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Moser Roth Toffee Crunch Bar From Aldi

How To Make A Potato Salad | Cookery School | Waitrose

Soon enough, you will be completely addicted to the chocolate you can buy at Aldi. Don’t be mad it’s not a bad addiction. Moser Roth Toffee Crunch Bar is a gourmet chocolate bar that mixes the finest milk chocolate with chunks of golden toffee. The toffee has an unmatched buttery flavor that will make your taste buds feel like the most pampered taste buds that ever existed. Before age catches up to you, head to Aldi, get this deliciousness into your mouth, and celebrate your pending addiction.

Aldi’s Simply Nature 100% Organic Grass Fed 85/15 Ground Beef

Finding high-quality ground beef can be tough sometimes. It’s difficult to be confident that what you’re feeding your family is actually healthy. But when it comes to Simply Nature 100% Organic Grass Fed 85/15 Ground Beef, you should have all the confidence in the world. Yes, this ground beef tastes absolutely amazing and is perfect for everything from tacos to hamburgers. But beyond that, the beef is lean, organic, grass fed, antibiotic-free, growth hormones free, artificial ingredients free, and has been inspected by the USDA. Feed it to everyone in your household without any second-guessing or doubts creeping into your mind.

Park Street Deli Original Potato Salad

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Aldi’s Southern Grove Dried Philippine Mango

A product of the Philippines, Southern Grove Dried Philippine Mango is a snack that will give you an extra pep in your step. It has vitamin C and vitamin A while being fat-free. Fresh mango can sometimes have too aggressive of a flavor, but this snack is flavorful while being respectful of your boundaries. And while it’s a dried snack, it’s not tough or brittle. Instead, the mango is soft and easy on your teeth. Southern Grove Dried Philippine Mango is a treat that will be loved by adults and children alike.

Ingredient Grilled Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad

Do you think Aldi only sells processed food?

Disclosure: Jump to Recipe

I’d like to thank ALDI for sponsoring this post about my recent summer party and this grilled sweet potato salad recipe. Thank you for supporting posts like this that keep Running in a Skirt going! Check here for the store closest to you.

Move over traditional potato salad… Try my Grilled Sweet Potato Salad recipe! It’s a simple vegan grilling dish you’ll love.

Hello! Hello!

Did everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend? I spent mine in Pittsburgh celebrating the hub’s sister’s wedding. It was such a lovely event. I’ll be sharing some highlights and photos tomorrow. Keep reading for a fabulous giveaway!

Remember the summer kick-off party I threw? What a great time! I’m still dreaming about all the yummy food.

Well, one of the new recipes I made for the party turned out so well I just had to share it with you guys. Turn your attention front and center to that lovely Grilled Sweet Potato Salad!


My Grilled Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad recipe is a unique combination of flavors that is sure to impress at your next party. I got everything for this Grilled Sweet Potato Salad at ALDI.

Why have I been all about ALDI? Because they have quality food for a fraction of the price of other stores. It’s a no brainer. Shopping there is fast, easy and convenient, too!

If you’re an ALDI fan like me, make sure to keep reading for a $250 gift card giveaway.

You want the sweet potatoes to cook until tender.

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Simply Nature Sea Salt Organic Popcorn From Aldi

For a healthy snack that will fill you up fast, reach for Simply Nature Sea Salt Organic Popcorn. This popcorn has only 35 calories per cup and the added sea salt is enough to keep your taste buds tantalized but not so much that it dries out your mouth and has you thirsting for water. Not only is this snack organic, it’s also free of GMO and gluten. This is popcorn at its peak.

Benton’s Chocolate Chip Dunkers From Aldi

If you consider yourself the Michael Jordan of cookie dunking, get your paws on Benton’s Chocolate Chip Dunkers for your ultimate reward. Just do it, you’ll be thankful. Dunking these cookies in milk is a good idea for a dunking rookie. If you want to take it to the next echelon, use these dunkers to jazz up your morning coffee. Sure, you might get addicted, but it will be so worth it. Benton’s Chocolate Chip Dunkers are good enough to eat without being dunked in liquid. That said, dunking brings out the very best in these cookies.

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Deutsche Kche Bavarian Bratwurst From Aldi

Deutsche Küche Bavarian Bratwurst arrives in your local store from Aldi’s backyard in Germany. You can taste the expertise that goes into creating these mouthwatering bratwursts in each bite you take. While these bratwursts will look whiter than you may expect, especially if you’re used to American bratwursts, once you’ve finished cooking them to a golden brown, you will know from the smell that you have discovered something great. Before your final day has arrived, be sure you take at least one bite of a Deutsche Küche Bavarian Bratwurst.

Aldi Foods You Need To Try Before You Die

7 Canned Foods You Should Never Buy From Aldi

If you’re visiting an Aldi grocery store, you know not to expect any frills or luxuries. You’ll need a quarter to rent a shopping cart and and you’ll need to pay for shopping bags unless you bring your own. Additionally, you are expected to bag your own groceries. In exchange for the lack of amenities you’d find at other grocery stores, you can expect to pay rock-bottom prices at Aldi. For many people, saving money is easily worth the few inconveniences.

However, what’s often lost when talking about the low prices at Aldi and their unique shopping experience is the fact that they have some amazing food items. If you were to die tomorrow before trying these foods, it would be a crying shame. Do what you can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Aldi estimates that 90 percent of the food items they sell are their own exclusive brands. While not all of the food you can find at Aldi is worth tasting, there are items that you owe it to yourself to try at least once in your life. Here’s the definitive list of all the Aldi foods you should add to your bucket list.

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Must Buy Items At Aldi

Ive told you before how much I LOVE shopping at ALDI. Now I want to share some of our MUST BUY items from ALDI. These are the things that are always on my list or radar as I know they are the best price at ALDI without ever having to clip a coupon. I buy 75% of my groceries at ALDI so there isnt much that we dont like from ALDI.

Reggano Cheesy Skillet Dinner Kit

When it comes to whipping up a quick and filling meal, pasta always screeches in as the number one option. But that starchy goodness is made infinitely better when you mix in some cheese, veggies, and meat. That’s exactly why Aldi hits a home run with their Reggano Cheesy Skillet Dinner Kits. It’s a super convenient way to make a meal that appears like it took a ton of time and effort, but in reality they’re quick fixes that leave hungry friends and family more than satisfied.

The best part about these kits is that they come in three different flavors: chicken and broccoli, ultimate cheeseburger, and creamy beef stroganoff. Now, keep in mind that even though the front of the boxes show meat, there’s a big label on them alerting you to the fact you have to add your own proteins . The boxes contain the pasta, cheese sauce, and variety of seasonings that pair well with pretty much any meat you add to it. Keep one of each in your pantry for a quick meal that strikes all the right flavor chords.

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Millville Peanut Butter And Jelly Puffs From Aldi

If you’re a sucker for a sweet breakfast cereal, you will have a fun time feasting on Millville Peanut Butter and Jelly Puffs. As you would expect, half the puffs taste like peanut butter and the other half taste like jelly. It may sound a bit strang,e but just add a bit of milk and you’ll be thankful that you gave it a try. The best part of this cereal is how authentic it tastes. That authenticity is probably because the peanut butter puffs have real peanut butter in them, while the jelly puffs have a genuinely fruity taste powered by fruit juice.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Le Gruyere

Do you think Aldi only sells processed food?

Switzerland, Germany’s neighbor to the south, is home to Specially Selected Le Gruyere from Aldi. This might literally be the best Gruyere cheese you can find this side of the Atlantic. If your Gruyere isn’t directly imported from Switzerland, it’s not the real thing. Specially Selected Le Gruyere has a full but not overpowering flavor. This creamy, rich cheese is so good that you’ll want to eat it alone. Even if you’ve been turned off by other European cheeses, you owe it to yourself to give this a try before you die.

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Calories In Aldi Country Fresh Potato Salad

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Peanut Delight Creamy Peanut Butter

We all remember those days as children throwing back a brown-bagged peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the elementary school cafeteria. The sandwiches were a quick and easy way to fill our little stomachs up enough so we had energy to go hard on the playground at recess. Ahh, those were the good old days. Nowadays, we probably don’t throw together too many of those for lunch, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to have some peanut butter on hand in our pantries. That’s why you should make Aldi’s Peanut Delight Creamy Peanut Butter a necessary addition to your pantry supply.

Peanut butter is a great commodity when you want something rich and healthy, and this Jif alternative offers an inexpensive way to enjoy all that nutty, spreadable goodness. Jars are available in 18 and 40 ounces and, no surprise, it’s cheaper if you buy in bulk. If you prefer some texture, go for Crunchy. Aldi also offers a pricier organic peanut butter option under its Simply Nature line.

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Fit & Active Healthy Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup

“Fit” and “active” are two words that are becoming increasingly more popular. Most of us could probably use more exercise in our daily routines, but the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes it so darn hard to fit in a fitness class or at-home gym routine. Even if you’re having trouble finding the time to crank out some burpees, the least you can do is make sure your diet is on point. When it comes to weight loss, what you eat is actually more important than hitting the gym for a grueling workout, according to the Mayo Clinic. Stocking your pantry with healthy food is vital when it comes to keeping off the pounds and feeling more energized overall. That’s why you should have a few cans of Fit & Active Healthy Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup from Aldi on your shelf at all times.

Canned soup can unfortunately be one of the sneakiest foods when it comes to sabotaging a healthy diet. Even though the pictures on the cans show vibrant vegetables and plump pieces of protein, oftentimes the broth is loaded with sodium, which raises blood pressure and causes heart problems after prolonged use . This soup, however, uses all white meat chicken and contains less sodium than standard supermarket options. So if you’re looking to indulge in a rich and flavorful soup that plays much easier on your heart, this is the route to take.

Aldi’s Kirkwood Chicken Fries

Making Homemade Potato Salad 2 Ways » Southern Style and German

Burger King has some tasty chicken fries. But if you want an even tastier version that will cost you less money, drive on over to Aldi and look for Kirkwood Chicken Fries in their freezer section. If you’ve never had chicken fries, you might be surprised to learn that there are no potatoes harmed in the production of these fries. Instead, a chicken fry is simply a breaded chicken breast that has been shaped into the shape of a french fry. While it may sound like a needless invention, cook up a plate of Kirkwood Chicken Fries and you will be blinded by the light.

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Clancy’s Sour Ceam And Onion Baked Potato Chips From Aldi

While Aldi has a huge selection of chips, the one that you will be unable to stop eating is Clancy’s Sour Cream and Onion Baked Potato Chips. Everything about these chips is impressive. The sour cream has a bold flavor and the potato chip itself offers a hearty flavor, while the oniony aftertaste takes the entire ensemble to the mountaintops. Clancy’s Cheddar and Sour Cream Ridged Potato Chips is another option that will make you an Aldi fanatic for the rest of your days.

Aldi’s Broken Clouds Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Cheap wine usually tastes cheap. That’s not the case with Broken Clouds Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir from Aldi. This award winning wine may be inexpensive but it has a rich, smooth flavor. While you can bask in the fruity notes of cherry and rhubarb, the depth of this wine will surprise you. In fact, the depth makes this a wine that is best to enjoy all by itself in order for you to truly revel in its excellence. You won’t be able to find a Pinot Noir that provides better bang for your buck. It’s not possible.

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Aldi’s Fusia Asian Inspirations Sweet Sesame Ginger Chicken Skillet

Even if you think you don’t like Chinese food, try the Fusia Asian Inspirations Sweet Sesame Ginger Chicken Skillet from Aldi. In 12 minutes, you’ll have a hearty meal that’s packed with protein and a whole lot of flavor. The crispy, tasty vegetables and the tempura breast meat are taken to the next level by a honey sesame sauce that will have you licking your lips and scraping your plate for every last drop. Most Chinese food you find at grocery stores is forgettable but this product is unquestionably an exception. If you can’t get enough of the flavor, Aldi also sells jars of the honey sesame sauce.

What Salads Are Sold At Costco

Do you think Aldi only sells processed food?

Costco Salads with Prices Asian Chopped Costco Salad Kit. Organic Mediterranean Salad Kit. Organic Caesar Salad Kit. Taylor Farms Everything Chopped Salad Kit. Kirkland Signature Caesar Salad With Caesar Dressing & Croutons. Kirkland Signature Tortellini Pasta Salad with Mozzarella Pearls & Dressing. Organic Power Greens.

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Aldi’s Village Bakery 7 Up Cake

If you love lemon-lime soda and you love pound cake, Aldi has a marriage you will enjoy called Village Bakery 7 Up Cake. As the name suggests, this is a cake that was made with 7 Up. The cake itself is incredibly moist. The icing hits hard with flavor but it’s an enjoyable punch. You’ll first taste sweetness, followed by extreme lemon-lime goodness. While you can’t consume this soda cake with a straw, you will have a hard time eating just one piece. If you want your soul to reach lemon-live nirvana, eat a slice or two of this 7 Up cake while drinking a 7 Up.

Aldi’s Moser Roth Luxurious European Chocolate Truffles

The Aldi chain was born in Germany back in the 1940s. Due to their European roots, you would assume that they know what they are doing when it comes to specific food items such as chocolate and cheese. Your assumption would be correct, as the chocolate at Aldi is outstanding. Pick up their Moser Roth Luxurious European Chocolate Truffles and your life will forever be changed for the better. These milk chocolate and dark chocolate goodies are made in Germany and feature amazing flavors ranging from sea salt caramel to strawberry rhubarb.

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Park Street Deli Deviled Egg Potato Salad

Whenever I attend a family reunion or church potluck, I can count on certain things to be there. Rolls. Salad. Meats. A Crock Pot. Lemonade. Too many calories.

And potato salad, maybe homemade, but probably bought in a plastic container from the local mid-tier grocery store.

And deviled eggs, most likely homemade, with a sprinkle of paprika on top for good measure.

Now, Ive had potato salad, and Ive had deviled eggs, but I cant say Ive ever had deviled egg potato salad before. Until Aldi sold it as a limited buy. Its one of several potato salad options at Aldi.

Park Street Deli Deviled Egg Potato Salad is a Seasonal Favorite, which means its around for longer than an ALDI Find, but not forever. It comes in that classic clear plastic snap-top tub that most potato salads come in. At the time we purchased it, the potato salad came in a 16-ounce container and retailed for $2.29.

We thought it was a decent potato salad, although not great. The texture was okay if maybe a little high on the sauce-to-potato-and-egg ratio. The taste was flavorful enough, but we felt like it tasted closer to a regular potato salad with a little bit of deviled egg rather than a full-on deviled egg potato salad.

Nutritionally, its a potato salad, so expect it to be high in fat, sodium, and cholesterol, and it also contains soy and, not surprisingly, eggs. It does have a modest amount of vitamins and minerals, but this isnt a health food.

Nutrition information.

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