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What Types Of Cheese Go Into Copycat Chick

Macaroni Chicken Salad(with condensed milk and cheese)

We didn’t have to dig deep to know that Chick-fil-A uses multiple cheeses in their mac and cheese. After all, their menu describes the items as containing a “special blend of cheeses including Parmesan, cheddar, and Romano.” What we didn’t know was that there are two additional types of cheese included in the recipe: American and BellaVitano, a buttery, nutty cheese made in Wisconsin.

You might be tempted to scale the number of cheeses back to one or two, but using all five really adds a ton of extra flavor and texture to your cheese sauce. Kitchen Conundrums explains that using a combination of cheeses is a great way to get the wonderfully gooey texture that you love in a cheese sauce that comes from the softest cheese, American cheese while also achieving a rich, complex flavor. If you were to only use crumbly aged cheeses like cheddar, Romano, or Parmesan, the sauce would end up grainy and taste too sharp.

How To Make High Protein Mac And Cheese On The Stove

As with any macaroni recipe, this chickpea mac and cheese starts by cooking up your pasta. Im using chickpea pasta shells, and I recommend cooking for about 1-2 minutes less than the box directs when cooking with a gluten free pasta alternative. I think this results in a better texture, and prevents the chickpea pasta from getting gummy!

Once cooked, drain the pasta in a colander, rinse with room temperature water to stop the cooking, and toss with a bit of oil to prevent clumping. Next, you can wipe down that same pot and use it to start your high protein mac and cheese sauce.

Over medium high heat, combine dairy milk, butter, shredded cheddar cheese, and a bit of salt and pepper to taste. Then, turn down the heat to low and allow it to cook, stirring regularly, until meltedabout 5-10 minutes. LOW heat and regular stirring are both key for making this stovetop mac and cheese without a roux.

Finally, once your easy cheese sauce is integrated to your liking, add the cooked pasta back in and toss to coat. Quick as that, in just 20 minutes, this gluten free chickpea macaroni and cheese is ready to serve! Its delicious enjoyed warm, but honestly is just as tasty served coldperfect for a packed lunch.

Cook The Macaroni For Copycat Chick

Normally, we’d tell you to bring a large pot of water to a boil and follow the directions on the box for al dente pasta. But we read an interesting theory on Todd Wilbur’s Top Secret Recipes. He suggested boiling the macaroni for 20 minutes, more than double the recommended cook time on the box. The idea is that the longer cook time allows the macaroni to absorb as much water as possible, ensuring it won’t steal any extra liquid from the sauce when they’re tossed together. We thought we’d give it a try and see if the theory was correct.

We boiled three batches of macaroni: one for the box’s recommended eight minutes for al dente, another for 12 minutes, and a third for the full 20. We combined the cooked macaroni with the sauce and let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour. Sure enough, the third pasta the one that cooked for 20 minutes was our favorite. The pasta itself was soft and chewy, and the sauce hadn’t lost any of its creaminess. We were sold!

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Instant Pot Bbq Chicken Mac And Cheese

This post was sponsored by Head Country Barbecue.

Ok, admit it. Youve been standing in line at Panera trying to be good and healthy but then. you spot the barbecue chicken mac and cheese bowl on the menu.

So much for trying to be healthy. But at least you can pair it with a salad because some things are worth it. And, this recipe is how you can bring that recipe home.

Sure the pressure cooker is great for tacos, big hunks of meat, and even soups. But, can it actually make a luscious rich macaroni that lives up to expectations and bbq chicken without any grilling?

Yeah, and in this recipe a triple cheese uber creamy macaroni and collides with pulled barbecue chicken and minimal cleanup.

It exceeded expectations.

See the web story for IP BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese here.

Buffalo Chicken Mac And Cheese

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese
  • Chicken – I usually have portions of shredded meat in the freezer from meal prepping, but a rotisserie bird is a great time-saving option. You could even toss some frozen breasts in the Instant Pot if needed.
  • Pasta – This recipe can be made with any of your favorite short pasta shapes, like penne, fusilli, bowtie, or cavatappi.
  • Milk – Use whatever you happen to have on hand, whether its 2%, whole, or a combination of both.
  • Cheeses – Skip the bagged shreds, which have anti-caking agents that prevent the shreds from melting properly. This results in a lumpy sauce with a waxy texture.
  • Hot Sauce – I used Franks Red Hot for this creamy mac and cheese. Feel free to use your favorite brand and adjust the amount based on your spice tolerance.

Serving SuggestionsKitchen Tools You Will Need

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Do You Need To Add The Spices To Make A Copycat Chick

We’re only adding a few spices to our copycat Chick-fil-A mac and cheese recipe, and they’re mostly included to add coloring. The recipe only uses an eighth of a teaspoon of paprika and a pinch of turmeric and annatto, which is barely enough to impact our mac and cheese’s flavor. Combining all three spices together adds a lovely orange hue to your mac and cheese that makes it look like the real deal, but don’t feel like you have to make an extra trip to the grocery store to get them if you don’t already have them on hand.

If you’re used to adding ground black pepper or white pepper to your mac and cheese, you can totally add it to this recipe. Chick-fil-A’s ingredients list doesn’t contain any pepper, so we left it off the list, but it would add a nice peppery finish. While you’re at it, you could also make this recipe your own by adding other spice additions like garlic powder, ground mustard, or cayenne pepper.

Why Does This Copycat Chick

Before we get started, let’s talk about wildcard ingredient in this recipe: Egg yolks. It might seem like a very odd addition to mac and cheese, but it’s actually a common ingredient for cheese sauces. Eggs play a few essential roles that help the sauce come together .

Adding an egg yolk to sauces like cheese sauce is a great way to thicken the sauce which is important if you’re going the gluten-free route as well as providing a rich flavor. But the major reason to include an egg in mac and cheese is because of the egg’s ability to emulsify other ingredients, bringing together oil and water in emulsions like mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce. It also works for creamy sauces, binding the fat molecules in the cheese to the liquid in the milk, preventing the sauce from breaking when it’s reheated. That’s important for a company like Chick-fil-A: We learned from Redditors that the employees receive already-made bags of mac and cheese, “squeeze out of bag,” and reheat it in the oven.

To keep the egg yolk from scrambling, it’s important to temper the egg before it goes into the sauce. Don’t worry we’ll explain how to do it when we get to that step.

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Chick Fil A Menu Prices & Calories 2021


Chick-Fil-A is an American fast-food chain that began operating in 1946 and currently has over 2,000 locations. The Chick-Fil-A menu includes their famous chicken sandwich and other notable mentions, including chicken nuggets, waffle potato fries, milkshakes, breakfast items, salads, and Chick-n-Strips. Scroll below to view the latest Chick-Fil-A menu prices along with Chick-Fil-A calories.

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Chicken Salad Chick Chicken Salad

May 15, 2019 by Stephanie Manley, Last Updated October 21, 2021

Have you tried the Chicken Salad Chick Classic Carol Chicken Salad? Some of us are lucky we are located near a Chicken Salad Chick restaurant, if one opens in your area, I recommend you go. Until then, here is my easy copycat recipe for the delicious classic Carol chicken salad.

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Start The Cheese Sauce For Copycat Chick

While the pasta is cooking, we’ll go ahead and make the cheese sauce. Things are going to move quickly here, so it’s best to prepare by getting everything ready by whisking together the water and dry milk powder to rehydrate the milk and grating all the cheeses. It’s okay to combine the grated cheeses, but we recommend keeping the American cheese separate.

To make the sauce, we’ll start by melting the butter in a large pot over medium heat until it’s bubbly and melted, about two minutes. Then, add the flour and cook, stirring constantly, until the roux becomes frothy and smells nutty. When the roux is ready, add the rehydrated milk and bring the mixture up to a simmer. After about 10 minutes, the sauce should be nice and thick.

Now it’s time to temper the egg yolks a process that sounds intimidating but is really quite easy. Tempering eggs is just a fancy way of saying that we’ll slowly increase their temperature, keeping them from scrambling when they hit the hot milk. Place the yolk in a small bowl and slowly pour in 1/2 cup of the hot milk, whisking constantly as you pour. When the mixture is well incorporated, add a second 1/2 cup of hot milk, repeating the whisking process. Now that the egg is warm, you can whisk the egg-milk mixture back into the pot without fear.

Add The Cheese One Handful At A Time For The Perfect Copycat Chick

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese Casserole [VIDEO] Recipe ...

From here, we’ll remove the pot from the heat and get ready to melt the cheese into the sauce. You want to work quickly to keep the milk from cooling down too much, but not so quickly that the cheese doesn’t have a chance to melt fully. Rushing this process too much can result in a broken, oily sauce, so only add the cheese one handful at a time.

Start with the American cheese, which is the softest cheese and will melt the fastest. Add a few pieces of cheese at a time, stirring constantly until it’s fully melted. Then, repeat the process by adding another handful of cheese until it’s all incorporated. When all the cheese is in, season the cheese sauce with the salt, paprika, turmeric, and annatto. At this point, the cheese sauce is ready to use, or you can cool it down in the refrigerator for later use. The flour and the egg yolk will protect the cheese sauce from breaking as it cools and reheats.

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Gather The Ingredients For Your Copycat Chick

Before we began developing our copycat Chick-fil-A mac and cheese recipe, we took a peek at Chick-fil-A’s website to see if they happened to give away the recipe. While they didn’t provide any quantities, they did list the exact ingredients we needed to get started. A few ingredients were obvious macaroni, salt, and a blend of cheeses but we were surprised to see that they used nonfat dry milk instead of regular milk. After doing a quick test batch, we agreed that dry milk powder was the way to go: It had a lighter texture than the mac we made with real milk.

From there, we only had to round out the ingredients list with a few additions. The ingredients list contained both margarine and butter, but we chose to use just butter in our recipe for simplicity’s sake. Chick-fil-A also uses egg yolk powder, which we couldn’t locate at the store, so we stuck with a liquid yolk instead. They also include wheat flour and a few seasonings for color, so we added those ingredients to our list. The rest of the ingredients appeared to be preservatives, so we took a pass on items like xanthan gum, emulsifying salt, and modified food starch.

You’ll find a full list of the ingredients and the step-by-step instructions at the end of this article.

Gluten Free & High Protein Mac And Cheese With Chickpea Pasta

Take your favorite cheesy pasta to the next level with this gluten free chickpea mac and cheese recipe! An unbelievably easy stovetop recipe for high protein mac and cheese that you can make with just 4 main ingredients.

All you need is your pasta of choice , some cheddar cheese, milk, and a bit of butter. No flour and no fancy roux required! Easy, creamy, cheesy, and quickready in just 20 minutes. And, you can prepare this entire chickpea mac and cheese recipe on the stove, no baking necessary.

If you dont care about making a gluten free mac and cheese and would rather just use regular noodles, go for it. Just know that it wont be a high protein mac and cheese anymore, or at least not as high in protein.

Besides being gluten free, one of the benefits of bean and lentil pastas is that theyre loaded with plant based protein! Made with chickpea pasta and tossed in my easy stovetop cheese sauce, each serving of this high protein mac and cheese contains 29g of protein.

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Easy Mac And Cheese Substitutions


Use any variety or shape of pasta that you like! I prefer to use a gluten free pasta when Im making this at home, and chickpea pasta is my top choice for a high protein mac and cheese recipe. But, you could also try another gluten free pasta, like brown rice and/or quinoa pasta. Or, for other high protein mac and cheese options, try black bean or red lentil pastas!

If you dont care about keeping this gluten free, you can also make this easy stovetop mac and cheese using regular ol glutinous pasta. Just know that it wont be quite as high in protein.


In order for this chickpea mac and cheese sauce to work properly, this recipe needs to be made with dairy milk. Nondairy milks just wont integrate properly, but any kind of dairy milk is fineI recommend 2% or whole milk.


You can omit the butter, but I highly recommend including it in the recipe! You only need a small amount, and it makes a big difference in the texture and taste of the cheese sauce.

Cheddar Cheese

Unfortunately, this high protein mac and cheese sauce just will not turn out as desired with most nondairy cheese alternatives or vegan substitutes. Stick with a dairy based, full fat cheese for best results.

Tips For Perfect Chick

Easy Creamy Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Although making Chick-fil-A Mac and Cheese is quite easy. It is all about the ingredients and their quantity. However, there are still a few things you have to keep in mind. These are:

  • Make sure every ingredient is at room temperature.
  • If you dont find whole milk, you can also use low-fat milk. However, the texture doesnt be creamy and thick.
  • Sauté the flour and butter at low heat to avoid burning.
  • When adding cream or milk, remove the saucepan from heat and let it cool slightly.
  • If you cant find sharp cheddar cheese, you can use regular cheddar cheese as well.
  • Add cooked macaroni to the sauce, mix it well and then broil it for 2 to 3 minutes for better results.

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