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How Do You Clean A Salad Spinner

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Many salad spinners are dishwasher safe, at least on the top rack, but you can also clean them by hand. To clean by hand, pour dish soap in the salad spinner, and then put warm water about halfway up. Replace the lid. Activate the spinner via plunger, cord, hand-crank, or knob, and make sure you get a good spin going to push all the bits of leftover food out of the holes. Stop the spinner and drain it. If your top comes apart, separate the lid pieces and place them in your drying rack. Clean the bowl and basket with a damp sponge to get any last bits of food debris, rinse the basket and bowl, and either dry by hand or place in the rack with lid pieces to dry.

If you choose to wash in the dishwasher , separate the lid pieces if they come apart. Place the basket, bowl, and lid pieces in the dishwasher . Run on a normal cycle. Once complete, make sure all parts are dry, or hand dry any still-wet parts. Reassemble and store.

The Simplest Green Salad Ever

We’ve got a new partnership with the recipe-, equipment-, and product-testing gurus at America’s Test Kitchen they’ll be sharing some of their time-tested recipes and technical expertise with us. Today, America’s Test Kitchen shares how to make a simple yet flavorful salad.

With high-quality ingredients, less is more. This quick and easy way to make a simple salad requires no measuring or whisking, and no thought. And you need only three ingredients: greens, extra-virgin olive oil, and vinegar. It is important to use high-quality ingredients as there are no bells or whistles to camouflage old lettuce, flavorless oil, or harsh vinegar. Be sure to use interesting leafy greens, such as mesclun, arugula, or Bibb lettuce, rather than those with a more neutral flavor, such as iceberg lettuce.

1. For just a hint of garlic flavor, rub the inside of the salad bowl with half a clove of peeled garlic before adding the lettuce.

2. Holding your thumb over the mouth of the olive oil bottle to control the flow, slowly drizzle the greens with a small amount of extra-virgin olive oil.

3. Toss the greens very gently and repeat this drizzling and tossing as needed until the greens are lightly coated and just glistening.

4. Finally, sprinkle the greens with small amounts of vinegar, salt, and pepper and continue to toss gently, until the salad tastes just right.

Read more to choose the best salad ingredients.

Make Simple Salads Shine: How to Choose the Best Ingredients

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Carrie Honaker is a food writer who has prepped a lot of salads over the years. As a restaurateur and avid home cook, she knows the importance of thoroughly washing and drying your vegetables. She loves her Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner for its durability and functionality. It helps that it can be used for rinsing beans, washing and drying herbs, and lots of other tasks, as well. Carrie’s work has appeared in many publications, including Bon Appetit, Allrecipes, and Wine Enthusiast.

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Our Pick: Oxo Good Grips

After two rounds of tests over two years, the OXO Good Grips is still the best salad spinner weve found. Its pump mechanism is easier to use than other models, spinning steadily but not too forcefully. The shape of its bowl, wide base, and nonslip ringed bottom make it sturdy. It has one of the best brake mechanisms weve found, and a clear bowl and basket leave an easy view to see whether the greens are truly clean. Storing the Good Grips is a snap, because it has a flat lid and retractable pump. Its well-designed inner basket and two-part lid were also among the easiest to clean of the eight models we tested.

The Good Grips uses a pump mechanism: You just press down on a large button in the middle of the top and the machine does all the spinning for you, making it the easiest to use. We preferred this effortless, steady speed to the crank spinners on the Culina and Starfrit, as well as ratchet spinners like the one on the Kuhn Rikon, which require quite a bit of exertion to get the basket up to any sort of speed. Also, crank models need two handsone for spinning and one for making sure your spinner doesnt fly off the counter. Terry Hope Romero also likes the OXO for its pump. I love that doesnt have that stupid string, she said. If that breaks, then what do you do? This setup is a lot less likely to break.

The Good Grips also has a wide, flat base with a circular rubber ring that helps make it more stable than any model we tried.

Farberware Pro Pump Spinner With Bowl

OXO 1155901 Good Grips Green Salad Spinner, Large Review

Farberware Easy to use pro Pump Spinner with Bowl, Colander and Built in draining System for Fresh, Crisp, Clean Salad and Produce, Large 6.6 quart,…

Lets start our top 10 list with a product that is highly valued among its customers. It features a salad spinner that can also be used for fruit and berries without hesitation. It holds enough space to make enough for your whole family. To make it spin, simply push the spinner mechanism to make it start, then push the stop button when you think its done. The base is made to be non-slip to ensure it is stable when in use. Its clear outer bowl can also be used as a serving bowl.

Among all the products currently on the market, this one has one of the best ratings, making it fit to be called one of the best salad spinners.

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Salad Spinners Buying Guide & Reviews

Are you often in a hurry but still want to have a nice and healthy meal? Do you prefer salads with all kinds of ingredients and toppings? No problem, because there is a perfect kitchen gadget for that. It is called the salad spinner. Not only does it wash your salad efficiently, but also dries it in an instant with its spinning feature. It has a fairly simple build. It consists of an inner and outer bowl. By pressing a button on top, the inner bowl starts spinning, thus extracting any water from the inside into the outside bowl. The results are clean and dry salad leaves which you can then proceed to transform into the dish of your choice. Many brands claim that their product is the best, making it hard to find the right one for yourself. We compared brands, product quality and overall rating to bring you a review of the 10 best salad spinners currently on the market.

Best Salad Spinner Americas Test Kitchen Reviews In 2022

  • Easy, one handed operation with patented pump mechanism and brake button
  • Soft, non slip knob locks down for storage, and a non slip ring and wide base keep bowl steady on countertop
  • Elegant, clear bowl is perfect for serving, and basket can be used separately as a colander
  • Clear, flat lid allows for convenient stacking when not in use, disassembles for easy cleaning, and parts are top rack dishwasher safe and BPA Free
  • Capacity 6.22 Qt bowl, 4.95 Qt basket, Dimensions 10.5 inch x 10.5 inch x 6 inch
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • America’s Test Kitchen
  • Wash and spin Dry Salad greens, fruit and vegetables
  • Add water and drain without moving the lid through the easily accessible opening on top
  • Perfect for individual or two-person servings
  • Also great for rinsing berries and herbs
  • 3 quart capacity

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Analysis And Test Results

Our lead tester identified five categories of importance to contrast performance and features between the ten spinners. The five metrics used were water removal, dirt removal, ease of spinning, ease of braking, and ease of cleaning. These factors helped to create a holistic appraisal and understanding of each product.

Mueller Large 5l Salad Spinner

Creamy Macaroni Salad Recipe|Macaroni Salad With Mayonnaise|How to make Macaroni Salad Recipe|

Mueller Large 5L Salad Spinner Vegetable Washer with Bowl, Anti-Wobble Tech, Lockable Colander Basket and Smart Lock Lid – Lettuce Washer and Dryer -…

Another product that is very popular among many people. This particular salad spinner has a patented design that features an anti-wobble and pulling-bar system. Its ABS plastic material not only makes it fairly lightweight but also makes it sturdy enough to not break easily. It has a big enough capacity to make enough salad for several people. One of the features that make it stand out from other products of this type is its modern design. When you are done, you can simply put it into the dishwasher for a quick clean-up.

To this day there have been several thousand products sold without dropping a single point in their ratings on Amazon, making this an absolute no-brainer in terms of the best salad spinner.

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Big Capacity Lets You Spin In Fewer Batches

The first problem we spotted was capacity. Many models had designs that severely cut into the available space. One was built like a tube pan with a tall central stem, making us fuss to arrange lettuce or leeks around the narrow, doughnut-shaped basket. Another had a wide cylindrical protrusion beneath its lid that hung down 2 inches, slightly crushing baby spinach wed confidently piled in. A thirds basket had a rippled shape supposedly to help liquid escape, but this limited its capacity. The twin models had the smallest, narrowest baskets in the lineup they were also thin, drooping when we lifted them filled with heavy, wet leeks. Only a couple of models had large, unobstructed, sturdy baskets that let us load in plenty of greens and handle them confidently.

Executive Editor Lisa McManus adds leafy greens to a salad spinner during a test of several models of this kitchen tool.

How Does The Salad Spinner Spin

Different salad spinners operate in different ways.

The majority of models have either a button you press or a hand crank you turn to set them spinning. However, you can also find salad spinners that operate via pull-string or pump handle.

Most people will find any spinning mechanism easy enough to use, but consumers with arthritis or difficulties gripping may find some types of salad spinners such as those with pull-strings a challenge to operate.

“The vast majority of salad spinners are manually operated. The market offers a small handful of electric salad spinners, but manual salad spinners are so efficient and easy to use that they render electric models all but redundant.”

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Most Quirky Salad Spinner: Widgeteer Spin And Serve

Made from high-grade plastic, this versatile salad spinner has an unusual white and green flow design that will spice up your kitchen cupboards aesthetic. The spinner holds 5 quarts and is made with a low-profile, space-saving spin knob so that it packs away efficiently.

There you have it: the webs best salad spinners in one neat list. Dont worry about searching hundreds of online vendors to find the right salad spinner for you our list contains the best spinners at the most reasonable prices. Happy spinning!

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How Salad Spinners Work

Salad Spinners

Salad spinners are kitchen gadgets specifically designed to dry salad leaves such as lettuce, rocket, and fresh spinach after they’ve been washed.

A salad spinner is comprised of an outer bowl, an inner basket perforated with holes , and a lid that contains a spinning mechanism.

To use a salad spinner, you place the salad in the basket and put it in the bowl to clean it. Once the salad is clean, you empty the water, put the basket back in the bowl, replace the lid, and operate the spinning mechanism, usually by pressing a button or turning a crank. The spinning motion flings the water from the leaves inside, thus drying them.

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Top 10 Salad Spinnerss List

  • Rosle Stainless Steel Salad-Spinner, Large ranked by buyers and costs approximately about $ 99.41.
  • Features: Rosle Stainless Steel Salad-Spinner, Large is manufactured by Rosle USA. Rosle Stainless Steel Salad-Spinner, Large
  • -> Rosle offers lifetime warranty
  • -> Well-designed bowl, suitable for serving every kind of Salad
  • -> Stainless steel bowl and glass lid with crank mechanism
  • OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner ranked by buyers and costs approximately about $ 29.95.
  • Features: OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner is manufactured by OXO. OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner
  • -> Recommended by America’s Test Kitchen
  • -> Capacity 6.22 qt bowl, 4.95 qt basket, Dimensions 10.5 inch x 10.5 inch x 6 inch
  • -> Clear, flat lid allows for convenient stacking when not in use, disassembles for easy cleaning, and parts are top rack dishwasher safe and BPA Free
  • -> Elegant, clear bowl is perfect for serving, and basket can be used separately as a colander
  • -> Soft, non slip knob locks down for storage, and a non slip ring and wide base keep bowl steady on countertop
  • -> Easy, one handed operation with patented pump mechanism and brake button
  • Ikea 60148678, White ranked by buyers and costs approximately about $ 15.6.
  • Features: Ikea 60148678, White is manufactured by Ikea. Ikea 60148678, White
  • -> Height: 6 “

Buying Guide For Best Salad Spinners

Nobody wants a soggy salad, but it can be tough to get your greens completely dry. Unless you have a salad spinner, that is. But how, exactly, do you find the best salad spinner out there? With hundreds on the market, it’s a challenge sorting the good from the bad, especially if you’re new to the world of salad spinners.

The guide will tell you everything you need to know about salad spinners and what to consider when shopping for one.

When you’re ready to make your purchase, head to our recommended salad spinners to buy with full confidence.

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Is A Salad Spinner Necessary

A salad spinner is not a necessity, but it does make meal prep a lot easierand not just for greens. You can wash and dry a multitude of lettuces and other greens, like kale or collards, but you can also efficiently wash and dry fresh herbs, berries, and bulky vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes. You can even wash and dry your hand-wash-only laundry. It’s an efficient way to complete the task, but you may want a separate spinner.

Oxo Good Grips Large Salad Spinner

How to Make Irish Potatoes Salad Recipe | Jamaican Style | Potatoes Salad |Shan Kitchen Vlogs

For design enthusiasts, the Meuller Salad Spinner looks like something you casually picked up at a garage sale in Vienna. With a five quart capacity, its about 20 percent smaller than the others but will still easily handle enough salad for four. The only major difference is the handle, which protrudes from the lid at 90 degrees and works like a horizontal bicycle tire pump. Oh, and its red!

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Best Compact: Oxo Good Grips Little Salad And Herb Spinner

  • Works just as efficiently as larger version

  • Small footprint for easy storage

  • Silicone grip on bottom discolors over time

  • Limited capacity

Sometimes you only want a petite spinner that stores compactly, but has the oomph of larger models. The Oxo Good Grips Little Salad and Herb Spinner is perfect for small portions of lettuce, berries, and especially bunches of fresh herbs with its 2.5-quart basket. Its diminutive footprint makes storage simple, even for small kitchens.

Just like the larger model, this one has an easy pump-action spinner and patented brake to stop with ease. The clear bowl allows you to see when greens are dry, and the plunger locks flat in place for stackable storage. All parts can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

  • Small knob design slightly difficult to operate

  • Takes longer to dry greens

Road trips, camping, barbeques, and dorm life just got easier with the Progressive Collapsible Salad Spinner. If you need something that won’t break, but can handle washing and drying your lettuces, this 3-quart model with its silicone construction and collapsible design is a wonderful option. It actually reduces to just 3 inches when fully collapsedstorage could not be more convenient.

  • Bulky

Operation is easy with the pump-action plunger and stopper. This model also has a locking mechanism for the plunger, which makes for flat storage. If you host larger family meals, the Farberware Professional Pump will make salad, fruit, and vegetable prep stress-free.

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