Delfield Sald 1 Salad Dryer 20 Gallons

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How to Build a Washing Machine Salad Spinner

Consider removing as much of the outside paneling as possible to prevent harborage points for water and pathogens, to provide access for cleaning, and to provide for airflow to dry surfaces completely after cleaning. Bear in mind that the paneling is there to prevent access and by removing it, you may also be exposing rotating parts. Be sure you and your employees are aware of the safety risk posed by modifications and take care when operating the machine. Use a timer to limit the cycle and shut the machine down automatically when done. This prevents someone having to approach the machine while it is spinning. Also be sure to check for sharp edges and possibly break or deburr any sheet metal edges with a file if there is a chance of injury. Some growers find it helpful to put the machine on a dolly with locking wheels to allow for portability. This allows moving the machine between a storage area, a use area and possibly a separate cleaning area. Also take care to make sure electrical connections are protected from water intrusion.

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