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Large wood salad bowls and salad bowl sets are as eye-catching as they are functional. There’s a reason why wood is the number one choice for a salad bowl. Because our big wooden salad bowls are handmade from premium American hardwoods, they’ll grow more beautiful over time. And 15 years after the wedding, they’ll still be gracing the table.

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Salad Bowl And Servers

Even the simplest salads look impressive when served with this set. Our Wood Salad Bowl and Servers Set is made out of acacia wood with a rich color and beautiful grain that is not only durable, but moisture resistant. Each piece is one of a kind because of the natural variations in the wood.

The salad bowl holds a standard bag of lettuce with room for extra salad fixings. The serving spoon and fork are about 12-inches long and fit naturally into any party or dinner setting.

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Lipper International Wavy Acacia

An Amazon #1 Best Seller, this large container with a wavy rim is made of natural Acacia wood in segmented, vertical slats and offers a tall profile for easy salad tossing.

With its beautiful lustrous grain, no staining is required making it highly suitable for food. Made in Thailand, this product can be washed in warm, soapy water and measures 12 x 12 x 7.

What Others Are Saying

Happy customers like the bowls deep sides for tossing greens, its handsome, natural appearance and sturdy construction. However, there are numerous reports of a rough finish with coarse spots, flaws and even splinters. Read more customer reviews now.

The Best Woods For Bowls

China OEM Three

Ideally, hardwoods are best suited for salad bowls. Hardwoods come from trees with a broad leaf, that produce a nut or fruit, and that are found in temperate regions. They lose their leaves in autumn and go dormant for the winter.

In the northern hemisphere these are deciduous trees, and in the sub-tropical and tropical regions, theyre mostly evergreens.

As the name implies, hardwoods are generally harder than other types of wood, and the density of their cellular structure makes them a more appropriate choice for serving a dish with a high water content, such as salad.

Cherry Cherry wood features the beautiful contrast between the rich, dark heartwood of the trees inner section, and the light, creamy sapwood from the outer part of the tree. Small bits of mineral deposits occur naturally throughout the grain, adding little flecks of black highlights .

Cherry wood is known for its outstanding durability and the way its appearance improves over time, taking on a lustre of deep, rich tones. And because of these deep tones, it doesnt need to be dyed or stained, so its 100% safe for serving food.

Maple Another durable and attractive wood thats safe for use with food. The pale color of maple gives it a light, countrified appearance that is charming and honest. And characteristic of the top woods, it gets better with age as it takes on a mature, lighter color and radiance.

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Wooden Salad Bowl With Servers

Auldhome Design Wooden Salad Bowl Serving Set

Impress your guests when you serve them out of our beautiful, fun, festive mango wood serving bowl. Large size, with two serving spoons as well. Perfect for dinner parties, holidays, or just to add some beauty to your regular week day dinners with your family. Use this set to serve salads, fruits, chips, snacks, pasta, and more! NOT dishwasher safe. Please hand wash and dry immediately for longest lasting use.

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Lipper Cherry Finished Wood 7 Piece Set

The Lipper seven piece set is made of durable segmented Acacia wood with a rich cherry stain that has been FDA approved as food safe.

The large salad bowl measures 12 x 4, and the four serving containers are 7 x 2 ½ with two 12 serving utensils.

What Others Are Saying

A lot of favorable reviews for this set with comments about the good value for the price, the rich, cherry color and handsome appearance, and flaw-free finishing. Two shoppers reported receiving cracked products that were successfully returned.

Mountain Woods Hardwood With Contrast Trim 7 Piece Set

Temp-tations 3-Piece Mango Wood Salad Bowl with Servers on QVC

This striking two-tone set Includes the main salad bowl, four individual serving dishes and two serving utensils. Its constructed of plantation grown Asian hardwood, which is grown with sustainable & responsible practices and is handcrafted in Vietnam with a distinct cherry-colored trim.

Mountain Woods 7 Piece Cherry Rim Wood Serving Bowls & Utensils Set

The salad container measures 12 x 4, and the servers are 7 x 2.5. Hand wash in warm soapy water and towel dry. Theres also a version of this set with a tripod stand great for small spaces or tossing a Caesar at the table.

What Others Are Saying

Those who bought this set enjoy its good quality, and professional finish, the classy and elegant appearance, good customer service, and value. Some were disappointed that the cherry trim is a stain, and not actual cherry wood .

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Wood And Water Dont Mix

To start, wooden bowls are made of wood.

After a tree has come down and is no longer growing, wood and water do not make a good combination. Wood is a soft and porous material that will absorb water if any is left sitting at the bottom of the vessel, or if the dish itself is immersed in water.

When it absorbs water it will swell, sometimes resulting in cracks, twists or splits. Hot water is particularly bad for this material.

This means, to preserve your bowl in the best possible condition, it should only be wiped out with a damp cloth or given the briefest of washes in warm, soapy water. Then it should be dried promptly with a soft tea towel.

To maintain the integrity of the wood, the container should be lightly rubbed inside and out with mineral oil, or a healthy oil such as olive, sunflower or coconut. Treat individual serving dishes and any wooden salad utensils in the same manner.

Aidea Home Acaciaware Collection

Simple, yet more than Simple

AIDEA founded in United States of America, we devote to bring high quality and elegent products to your lovely home.We only crafted from acacia trees, which have been sustainably grown and harvested for our acaciaware collection. We’re proud of every piece we create!

What’s in the box:

1 x Acacia Wood Salad Bowl, 12.5” x 5”

1 x Acacia Wood Serving Spoon, 11.5”

1 x Acacia Wood Serving Fork, 11.5”

We have not authorized any resellers or counterfeit merchandises. To get the best shopping experience and promises, we recommend to choose ”Sold by AIDEA HOME” on Amazon pages.

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Turned Wooden Salad Bowls

Turning wooden bowls is a traditional method which has been practised for making salad bowls and food bowls and represents use of a sustainable source for creating utility bowls.Turned wooden salad bowls look great on the table and are tactile to use and pass around. Each one is hand made and individually finished with a food safe finish made from natural plant oils.

Thank You For Looking

Nambe Infinity Wooden Salad Bowl with Servers
Olive Wood Rustic Edge Bowl

We are so pleased that you have found us. Thank you for looking at our beautiful Olive Wood Bowls. We hope you are as excited by them as we are.

Like viewing a house, picture can’t really do them justice. There is something magical about bringing one of our bowls to life. Just a little wipe with a lint free cloth and then rubbing around with some olive or is possibly the most satisfying thing you will do that day! We are also including a pair of our salad servers in this set so you are ready to make up the perfect salad..

The Crown of the Mediterranean

Every product we sell tells a story and this is true with our flagship product – the Large Rustic Edge bowl. We sell in 2 size ranges. The jewel in the olive wood artisan range, these beautiful items are always going to be sought after and in short supply.


Only Elevate Lifestyle products contain our branding on the base of the bowl and include links to our recipe e-book.

Our aim is to celebrate the true origin of our products and not deceive you with fairy tales. We celebrate that we discovered our artisan in Tunisia.

Fill Your Home with Stories

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Wood Salad Bowls For Your Kitchen

For a dish thats healthy and delicious, serve up greens in an earthy wood salad bowl. With a variety of sizes to choose from, find wooden salad bowls to serve a crowd or an individual. The warmth and natural grain of the wood complements the leafy greens of your favorite lettuce. Whether you prefer caesar salad or cobb salad, dishing up veggies with your meals is extra appealing in beautiful serveware. Our selection of wood salad bowls is made from stunning materials, such as beechwood and Mango wood, finished to highlight the natural qualities of the wood. Before hosting friends and family for a meal, check out our other wood serveware.

Collection: Wooden Salad Servers & Spoons

It’s all about the details. Wooden utensils provide a perfect cooking experience while bringing warmth to your kitchen. Chefs have long preferred wooden spoons and wooden spatulas because the handles dont get hot even when letting them rest in the pan or pot. Wooden utensils also dont scratch non-stick coatings! But even more satisfying is the subtle, almost imperceptible detail of wooden utensils that really gives your kitchen a warm and welcoming feel.

“This spoon will last a lifetime! It’s about three times thicker than all those “normal” wooden spoons. I will be careful with it, however, and not soak it in dishwater a long time-just quickly wash. I am going to use my old wooden spoons to stir paint, now!!”

  • Wooden Salad Servers, Classic Fork and Paddle, 9.5″ 1 review
  • Wooden Salad Servers, Classic Fork and Paddle, 14″ 1 review
  • Wooden Salad Servers, Fork and Paddle Utensils, 12″ 6 reviews
  • Wooden Spoon, Personalized Farmhouse Cherry Spoon, 12″ No reviews
  • Wooden Spoon, Personalized Farmhouse Cherry Spoon, 16″ No reviews
  • Organic Wood Bowl and Board Rub 22 reviews

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Mountain Woods Organic Acacia Wood 7 Piece Set

Each of the seven pieces in this set is hand crafted from solid piece construction of Acacia wood, plantation grown with sustainable and responsible practices, and offers beauty and functionality.

The large salad dish measures 10 x 10 x 7 and the servers are 6 x 6 x 4 and the set comes with two utensils. Wash in warm soapy water.

What Others Are Saying

Happy shoppers report being pleased with the skillful and well-made qualities, the handsome appearance, versatile shape and size, and good customer service. There was one complaint about poor finishing, and a few comments about the uneven thickness due to handcrafting.

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