Easy Tuna Fish Salad Recipe

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How To Make Tuna Salad:

How to Make Tuna Salad | Simple & Easy Tuna Fish Salad Recipe
  • Add all of the tuna salad recipe ingredients to a large bowl.
  • Use the back of a spoon, fork, or a spatula to mix and squish all of the ingredients together.
  • Serve as a tuna salad sandwich, wrap, or tuna salad over greens.
  • Special Tip: If youre looking for healthy ideas for tuna salad recipes, try serving this low calorie tuna salad over greens, or on an open faced sandwich. We also love this low calorie tuna salad recipe over cucumber rounds, or apple slices .

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    Is Canned Tuna Healthy

    I say, yes! Canned tuna is an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals and is low in saturated fat. Ounce for ounce, tuna is lower in calories, fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol than even the leanest cuts of beef and chicken.

    I feel that canned tuna definitely deserves a spot in a healthy, balanced diet. Just be sure to moderate your intake as large sport fish, like tuna, are known to contain mercury.

    Why I Love This Recipe

    You know those recipes that take you back to a simpler time? This classic tuna salad recipe is definitely one of those. As soon as I take a bite, Im immediately transported back to my Moms kitchen table. Its creamy, crunchy, filling, and healthy, so I feel good about feeding it to my kids, too.

    This classic tuna salad is also lightening quick to throw together! Its ready in minutes and always handy to have when hunger strikes. This recipe is one where you probably already have everything on hand. Simple ingredients come together to create a delicious meal that is much more than the sum of its parts. The fact that it is something that both kids and adults like just adds to the magic, if you ask me!

    Throughout the years my Mom has made her tuna egg salad a bit healthier by swapping in some yogurt for mayonnaise. This recipe still has a *bit* of mayo because who doesnt love that creamy and nostalgic flavor but the tangy yogurt, mustard, and lemon pepper also really shine through. Celery adds crunch, dill pickles add a briny, herby kick and chopped onions give a nice bite.

    And if youve never tried adding eggs to your tuna salad, Im here to convince you that its simply the best. Not only do you get an extra hit of protein, but the boiled egg yolks add an extra layer of creamy goodness that is to die for. Seriously folks. Tuna egg salad = the BEST tuna salad in town. Mama knows best.

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    How To Make Tuna Fish Salad

    Now that you know what is in tuna salad to make it healthy and low calories, lets go over how to make tuna salad.

    Salad with tuna fish is so easy to make, and it can make a delicious, healthy lunch!

    Now that you know what to put in tuna salad to make it healthy, lets review how to make tuna fish salad healthy

    All Time Best Tuna Salad

    Mediterranean Tuna Salad

    Make this quick and easy recipe for the All-Time Best Tuna Salad! Flakey tuna mixed with perfectly boiled eggs, crunchy celery and onions tossed in a creamy dressing thats lighted up with lemon and seasoned perfectly will soon become your go-to tuna salad recipe. For lunch or a light dinner, this classic recipe cant be beat.

    Sometimes, simple classic recipes are just the thing to make us happy. You know, food thats made with really good ingredients that shine on their own. Thats what I want when I think of Tuna Salad. Ive been making my version of tuna salad for years so Im confident in calling it the all-time best. Its not fancy or pretentious. Its just good, really, really good.

    This All Time Best Tuna Salad recipe comes together in a matter of minutes. More than likely, you already have all the ingredients in your pantry and fridge to whip it up. It makes a great lunch served on a bed of lettuce with a few crackers on the side. It super delicious on toasted bread, too. If you want to up your tuna salad game even further, pile it on your favorite bread, add a slice of sharp cheddar cheese and put it under the broiler for a minute or two. WOW!

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    How To Make This Recipe

    Let me show you how easy it is to whip up this yummy lunch! Once you have all of your ingredients out and ready to go, tuna fish salad is as easy as stirring everything together in a large bowl.

    Full, printable instructions can be found in the recipe card at the bottom of the post.

  • Tuna. Drain the cans or pouches of tuna. And then transfer it into a bowl and use a fork to separate the pieces.
  • Mix-ins. Add the chopped hard boiled egg, diced celery, chopped sweet pickles, diced onion and mix well. These all add great flavor and crunch! You can also add in your own favorite including dill pickles, green onion or even diced cucumber. Feel free to leave out any ingredient you dont like.
  • Dressing. Gently fold in the mayonnaise. Stir in more or less, depending on preference. Add a little salt and pepper to taste and serve cold. If youve got fresh herbs on hand, like parsley sprinkle them in. Also, feel free to get creative and stir in a dash of your favorite spice mix.
  • My favorite way to serve tuna salad sandwiches is on fluffy, buttery croissants, but I also often enjoy this salad mixture with whole wheat bread or crackers.

    How To Make Mediterranean Tuna Salad

    It takes about 15 minutes to make this delicious summer salad!

    • Add red bell pepper, red onion, cucumber, albacore tuna fish, garlic, chickpeas, black olives, and lemon zest in a large mixing bowl and mix.
    • Drizzle olive oil, lemon juice, and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
    • Garnish with fresh parsley and serve cold. Enjoy!

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    Why You Will Love This Recipe

    • Easy to make: Just add all of the ingredients to a bowl and mix to combine. No cooking involved to make this tuna salad sandwich!
    • Make ahead: Make up a batch of this tuna fish sandwich recipe and enjoy it throughout the week for easy to grab lunches.
    • Delicious: This is no ordinary tuna salad. Its full of texture and fresh and zingy flavors.

    How To Make Tuna Salad

    BEST TUNA SALAD RECIPE | easy & healthy

    Tuna is a great protein that requires very little prep making it the perfect addition to tuna casseroles, tuna macaroni salads or even just to top a bed of lettuce! Because its so easy to make, tuna fish is a great lunch recipe!

  • TUNA Drain a can of flaked tuna in water. Albacore tuna has the freshest flavor, any brand will do as long as its packed in water. Put the tuna into a bowl and use a fork to gently separate the pieces.
  • ADD-INS Add diced celery, chopped dill pickles , sliced green onion and mix well. These all add great flavor and crunch, you can add in your own favorite including sweet dill pickles or diced cucumber!
  • DRESSING Gently fold in the mayonnaise, the Dijon, and lemon juice. Add a little salt and pepper to taste and keep chilled!
  • If youve got fresh herbs on hand, add them in! Dont be afraid to add a dash of your favorite spice mix. I like to serve tuna salad sandwiches on whole wheat bread or a darker loaf like rye. Its also delicious on croissants like shrimp salad!

    Calorie Cutting Tip: If youd like to cut some of the calories, replace some of the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt.

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    Tips For The Best Tuna Sandwich

    • Toast the bread for your tuna sandwich to help it hold up to the tuna and to keep it from getting soggy. Try a hearty whole grain bread for a healthy and satisfying tuna fish sandwich.
    • Make this tuna sandwich recipe your own by adding lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, or whatever you like in your tuna sandwich.
    • Tuna sandwiches are best when you serve them right after making them. To make ahead, prepare the tuna salad, refrigerate, and wait to assemble your sandwich right before serving.
    • For a low carb meal, serve your tuna stuffed into hollowed out tomatoes or in avocado halves.

    Easy Cold Pasta Salad

    • 1/4cupred wine vinegar
    • 1tablespoonfresh lemon juicefrom 1 lemon
    • 1/4teaspoongarlic powderor 1 clove minced fresh garlic
    • Salt and freshly ground black pepper

    For the pasta salad:

    • 16ouncesrotinior other small pasta
    • 2cupsbroccoli floretschopped and blanched if desired
    • 1red bell pepperstemmed, seeded, and chopped
    • 1yellow bell pepperstemmed, seeded, and chopped
    • 1/2red onionpeeled and thinly sliced
    • 1cupgrated Parmesan cheese

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    Healthy Tuna Salad Vstraditional Tuna Salad

    Is a tuna salad healthy? If I could have a penny for every time I have been asked that question!

    Traditional tuna salad has 1 cup of mayo that adds over 1600 calories and 24 grams of fat. Im not here to tell you mayo is bad. Quality mayo like an avocado oil one or organic mayo in moderation is fine. This healthy tuna salad uses a touch of mayo combined with greek yogurt, you still get amazing taste but at a fraction of the calories and fat.Another healthy consideration is that there is mercury in tuna. Yes, there is. Especially in albacore tuna 3 times more than other varieties. But good news is that albacore tuna is more expensive, so I dont buy it and you dont need it for this healthy tuna salad recipe. And other good news is that we dont eat tuna salad even every week, so moderation is in check. Healthy tuna recipes are high in healthy Omega 3s and protein.

    Recipe Notes And Tips

    Simple Tuna Salad Recipe With Mayo
    • Finely chop the red onion and celery so that they mix evenly with the other ingredients.
    • Substitutions: You can use cooked salmon instead of tuna fish if that is what you prefer. You can also substitute the Dijon mustard for yellow, stone-ground, brown, or your favorite mustard.
    • Mayo-free: For a lower fat option, you can substitute half of the mayonnaise with Greek or plain yogurt.
    • Additional mix-ins: You can add chopped hard-boiled eggs or chopped avocado to your tuna fish sandwich.
    • Toppings: Place this tuna salad on toasted bread slices with lettuce, tomato slices or cucumber slices.
    • Gluten-Free, Paleo & Low-Carb: The tuna spread is gluten-free, Paleo, Whole30 and low-carb. You can serve it on gluten-free/low-carb bread, bagels or lettuce leaves for a healthy alternative.
    • Keep refrigerated and covered until ready to use.

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    Easy Tuna Salad Recipe

    This easy tuna salad recipe makes the best tuna sandwiches! This classic tuna salad is the perfect recipe to make ahead for quick lunches.

    When youre craving a tuna sandwich, you need a simple tuna salad recipe that will give you a crave-worthy tuna fish sandwich. This easy tuna salad is made with just a handful of ingredients. Its the best tuna salad!

    This tuna salad is quick and easy to make, and it keeps well in the refrigerator for a few days. You can make it ahead and have a healthy, satisfying lunch ready to go. Use this tuna salad to make a classic tuna salad sandwich, served on a croissant, roll or bread. Its also delicious on crackers! For a low carb meal, serve your tuna salad wrapped in lettuce leaves or on a bed of greens as a salad.

    If you like this tuna sandwich recipe, youre going to love my healthy chicken salad recipe and my easy recipe for classic egg salad. These are the three recipes that I rotate between when I make sandwiches for lunch on the weekend. If you asked me to choose a favorite between these three easy sandwich recipes, I couldnt. Theyre all so good!

    I use plain Greek yogurt in my tuna salad recipe. You can use mayonnaise instead, if you prefer. I like to make tuna salad without mayo, using Greek yogurt, because it makes a healthy tuna salad. You can also use mashed avocado to make a dairy-free tuna sandwich without mayo!

    More Tuna Salad Ideas

    • Egg: Growing up, my mom would often make us tuna salad with egg. You can do this by mixing some chopped hard boiled egg into your tuna salad. Its like a tuna salad and egg salad in one, and it is delicious! Plus you get even more satiating protein when you add hard boiled eggs to your tuna sandwich.
    • Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is a classic tuna salad ingredient. It brightens up the flavor of tuna salad.
    • Mustard: Do you like your tuna salad with Dijon mustard or yellow mustard? Mustard is another way to add a different flavor dimension to your tuna fish.
    • Herbs: Fresh herbs are a great way to change up the flavor of tuna salad. Try parsley, dill or chives.
    • Avocado: Avocado can act as a binder and replace the mayo or Greek yogurt in tuna salad. Its a great way to add healthy fat and flavor! Using avocado instead of mayo or Greek yogurt makes dairy-free tuna salad.
    • Vegetables: Try adding finely chopped crunchy veggies such as carrots, bell pepper or cucumber for extra crunch and to add more nutrition to your tuna salad.
    • Apple: Chopped apple adds a surprisingly delicious sweet twist to this tuna recipe.
    • Chickpeas: Either mashed or coarsely chopped, chickpeas can help to stretch your tuna fish so you can use less tuna and get more tuna salad. Chickpeas are a great source of vegetarian protein.
    • Capers: Capers add a salty, briny flavor to tuna salad.

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    Ingredients For Tuna Salad Recipe

    Healthy tuna salad recipe only takes 15 minutes of prep time. Simply mix the tuna salad ingredients, then place in the refrigerator to chill.

    • Canned tuna: Canned tuna divides into 2 main categories: packed in oil or water. Then pick from based on your budget: Albacore tuna has less fishy taste and white meaty texture or yellowfin/skipjack/light tuna is tan to pink in colour and has more strong fish taste. Lastly, the texture: chunky or whole.

    I always buy canned light tuna packed in water as I do not see a need for extra oil as we drain it anyways. Also chunky one vs. whole because its cheaper.

    • Mayo + plain Greek yogurt: The best combination to get that traditional tuna salad taste but with less calories. Use a mayo made with avocado oil and Greek yogurt with at least 2% fat for the tastiest healthy tuna salad results.
    • Dill pickles: Add a briny taste with sweet and sour notes that really make this tuna recipe outstanding.
    • Celery and red onion: Add crunch with bold earthy and sweet taste.
    • Fresh garlic: Because garlic is always a must in any dish, hands down.
    • Lemon juice: Adds tang and brightness.
    • Salt and pepper: To season, adjust as needed.

    Recipe Tips And Variations:

    How To Make The BEST Tuna Salad Sandwich: Easy Delicious Tuna Fish Recipe
    • Leftovers: Store leftovers covered in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Unfortunately this recipe does not freeze well.
    • No mayo: Make the sauce with plain Greek yogurt instead.
    • More mix-ins: Try shredded carrots, roasted cashews, Mango chutney, diced apples, raisins or cranberries, or some cooked quinoa.
    • Lettuce wraps: Serve in lettuce cups or over a salad for a delicious light lunch.

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    Video: Super Easy Tuna Fish Salad Recipe

    Its so good and flavorful that we dont even need salad dressing! This tuna salad is also a great picnic recipe that can be pre-made in big batches, chilled and brought out to serve for large groups. For picnics where we bring tuna salad as a potluck, well serve it with a side of crispy raw veggies is a hit. Its a light and healthy way to share a crowd favorite at a potluck. If you can make low carb or keto bread, make it into a tuna bruschetta!

    The Perfect Tuna Salad

    No matter how creative or spontaneous or inventive I aim to be with my weekday lunches, at some point I always end up craving just simple a tuna salad sandwich. Its lunchtime comfort food. Has it been a while since you last had tuna salad? Heres my favorite, most basic recipe. I think its just about perfect.

    Theres not much to making tuna salad, really. My husband often just mixes the tuna with mayo and a few cracks of black pepper and calls it good! I like to add some crunch to balance out the cream, and so I mix in some chopped celery and shallots when I make it. A spoonful of pickle relish might not be the way you grew up with it, but try it the sweet-and-sour pickles add just a little something extra to each bite.

    I also like water-packed tuna, partly because I think it has a cleaner tuna flavor. But if youre a fan of oil-packed tuna, by all means use that!

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    Protein Packed Tuna Salad

    I happen to like tuna salad and I also like a classic egg salad. So basically, weve got the best of both worlds coming together in this easy recipe!

    I love a high-protein, easy lunch but some days , I dont have a lot of time.

    I mean seriously, who has time to cook elaborate meals these days? Between work, errands, and taking care of our families, we barely have enough time for fancy pants meals.

    So yes, simple is key but lets be honest. Some days we need more to look forward to than a plain old sandwich.

    Meet your new meal solution Tuna Salad with Egg.

    Tuna Salad is awesome when youre making packed lunches for the field or just need something quick and easy.

    It has 29 grams of protein, so youll be satisfied until dinner.

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