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Behind The Recipe: The Best Homemade Chicken Salad

The BEST Chicken Salad

When ordering a chicken salad for lunch, you really never know what will end up on the plate. Every chef seems to prepare chicken salad differently.

You may get a finely shredded version or large cubes of chicken. Your plate could include all sorts of ingredients like red onions, seeds, dried cranberries, nuts, and even fruit, like seedless grapes.

Likewise, many families have a time-honored classic chicken salad recipe that has been handed down for generations.

Digging in, I found any quality chicken salad recipe starts with creamy and bright ingredients. From there, you can make it your own with any variation of ingredients you like best. That being said, I think youll enjoy mine!

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Homemade Mayonnaise Adds More Freshness

If you really are in the mood to make this truly the BEST-EVER chicken saladmake your mayonnaise from scratch.

Theres nothing better than homemade classic mayonnaise .

Of course, good-quality store-bought mayonnaise will work just fine, but we absolutely LOVE making it from scratch! One thing to keep in mind, though, homemade mayo has raw egg in it, which could be an issue with the very young, the elderly, or anyone with a compromised immune system.

Its all about using fresh ingredients.

Fresh dill and parsley add a layer of flavor that we think puts this salad over the top.

If you cant get fresh, dried will work, just use half the amount that you would be using if fresh.

And its even better after it sits in the fridge for a few hours, or overnight! This chicken salad sandwich recipe is really about as good as they come!

I mean, just look how delicious this looks!

Wait until you taste it!! You and those around you will love it!

If you are looking for an easy chicken salad recipe that tastes like something youd get at an amazing restaurant, you need to look no further!

You can almost taste how good this is just by looking at it.

There is a reason this is hands down the most popular recipe on How To Feed a Loon!

How I Tested The Chicken Salad Recipes

These recipes were all tested during the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of that, I was unable to source whole chickens and made adjustments as needed. I tested each recipe with the same brands of mayo, celery, nuts, etc., but I should mention that the only mayo I could get my hands on was Sir Kensingtons mayonnaise made with avocado oil .

My daughters, ages 9 and 21, helped me test each recipe, and we ate the chicken salads wrapped in bibb lettuce. By the way, chicken salad is a great thing to have around during quarantine.

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What Makes This Chicken Salad Special

The “secret sauce,” so to speak, of this chicken salad, is the tablespoon of plum preserves my mom adds to the mayo-based dressing. You could use any berry jelly or jam, but as we always have a lot of plum jam on hand , that’s what mom reaches for first.

Mom balances out the sweetness from the dab of jam with a bit of lemon juice.

The result? Wonderful!

Does Chicken Salad Have Mustard

The Best Easy Chicken Salad

Mustard is a common addition in many chicken salad recipes.

What kind of mustard do you put in chicken salad? Generally, Dijon mustard is the most popular mustard in chicken salad. However, regular yellow mustard or even mustard powder is typical in the dish.

How do you make chicken salad without mustard? To make the salad without mustard, flavor the dressing with other ingredients. Vinaigrettes and ranch dressing are options that dont require mustard.

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Zaxby’s Salads Are Super Popular

If you live in the South, then youve probably heard of Zaxby’s, the delicious fried chicken fast food joint that people can’t get enough of. But there’s more than just fried chicken on Zaxby’s menu the chain also makes salads that people can’t seem to get enough of.

Heck, even celebs are in on it. Tia Mowry was in a 2014 Zaxby’s commercial, and one fan reached out to her on Twitter about it, referring to her own favorite menu item. “I saw your #Zaxbys commercial for their salad and I think they have the best fast food salads,” the user wrote, which Mowry retweeted.

Nutritionist Sarah Garone told Eat This, Not That that the Grilled Cobb Zalad at Zaxby’s was an excellent option. “It’s not as high in calories, saturated fat, or sodium as the Fried Cobb also on the menu,” Garone said. “I don’t consider its seven grams of sugar a problem, as they come from fresh vegetables.” However, Garone did warn against the sodium content, which was pretty high. Still, you could do a lot worse than the Grilled Cobb Zalad at Zaxby’s, and it’s pretty delicious as well.

Does Chicken Salad Have Pickles

Savory chicken salad recipes may contain dill pickles, sweet pickles, pickle relish, or pickle juice. All have their place in the recipe.

Sweet chicken salad recipes seldom mix fruit with pickles. If your salad has grapes, apples, or cranberries, you probably wont see pickles on the ingredients list.

Find out what else you can skip in chicken salad, even if it is on the ingredient list.

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The Best Fast Food Salads According To Nutritionists

When we think of eating a healthy, balanced diet, popular fast food chains like Chick-fil-A and McDonalds arent exactly the first thing to come to mind. Thats for good reason fast food consumption has been linked to everything from the obesity epidemic to rising infertility rates among men.

But as people have become increasingly concerned about their health and worked to clean up their diets, fast food chains have caught on and added an out of character item to their menus: Salad.

For the most part, the rise of the fast food salad is a good thing especially for people have a hard time affording healthy food. Generally speaking, I think fast food salads can be a good option for people who have limited access to whole, fresh, healthy food and produce, nutritionist Tamar Samuels told HuffPost.

The issue with these salads arises when we just assume theyre healthy without examining the ingredients. Even though you may want to applaud the fast food industry for finally offering something on the somewhat healthy side compared to their traditional fare, you still have to ask yourself, are these salads as healthy as they claim? said Karina Heinrich, an international certified integrative nutritionist. Unfortunately, most are not.

So should you avoid fast food salads altogether? No, but its crucial to do your homework and be an ingredient detective.

Luckily, we did some of it for you. Heres a ranking of the most popular fast food salads.

What Spices Go In Chicken Salad

The BEST Chicken Salad Recipe EVER! And It’s Healthy!

Chicken salad recipes are usually seasoned very simply. Many times, with only salt and pepper.

However, several other herbs and spices give the chicken salad a delicious flavor. Here are a few favorites.

  • Dill weed. Dill may be the most common seasoning for chicken salad besides salt. This is common in savory varieties.
  • Parsley. Fresh parsley is the best and is found in both sweet and savory salad recipes.
  • Onion and garlic powder. These flavorings can season the cooked chicken and the salad dressing.
  • Curry. Specifically for curry-flavored chicken salad.
  • Paprika. Use paprika when there are hard-boiled eggs in the salad.

Need some chicken salad sandwich toppings? Ive got you covered. You will love the list!

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How To Make The Best Chicken Salad Ever

One day I was making Baked Buffalo Chicken Dip and the recipe called for pre-made chicken salad from the deli. When I arrived at the grocery store to pick some up the price was a LOT higher than I was expecting to pay.

Dont get me wrong, I love the convenience of pre-made, but since it is literally made up of leftover chicken and pantry staples I have a really hard time paying that much for it. So I didnt.

This recipe for the Best Chicken Salad Ever came from a friend who answered the call when I put a plea out on Facebook for a good chicken salad recipe. She often used leftover rotisserie chicken when she made it but since I didnt have any leftover chicken I thought I would try to make it with canned chicken from Costco. And it was amazing. Simple and so good. And a new favorite recipe was born.

To make the BEST chicken salad ever start with shredding or chopping three cups of cooked chicken.

If you are using the Costco canned chicken , drain, put into a bowl and shred with a fork.

Add 1/4 cup of chopped red onion and stir.

Add celery, lemon juice, sour cream, mayonnaise, salt and pepper and stir to combine well.

Chill until ready to use. Thats all there is to it!

As mentioned previously you can use this to make Baked Buffalo Chicken Dip or you can just make some pretty fantastic little sandwiches. You can also serve it with crackers, on a salad or just eat it with a fork. It is THAT good without the crazy price tag at the grocery store deli. Enjoy!

What Makes This Salad Such A Knockout

Now you might be a little skeptical about combining sweet grapes with savory chicken and mayonnaise, but believe me it is a marriage made in heaven. I used nice crunchy chopped walnuts and tons of dry dill to make this filling scrumptious and to add lots of texture and dimension to this dish. I cant wait for you all to try this stellar sandwich, itll be your new favorite!

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Does Chicken Salad Have Onions

Many chicken salad recipes have some type of onion. What kind of onions are in chicken salad? Red onions or scallions are the most popular onions in chicken salad.

Red onions have more of a kick, and green onions are milder.

You can also use minced white or yellow onions. However, many people find them a bit overpowering in the salad. Cooking the onions is one way to tone their bite down.

If you dont want to add onions but still want the flavor, consider onion powder in the dressing. For the best taste, use only fresh onion powder.

Wondering if you can make chicken salad ahead? Follow my tips and it is a breeze.

What To Serve With Chicken Salad Sandwich

The 20 Best Ideas for Arby

There are a few ways to present this amazing chicken salad. Spread it on a flakey croissant, , serve with ritz crackers and a vegetable tray, or serve in lettuce cups for a low carb option. Salty potato chips, in my opinion, are a must, but there are other options that will still make a satisfying meal, whether its lunch or dinner. Serve with a wonderful cup of soup, some fruit, and vegetables with this incredible dip and youve got it made!

Dressings, Sauces, and Dips

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How To Make This Speedy Chicken Salad

It probably comes off as a bit condescending to show you these steps, being that this is quite a basic recipe! Its more out of habit given that I show steps for every recipe I do.

I did say this was a BIG chicken salad it is very, very big! It will make a filling meal for 4 normal people, 3 with very very big appetites, or 6 people who are pretending to diet.

Straubs Chicken Salad Recipe: Best 6 Health Benefits

Straubs Chicken Salad is a great dish to have for lunch or dinner. It is healthy for you and your family. This recipe is easy to make and can be enjoyed with a lot of different options on the side.

Whether you are looking for the best chicken salad recipe or the healthiest chicken salad, this recipe is perfect for you.


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How Do You Make Chicken Salad

This salad recipe is so easy to make! It consists of prepping the ingredients and mixing together the dressing.

  • Prepare the dressing: In a medium bowl, combine mayonnaise, lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper. Stir until smooth and creamy.
  • In a separate bowl, combine chicken, grapes, apple, celery, and pecans.
  • Drizzle dressing over the top and stir together making sure the dressing is evenly distributed
  • Cover and chill for at least one hour before serving.
  • Serve as sandwiches on bread or croissants or as chicken salad lettuce cups.
  • Store leftovers in airtight container in refrigerator for up to 3 days.
  • Does Chicken Salad Have Celery

    The Best Ever Chicken Caesar Salad | Genius Recipes

    The earliest chicken salad recipe I found had celery, even when other common ingredients were missing. There is seldom a reason to skip the celery. Unless you are out of it or dont like it.

    Celery pairs just as well with pickles and hard-boiled eggs as it does with apples and grapes. But what if you are out of celery?

    What is a substitute for celery in chicken salad? Water chestnuts, jicama, radishes, and even apples are excellent substitutes for celery. They offer the same type of crunch, and most have a similar enough flavor .

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    Why Is Chicken Salad Called Salad

    There are many types of salads. A chicken salad is a type of salad referred to as a bound salad.

    A bound salad is held together with a thick sauce, like mayonnaise or cream cheese. When you scoop the chicken salad out and plop it on a sandwich, it will hold its shape.

    In fact, many bound salads are sandwich fillings. Think tuna salad and egg salad.

    The 15 Best Places For Chicken Salad In London

    Amaresh Ray: The Moroccan chicken salad box is a must have.

    Tim: The Moroccan chicken salad box is awesome, get pitta and chilli sauce/paste as well

    Holly B.: The morrocan chicken salad box is amazing, you must order this!

    Faisal Al Shohail: Amazing duck and duck salad! Chicken salad and the dumplings. For the main for the short ribs!

    Wejdan: Fine Chinese food. Definitely try the angus beef! The portion is enough for 2. Bang bang chicken salad is fab.

    Lamia: New. The best Chinese I experienced in london. Chicken salad, and rice and dim sum is amazing. Duck is average

    Shahd: Spicy edamame and spicy mango maki are to die for! Chicken salad was yummy, Crunchy sushi, rock shrimp tempura, prawn tempura maki one of the very best restaurants in London!

    Nouf Sa: Chicken salad, vegetable noodles, calamari

    Whennoufeats: Buddha bar chicken salad P15 7/10, Rock shrimp P17 8/10, Prawn tempura sushi P17 10/10, Scottish beef fillet P35 10/10, Wok fried beef with Thai basil P24 7/10, sea bass P28 8/10

    Tesy Lb: Chicken salad

    Hen Pritchard-Barrett: Really fresh, big and delicious salad. I walk 30mins most lunchtimes to get this salad. Best in the neighbourhood by far! Get the chicken – so succulent and shredded

    James Brothers: Their crunch salad box with chicken and/or halloumi is tasty & filling and for £5.50 has to the best value in London.

    Nouf: bang chicken salad its must

    Noura Alba: Zucchini & Bang bang chicken salad

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    The Chicken Salad With The Very Best Chicken: Southern Livings Chicken Salad

    What this recipe lacks in ingredients it makes up for in texture. The poaching method produced a very juicy and tender chicken, which really shone in the final salad. Next time, Ill add some salt and a few extra aromatics to the poaching liquid, which would really enhance the chicken flavor.

    The author does recommend adding any number of riffs to the salad, and I can see this recipe functioning as a good base for whatever salad you want to create.

    Arby’s Knows How To Whip Up A Salad

    Best Ever Chicken Salad

    When you think of Arby’s, it would only be natural to just think of meat, as that tends to be the main aspect of their marketing strategy. Still, Arby’s has more than just sandwiches stuffed to the brim with roast beef, and one of their salads was actually equal parts healthy and tasty. That is to say, it’s not the healthiest nor tastiest thing in the world, but it was still surprisingly good, though it’s no longer offered.

    Nutritionist and author Lisa Richards told Today that the Arby’s Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad is a great fast food salad. “Overall, this is a good choice for a healthier salad,” Richards explained. “Roast turkey is a healthy, lean protein, although the bacon is a processed meat and a much less healthy ingredient.” Richards also cautioned that adding salad dressing would obviously up the calories, and advised using a lighter dressing like a vinaigrette instead. While Arby’s doesn’t offer the salad anymore, there is a Roast Chicken Salad, which is seemingly similar in nutrition, and taste.

    The Arby’s Roast Chicken Salad is pretty good, although not the best of the fast food salad offerings.

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    Tips And Variations For The Best Chicken Salad

    Crunchy, savory, sweet, and a bit creamy chicken salad is the perfect dish.

    • Chicken: Use any type of chicken you have on hand. You can use rotisserie, leftover BBQ, roasted, or even broiled chicken. Whatever you use, chop it up or shred it so it is easy to spread, spoon, and eat.
    • Grapes: You can use red or green grapes or a combination of both. Green grapes can be a bit tart sometimes and the red grapes add color.
    • Nuts: Pecans are a classic but you can substitute them for walnuts, almonds, or cashews. Roast them for a bit of extra flavor.
    • Mayonnaise: If you are not a fan of mayo, you can use sour cream or non-fat Greek yogurt.
    • Different Fruit: Try chopped apples or dried cranberries.

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