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Taco Salad In A Jar Packing Tips

Seven Layer Taco Dip Recipe | How To Make A Taco Dip | SyS
  • For best results, make sure your ingredients are dry before you put them in the jar.
  • I used quart-sized mason jars. A smaller size would work for a side salad.
  • Placing a paper towel at the top of the jar will absorb excess moisture.
  • You may want to avoid ingredients with strong odors, such as onions. Add these on serving day, if desired.
  • Use salsa without added sugar and substitute a different protein for the beans to keep this recipe South Beach Diet Phase 1 compliant.
  • The salads should stay fresh for 4-5 days.

When you are ready, dump it out and arrange it on a plate. I think its very cool that the lettuce greens come out first and the toppings, well they end up on top. Stir and enjoy!

If you need more inspiration, check out the beautiful salads over at the Lunch Box Bunch.

The Right Chicken For This Salad

To be honest, we normally just grab a rotisserie chicken at the store if we realize at the last minute that we want to make this salad. Its a super quick and easy solution!

If youre more of a planner, then you can also just cook up a couple of extra chicken breasts earlier in the week, and keep them in the fridge until youre ready to layer up this salad.

Ingredients For A Seven Layer Dip

The base to this recipe is simple.

Seasoned beef, refried beans, a cream cheese/sour cream blend and some shredded cheese. From there, add your favorite toppings such as shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, chopped onion and sliced jalapeños.

  • seasoned beef
  • chopped white onion
  • sliced jalapeños
  • Technically, this is an 8 layer dip because I add seasoned beef to the recipe. I dont like the taste of refried beans on its own.

    Its a texture thing.

    The seasoned beef adds a favorable element to the dip that takes this 7 layer dip to the next level.

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    Ingredients Needed For 7 Layer Taco Dip

    • Taco seasoning: You can use one packet of storebought and premade taco seasoning or you can follow my super simple taco seasoning recipe and just use ¼ cup of that instead.
    • Refried beans: We only need 1 can of store-bought refried beans. Grab your favorite variety.
    • Ground beef: Of course a taco dip with ground beef needs ground beef, but we only need ½ pound of it to cover an entire layer with meat.
    • Guacamole: Grab your favorite premade guacamole but this green avocado mix is one layer you dont want to forget.
    • Salsa: Heres a burst of red color and a chance to kick up the heat. Grab your favorite salsa and layer it on there.
    • Sour cream: Adding in a tangy and creamy texture that pairs great with the other flavors is a layer of sour cream.
    • Cheese: Of course we need cheese too! I like to use pre-shredded Mexican blend cheese but you can use cheddar too if preferred.
    • Olives and green onions: Sprinkling over the top are some chopped black olives and sliced green onions making this dish more appealing, and tastier. Yum!

    Seven Layer Taco Salad

    Easy 7

    Tacos, one way or another, have landed a special place in many of our hearts . And whats not to love? Cheese, meat, veggies all packed with flavor YUM! And theres so many different ways to enjoy these flavors: traditional tacos, taco salad, taco soup, taco dipthe list goes on! The versatility alone makes tacos a great option for families no matter who likes eating what and whos not eating that.

    We have to give the credit and kudos for this one to Melody ! She shared with us this fantastic creation : Seven Layer Taco Salad , and we are loving it! This one truly can come together in just under 30 minutes and keeps in the fridge until youre ready to serve . Its perfect just as it is scooped onto a plate or you can serve with other dippers.

    The way were sharing it with you today is just one of many ways you can enjoy this recipe. While bacon isnt a traditional taco topping, weve heard that its amazing in this recipe! Weve used diced tomatoes, but you could also use a homemade salsa in place of the diced tomatoes! MRC Clients, a few things to note:

    • Beans are optional. If used, they count as a carbohydrate serving. We think mashing them to create a refried bean feel is a great twist on black beans
    • If not using beans, then you could accompany this dish with a different carbohydrate taco seasoned brown rice, low calorie tortilla wrap, or homemade tortilla chips
    • If using bacon, this is a healthy fat. Be sure to reduce your avocado serving accordingly

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    How Long Does 7 Layer Been Dip Stay Good

    If stored in the fridge covered in plastic wrap, 7 layered dip will last 3-4 days. After the first day it may not look as pretty, but is will taste just as good. When the avocado is exposed to air it may start to brown. The dip may also get a little watery. Just drain of the water and it will be ready to eat.

    Assembling 7 Layer Taco Salad

    Mix ranch dressing and taco seasoning together.

    Refrigerate in a covered container until ready to use.

    Layer each item into a large trifle bowl beginning with the lettuce and ending with the green onions.

    When you reach the cheese layer, place in the center of the bowl and sprinkle with olives and green onions.

    Serve immediately or refrigerate covered until ready to serve.

    Serve with dressing, guacamole, and sour cream.

    Use Tongs to serve!

    • Mix ranch dressing and taco seasoning together.
    • Set aside for flavors to mingle.
    • Refrigerate in a covered container until ready to use.

    To Make Salad:

    • Layer each item into a large trifle bowl beginning with the lettuce and ending with the green onions.
    • When you reach the cheese layer, place in the center of the bowl and sprinkle with olives and green onions.
    • Serve immediately or refrigerate covered until ready to serve.
    • Serve along side taco dressing.

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    What You Need To Make 7 Layer Mexican Dip

    • refried beans

    7 Layer Dip has been around since almost forever. And there are tons of versions & variations to prove it. But this version well, this little gem is a result of some beauty shop chit chat and recipe swapping. Because in a small town thats where the important stuff happens- at the beauty shop, when the little ladies gather to get their hair set and such. For my mamaw, that was every Friday. And some of the best food weve ever laid our lips on came from her Friday visits.

    Can I Prep This In Advance

    Love & Best Dishes: 5-Layer Taco Dip Recipe | Game Day Appetizer Recipe

    Absolutely! You can prep many of the ingredients in advance and create a buffet-style salad bar as well. Ingredients you can prep ahead of time include the beef, salsa, taco seasoning, diced red onion, and beans.

    Those items can be stored in the fridge for 4-5 days in separate containers. The rest can be pulled straight out of the fridge and prepped in under 10 minutes.

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    Simple Pleasures For Every Day

    I decided to create another layered cake pan salad! Since my other layered salad in a cake pan has been shared and pinned thousands of times, it was time to share something similar, yet new. How about a layered taco salad in a cake pan? Everyone loves taco salad!

    The idea behind this salad shares the same basic concept as my classic layered salad, but this time I added a Mexican twist. I developed a thick, ranch sour cream mayonnaise so it would hold up the same way as other layered salads, and not get soggy. Make sure you drain the beans, corn, and olives very well so they dont add unwanted moisture to your salad.

    Serving a layered salad in a cake pan, as opposed to a trifle pan, makes it portable, easy to serve, and unique. Everyone will want a copy of this recipe, so be prepared to share it!

    Just layer, chill, and cut into cake-like pieces! Voila!

    Note: I always use the lowest sodium products I can find when Im creating a recipe. This way I can add salt to taste just before serving. This goes for the ranch mayonnaise dressing recipe at the end of this post. If you used low sodium ingredients throughout the rest of the recipe, the ranch mayo should be fine. If youre concerned about salt content, make the homemade version of the powdered ranch mix. Its much lower in salt than Hidden Valley.

    serves 8 to 12

    1 lb. extra lean ground beef

    1 small can green chilies, undrained

    1 head iceberg lettuce, outer leaves removed

    1 packet taco seasoning mix

    2 jalapeno peppers, sliced

    Keto 7 Layer Taco Dip Recipe With Meat

    This easy 7 layer taco dip recipe is always a hit at parties! See how to make layered taco dip with meat in just 25 minutes. It’s keto taco dip served with bell pepper scoops, or serve for everyone else with tortilla chips.

    This post may contain affiliate links, which help keep this content free.

    If you love tacos, youll love everything about this 7 layer taco dip recipe! My layered taco dip with meat has SO many layers of goodness just begging to be scooped up. Weve got taco meat. Weve got a creamy taco sour cream and cream cheese layer. And then weve got ALL the toppings. The hardest part of this keto taco dip? Deciding what to dip into it!

    This 7 layer taco dip recipe may look impressive, but its surprisingly easy to make. And my family claims its the best taco dip recipe )

    I love to make it for parties, because this easy taco dip recipe can also easily be made ahead of time, and its always a big hit!

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    Tips For Making The Perfect 7

    • Make your own tortilla chips. If you have the time, I would definitely recommend making your own homemade tortilla chips. They taste amazing and are a little thicker than your general store-bought brand, which makes them perfect for loading up with all 7 layers of your Mexican dip. Plus, my tortilla chips recipe will only add 3 ingredients and 30 minutes to your kitchen time totally worth it!
    • Add some seasoned ground beef. Some prefer to add seasoned ground beef with the beans for the base layer of the dip. Although this step is not required, it definitely adds extra flavors and can be an easy, more subtle way to add some heat to the recipe.
    • Add even more toppings! You do you if 7 layers are not enough, pile on your favorite toppings to your hearts desire. So many flavor combinations taste amazing together. On a few occasions, Ive added pickled red onions, fresh or pickled jalapeños, fresh cilantro, queso and salsa verde to my 7+ layer dip!

    Can You Make Layered Taco Dip Ahead


    Yes, you can definitely make this keto cream cheese taco dip ahead of time. And its a great idea to do so, so that the flavors have time to come together.

    Make the taco meat, mix together the cream cheese and sour cream layer and assemble. Ideally, youd wait to add the veggie toppings until you are ready to serve it.

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    Layered Taco Salad In A Jar Plus Packing Tips

    Assemble Layered Taco Salad in a Jar and enjoy tasty, no-mess, healthy salads all week. It all starts with an easy 2 ingredient salsa dressing. Follow the rules to make ANY SALAD in a mason jar!

    Im late to the party. But, now that Im here, Im lovin it! Im talking about the mason jar craze. What a great make-ahead meal strategy. Just properly layer your favorite ingredients in jars, and you have fresh, no-prep salads throughout the week.

    If you planned for extra 3 Ingredient Salsa Chicken in a Crock-Pot then you can layer that in too! Its the perfect substitution for black beans to keep this recipe in carbs.

    Ive been chowing down on this taco salad in a jar for 3 days now. Its so easy to just grab it out of the fridge and dump it out on a plate. It has some of my favorite ingredients and its low-cal too! And yes, its still fresh 4 days later!

    Its all in the packing. Yeah, just like a suitcase. If you do it right you are rewarded with a lovely, care-free travel experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Making A Layered Taco Salad

    • Can you make taco salad ahead? Yes! In fact, this also makes an awesome meal prep. Thats exactly why I serve the dressing on the side and Id probably add the chips just before serving to preserve the crispy texture.
    • How long does this taco salad? Around 4 days covered in the refrigerator.
    • Can I use different ingredients? Totally, switch them out as youd like. Just be aware that things with a lot of liquid wont last as long and my not layer well.
    • How do you serve a layered salad? I like to serve it in the big, clear bowl with straight sides like a trifle bowl. And when you actual serve it, be sure to dig the utensils deep, all the way to the bottom to get some of all the delicious flavors!

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    More Tex Mex Snack Recipes

    One of my favorite things to serve at a party or get together is chips and salsa or dip. Here are a few of my tex mex favorites!

    Try this Tomatillo Salsa recipe for an authentic, tangy Mexican salsa verde. Perfect for pairing with tacos, enchiladas or a big bowl of chips!

    Tropical Pineapple Salsa is a spicy, sweet, colorful snack idea! So versatile, you can enjoy with tortilla chips or spoon it over your favorite grilled chicken or fish!

    My love for the farmers market inspired this delicious Watermelon Peach Salsa. Youll love the fruit paired with the spice!

    This Mango Salsa is tropical, refreshing, and totally delicious!

    These Taco Tortilla Stackshave been made in our family for years! They are so easy to assemble ahead of time, and serve as a quick snack for a crowd. We enjoy ours served with salsa!

    Need a delicious game day snack that wont completely ruin your diet? Try making a batch of thisHealthy Taco Dip.

    Ingredients For Seven Layer Taco Dip

    7 Layer Dip Recipe | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

    But what makes this party favorite stand out from a sea of other delicious appetizers is the fresh pico de gallo and smooth Fritos Bean Dip base.

    Each layer adds a truly unique set of flavors you didn’t know you were missing with the traditional refried beans and diced tomatoes most recipes call for.

    Upgrading these two basic layers puts this dish over the top!

    These little changes make this an appetizer everyone will crave. This recipe truly is a chip and dip match, made in heaven.

    If you love your chip and dip combos you need to give Fresh Mango Avocado Salsa, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Creamy Rotel Sausage Dip and Homemade Avocado Salsa a try!

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    Does Guacamole Turn Brown In 7 Layer Dip

    While guacamole does being to turn brown the moment it is exposed to oxygen, in this layered dip it can actually maintain its green color longer.

    As long as you have the layer of guacamole nicely and completely covered with the sour cream layer on top, you can help prevent it from being exposed to the air too long and allow it to stay a nice and vibrant shade of green. Making it much more appealing to your party!

    Ingredients In Taco Dip With Meat

    This layered taco dip with meat has so many flavors, and just 10 ingredients! Heres what goes into my homemade taco dip recipe:

    • Ground Beef This is the base layer and it adds protein, fat, and plenty of flavor.
    • Taco Seasoning Obviously this taco seasoning is a must in any 7 layer taco salad dip. I like to make my own homemade taco seasoning, but you can also buy it from the store.
    • Sour Cream Adds creamy and light tang to the dip.
    • Cream Cheese I love using a blend of sour cream and cream cheese in this keto taco dip recipe. Its both light and thick at the same time.
    • Iceberg Lettuce Cool, fresh, and crunchy.
    • Cheddar Cheese Medium or sharp, its up to you!
    • Bell Pepper Adds a sweet crunch to this layered taco dip recipe.
    • Roma Tomato Cant have tacos without diced tomatoes!
    • Red Onion I love the flavor of red, but you could also use a white or green onion if you prefer.
    • Black Olives Slice them up and sprinkle on top!
    • Cilantro Optional, but a great addition if you are a fan of cilantro.

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    More About 7 Layer Taco Salad Recipes

    • In 13×9-inch glass baking dish, layer salad greens, tomatoes and onions. In 1-quart bowl, mix mayonnaise and taco seasoning mix spread over onions. Top with chicken and cheese. Cover tightly with plastic wrap.
    • Layer each item into a large trifle bowl beginning with the lettuce and ending with the green onions.
    • Layer 1: Blend cream cheese, 1 cup sour cream and 1 package taco seasoning until smooth. Spread in bottom of dish.
    • Layer 2: Meat or Beans. Brown your ground beef in a medium skillet over high heat until all the pink is out. Drain meat and add 1 package taco seasoning . Spread meat over the first layer. If you prefer, use a can of refried beans instead of meat.
    • Layer 3: Guacamole. Spread 1 1/2 cup of either homemade guacamole or already prepared guacamole over the meat.
    • In a second medium bowl, combine chicken, Greek yogurt, remaining 1/2 cup salsa, onion powder, salt, and garlic powder.
    • In a large bowl , layer the salad in the following order: 1) Lettuce, 2) Cheese, 3) Black beans, 4) Salsa mixture, 5) Corn, 6) Chicken and dressing mixture, 7) just before serving, sprinkle salad with crushed tortilla chips and additional cilantro .

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