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Lactose Free Dairy Products

Chef Cathy’s Avocado, Tomato & Olive Salad – perfect for IBS patients

Many people dont need to avoid dairy entirely, even if they get IBS symptoms from regular dairy products. You may be able to use lactose free dairy products instead. These are dairy foods that have been treated with the enzyme lactase. Lactase breaks down the lactose in the product, leaving the rest of the compounds intact.

This process is helpful for IBS sufferers, as the lactose in dairy is the FODMAP compound, not the other parts of the milk. Lactose free milk is the most common type of product. This has a similar nutritional profile, flavor, and texture to regular milk making it a very easy ingredient to cook with.

The main difference is that lactose free dairy tends to taste slightly sweeter than dairy that contains lactose. This is due to differences in how our bodies perceive complex sugar versus simple sugars.

You may be able to find other lactose free dairy products too, such as lactose free cream cheese and sour cream. Using these is much simpler than trying to find a plant-based alternative.

Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid On An Ibs Diet

FODMAP is an acronym for fermentable oligosaccharides disaccharides monosaccharides and polyols. Essentially, these are fermentable carbohydrates that can cause your IBS symptoms to flare up.

The low FODMAP diet is an elimination diet intended to help you identify your personal trigger foods. In the elimination phase of the diet, you will replace high FODMAP foods with lower FODMAP choices. After 2-3 weeks of elimination, you can slowly reintroduce foods, one at a time, while observing your reactions.

x Galactooligosaccharides , isomalt, inulin, fructooligosaccharides

For more detailed FODMAP food lists based on laboratory food testing, see this health information from Monash University.

Coffee And Other Drinks With Caffeine

Seth Restaino / Getty Images

It may be hard to live without your morning cup of coffee. But caffeine is known to be an IBS trigger for some people.

If you are used to having caffeine, you are likely to have some caffeine withdrawal for the first few days after you give up coffee. Even so, it may be worth trying it to see if your IBS symptoms improve.

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Other Ways To Help Ibs

A low FODMAP diet can help calm a touchy digestive system. Ultimately, a combination of IBS treatments may provide you with the most relief. Take a step-by-step approach when trying out new treatments, and monitor your symptoms. Over time, you can develop an effective, personalized treatment plan for IBS.

Here are some other treatment options you may wish to try.

My Concern Quickly Turned Into An Unhealthy Obsession

Low Fodmap Bread Salad

Since I am naturally very thin, any weight gain on my frame is instantly noticeable, so I became paranoid. Even though it was the middle of winter, I spent one entire evening trying on last summers bikinis and scrutinizing my reflection the mirror. Over the span of just five months, I looked like a reverse weight loss before and after photo. I felt about five to 10 pounds heavier, even though the number on my scale was no different than usual.

I downloaded a food diary app and began chronicling everything that I ate convinced that I had some form of food allergy. As a pasta-loving Italian, having a gluten intolerance would seriously be the end of my world. But after weeks of obsessively writing down everything I wrote, results were still inconclusive. I thought it might have something to do with my cycle, so I started researching both dietary and gynecological issues related to bloating online.

What made things worse was my job. I write about food for a living and love doing it. But these new issues caused my my passion for finding and reporting on everything delicious to become a source of endless frustration and plummeting self esteem.

I felt uncomfortable wearing jeans and limited my wardrobe choices. With multiple friends who have suffered from eating disorders, I know how easily an obsession with self-image can become something much darker. Thankfully, I did not go down that path.

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Figuring Out Which Vegetables Irritate Your Bowels

Everybody is different, and IBS is different in every person. There is no reason to cut out any raw vegetables unless they are causing you problems.

If youre not sure which vegetables are making you uncomfortable, you might want to try eliminating certain vegetables and see if it helps. It may take some time to narrow it down, but by experimenting with various vegetables, you should arrive at some answers. By paying attention to how your body reacts to certain vegetables, you can begin to figure out which ones to avoid. You may find it helpful to use the FODMAPs food list as a starting guide.

If IBS symptoms persist despite efforts to manage your diet, see a gastroenterologist. Your symptoms may be caused by any number of other conditions, such as celiac disease or chronic pancreatitis.

Can You Eat Aloe Vera

Aloe does far more than soothe sunburns, here’s what you should know about eating it.

When you stay out in the sun too long and end up with bright red shoulders, you’ll probably reach for a bottle of aloe vera. It’s best known for soothing the pain of a sunburn, but there’s more than one way to use the plant’s beneficial properties.

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Reasons It Could Be Causing This Problem

Unfortunately when it comes to salads it can be difficult narrowing in on the exact reason that they are causing your unfortunate case of diarrhea. There are just so many variables at play, so many different types of salads with so many different ingredients, that there is no one good answer we can give to the question of why they are causing diarrhea. However, five potential reasons that are worth looking into include

1. Bacterial infections

Not only does cooking foods help make them easier for us to chew and digest, but it also helps to kill harmful bacteria and other microbes that could do us harm. And, as we know, salads are not cooked, or at least not usually.

Salads are often composed largely of a leafy green, such as lettuce. Now these leafy greens should always be washed, along with everything else that is uncooked, but sometimes that is not even done. When it is done it is often washed in local waters which could contain local strains of bacteria like E. coli, the common cause of travelers diarrhea.

If you consistently get the runs after eating salad in an area that you have lived for a while, then you can probably roll out travelers diarrhea. But, it could still be due to bacteria of another kind.

The most you can do here to avoid this is simply buying salad ingredients that are trusted and make sure to always wash them yourself before eating.

2. A look at fiber
3. Maybe its the dressing
4. Do you use cheese?
5. Tomatoes could also be the culprit

How Do You Soothe Ibs With Diarrhea

what I eat in a day (gluten free + IBS friendly recipes)

When people are sick, they tend to turn to high-carbohydrate foods with sugars to feel better, but thats not what you want to do when you have IBS, said Melissa Garrett, MD, a gastroenterologist at Parkview Health in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thats because many problems with IBS are from intolerance to some carbohydrates in foods.

Instead, try these meals when youre having IBS-related diarrhea.

Breakfast A bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon without sugar or artificial sweetener

Lunch Grilled or baked fish or chicken and a baked sweet potato without butter

Dinner A spinach salad with lean protein such as grilled chicken

Snack Protein shake or protein bar. Be sure to read the label and avoid products with high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, because those ingredients alone can cause significant diarrhea.

Drinks Moshiree tells her patients to hydrate with water or an electrolyte replacement drink like Hydralyte or Pedialyte when they have diarrhea.

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Be Your Own Nutrition Detective

Get to know your body. Record your food intake and symptoms for one week. Record when and how much you ate and drank. At the same time, record your gastrointestinal symptoms. Noting the onset, reaction and severity of the symptoms will you identify the trigger food that may not be kind to your gut.

Which Foods Trigger Ibs

Some diet changes will help regardless of which category you fall into. Start by eating small meals and make them low in fat. Its better to grill foods using a light cooking spray than to douse your meal in oil, Dr. Moshiree advises. Red meat can also irritate the stomach, so its best to go for poultry or fish.

Also, a high-protein diet will help with both diarrhea and constipation, so that piece of fish or chicken is better than a bowl of pasta. Raw vegetables are more likely to cause gas and bloating, so consider cooking them, Moshiree said.

Its important to know your own body and how it will react to different foods. Most people with IBS have a very hard time with dairy products, so eliminate those right off the bat.

You may also be sensitive to gluten, found in bread and baked goods made with wheat, rye, and barley. Research has suggested that for some people, IBS and gluten sensitivity may overlap. A review published in November 2017 in the journal Nutrients concluded that a gluten-free diet can benefit both patients with gluten-related symptoms, as well as those with IBS who could have a gluten or wheat sensitivity.

Moshiree tells her patients to do a two-week trial of eliminating gluten to see if symptoms improve. If they do, you probably need to follow a gluten-free diet, especially when your symptoms are acting up.

Also remember to eliminate alcohol, which is known to provoke symptoms.

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How To Store Aloe Vera

Fresh is best, but aloe leaves are good for a few weeks in the fridge. You can make them last longer by freezing them, though. Whether you’re storing your leaves in the fridge or freezer, you can wrap them in plastic wrap or put them in plastic bags. When you’re ready to use a frozen leaf, let it defrost at room temperature for a few hours.

You can also keep the gel in the fridge or freezer. Put it in a jar to store in the refrigerator, or in a plastic bag for either the freezer or fridge. You can also pour the gel into ice cube trays for freezing. Note: It’s normal for the gel to change color over time.

First The Symptoms Of Ibs

25 Tasty Low FODMAP Lunch Recipes For IBS

So do you have IBS? The diagnostic criteria include having abdominal pain or discomfort for at least 12 weeks out of the previous 12 months, not necessarily consecutively. Generally, pain is relieved by a bowel movement the frequency of bowel movements alters when pain or discomfort begins and/or there are changes in the form or appearance of the stool. For most people, symptoms occur now and then, a couple of days a week or so, says Locke. To meet the definition of IBS, you have to have the symptoms 25% of the time.

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Grain Salad And The Low Fodmap Diet For Irritable Bowell Syndrome

Dietitian Veronica Mitchell provides a specific diet to help those with troublesome gut problems:

Irritable bowel syndrome is a tricky condition to treat. There are 3 common modes of treatment for IBS diet, drugs or psychological therapy. A recent innovative dietary treatment for IBS is the low FODMAP diet. It is an elimination diet that aims to reduce the sugars that trigger IBS symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhoea and others. Studies show the low FODMAP diet is very effective for people with IBS, providing relief from symptoms in around 75% of people who try it.

“If you are struggling with IBS and would like to follow the low FODMAP diet, please ask your GP to refer you to a dietitian trained to deliver the low FODMAP diet.

This recipe proves you can eat a healthy balanced diet while adhering to an elimination diet. The meal provides at least 3 of your 5 portions of vegetables a day as well as a portion of dairy, protein and plenty of slow releasing carbohydrates.”

Serves 4 – 6 people

  • ¼ cup of mixed red and white quinoa

  • ¼ cup of red rice

  • ¼ cup of wild rice

  • ¼ cup of brown basmati rice

  • 1 small aubergine, sliced, roasted & chopped into chunks

  • ½ cup of blanched broccoli

  • ½ orange coloured pepper, cubed

  • ½ yellow coloured pepper, cubed

  • 10 cherry tomatoes, quartered

  • 100g of feta cheese, cubed or crumbled


Cook all the grains until tender, drain and combine with all the other ingredients including the salad dressing.

For the salad dressing:

The 10 Best Foods For Ibs Symptoms

You may know which foods you shouldn’t eat when you have irritable bowel syndrome . But for many people, what often gets overlooked is which foods you should eat to ease IBS symptoms.

Everyone’s body is different, and foods you are sensitive to might not bother someone else. Still, there are many foods that are likely to have a positive effect on your digestive system without making your IBS symptoms worse.

This article lists proteins, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and other foods that are most likely to help your IBS symptoms. It also includes foods that are low in FODMAPs, meaning that they don’t easily ferment with bacteria in your colon and lead to gas, bloating, and pain.

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Probiotics Supplementation In Ibs

Gut microbiota in IBS patients may differ from those in healthy individuals, suggesting an association between microbiota and the pathophysiology of IBS. In this context, strategies aimed at modifying the microbiota in IBS patients have been increasingly explored in recent years.

A particular interest has been given to probiotics. Evidence exists to suggest that probiotics may exert an effect in IBS through various mechanisms which target visceral hypersensitivity, GI dysmotility, intestinal barrier function, intestinal microbiota, and intestinal immune function. Several systematic reviews and meta-analyses have screened RCTs conducted on the effects of probiotics in IBS patients and demonstrated a beneficial effect of these organisms in the treatment of IBS. However, it should be noted that the RCTs in these meta-analyses are somewhat difficult to compare. They are highly heterogeneous, show differences in the study design and use different probiotic species, strains, and preparations, some of which appear to be more effective for specific symptoms. For example, certain probiotics mainly reduce abdominal pain and flatulence, some reduce bowel movements, whereas others have a positive effect on global symptoms.

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No Fodmap Leafy Green Salad

IBS FODMAP DIET Foods BEST to CHOOSE and AVOID for Constipation


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This No FODMAP Leafy Green Salad can be your go-to green salad with dinner or lunch. We hear people saying all the time that they think that they cannot eat vegetables on the low FODMAP diet nothing could be further from the truth. This salad features no FODMAP leafy endive , red leaf and butter lettuce. Serve with our No FODMAP Malt Vinegar Salad Dressing.

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How Do You Eat Aloe Vera

The gel from the plant is safe to eat and adds a refreshing taste to different dishes and drinks. But there are safety concerns when it comes to the latex in the leaf. In fact, it’s the anthraquinones which are responsible for aloe’s laxative effect that some studies say could cause cancer. You could get diarrhea or cramps from eating the latex too. However, it’s not hard to separate it from the gel.

Many grocery stores sell individual leaves in the produce section. When picking one out, find a leaf that’s firm, full, and has as few blemishes as possible.

You can eat the gel raw or cooked. To prepare it, you first need to peel the leaf. Cut off the spiky top and sides as well as the white bottom portion of the leaf. Then, slice off one side of the skin lengthwise using a vegetable peeler or sharp knife, working from top to bottom. You can scoop the gel out with a spoon or slice off the other side of the skin.

Cut the gel into cubes and rinse them to wash away any dirt or the bitter latex, which is the yellow residue you may see. You can eat the aloe chunks raw or use a gentle cooking method like poaching, blanching, or steaming. Cooking aloe vera meat makes it release more water and gives it a milder taste.

What Is It About Lettuce

There is a good reason why we dont introduce lettuce early on when first weaning a baby onto solids: lettuce is too challenging for a babys developing digestive system.

We wouldnt dream of hanging up our washing to dry in a cold and musty attic would we? Yet many of us dont think twice about filling our overloaded digestive systems with cold and damp raw foods like lettuce. With IBS and gut health problems, it is often a case of doing some simple renovations to the attic before we move the wonderful, soft furnishings such as lettuce in.

Lettuce is healthy as part of a balanced and diverse diet. While we cant put the bowel in a sling like we would a broken arm, we can give it a short sabbatical. We can reduce the bowels workload. Even a six day mini-break can do wonders.

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