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Almost every consumer has mourned the apparent loss of some favorite food products. Whether it’s a brand of candy from childhood or a current favorite beverage, it often seems like certain foods simply vanish without explanation. Occasionally, a specific product can be located through companies specializing in hard-to-find or regional foods, but more often than not, the item has simply disappeared from store shelves. Only the manufacturers may know precisely why.

One reason some food products fail is poor overall sales. Developing new products requires a significant amount of research, experimentation and marketing. Once a new or improved product is released to the general public, its sales are carefully tracked. If these sales figures flatten out or decrease over time, the products are often removed from store shelves quickly to make room for new varieties. Sales of vanilla-flavored colas recently experienced a significant drop in sales, leading major beverage makers to phase out their existing stock.

Another reason why certain favorite food products disappear is a revolving door of ownership. One example is the salad dressing marketed as Spin Blend in the United States. When Spin Blend was first marketed, the recipe was owned by Hellman’s, a major producer of mayonnaises, salad dressings and other condiments. Spin Blend proved to be a popular item, especially in the Midwestern states.

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