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Ways Of Using Your Wooden Bowls

Top 10 Best Wooden Salad Bowl Set in 2021

These bowls cannot be restricted to be used as a salad bowl, you can use it in different ways as per your creativity and imagination. Several ideas to use them can be as:

  • A pasta, cereal, fruits, vegetables, soup serving bowl to have with your dinner or lunch.
  • You can fill in chips with your favorite dip and make it perfect to go with any movie date night or as late night munchies.
  • Must have been tired of using your ceramic bowls for plants, why not try your gardening skills with this?
  • How about using it as a decorative for centerpiece while storing some of your memorable trinkets?
  • Top 10 Best Wooden Salad Bowls Reviews In 2021

    Do you wish to invest in the best wooden salad bowls? Hardwoods are the best wooden salad bowls in the market. Hardwoods of wooden salad bowls set are coming from the trees that are containing broad leaves. Besides, investing in a large wooden salad bowl is a great decision you have made. You, therefore, deserve nothing but a high-quality cheap wooden salad bowls.

    In this review, you will have a look at well-researched pretty salad bowls in the market. Again, when you buy one of the items discussed below, you have a guarantee of their high quality. Therefore, ensure you read through and make your order.


    Laroda Gibson Salad Server

    First, a brown in a colour wooden salad bowls set made of Acacia wood. Besides, it has an attractive natural grain, which is giving a rich and warm touch to all homes. Besides, the durability of acacia implies that it is not easy to scratch the item.

    Again, the properties of water-resistant are implying they will not warp readily. Additionally, it is highly resistant to any form of fungus as long as you clean it adequately with warm water and soap.

    Similar to most of the woods, acacia is high natural. It is thus safe for usage in preparation and serving of meals. Besides, the oval shape plays a significant role in adding to the items décor. It is high time that you invest in this high-quality bowl.


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    Best Stainless Steel: Michael Aram Ripple Effect Serving Bowl

    Courtesy of Zola

    This aptly-named bowl artfully evokes that magical moment when a leaf lands on the surface of a still pond. Simultaneously whimsical and modern, it brings the delight of the natural world to your dining room or dinner party. When not in use, it makes a lovely statement piece.

    Nambe Gourmet Harmony 3 Piece Wooden Salad Set

    Vintage Wooden Salad Bowl Serving Set with Large Bowl 4 ...

    Preparing the salad directly in the bowl requires a spoon and some other accessories. If you want to have a complete set of the bowl with serving utensils, go for this Nambe Gourmet Harmony 3-piece wooden salad bowl set. You will get a large wooden bowl and two servers that you can also use for preparing. Once you receive the product, you will start liking it a lot. The outlook of the bowl is outstanding. The midcentury look will express your personality.

    These three items are highly durable that you dont have to replace them for a long time. With a little care, this set will serve for years without any major issues. The only thing you have to do is cleaning the bowl properly and conditioning once a month.


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    Lipper International 1145 Acacia Straight

    Most of the wooden salad bowls come in either round shape or curved shape. But if you want to have a straight side bowl for your kitchen, check the Lipper International 1145 salad bowl. This is a 10 large salad bowl for serving your favorite salad or fruits in the meal. The bowl is deep enough to hold enough salad items or fruit items at a time.

    The vintage outlook of the bowl brings a different look to your kitchen. Constructed from acacia wood for extreme durability. No matter if you are using it regularly, the acacia wood bowl would remain the same. Just keep it clean and condition once a month.


    • Easy to care and clean.
    • Contemporary design suits any kitchen décor.
    • Larger capacity for users convenience.
    • Lightweight and comfortable to carry.
    • Best wooden salad bowl for money.


    Wood Salad Bowls For Your Kitchen

    For a dish thats healthy and delicious, serve up greens in an earthy wood salad bowl. With a variety of sizes to choose from, find wooden salad bowls to serve a crowd or an individual. The warmth and natural grain of the wood complements the leafy greens of your favorite lettuce. Whether you prefer caesar salad or cobb salad, dishing up veggies with your meals is extra appealing in beautiful serveware. Our selection of wood salad bowls is made from stunning materials, such as beechwood and Mango wood, finished to highlight the natural qualities of the wood. Before hosting friends and family for a meal, check out our other wood serveware.

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    The Collection Of Bowls Online At Wooden Street

    The range of serving bowls & ceramic bowls at Wooden Street is exclusively designed for serving every occasion in style. With the convenience, the looks of these units are among the biggest pros to rely on. The size, color, shape and depth surely is an enhancer for having a look over the serving bowls online on Wooden Street. These can be cleaned in the dishwasher and can be kept in the microwave as well. The ceramic bowls material makes it scratch-free so it stays with its pattern for quite long. Whether you use it daily or want to bring it out on guest appearance, it will be the same- stylish and new.

    With this, the design of bowls online on Wooden Street is convenient as well. The collection offers bowl sets to pair up two people at the same time. The serving bowls are with sufficient sizes so that lots of stew can be dropped inside the bowl. It is wide enough to cool down the soup gradually and the handles along with the bowls help in the easy lifting of it. So, serving bowls & ceramic bowls at Wooden Street meet every convenience at par.

    White Plates That Are More Than A Blank Canvas

    10 Best Wooden Salad Bowl Sets in 2020 | Wooden Salad Bowl Set Reviews

    You can’t go wrong with white plates . Interior designer Glenn Ban, whose East Hampton home features an open pine cabinet full of mismatched white, cream, and gray dinnerware, recommends sourcing an eclectic collection of new and old pieces , then finding visual harmony through texture and tone.

    If you’re looking to achieve the same slightly mismatched effect, but want to purchase a single set, a collection of nearly-white plates, like these splatter painted ones from ceramicist Cameron Bishop’s line Beau Rush, is a welcome upgrade to the uniform boxed set. Cookbook author, photographer, and Epi contributor Yossy Arefi, who shot her cakes on Beau Rush plates for her upcoming book Snacking Cakes, says she “loves flat plates with a very small rimor no rim at all” like these, because they serve two key purposes. “They can fit a 9-inch cake, but can also do double duty as a dinner plate.”

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    Large Wood Salad Bowls Big Wood Salad Bowl Sets Wooden Bowl Wedding Gifts

    Large wood salad bowls and salad bowl sets are as eye-catching as they are functional. There’s a reason why wood is the number one choice for a salad bowl. Because our big wooden salad bowls are handmade from premium American hardwoods, they’ll grow more beautiful over time. And 15 years after the wedding, they’ll still be gracing the table.

    Add a note at checkout if you’d like your bowl hand engraved with a personal message.

    We are experiencing shipping delays on some bowls . If you have a “date certain” please let us know and we’ll do our best. Shop here for bowls that are in stock now. Thank you so very much for your patience and understanding.

    Wood And Water Dont Mix

    To start, wooden bowls are made of wood.

    After a tree has come down and is no longer growing, wood and water do not make a good combination. Wood is a soft and porous material that will absorb water if any is left sitting at the bottom of the vessel, or if the dish itself is immersed in water.

    When it absorbs water it will swell, sometimes resulting in cracks, twists or splits. Hot water is particularly bad for this material.

    This means, to preserve your bowl in the best possible condition, it should only be wiped out with a damp cloth or given the briefest of washes in warm, soapy water. Then it should be dried promptly with a soft tea towel.

    To maintain the integrity of the wood, the container should be lightly rubbed inside and out with mineral oil, or a healthy oil such as olive, sunflower or coconut. Treat individual serving dishes and any wooden salad utensils in the same manner.

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    Lipper International Wavy Acacia

    An Amazon #1 Best Seller, this large container with a wavy rim is made of natural Acacia wood in segmented, vertical slats and offers a tall profile for easy salad tossing.

    With its beautiful lustrous grain, no staining is required making it highly suitable for food. Made in Thailand, this product can be washed in warm, soapy water and measures 12 x 12 x 7.

    What Others Are Saying

    Happy customers like the bowls deep sides for tossing greens, its handsome, natural appearance and sturdy construction. However, there are numerous reports of a rough finish with coarse spots, flaws and even splinters. Read more customer reviews now.

    Dansk Wood Classics 16

    Vintage Wooden Salad Bowl Serving Set with Large Bowl 4 ...

    Dont you care about the price when you get the best quality product? Then Dansk wood salad bowl is the best option for you. Though Dansk wooden bowls are expensive, the performance of them is satisfactory. They have introduced the 16-inch round salad bowl. If your kitchen needs an extra large wooden salad bowl, this item is for you.

    You will like the durable construction and the classy stylish reddish color. The Dansk salad bowl suits any kitchen décor. The deep design allows serving enough salad or fruits. Considering all the features and performance, this is one of the best solid wooden salad bowls.


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    Best Types Of Wood For Bowl

    Though here I am going to review only the wooden salad bowls, again there are different types of wood that are being used for making salad bowls. So, there is a question, what are the best types of wood for salad bowls. Usually, most of the bowl manufacturers use hardwood materials to turn them into a bowl and they last longer than regular woods. Here are the best types that will meet your requirements and last longer

    How to Clean and Maintain Wood Salad Bowl?

    You may have a wooden salad bowl set in the kitchen. But you wont get the best performance unless you keep it clean and

    maintain it properly. This is also mandatory to keep the bowl hygienic to avoid any health issue. So, here are the pro tips for good maintenance of your wooden salad bowls.

    Pros and Cons of Using Wooden Salad Bowls

    I get a question regularly which is Is a wooden bowl good for use and does it have any cons? Well, like anything else wooden salad bowls also have some advantages and disadvantages. Here are the things that you need to know.


    • Wooden salad bowls are stylish and come with excellent texture.
    • They are handy and easy to maintain.
    • Bowls made of wood are eco-friendly and doesnt contain any harmful particles.
    • Wood is completely non-reactive to any food items.
    • Keeps the original taste of food.
    • Wide range of collections to pick different styles.
    • Wooden salad bowls are heat conductive.


    Gibson Home 6068703 Laroda 3 Piece Salad Bowl Set

    Salad bowls constructed from acacia wood are used to be expensive. But the Gibson Home 60687.03 salad bowl set comes with a reasonable price. There are three items in the set which are a large wooden salad bowl, serve spoon and fork. You can call it a complete set. The natural wood bowl comes with a deep design and you can store enough salad in it. The reddish-brown color gives in a unique look that enhances the kitchens beauty.

    The exterior is water-resistant that prevents the bowl from bacteria and fungus. Moreover, it is scratch resistant. So, even after a long time, the exterior will shine like a new condition.


    • Resistant to fungus for health safety.
    • 25×4 dimension for holding enough food.
    • Suitable to serve and prepare your salad.
    • Ready to use to start using immediately.
    • Doesnt require conditioning for the first month.
    • Spoon and fork for your convenience.


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    Best Boho: Blue Pheasant Hugo Large Resin Serving Bowl

    Courtesy of Meadow Blu

    Imagine waves crashing in the Mediterranean, a jumble of white foam and deep blue water mixing and ebbing and flowing with the tide. If this image brought you as much peace as it brought us, Blue Pheasants marbleized, resin serving bowl might be just what you need to make the dinner table everyones happy place.

    How To Choose The Best Wooden Salad Bowl

    Top 5 Best Wooden Salad Bowl Sets in 2018 – Best Wooden Salad Bowls

    Choosing the best salad bowl can be tricky for both experienced and newbies. It is always confusing to pick from a bunch of products with different features. But make yourself an expert about salad bowl by considering the following facts.

    • Sizing

    Different wooden salad bowls come in a variety of styles. But you need to identify what is the sizing of the bowl. For serving enough salad at a time, the bowl needs to be larger. On the other hand, small wooden bowls are perfect for serving one to two-person. However, you need to find out how much serving do you expect with a single bowl. Based on the sizing, the capacity for holding items will vary. Read the product description before buying to know the actual measurement.

    • Shape

    If you browse some salad bowls online, you will find they come in various shapes. For example, it can be round, square, oval, curved, and more shapes. To match with your existing kitchen utensils, choose the shape accordingly. Whichever shape you are choosing, it should be deep enough to hold the salad perfectly.

    • Easy Maintenance

    Maintaining a wooden bowl could be difficult. So, before you pick an item, look for the maintenance instructions. If the bowl is easy to clean and doesnt require additional seasoning regularly, that would be a good companion for you.

    • Durability

    Besides the above features, look for the color of your chosen salad bowl. Does it have a stylish look? Does it match your kitchen décor? Then you should pick that item.

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    Bowls Online With Ample Depth And Delightful Designs

    Serving Bowls & Ceramic Bowls are something that will always be present in your meal and parties. These deep containers without a lid- a serving bowl set is used for giving a whole new look to the delicacy while serving it. Bowls are the dishes for serving the cereals, soups and desserts, and nothing can do this better than these. These tableware items are for adding more service and oomph to the table as it is both practical and decorative unit at the same time. This serving bowls accessory is available in different materials like ceramic bowls, soup bowls, wooden bowls etc. All this can be spotted easily online. Here, you will also get to see how its designs and settling have undergone a whole new makeover according to the purposes. Lets know-how!

    Teakwood Salad Bowl Kit

    The Wood Collection

    Imitating the charm of raw materials and natural fibers that can be found in the worlds most picturesque forests, the Wood Collection, featured in a smooth matte finish, resembles mixed distressed woods.

    Thoughtfully Designed

    • Upgrade your salad in organized style with the all-in-one Salad Bowl Kit, the perfect companion for at-home meal prep and on-the-go eating.
    • Kit includes one 64oz Salad Bowl – total capacity – with a 2oz Condiment Container and removable tray.
    • A leakproof, see-through lid and closable condiment container help organize salad toppings, bread, sandwiches or even your reusable utensils.
    • S’well Condiment Container Set with lids is also available for added meal organization.
    • Outer Dimensions: 7.64″D x 8.27″W x 4.57″H, 1.23 lbs.

    Thoughtfully Designed

    • Upgrade your salad in organized style with the all-in-one Salad Bowl Kit, the perfect companion for at-home meal prep and on-the-go eating.
    • Kit includes one 64oz Salad Bowl – total capacity – with a 2oz Condiment Container and removable tray.
    • A leakproof, see-through lid and closable condiment container help organize salad toppings, bread, sandwiches or even your reusable utensils.
    • S’well Condiment Container Set with lids is also available for added meal organization.
    • Outer Dimensions: 7.64″D x 8.27″W x 4.57″H, 1.23 lbs.

    A Design Company for Good

    Looks Good, Performs Beautifully

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    Lipper International 1154 Acacia Round Flair Serving Bowl

    Need a wood serving bowl for your very own personal usages? Then you should order a round shaped bowl that is easy to access the salad or fruits. For a mid-range budget, the Lipper International 1154 is the best option. The bowl comes with the top grade acacia wooden construction. It is extremely durable and doesnt require much care. The round shape of the bowl allows for easy access.

    Instead of the reddish color, it comes in a grey color that suits other kitchen utensils. Unlike most of the wooden salad bowls, it requires less care. The exterior and interior are easy to clean and hand wash is enough for deep cleaning.


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