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Interaction With Certain Medications

What is the most common cause of constipation? | Apollo Hospitals

Spinach may interact with certain medications and should be consumed in moderation after consultation with your doctor to avoid food-drug intolerance risk.

Spinach may interact with diabetic medications like glimepiride , glyburide , insulin, pioglitazone , rosiglitazone , chlorpropamide , glipizide , tolbutamide , and others.

Vitamin K in spinach may interfere with anticoagulants like warfarin and decrease their effectiveness.


This article provides general information about the topic and is not be taken as medical advice or as an alternative to medical advice, treatment, and/or diagnosis. Always consult with your doctor before trying out any of the remedies/recipes suggested in the blog post.

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May Increase Risk Of Diarrhea And Constipation

Dietary fibers in spinach are the natural laxative that improves bowel movement and relieves constipation.

However, eating too much spinach may increase the risk of mild to moderate diarrhea because of its laxative properties.

In some cases, it may increase constipation risk as dietary fibers absorb water from the digestive tract making it difficult to pass stool.

It may also cause other problems like abdominal cramping, bloating, and intestinal gas, etc.

Milk And Dairy Products

Dairy appears to be another common cause of constipation, at least for some people.

Infants, toddlers, and children appear particularly at risk, possibly due to a sensitivity to the proteins found in cows milk .

A review of studies conducted over a 26-year period found that some children with chronic constipation experienced improvements when they stopped consuming cows milk .

In a recent study, children aged 112 with chronic constipation drank cows milk for a period of time. The cows milk was then replaced by soy milk for a subsequent period of time.

Nine of the 13 children in the study experienced constipation relief when cows milk was replaced by soy milk .

There are many anecdotal reports of similar experiences in adults. However, little scientific support could be found, since most studies examining these effects are focused on children, not older populations.

Its worth noting that those who are lactose intolerant may experience diarrhea, rather than constipation, after consuming dairy.


Dairy products may cause constipation in some individuals. This effect is most common in those who are sensitive to the proteins found in cows milk.

Red meat may worsen constipation for three main reasons.

First, it contains little fiber, which adds bulk to stools and helps them move along.

Second, red meat may also indirectly reduce a persons total daily fiber intake by taking the place of higher-fiber options in the diet.

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How To Treat Diarrhea

When you have diarrhea, remember to drink plenty of water and prevent dehydration. Your body is losing more water than usual through watery stool.

The amount of water you need each day varies based on your sex, age, activity level, and build, so there are no official guidelines, but many sources suggest 8 or more 8-ounce glasses per day. Read more here.

Eating certain foods can also help ease diarrhea. The following diets can help:

  • the BRAT diet, which stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast
  • a bland diet that includes soft, low fiber foods like low fat dairy, processed grains, and lean protein

Potassium-rich bananas are gentle on the stomach lining and help you absorb water and electrolytes you might otherwise lose through waste.

A caffeine-free, herbal tea with ginger or peppermint might also calm your bowels.

If you need to take over-the-counter medication, plenty of choices are available.

Loperamide and bismuth subsalicylate are the most common active ingredients in medications that help relieve diarrhea. However, dont take OTC medications for diarrhea if your symptoms also include fever or blood in your stool.


You can usually treat diarrhea at home with plenty of water and low fiber foods. Medications are also available.

Dietary Fiber And Vegetables

Silent Signs You Could Be Eating Too Much Protein

Vegetables are naturally high in dietary fiber, containing both soluble and insoluble fiber, both of which can help with relieving constipation, although suddenly eating many more vegetables can lead to constipation.

Vegetables that are especially high in fiber include most legumes, such as lima beans and lentils, as well as spinach. Vegetables that are good sources of fiber are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, onions and sweet potatoes.

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Can Too Much Fibre Cause Ibs

4.4/5Fibertoo muchcan causeirritable bowel syndromefiber canrelated to it here

Fiber adds healthy bulk to the diet. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruits contain fiber. Although fiber tolerance is different for different people, insoluble fiber may cause or worsen diarrhea in some people with IBS. Keep in mind that insoluble fiber may relieve constipation, but it can also make you feel bloated.

Also, what is the best fiber for IBS? Fiber supplementation, particularly psyllium, is both safe and effective in improving IBS symptoms globally. Dietary fiber also has other health benefits, such as lowering blood cholesterol levels, improving glycemic control and body weight management.

Subsequently, question is, can too much fiber trigger IBS?

Diet Triggers for IBS DiarrheaFoods that can make IBS-related diarrhea worse for some people include: Too much fiber, especially the insoluble kind you get in the skin of fruits and vegetables. Food and drinks with chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, fructose, or sorbitol.

Can too much Fibre make you constipated?

Excess fiber can cause constipation or diarrhea. Remember to think of fiber as bulk that attracts water in the GI tract. If you don’t have enough fluid in your system or you haven’t taken in adequate fluids, dehydration of the GI tract can occur, leading to hardening and difficulty passing the stools.

When To Contact A Doctor

Its highly advisable to contact your doctor or seek medical attention if you start to experience any of the following:

  • Diarrhea persists for more than three weeks on-and-off, or constantly happens for three days.
  • Diarrhea is accompanied by a fever, especially one higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Diarrhea is accompanied by severe abdominal or rectal pain.
  • Diarrhea is bloody, black, or gray.
  • You begin to show signs of dehydration .

Additionally, special care needs to be taken when monitoring an infant who suffers from diarrhea. Infants are more susceptible to dehydration from diarrhea and medical attention should be sought if they start to show the following:

  • The infant hasnt wet their diaper in over three hours.
  • The baby cries without tears.
  • The infant has a sunken appearance around the eyes, cheeks, or abdomen.
  • The skin is not immediately smooth after a brief pinch.
  • The infant is unusually drowsy, sleepy, irritable, fussy, or is unresponsive.

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How Is Constipation Diagnosed

The tests performed by a doctor will depend on the duration and severity of the constipation, since most persons experience constipation at one time or another. The doctor will also take into account the patients age, and whether there is blood in the stool, recent changes in bowel habits, or weight loss.

Diagnosing constipation may include:

  • Medical history. The doctor will ask for a description of the constipation, including duration of symptoms, frequency of bowel movements, and other information to help determine the cause of the constipation.

  • Physical examination. A physical examination may also include a digital rectal examination , in which the doctor inserts a gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum to evaluate the tone of the muscle that closes off the anus. This examination also helps detect tenderness, obstruction, blood, amount and caliber of stool, and if enlargement of the rectum is present.

Other diagnostic tests may include:

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Can Barley Water Cause Stomach Pain

Can Too Much Laxatives Cause Constipation?

Stomach. An upset stomach is not only resulted from excessive consumption of barley water, but also from its interactions with certain medications. In both the cases, the stomach irritation can come with minor to major symptoms like pain, cramps, bloating, and sometimes even loose bowels or diarrhea.

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Purines In Spinach And Gouts Risk

Vitamin C, an anti-inflammatory compound in spinach provides relief from pain and inflammation caused by inflammatory conditions like gouts and arthritis.

But, eating too much spinach is bad for individuals prone to gouts and arthritis.

Purines in spinach break down to uric acid in our body and later is efficiently removed by the kidneys before they cause any harm.

However, overeating spinach may lead to a high concentration of uric acid in the bloodstream and worsen the condition of gouts and arthritis.

It may cause joint pain, joint stiffness, redness or swelling, pain and difficulty in urinating, blood in urine, foul-smelling urine, and kidney stones.

Pay Attention To What Vegetables Cause Symptoms

Certain vegetables may cause you digestive upset, while other vegetables give you no symptoms at all.

Be mindful to pay attention to the symptoms youre experiencing. This can help you easily adjust your vegetable intake to eliminate those that are causing issues.

For example, if youre more prone to constipation you can choose to focus on insoluble fiber containing vegetables. Or, if you tend to have diarrhea, vegetables that contain higher quantities of soluble fiber will be your best bet.

If you notice that vegetables high in FODMAPs seem to be causing your symptoms, you might have IBS or an underlying gut infection. Reducing your intake of FODMAP containing veggies will help your symptoms. Getting tested for gut infections will get you on the path to resolving any underlying issues.

And if you do have a gut infection, working with a practitioner to get it treated can mean eating those vegetables again with no symptoms!

For some people, large quantities of starchy vegetables can cause gut issues. If that sounds like you, you may have a starch intolerance.

Learning to listen to our bodies and its subtle cues can be a valuable tool. And often times those cues come in the form of gut disturbances. If this is the case, we can adjust our vegetable intake or dive deeper into root causes to address your symptoms.

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When Should I See My Doctor

Most of the time, diarrhea after drinking alcohol will resolve over a few days of home care.

However, diarrhea can become a serious condition when its severe and persistent because it can lead to dehydration.

Untreated dehydration can be life-threatening. Dehydration symptoms include:

  • excessive thirst

Does Salad Make You Poop

Food List for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Salad is a great way to get your veggies in, but does it make you poop? The answer may surprise you. It all depends on what type of salad dressing and vegetables are used in the salad. Mayo-based flavourings can cause constipation which means eating a lot of them could make you less regular!

Oil-based dressings like ranch or vinaigrette tend to be lighter, so they wont do that but will still give your digestive system some work to do. Additionally, if theres something hard like raw broccoli or cauliflower in the salad, then it might take longer for your body to digest those foods as well.

If youre looking for a healthy lunch idea that will help keep things moving along smoothly without too much trouble, then you might want to rethink the salad.

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Get Tested For Food Reactions

If all else fails, it might be time to visit your doctor and talk about food allergies and intolerances. You could be allergic or intolerant to a certain type of vegetable toppings, such as nuts or lactose from cheese or creamy salad dressings. It can be difficult to distinguish between an allergy and an intolerance since both can cause gastrointestinal upset, including diarrhea. But if you also swell up, have rashes or find it difficult to breathe after eating a salad, its more likely to be a sign of a food allergy. No cure exists for allergies or intolerances youll just have to avoid the trigger food altogether.

You May Feel Bloated Or Gassyif Your Portions Are Large

Struggling with bloating or other GI issues after devouring your daily salads? It might be time to consider your portion sizes.

“If you’re getting some of the heartier greens in your salad, like kale you could be dumping a significant amount of insoluble fiber into your colon which could cause some constipation and become a feeding frenzy for the bacteria down there and cause some gas,” says Keatley.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix: try just making a smaller salad, at least until your body adjusts.

“You can train your gut just like you train your body,” says Keatley. “So, if you’re introducing new foodsespecially foods with more insoluble fiber than you’re usedthis can lead to gas, bloating, and cramps.”

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Here Are Some Disadvantages Of Drinking Too Much Water:

1. It is said that too much consumption of water can lead to fluid overload in the body and imbalance in the body. Excess water can lead to lower sodium levels in the body, which may further lead to nausea, vomiting, cramps, fatigue, et al. This condition is known as hyponatremia. 2. Headaches are signs of both over-hydration and dehydration. When you drink too much water, the salt consumption in your blood reduces, causing the cells in the organs throughout your body to swell. 3. When you drink too much water, your electrolyte levels drop and the balance is compromised. Low electrolyte levels can cause symptoms like muscle spasms and cramping. 4. Excessive water consumption can cause fatigue and tiredness. Your kidneys are responsible for filtering the water you drink through your body and making sure the fluid levels in your bloodstream are balanced. With too much water, your kidneys may have to work even harder, creating a stressful reaction from your hormones that leave your body and you stressed and tired.

It is summertime and it is important to ensure that you are well hydrated however, it is also important to know that excessive water consumption can reverse the good effects. It is advisable to drink water only when your body indicates the thirst.

Why Do I Poop Out Lettuce

What Causes Constipation

This usually is high-fiber vegetable matter, which normally isn’t broken down and absorbed in your digestive tract. Undigested food in stool isn’t a problem unless it’s accompanied by persistent diarrhea, weight loss or other changes in your bowel habits. If you have such signs and symptoms, consult your doctor.

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I Am Going To Eat A Salad Because Im On A Diet

This is usually said when someone is trying to lose weight or be super healthy. First, to lose weight, it is widely understood that we must burn more calories than we eat. Thus, we try to minimize our calories to lose the weight. Second, people think that if they eliminate all processed foods, they will automatically become healthy. The idea behind salads is that theyre healthy, low-calorie, and blah blah blah.

Guess what? Salads can quickly turn into a high-calorie snack or meal and become full of unhealthy saturated fats and sodium. For example, lets look at the Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad from Wendys. Sounds healthy, right? They even market this salad as healthy. A full salad has 530 calories with 34 grams of fat, only 15 grams of carbs, 43 grams of protein, and 1060mg of sodium. First off, thats not a big salad for all those calorieswhich will make maintaining a caloric deficit difficult. Finding foods that can be eaten in large volumes for lower calories tends to help satiety during weight loss attempts. Also, 34 grams of fat is a lot for one meal. The RDA for a full day is 4477 grams for someone eating 2,000 calories. Now look at the sodium: 1060 mg of sodium is close to half of the RDA for sodium. Yikes. Hey, at least the salad has protein. They got that part right.

Signs Youre Eating Too Much Fiber

  • Physical Care
  • 4 Signs Youre Eating Too
  • As you likely know, dietary fiber is important for your health, especially for your cardiovascular system, metabolic flexibility, gut health, and the stabilization of blood glucose levels. The average male adult should take in about 30 to 38 grams of fiber a day and for women the recommendation is 21 to 25 grams. And although most people dont eat enough fiber, consuming too much fiberespecially quickly and over a short period of timecan also be a problem.

    Why, you ask? Well, most of the fiber you consume binds to water in the GI tract, which creates a big, soft bulk. The softer the bulk, the easier it passes through the GI tract. Problems arise, however, when there is too much fiber and not enough water. This lack of water can lead to hard bulky stools and the digestive problems that come with them.

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    Why Does Salad Make Me Poop 10 Reasons To Give Up Salad

    Why Does Salad Make Me Poop? Salad is one of the most satisfying meals out there. The fresh vegetables, crunchy croutons, and creamy dressing all come together to make for a healthy meal that tastes great.

    But why does something so good for you tend to make you poop? It turns out its not because your body doesnt like salad there are several factors at play.

    Salad is a tasty, healthy way to get your daily dose of vegetables. Why does it make you poop? Well, lets look at the possibilities:

    • You might be overeating salad
    • Your stomach may not be used to all the fiber that comes from leafy greens
    • The acid in vinegar can cause gas and bloating which can lead to diarrhea
    • You are reacting the salad dressing, such as from oils or additives
    • Your stomach and intestines may not be used to all of that roughage. This could cause constipation which can lead to diarrhea when your body tries to get things moving again.

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