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If you’re someone who typically makes smaller salads, reach for the Chef’n Salad Chopper & Spinner with its more compact design and sturdy bowl.

Pros: Intuitive to use, easy to store, dishwasher safe, silicone base, stackable

Cons: Needs a few extra spins to get totally dry

The Chef’n Salad Chopper & Spinner uses a push-down lever to spin your greens around, making it slightly different than a push-down button. But this does allow for the bowl to be a little more shallow, which is great for smaller batches of greens and for storing. The spinner arm lays flat, so you can stack things on top of it and maximize the pantry or counter space.

Like the OXO Good Grips spinner, this bowl has a silicone base so it won’t slip and slide around your counter. It does, however, take a couple more pushes to get it going, which can be a little bit of a pain.

The spinner is very intuitive. The same button that pops the arm up for spinning is also the brake, so you’re not dealing with a bunch of different buttons. I also loved how the colander was slightly smaller than the others I’d tested. This gives the water somewhere to go so my greens weren’t sitting in dirty water after they were done spinning.

My greens came out dry, but they needed a little pat with a paper towel before I was able to use them especially the more tender spinach greens. They were, however, incredibly clean, making this the perfect option for those who prefer smaller salads.

Tiktok Lemon Parmesan Salad

With 10-million views on Instagram, I just had to see what all the rave was about this TikTok Lemon Parmesan Salad. Its a simple salad that is made with lemon, parmesan cheese, and mixed greens. The salad is dressed with a Lemon Parmesan dressing, which is made with lemon juice, olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper.

Although its simple and made with few ingredients, its packed with a zesty lemon flavor with a rich taste of Parmesan cheese. The best part is that it is totally versatile and customizable. Serve it with grilled chicken, fish, or any main course meal. Lemon Parmesan Salad is a healthy and flavorful salad that is perfect as a quick and easy lunch, side dish, or appetizer. We love serving it with our Goat Cheese and Tomato Tarts!

Best Collapsible Salad Spinner

With its collapsible design, the Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner is perfect for storing in tight cabinets and pantries.

Pros: Collapsible, great for small batches of greens

Cons: Takes a bit longer to dry your greens, has a crank design, very manual

The biggest issue with many salad spinners including the ones we’ve liked in this guide is that they’re bulky and take up space in your pantry. But the Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner is the antidote to that. The bowl and colander fold up into a quarter of their size, so you can squeeze it in the tiniest spots of your pantry.

The outer bowl can be used as a serving bowl in a pinch, though it’s not as sleek as the OXO Steel Salad Spinner. The silicone makes it great for outdoor barbecues where you don’t want to worry about anything breaking.

The Progressive Salad Spinner does successfully rinse your greens, but it doesn’t have as many holes as other colanders, so it takes a few extra spins to fully dry.

The spin top doesn’t have a button or lever so it collapses flat and can be stacked, making it a good option for those with limited storage. But the spin top might also be cumbersome to some. Since you have to spin the crank around the bowl manually, it takes a little more of an arm workout and can be a hindrance to those with limited mobility.

All of the parts are dishwasher safe too, making this super convenient.

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Prepworks By Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner

  • Takes longer to dry greens

Road trips, camping, barbecues, and dorm life just got easier with the Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner. If you need something that won’t break but can handle washing and drying smaller batches of lettuce, this 3-quart model with a silicone construction and collapsible design is a wonderful option. In testing, our reviewer found it actually reduces to just 3 inches when fully collapsed. Storage could not be more convenient.

The lid utilizes a large knob that operates the spinner in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, and it stops on the spot via the built-in brake. Our tester found the knob and brake easy to operate when she washed and spun a head of green leaf lettuce but did report it took longer to flush out the water because of the design on the brake around the circumference of the colander. It left less space for openings to allow water to escape while spinning. In a test with fresh blueberries, though, she observed the fruit washed and spun quickly with no bruising at all, but she did have to hold the spinner while processing to keep it stable on the counter.

It’s safe to put this in the dishwasher on the top rack, making for no-fuss cleanup. Our tester found it easily fit in her loaded dishwasher, and it came out completely clean in one cycle. She also reported it maintained its shape post-wash and neatly snapped back together and collapsed for easy storageeven in small spaces.

Price at time of publish: $20


Rsle Dishwasher Safe Crank Salad Spinner

The 10 Best Salad Spinners in 2020

What We Liked: Whether youre preparing a garden or Caesar salad, this high-quality salad spinner has you covered. Its constructed using a stainless steel bowl that resists rust and includes a glass lid to keep your greens from spilling out during use. The crank mechanism is easy to use and doesnt require much force, so youre salad will be ready to go in no time at all.

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Eva Solo Green Tool Spinning Colander $12899

From Danish brand, Eva Solo, this spinner is proof that even kitchen gadgets can be luxurious. Beautifully made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic, it comes with a central axle that when pushed, spins the leaves and expels water through the base. And when the salad is prepped, use it as a colander to strain your pasta.

Generic Cmi Large Commercial Jumbo Salad Spinner

This Generic CMI Jumbo salad spinner is made strong and robust to withstand hard use or wear, making it the best choice for restaurants, food outlets, and other types of commercial kitchens. With a generous capacity of 20 quarts, itll make sufficient salads regardless of the size of the crowd or time of the day.

The metal gear system builds up speed quickly to make sure your greens dont remain dirty or soaking wet. Its also quite simple to remove for a thorough cleaning periodically to make sure its performance is always on par.

In addition, the drainage tube at the bottom effectively informs you when your vegetables are ready to be served. Though this commercial gadget undoubtedly requires more hand strength to function, the handles on both sides will give you a nice and tight grip to stabilize bouncing.

Key Features:

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Best Salad Spinners To Buy At A Glance

  • Best overall salad spinner: Zyliss Easy Spin, £26.39
  • Best for small spaces: Dreamfarm Spina Colander and Salad Spinner, £24.99
  • Best for extra features: JosephJoseph Multi-Prep spinner, £50
  • Best for families: Oxo Good Grips, £32.49
  • Best for dry and dress in one: KitchenCraft Spinner, £24.99
  • Best large spinner: Kuhn Rikon spinner, £32.95
  • Best no-frills spinner: Judge salad spinner, £20
  • Best budget salad spinner: ProCook salad spinner, £20
  • Best for salad storage: Symple Stuff Rotator, £24.99
  • Best for chopped salad: Jean Pratique salad chopper, £7

What’s The Best Way To Clean A Salad Spinner

The Chicago Spinner, THF BayZoo: Every Opp Dropped After The Zoo Curse

Some of the spinners we tested were dishwasher safe, so that’s an easy and effective option to get your spinner clean. You can also hand wash your spinner, just make sure to get a sponge or dishcloth into any nooks and crannies, and to thoroughly dry the device afterwards . No one wants musty tasting spinach!

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Excelsteel Functional Mini Salad Spinner

Designed to be compact in size, this salad spinner from ExcelSteel is perfect for salad fanatics who usually make small-serving bowls. Its small, lightweight, and will take up little space in your kitchen. With a 1.4-quart capacity, you can pack it in your carry-on for quick salads even when youre miles away from home.

Regardless of the mini design, this unit is packed with all the essential features to wash, spin, and drain all your vegetables with ease. You have the freedom to use the slotted basket as a colander for other fruits, while the bowl also functions as a server when setting the table.

Thanks to this product, preparing and serving salad will be a breeze. Thanks to it, you can invest more time and effort in accompanying dishes for your pasta salad, potato salad, and so on. A nutrition-packed meal with delightful flavors cant get any easier than this.

Plus, using this little tool is as easy as it is. Just crank the knob on top a few times to remove the excess water and dirt from your tossed salads. It conveniently makes 1-2 servings in one sitting. If youre having issues with your storage space, this mini model is the one to settle for.

Key Features:

The Criteria: What We Look For In A Good Salad Spinner

Serious Eats / Madeline Muzzi / Amanda Suarez

The best salad spinners had easy to use, pump-style mechanisms and worked quickly and smoothly. They were able dry greens and tender herbs efficiently and handled enough lettuce for a four-serving salad. They were also stable on the counter as they spun and had added usability features like brake buttons that allowed you to easily stop their basket. For better clean up, our favorite spinners had dishwasher-safe components, and didn’t trap too much lettuce in the lid or basket.

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What Are The Most Popular Salad Spinner Models On The Market Today

There are a variety of salad spinner products available on the market today for men & women who are looking for quality and reliability. All salad spinner models base themselves on the same basic principle. However, they suit different user preferences.

Its no secret that different products are popular among different demographics. But what if you could see which items were the most popular among all consumers? Well, you can, and weve got the list for you. Check out our list to select products that everyone seems to love, regardless of their age, gender, or location.

Some tips to Select the Most Popular salad spinner

  • The three most important factors to consider when selecting the most popular products are price, quality, and popularity.
  • Price is one of the more obvious considerations since you want to make sure it is reasonable for your needs.
  • Quality should also be considered because if you buy a product with poor quality then that will not help with your overall goal of finding the best possible product.
  • Finally, popularity may not seem like an important factor but it can actually be just as crucial as either price or quality considering how many consumers there are in this world looking for great deals on amazing products!

What Are The Different Salad Spinning Mechanism

The Best Salad Spinners Reviewed in 2020

There are hundreds of different salad spinners to choose from on Amazon. A large number of these options come with a unique spinning mechanism design. However, not all of these designs are created equally. A lot of them are completely useless, while a few work exceptionally well. These are the three mechanisms that work the best.

Pump style

You can find this style of spinner on the number one bestseller on amazon from Oxo. This involves a pump that can be pressed down. This downward motion triggers a few gears and makes the strainer spin. It is fast and reliable. Though, it does take quite a bit of effort to spin it fast.

Crank style

The crank-style spinning mechanism is fairly old but still fully functional. It involves a crank/knob on top that you spin like an antique stone grain grinder. These spinners are not as structurally sound like the pump mechanism, but they still hold very well during regular home use.

Pull style

The pull method of salad strainer spinning is fairly new and is only found in a handful of famous salad spinners. However, it has a lot of benefits over the other two mechanisms. The key feature of these is that they are fairly easy for you. You do not need to put much effort into it.

The long-term reliability of this style of the spinner is still in question, but they seem to be holding up pretty well so far.

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Jean Patrique Salad Cutter Bowl

Best for chopped salad

  • less effective drying

This simple piece of kit from Jean Patrique is a bit of a wild card here in the line-up. It is not a spinner, but it does help dry salad though its primary purpose is to chop it. Using the evenly spaced slots on the domed lid to cut one way, lift and turn, then chop in another direction for a simple, easy salad.

The soft plastic dome makes a neat little colander to rinse the leaves. Pop the base on and hold on firmly with both hands and shake over the sink. Surprisingly it does a reasonable job, but is not as good as a spinner.

At just over £10, it does not have the most substantial construction however, though flimsy, it does work and is a fabulous little gadget for anyone who struggles to hold a knife and chop.

Available from:

What Else Can I Use A Salad Spinner For

Different parts of a salad spinner can be used for different purposes. For example, you can use the inner sieve as a colander and the outer bowl as a serving dish.

Here is a list of things you can use a salad spinner for:

  • Draining excess water from boiled pasta
  • Washing berries and fruits
  • Squeezing water out of swimsuits. Yes, you read it right!

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The Best Inexpensive Salad Spinner: Zyliss Swift Dry Salad Spinner

Our previous favorite from our 2016 review held up. During testing, the Zyliss dried greens the fastest out of all the spinners and the pedal-style pump mechanism created a fast, smooth spin. Its all-plastic construction may be a downside for some but is reflected in its lower price tag.

I Like To Do My Research Before Buying Got Any Other Salad Spinner Recommendations


Sweetgreen cofounder Nicolas Jammet, a guy who undoubtedly knows his leafy greens, loves the OXO Stainless Steel Salad Spinner for its non-slip ring, one-handed operation, effective braking system, and sturdy metal bowl. A small quibble: Unlike the clear plastic bowls, the stainless steel bowl makes it harder to quickly assess how dry your greens are.

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Best Stainless Steel: Williams

Type: Manual, knob

Capacity: 4 quarts

The salad spinner from Williams Sonoma features sleek lines, a smooth, quiet operation, and a beautiful, seamless design. The outer bowl is made of clear plastic it would work well as a serving bowl, although there are half-circle cutouts on either side where the lid fits in place. The inner spinning basket is made of stainless steel, with smaller cutouts than some of the other spinners. It’ll likely quickly become your favorite colander as well, because boiling water won’t warp the shape like it might with plastic, and the fine holes will keep small foods like grains or sprouts contained.

This spinner uses a crank-style handle on the lid to get the spinner going. The crank ratchets so you don’t actually have to turn it a full rotation, but it only goes in one direction, which might be awkward for a left-handed person to use. The crank is hard to turn at first, but gets easier once the basket begins turning. The brake stops the spinning in an instant. This spinner is dishwasher safe, but storage might be an issue: The knob sticks up and tacks more than an inch of height onto this model.

Buy It: $60 Williams Sonoma

Best Salad Spinners In Australia For 2023

We all know that healthy eating involves lots of fresh vegetables. But the effort that goes into whipping up a beautiful salad isnt always appealing, especially at the end of a huge day. This is where a salad spinner changes everything. Lettuce fill you in.

A salad spinner is a type of colander that uses centrifugal force to spin wet lettuce leaves around the bowl and remove excess water. They take the hard work out of drying lettuce and herbs, banish soggy salads for good and theyre also super handy for washing other fruits and vegetables too.

Best of all, spinning colanders are a step towards better eating and more efficient food prep. Its as simple as rinse, spin and serve.

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Ikea Tokig Salad Spinner

This is the most basic salad spinner you can possibly buy. It made it onto this list because of its insanely low cost but superior function. The sturdy plastic design is nothing fancy but it does an awesome job spinning your salad greens dry. The lid has a nob on top and the clear bottom bowl has a basket inside. You simply place the lid and washed greens in the bowl, place the lid on and turn as fast as you can. This salad spinner can take a hit and keep on working. It is a well constructed salad spinner that will last for years. Hand washing is recommended.

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