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Throughout the year, the Wellness Program offers faculty and staff a 50 percent subsidy to join Weight Watchers OnlinePlus or one of the on-campus meetings.

On-campus meetings are held Wednesdays at noon in the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursings Faculty Staff Lounge and Thursdays at noon in Thwing Centers Cleveland Room.

Those who join Sept. 515 will earn a free Weight Watchers starter kit with a collapsible salad bowl, tote, recipe and coupon book and more. Learn more about this promotion.

Faculty and staff who are covered by Medical Mutual can earn an additional $150 rebate from the carrier if they regularly attend meetings for 12 or 17 weeks. Get details about the Medical Mutual program.

Additionally, the campus community still has the opportunity to participate in the Better Together Sweepstakes for a chance to meet Oprah. Learn more about the sweepstakes, which runs through Oct. 31.

Do You Have Other Printable Shopping Lists

You might have noticed I have a similar list posted for Walmart. If you prefer to shop there, here is a printable for Weight Watchers foods to buy from Walmart.

I also have one of these handy dandy lists for Costco. The foods to buy from Costco list is very similar to this one, more cost-effective ways to shop for Weight Watchers products.

This particular list, for Aldi stores, is broken down so its nice and easy. Youll be able to shop by section and Ive included brands from Aldi that you cant get anywhere else like Fit & Active, Live G Free, and Simply Nature.

Variations Of Beef Stroganoff

Keto Beef Stroganoff | To make Keto Beef Stroganoff, you will want to use Well Lean Fettuccine, a keto-friendly pasta, instead of the regular egg noodles the recipe calls for. Substitute 1 cup heavy cream for the cream of mushroom soup, and full fat sour cream for the low-fat sour cream.

Ground Turkey and Broccoli | Switching from ground beef to ground turkey reduces the amount of fat and calories in the recipe. Add in a cup or two of cooked broccoli and you’ve got yourself an entire meal.

Pepper and Herb Beef Stroganoff| Swap out the ground beef for beef stew meat or sirloin, add in ½ teaspoon garlic powder, ¼ teaspoon black pepper, and then shortly before serving, add in a handful of fresh parsley. Yum!

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Essential Tools & Supplies For Cooking Hamburger Stroganoff

Collapsible Colander | Do you have enough room in your kitchen cabinets for everything? If you don’t, this set of two collapsible colanders might be just what you are looking for. These would come in SO handy in my household.

Stainless Steel Spider Strainer | There has never been a better strainer for pasta, in my opinion. This large strainer eliminates the need to get out a colander to strain the pasta, which comes in really handy when the recipe calls for adding the pasta to ingredients in another pan.

Well LeanFettuccine | This is a Keto-friendly pasta, so you can make Keto Hamburger Stroganoff with a quick little pasta substitution.

Did You Make This Recipe

Weightwatchers Collapsible Bowl and Cutting Board

This tastes exactly like wok n fires dish, but I already know this one is way healthier. I want to just make that sauce again by itself and eat it with a spoon! And the red curry paste was spicy enough that I didnt even need to add any sriracha.

Yesterday I woke up and found myself putting on cleaning pants. I did a whole house sweep which took me about an hour mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom, etc. One area of the house that drives me bat shit crazy is the shoes by the back door. They pile up, they were sitting on a flimsy cart that Hannah had and 9 times out of 10 the shoes would fall off and then Roman would help himself to the shoe and start chewing on some part of it. Sadly, Hannah is the one who has her shoes eaten by Roman hes already ruined 3 pairs of sandals.

I love my square shelf so much that I have in my closet, that I bought and put together another one for the back door. Everyone has their own bin, and there is a miscellaneous bin for extra stuff, like umbrellas and stuff like that.

And I like that there is a shelf on top for my purse, head phones and hat for when I take a walk. And pretty sure Roman cant get into those bins only time will tell though! Speaking of Roman, I discovered that both dogs LOVE yogurt, so I share the bottom of my parfaits with them they look so cute eating off of a spoon, but Roman comes away with a yogurt mustache that is so fricken cute. How can you be mad at that face for eating your shoes?!

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Inspire Event Promotionweight Watchers At Work Meetings

The Weight Watchers At Work program is excited to announce the upcoming Inspire Event promotion. The promotion, originally from Tuesday, September 5, to Friday, September 15, has been extended to Thursday, September 28, due to Hurricane Irma.

The program is hosting an Open House/Inspire Event at the meetings to motivate employees with success stories and practical tools. All employees who purchase a Weight Watchers At Work Meeting Series during this promotion period are eligible to receive a free Starter Kit full of tools to help them get started and stay on track throughout the fall season!

The voucher for the starter kit will be given out at the next meeting, which will be held at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 28, in TECO Hall.

The Starter Kit offer that accompanies this promotion is uniquely designed to support employees weight-loss efforts. It includes:

  • Guide books
  • A fruit infuser water bottle
  • A measuring cup set and,
  • A collapsible salad bowl.

Employees can redeem their kit by visiting the URL found on a kit redemption handout they will receive from their At Work Meeting Leader upon purchasing their At Work Meeting Series. The starter kit must be redeemed online by Friday, September 29.

For more information, please contact Josephine Passaro at .

*Inspire Event does not include program materials or weigh-in.

*Available in participating areas only. Minimum member enrollment required.

What Makes A Food Weight Watchers Approved

Nothing! The great thing about being on the Weight Watchers program is that you can literally eat anything. Eating becomes less of a struggle when you can eat what you like as long as you track it!

Now that you have the shopping list and will be armed to eat better and control portion sizes. Good luck and let us know if we can help you in any way!

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How Do The Portions Work For Zero Point Foods

For zero point foods we dont usually comment on portion size, you need to use your best judgment here and eat only until full, not stuffed!

The items that are zero points on your plan will vary based on what you have selected, your goals, etc. While you are portioning out snacks, these reusable snack and sandwich bags make sure you eat just the right amount of the zero point foods.

What Can I Eat From The Fit & Active Brand At Aldi

Weight loss Salad Bowl#shorts#recipes for weight loss

The fit and active brand from Aldi is their line of foods that are lighter and more geared towards those on a diet. This can be good and bad.

Some of their items are still riddled with bad fats and tons of calories so its important to use your best judgment and shopping based on points can make it easier as well. All of the items in this category are for the Fit & Active brand so while some items like turkey bacon may be available under a different brand name they might not have the same point value!

Dairy Products:

  • 2% Milk Mexican Shredded Cheese Blend | ¼ Cup
  • Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese | 1 Oz
  • Reduced Fat Cream Cheese | 2 Tbsp
  • Reduced Fat Provolone Cheese Deli Slices | 1 Slice

Sauces, Toppings, Canned / Jarred Items:

  • Light Mayonnaise | 1 Tbsp
  • Sugar Free Raspberry Preserves | 1 Tbsp
  • Chicken Broth | 1 Cup
  • Petite Diced Tomatoes | ½ Cup
  • Reduced Fat Light Ranch Dressing | 2 Tbsp
  • Tomato, Garlic, Onion Pasta Sauce | ½ Cup
  • Traditional Pasta Sauce | ½ Cup
  • Chicken Noodle Chunky Style Soup | 1 Cup
  • Reduced Fat Light Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing | 2 Tbsp
  • Light Cucumber Ranch Dressing | 2 Tbsp
  • Vegetable Beef Homestyle Soup | 1 Cup

Meat and Protein Options:

Bread, Grains, and Pasta Options:

  • Whole Grain Rotini Pasta | ¾ Cup
  • Spanish Quinoa Rice Blend | Cup
  • Instant Brown Rice | ½ Cup
  • White Bread | 1 Slice
  • 40 Calorie Wheat Bread | 2 Slices
  • Roasted Olive Oil and Couscous | Cup
  • Multigrain Wraps | 1 Wrap
  • Rice Snacks | 8 Mini Cakes


Frozen Items:

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Are There Low Point Options In The Live G Free Brand

Live G Free is the gluten free brand from Aldi. I love shopping for gluten free Weight Watchers foods from Aldi. It saves me TONS of money.

Their prices on these items are so much less expensive than my local grocery stores. We live in a small town and small town grocery stores are not quite as hip to the needs of the gluten free as Id like

These items are specific to the Live G Free brand so make sure you are paying attention to the brand when shopping in these categories!

Canned, Jarred, Individually Wrapped Items:

  • Brownie Mix | 3 Tbsp
  • Cranberry Cashew Honey Granola | ¼ Cup
  • Pizza Crust Mix | 1 Serving Prepared

Frozen Items:

  • Plain Wrap | 1 Wrap

Weight Watchers Foods To Buy From Aldi

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Home » Weight Watchers » Weight Watchers Foods To Buy From Aldi

This list is great for all Weight Watchers users! Today Im sharing with you the Weight Watchers foods to buy from Aldi stores.

This recipe post contains affiliate links to products used in the recipe. If you click through and make a purchase we make a commission.

Grocery shopping is not my favorite task. In order to make it easier and more pleasant, I like to have a shopping list!

Aldi stores are a great way to save on the foods you love that also happen to be perfect for the Weight Watchers myWW Blue program.

Dont forget you will need reusable shopping bags to bring home your Aldi grocery haul.

Now that Weight Watchers is using the Personal Points programs where each individual user has a set of points values based on their needs and settings we have organized this list based on shopping sections. Its a great way to shop healthy at Aldi and find Weight Watchers items that are inexpensive and low in points across the board for WW.

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Roasted Beet Salad With Fresh Mango Blueberries & Blue Cheese


Just Five Ingredients. Weeknight Easy. Beautiful Summer Color. Weight Watchers Friendly. Naturally Gluten Free. Familiar Ingredients In Unexpected Combination. A “No Recipe” Recipe.


Great for Meal Prep. Weight Watchers Friendly. Vegetarian. Naturally Gluten Free.Roasted Beets + Onion + Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt + Balsamic Vinegar + Caraway + Fresh DillSo simple! I mixed a big batch of these last month, we enjoyed them for a week, small scoops at a time. Sour cream is traditional but for Weight Watchers, use non-fat Greek yogurt and you’ve got yourself a one-point hearty salad.

I Successfully Did Weight Watchers On A Road Trip Here’s What I Ate

Weight Watchers 116916.01 Elmsley Silicone Microwave Pop Corn Bowl, 9.5 ...

It’s taken a lot of traveling for me to realize that just because I’m on vacation, I can’t eat whatever I want. I’m a fan of making that excuse, but now that I’m back on Weight Watchers again I’ve tried to get those tendencies under control. I recently put that to the test when I did a five-day road trip.

I planned well in advance for all aspects of my trip, down to selecting a car that I thought was best suited. My friend and I opted for a Buick Regal Tourx because it was roomy enough to haul our luggage along with food and drinks. It also had a handy GPS system in the dash that allowed us to search for food options for dinners each night.

I packed breakfasts, lunches, and snacks in two different coolers to stash in the trunk. All the perishables were in one cooler that I refilled with ice from every hotel and all the nonperishables were separate. I specifically kept everything in the trunk so I wouldn’t be tempted to snack constantly while on the road, knowing I’d struggle not to if food was within reach.

My daily SmartPoints base is 25, and while I went over each day, it wasn’t usually by much, and it was actually right around where I usually hover. As someone who’s not a fan of vegetables, I tend to not eat many of them and instead opt for the food with SmartPoints, keeping me right around 25 or a little more every day. That’s what the weekly points are for!

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Are There Organic Choices For Weight Watchers At Aldi

The Simply Nature brand from Aldi is mostly organic items. It is their way of designating which products are organic.

Make sure when you are shopping from these lists that you remember these items are for the brand noted. Different brands can have different points for similar items so its important to pay attention when shopping at a place with so many different brands that have similar products!

Dairy Products:

  • Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk | 1 Cup
  • French Vanilla Creamer | 1 Tbsp
  • Organic Vanilla Soy Milk | 1 Cup
  • 2 % Reduced Fat Milk | 1 Cup

Sauces, Canned, Jarred, Wrapped Items:

  • Creamy Cashew Butter | 2 Tbsp
  • Almond and Coconut Fruit and Nut Bar | 1 BarOrganic
  • Roasted Red Pepper Dressing | 2 Tbsp
  • Chunky Strawberry Fruit Bar | 1 Bar
  • Organic Black Beans
  • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast | 2 Oz
  • Country Style Sausage with Sage and Thyme | 1 Link
  • Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage | 1 Link
  • Kale Veggie Burgers | 1 Burger
  • Homestyle Turkey Meatballs | 4 Meatballs

Breakfast Items:

  • Maple Spice Instant Oatmeal | 1 Packet
  • Pumpkin and Flax Granola | ¾ Cups
  • Oats and Flax Instant Oatmeal | 1 Packet
  • Oatmeal Pancake Mix | 1 ¾ Oz
  • Whole Wheat Pancake Mix | 1 ¾ Oz

Pickled Beet Salad With Fresh Blueberries & Mint


Just Three Ingredients. Beautiful! No Measuring, No Chopping. Weeknight Easy. Summer Party Favorite! Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Carb. Low Cal. Naturally Gluten Free. Weight Watchers Friendly. Vegan. Familiar Ingredients in Unexpected Combination. A “No Recipe” Recipe. !

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Can I Use These Foods To Meal Plan

If you like to meal plan you will definitely like these suggestions for Weight Watcher friendly foods. Meal planning with these foods means that you will have no surprises.

The points are all pretty low for most of these items which means you can include them in your meal plans without much stress over what it will cost you in points or in dough since Aldi is notorious for great pricing!

Since we all know how many points we have each day a solid meal plan is useful for staying on track.

Can You Make Beef Stroganoff Without Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Weight Watchers Meal – Low Point Salad Bowl

I haven’t made Beef Stroganoff without cream of mushroom soup myself, but if I were going to, I would add a cup of heavy cream and some seasonings in place of the soup.

If you’re on a keto diet, the heavy cream would be beneficial to you as well. You would just need to also use a Keto-friendly pasta like Well Lean.

However, if you don’t want to make it using heavy cream, you could also use beef broth, and/or a store-bought package of Beef Stroganoff seasoning/sauce mix.

If your reason for leaving out the soup isn’t that you don’t like mushrooms, you can also add in a cup of sliced or chopped fresh mushrooms.

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How Do You Make Beef Stroganoff Without Mushrooms

It’s easy to make Beef Stroganoff without mushrooms, but the answer varies based on your reason for the substitution.

If you want to avoid processed foods in the stroganoff recipe, you can substitute the soup for 1 cup heavy cream. Adding broccoli to the stroganoff would give it more flavor and make it a one pot meal. There wouldn’t be the need for a side dish.

Or, if you still want to use soup you can substitute the cream of mushroom soup for another cream based soup. The flavor would be a bit different, but cream of celery always works nicely as a substitute for cream of mushroom soup. It offers a mild flavor that won’t be overbearing in the recipe.

How Do You Make Beef Stroganoff With Hamburger

It is easy to make Beef Stroganoff with Hamburger. You can watch my step-by-step video that shows how it is made if you want a visual.

First, brown the ground beef with the onion. When the meat has completely browned, drain the grease.

At the same time, bring a pot of water to boil on the stove and boil noodles.

Next, add cream of mushroom soup and mushrooms to the beef and onion mixture. Mix in the cooked and drained noodles, and then cook on low heat for 5-10 minutes.

Finally, mix in the sour cream and serve.

It really is an easy recipe.

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