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How To Finishwoodturned Bowl Bottoms

Ok, maybe I got the title of this article wrong. It should be how I finished the bottoms of some of my first bowls!

In fact it isnt so much about how I finished some woodturned bowl bottoms, but that I finished some bowl bottoms.

To be honest when I first started turning bowls, I started turning bowls. I made one, it was almost done and then I made another one that was my MO. I did that for quite a while. I simply did not know how to finish the bottom of a bowl. I could mount a hunk of wood to a faceplate. Then I could mount a wood blank to a wood scroll. but finish the bottom. I needed some help. So, I collected a few bowls that were almost finished just not the bottoms

I had some of my first wood turned bowls with recesses, tenons, and faceplate mounts. I turned the wood bowls and then really didnt know how to finish the bottom of a wood bowl correctly. So, I finished as much as I could and set the bowls aside. I didnt think they were worth much anyway.

After a few people said,hey that bowl looks really coolIll take it, I decided to see what I could do for finishing the woodbowl bottoms, I thought some might make decent gifts, some might stay in the or two, might hold small parts in the shop

Finishing A Wood Bowl Bottom With A Tenon

The tenon is easily removed when using the tailstock to push the bowl up against a jam block, or jam chuck, which is basically a hunk of wood with some cushion on it. Turn the bowl at slow speed and cut the tenon off,

reposition the tailstock and then scrap the bottom center of the bowl to make it flat. Actually, youd be better making the center slightly concave. Sand, sign and use your favorite finish. I like to take the thinnest parting tool I have and put a ring or two on the bottom of the wood bowl. Ive found this to be one of the easiest and cleanest ways to finish a wood bowl bottom.

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Salad Bowl Finish Food Safe Surprise 3 Safe Options

If youre like me, you think the term salad bowl finish seems pretty straightforward and understandable. However, the truth about salad bowl finish is much murkier.

As a turner of wood bowls, I want to find the best truly food-safe salad bowl finish for my bowls and for my customers, period. I do not want to apply a questionable finish on a beautiful bowl that I or someone else will eat from, ever!

The reason Im writing this article is to express my concerns that some apparent food safe wood finishes may or may not be as safe as they lead us to believe.

This is a common question

I just turned a beautiful salad bowl, what is the best finish to apply?

Thats a great question, and it should be easy, but there are several factors to understand first.

What is a salad bowl finish?

Salad bowl finish is a food-safe finish that can be applied to salad bowls and other wood products that come in contact with food.

Well, that is the ideal, common-sense definition of salad bowl finish. What Ive discovered when doing research for this article is that there is some muddying of the waters around the idea of a food-safe wood finishing product.

What is food safe?

Food safe means just that, safe to be in contact with food. Food may touch, rest, sit and be in contact with something that is finished with a food-safe finish, without any concerns for the food becoming contaminated in any way.

Reading the Label

Food Safe To The Extreme

Why So Skeptical?

Government Protection

But wait!

Thy Collectibles Wooden Bowl Handmade Storage Natural Root Wood Crafts Bowl Fruit Salad Serving Bowls

General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish, Pint
  • Natural beauty fruit salad serving bowl made from reclaimed cedar stumps with an easy care food-safe lacquer finish
  • Each piece is hand-carved by skilled artisans, so no two are exactly alike as in nature, color ,shape and measurement may vary Items will be send out on the random basis, you will receive the similar bowl as the images shown
  • The unique styles of ecological nature make these great of practical and artistic use They may win great admiration from guests Novel gifts for birthday
  • Great choice to be placed as a centerpiece on the table. Ideal for serving fresh fruits, pasta, chips and everything in between
  • DIMENSION Approximate L12 x W10 x H4.5 . Dry up after washing will prolong their service life

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Lipper International Cherry Finished Flared Serving Bowls For Salads Or Fruit Large 14 Diameter X 5 Height Single Bowl

  • Rich, dark bowl has a classic shape that brings elegance to any table setting
  • Large bowl is perfect for serving salad or fruits
  • Stained with a food-safe, deep, rich cherry color, which complements any decor
  • Made from durable and rubberwood that is easy to care for Hand wash only
  • 1 bowl small or large

Great Product I Use It All The Time

I use Salad Bowl finish on kids tables and cutting boards. Easy to apply and dries smooth, very little sanding is needed. Brings out the grian and deepens the color of the wood. After two coats you don’t need to add anything.The one area I don’t like is the price, it could be a little cheaper, other than the price, it’s a great product.

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No Wood Turning Gets Me Mad

I dont know about you, if you turn wood or consider yourself as a woodturner, do you do you just want to go out and start turning bowls, tool handles, candle sticks, lamps, baseball bats or under the seat personal protection device? And if a day goes by and youre not turning wood..Do you get angry at yourself for not getting into the shop???

User Friendliness And Comfort

How to Apply General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish to Butcher Block Countertops

No one wants discomfort and critical toughness when using a product. Comfort is one of the most important considerations when choosing the finish for wood salad bowls. Most of the products that are selected in this article are popular which means have better served the most users. So, we are certain that these products are comfortable and user-friendly enough to satisfy most customers. But you can watch each of the products on our list to see which fulfills your satisfaction the most.

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Seller Rank In The Marketplace

If you buying the products from our shortlisted table, then one thing you can consider is to check the seller rank. A trendy and growing product means it is delivering good performances to most of the customers. And better trends and growth of selling means better seller rank. And finish for wood salad bowls from a good seller rank will ensure not only good quality of the item but also a better after-sale service and good warranty service if available.

Finishing A Wood Bowl Bottom With A Recess

A recess is used when you have a wood scroll chuck. A small 2 or so hole is drilled our gouged out in the center of the wood you want to turn and the jaws of the scroll chuck expand to hold to hold the soon to be new bowl.

When it comes to a recess, some wood turners will completely remove the recess, making the bottom of the bowl slightly concave. That looks great but you end up loosing 1/8 to 3/8 off

the bottom of the bowl, depending how deep your recess is. Some wood turners will just leave the recess, sanding the bottom of the recess and rounding off the edge. Then sometimes, they will then sign and date the bowl. This works pretty good if the recess is fairly shallow. In my opinion it looks a little funky if the recess is deep. Still, the wood turning purist will not accept this type recess finish for a bowl bottom.

An easy way to finish a wood bowl recess is to ease the sharp edges of the recess toward the outside of the bowl. That is, cut out the 90 degree edge of the recess and blend it into the bottom of the bowl. So, in essence, you have a large dimple or concave shaped center. You might then have a center mark from the tailstock to deal with . Again in my opinion, this type of finish looks the best and looks like the bottom center of the bowl shape was intentional!

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Satin Wood Bowl Varnish Solvent Based Pint

  • Will Only Ship to the Contiguous 48 States
  • Not Permitted to Ship to Several Zip Codes in the State of California
  • Not Available for Express and Overnight Shipping.
  • Includes a PaintCare Fee
  • General Finishes’ Salad Bowl Finish is non-toxic and food safe when dry. It works well for wooden bowls, plates, cutting boards, eating utensils and other wood surfaces that come in contact with food. It is also highly resistant to water and food stains. Salad Bowl Finish is applied…

    Capn Eddie Onfood Safe Wood Turning Finishes

    Salad Bowl Finish

    I think it was Capn Eddie who gave the best advice. He was commenting on food safe finishes and to sum it up basically he said that almost all finishes are food safe once they are cured. That is once the chemical process of the finish has completed and VOLs are no longer being gassed off the finish is safe to use for food.

    Now, Im not telling you to use these finishes for food vessels but logically it makes sense. I would recommend that you use Salad Bowl Finish by General for all your wood salad bowls.

    Capn Eddie said to use common sense, youre not gonna want to use the wood bowl finished in lacquer to eat your spaghetti, think about it, your fork scrapes the bottom of the finish and you get a 1/2 teaspoon of lacquer by the time your done. Wood has its limitations!

    Watch the Salad Bowl Finish being applied!

    Salad Bowl Finish Comments

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    General Finishes Wood Bowl Finish

    How to Apply a Food Safe Finish


      General Finishes® Wood Bowl Finish is a high quality kitchenware finish. It is food safe when dry and is highly resistant to food and water stains. We recommend this finish as one to use for craft show kitchenware as it can be easily touched up.
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    Overview Of Salad Bowl Finish

    Create a beautiful and safe finish on wooden bowls, cups, spoons, and countertops. Easy to apply just wipe on with a soft clean rag. Achieves the sheen and resistance of a varnish. Dried film is non-toxic for food contact 72 hours after drying. Additional coats can be reapplied at any time if maintenance of item becomes necessary. Right from the label!


    When I first started turning I discovered many turners talking about their work being for display only because of the finishes. I thought that was ashame, why couldnt you use the beautiful wood bowl that you turned to display your evenings dinner?

    I purchased some butchers block finishes and they seemed to work out for salad bowls. But in reality I believe they were mostly mineral oil and some also contained beeswax. These finishes did not last too long but were functional and I felt safe using them with food.

    If youre making wood cups, youll want to find metal inserts .wood simply wont hold liquid very well. I even thought soup bowls would be cool, but finding a finish that wont kill you eventually has been a challenge!

    OK Im back.

    So.why cant I use polyurethane, shellac, CA or OB shine juice for a food safe finish?

    Im not sure you cant!

    Now this isnt legal advice and I think thats the whole issue with food safe finishes. Its called cover your butt. No one wants to say use our finish for food vessels because it isnt FDA approved.

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    Salad Bowl Finish Question

    Trying to turn a little better each day

    Full Member

    when fully cured

    duncsuss said:General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish is simply a variety of Danish Oil — it contains boiled linseed oil, resins, and thinner .Like Danish Oil, it is food safe when fully cured. After it’s fully cured, I buff with the Beall 3-step system .My suggestion for “touch-ups” when the finish dulls would be a wipe with mineral oil, or a wax/mineral oil product like George’s Clubhouse Wax. I don’t think it’s possible to restore a finish to “full shine” without taking it back to the buffing wheel, but they look great with a satin glow.

    General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish Is No More

    Wood Bowl Oil-Based Finish Product Overview | General Finishes

    One of my favorite finishes is General Finishes salad bowl finish. I have used it on many different types of projects for many years. I went in to Woodcraft last Saturday to get another can and to my shock on the shelf was only General Finishes Wood bowl finish. Salesman said it was the same product but does anyone know if that is true.And if so, why the change in name? Something to do with lawyers? Connecting a potentially toxic product with the word salad? Just curious but I hope they haven’t fixed what isn’t broken!

  • Frederick Skelly said:01-15-2019 2:25 PM

    Have you called General Finishes and asked? Bet they’d try to help clear you up.Fred

  • John Goodin said:01-22-2019 1:03 AM

    My guess and it is only a guess would be marketing. Wood bowl finish has a broader appeal.

  • John K Jordan said:01-22-2019 12:32 PM

    I don’t know the specifics but the description says it’s an oil and urathane finish like a variety of others. It apparently contains oil, varnish, mineral spirits, and a small amount of Methyl ethyl ketoxime. Many people mix up similar finishes from scratch for less cost. A popular recipe is 1/3 each of BLO, poly, and mineral spirits.I always suspected putting the word “Salad” in the name label was a marketing scheme since people often shop by name.If you are a rich man you can still order it from Amazon.JKJ

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    Arthur Court Salad Bowl Acacia Wood Serving For Fruits Or Salads Wok Wave Style Extra Large 16 Inch Diameter X 45 Inch Tall

    • Contemporary Acacia wood bowl can fool the eye appearing to change colors in varied lighting hardwood from hard ironwood family
    • A wide bowl for salad, fruit, popcorn, snacks or pastries
    • Mild dish soap and warm water oil yearly with mineral oil
    • Naturally resinous acacia bowl will not soak up liquids, will not hold odors or stains Food-safe finish

    Durability And Stability Of The Product

    You need to check out the description and reviews section to see how durable and stable the product is. A good product will be durable, will last longer, and will provide stable uses throughout its lifetime. The finish for wood salad bowls we have suggested have mostly been made in a way to last longer with providing stable performance in uses, but the best thing is to click the item and check out the stability and durability according to your personal need.

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    Lipper International Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl With 2 Salad Hands Large 13 X 125 X 5 3

    • Generously sized, beautifully shaped bowl with wavy rim is perfect for salads, fruits or even as a centerpiece bowl
    • 1 large wavy rim bowl, cherry finish and 1 pair of salad hands, cherry finish
    • Stained with a food-safe, deep, rich cherry color, which complements any decor
    • Made from durable and rubberwood that is easy to care for Hand wash only
    • Bowl measurements: 13 x 12 1/2 x 5 Pair of salad hands : 3 3/4 x 7 x 1 1/4
    • One large wavy rim bowl with 2 salad hands
    • Bowl Dimensions: 12-inch by 12-1/2-inch by 5-inch . Salad Hand Dimensions: 3-3/4-inch by 1-1/4-inch by 7-inch
    • Extreme changes in temperature, humidity and dryness effect wood store away from heat and sunlight in a well-ventilated spot
    • Wipe clean with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly rub occasionally with mineral oil to maintain appearance
    • Made of cherry wood

    How To Choose The Best Finish For Wood Salad Bowls: Buying Guide

    GENERAL Finishes

    When it comes to choosing the right finish for wood salad bowls, you should be assured that you are making the right choice. Understanding about the product before buying it is the most important part. Sometimes with so many options, evaluating the right choice at the right moment can be problematic. So, check out the buying guide to overcome all the hassle of finding your best solution.

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    Finishing A Wood Bowl Bottomattached To A Faceplate

    In the beginning, when woodturning a bowl, I always had a hard time figuring out which end was going to be the top of the bowl and which end would be the bottom of the bowl

    My first wood bowl woodturning projects started with a couple of bowls that I started to turn with the wood blank screwed directly to the wood lathe faceplate. Usually the face that is screwed to the faceplate will be the top of the bowl and consequently, the screw holes would be removed when you gouge out the bowl. So the correct way to use a faceplate, when turning a wood bowl, would be turn a recess or tenon for the scroll chuck on the end opposite of the faceplate. The end that the tenon or recess is on would then be the bottom of the bowl. But what if you didnt have a wood lathe scroll chuck? ************ Then get a couple of good woodturnig faceplates and make those work until you can invest in a good scroll chuck like the chuck

    Had A Faceplate But Not a Scroll Chuck

    Well, I didnt have a scroll chuck. I thought I would just deal with the screw holes. I should have used a glue block after getting one side/end straight and flipped it around so the screw holes were not on top of the bowl. The glue block end would be the bottom. Plenty of youtube videos on how to deal with a glue block.

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