ahead and make it ahead of time. Keep the dressing separate and keep it in the fridge until ready to serve.

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    The Best Chicken Salad Dressing

    This is similar to the dressing we love for our popular Broccoli Salad, except we didnt add any sugar or honey since the grapes add plenty of sweetness. This dressing is creamy, tangy and adding sour cream makes it lighter than just using mayo.

    • Mayonnaise use real mayo for the best flavor.
    • Sour cream we use full-fat sour cream, but you can substitute it with low-fat sour cream or fat-free Greek yogurt.
    • Lemon juice be sure to use freshly squeezed and not from concentrate.
    • Dill finely chopped fresh dill is our favorite, but you can substitute with 2 Tbsp of finely chopped fresh parsley.
    • Salt and Pepper added to taste

    How To Make Chicken Salad At Home

    This recipe will come together in just 2 super easy steps and only takes about 10 minutes to prep. Its best served cold and is delicious as leftovers for the next few days, too!

    Place shredded chicken, chopped red onion and celery in a large bowl.Pro-tip: If you are using canned chicken, make sure to drain it really well. After draining, you can even place it on a paper towel and pat it dry to make sure that it doesnt have extra water or oils. This will keep the chicken salad from getting too soggy or runny!

    Stir together with the mayonnaise, plain Greek yogurt, fresh dill, lemon juice, lime juice, garlic powder, lemon pepper until they are thoroughly combined.

    Plate and serve with dill and green onion as optional garnish.

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    Variations / Options / Add

    • PRECOOKED CHICKEN: Any chicken will work but make sure whatever chicken you use isnt greasy or saucy, since this recipe already has enough liquid. I love using rotisserie chicken. If using canned chicken, be sure to drain it well first.
    • ONION: You can choose which type of onion you want to use. I really like red onions for this salad.
    • GREEK YOGURT: You can replace this with sour cream if you dont have any plain Greek yogurt.
    • FRESH DILL: Fresh dill will taste the best but dried can be used in a pinch if necessary. Because dried dill is more concentrated in flavor, reduce it to just 1 teaspoon instead.
    • LEMON & LIME JUICE: Either fresh or from concentrate is fine. You can also use just lime juice, or just lemon juice, if you dont have both.
    • SALT: I recommend adding salt to taste, but depending on if your cooked chicken has been salted, increase or decrease the amount of salt that you add in here.

    The Best Chicken Salad

    The best Caesar salad dressing

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    Our classic Chicken Salad recipe is the perfect cold summer salad to serve at a barbecue, potluck, or just for lunch. Our homemade chicken salad dressing spiced with a hint of fresh dill and lemon makes this creamy salad perfect as a wrap, sandwich, or just all by itself!

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    What Makes This The Best Chicken Salad

    Ive tasted a lot of delicious chicken salads in my time but this ones tops them all.

    Lots of fresh ingredients in this recipe make it stand out from the crowd. Not only do they add natural sweetness and delicious flavor, but a lovely crunch as well.

    I love that it can be prepared in advance which makes it ideal for entertaining. In fact, its one of my favorite recipes for tea sandwiches. To prepare this chicken salad for tea sandwiches, do a nice fine dice on the chicken, apples, grapes and celery.

    Lemon Roasted Chicken Salad Wrap

    If youre the kind of person who loves a jam-packed chicken salad, this should be your go-to recipe. Not only is each layer of the dish full of flavor , but each layer is emphasized by the others. The incorporation of sweet cranberries heightens the acidic lemon in the chicken. The crisp celery and water chestnuts parallel the richness of walnuts. Each element creates balance, solidifying each ingredients role in the recipe.

    Get the Recipe: Lemon Roasted Chicken Salad Wrap

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    Chicken Salad Avocado And Cheddar Panini

    These Chicken Salad, Avocado and Cheddar Paninis strike a balance between bright vibrancy and rich, buttery deliciousness. The salad itself consists of tender chicken, red grapes, slivered almonds, pecans, onion, Granny Smith apple, dried cranberries and lots of salt and pepper, each of which adds a fresh flavor and strong texture to the salad. Once assembled on a croissant with avocado and plenty of cheddar, the brighter elements of the chicken salad balance the richness of the other sandwich elements. Enjoy for brunch, lunch, dinner, daytime snack, midnight snack, elevenses, etc. .

    Get the Recipe: Chicken Salad, Avocado and Cheddar Panini

    Guide To Chinese Chicken Salad For Beginners : Present Day Chinese Culture Is An Amalgamation Of Old World Traditions And A Westernized Lifestyle

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