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Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker Lunch Container Video

After taking the time to prepare the perfect salad, and waiting all day at work to eat it, there is nothing worse than finding it all soggy from sitting in dressing all day. With the Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker this never has to happen again! The Salad compartment keeps it fresh and dry up until you use it, and the ice pack keeps its nice and cold.

Other Lunch Boxes And Bentos We Liked

The Rubbermaid LunchBlox Salad Kit was a 2018 pick, and this is still a great choice if you want the combination of a bowl and a tote. The compartments in the LunchBlox Salad Kit keep foods separate, and the included dressing container doesnt leak. And its the only model we tested that has an insulated bag specifically designed for the container. But youll have to buy the bag separately . The LunchBlox comes in only one color, though, and its not as design-forward as our picks. It also doesnt hold as much food as the Bentgo Salad Stackable Lunch Container. You can fit multiple snacks and drinks inside the lunch bag, along with the Salad Kit itself.

We like the Bentgo Classic Lunch Box, and its most similar in design and size to the Takenaka Bite Dual. It doesnt come in as many colors, and it doesnt stack as neatly togetherthe tiers and utensils rattle around a bit. The Bentgo Classic is less expensive than the Takenaka, though, and if you want a basic bento option for half the cost, the Bentgo is a solid choice.

Rosti Mepal Salad Lunch Box

Tough this looks like a regular one-compartment container, a hidden storage space in the lid allows for small amounts of toppings like nuts or croutons. The central compartment is extra roomy, and the container is made of glassa great option for those of you who are freaked out by plastic. Of course, this wouldn’t make the list unless it had that crucial mini storage container for dressing.

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Salad Containers Perfect For Leak

The road to lunch is paved with good intentions. You pack a gorgeous, veggie-filled salad for your midday meal, only to find at noon that its soggy, sodden, and completely unappetizing. But its not the salad thats the problem its your container! These salad holders keep greens crisp, dressing unspilled, and your plans for a healthy, homemade lunch unspoiled.

1. Fit & Fresh Chilled Salad Shaker Container, $8 from Amazon: This container not only has a reusable ice pack to keep greens crisp, but also a twist-and-release dispenser for mess-free dressing.

2. Frigidaire Lunch Box System, $6 from Amazon: Keeping salad toppings separate is the key to that satisfying crunch. This box holds your add-ons until youre ready to toss them together.

3. LunchBlox® Salad Kit, $11 from Rubbermaid: Lunch is literally a snap with this modular set. It features a container, a toppings tray, and a dressing container, so salad components stay fresh until its time to eat.

4. HappyTiffin Stainless Steel Bento Box, $30 from Amazon: Perfect for grain salads, this leak-proof bento box has four sections for separating snacks and mains.

5. Salad Blaster Bowl, $9 from Amazon: Hate the mess of leaky salad dressing? In this bowl, your greens get dressed with the push of a button .

Best Bento Box: Grub2go The Original Japanese Bento Box

Trudeau Salad On The Go Container W/Ice Pack Tropical Blue ...
  • Adjustable compartments for dividing foods

  • Will still need a bag to transport

  • Not insulated

A bento box makes it easy to carry everything you need for lunch in a multi-compartment carrier, and this model is particularly well-made. One of the coolest aspects of the bento box style is that it encourages a variety of foods by design. In Japan, theyve been popular for at least a thousand years.

This one combines traditional Japanese features with modern touches, like a silicone-lined lid that completely prevents leaks and preserves freshness. Two layers of trays give you plenty of space to package up a full days worth of meals and snacks.

This container is made from BPA-free materials, and the food compartments are microwave- and dishwasher-safe, making this a convenient choice for anyone who doesn’t like washing dishes. It even comes with utensils and a reusable utensil holder, so you can ditch disposable plastic forks and spoons.

Includes: Two-level bento box with lids and elastic closure, two compartment dividers, and reusable fork, knife, and spoon.

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Best Budget Salad Container

Price: $8.26

I used these containers to take salads to work for years. Are they perfect? No. But, theyre also a fraction of the price of the other containers on this list.

The container comes with an small cup that snaps into the bottom of the lid. Its pretty clever for storing dressings.

The main container is the smallest one on this list at 4 cups. So, you wont be fitting a huge salad.

They dont claim to be leakproof, but the lid fits fairly snug. Salads would stay fresh for 3 or so days when I used them. Not too shabby for just over $2 per container. This is great if you like to make store multiple days of lunches. They are dishwasher safe.

These arent going to look new or last forever, but theyll get the job done. Especially, for light duty use.

The Good

  • Clever design for storing dressings

The Bad

  • Not entirely leakproof

  • Less durable and long lasting compared to more expensive containers

Best for you if: You are on a tight budget or you like to prep and store multiple salads at once.

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Cant I Just Use Another Container For My Salads

Well, not exactly.

The big difference between containers made specifically for salads versus multi-purpose containers is that they keep wet and dry ingredients separate.

If you have a salad that can be fully dressed ahead like this kale and brussels sprout one, then you dont need a salad container. But, if you have a salad that has greens in it like this arugula, avocado, and mango one then you dont want to dress that ahead of time. If you do, youll have a sad, soggy salad the next day for lunch.

Best Salad Containers Of 2021

Salad ice cream fruit cream pod tray box container flow pillow bag filling sealing packing machine t

Here are the best salad containers of 2021 for each price point.

Price: $13.99

The Rubbermaid Brilliance is one of the best salad containers right now. This 100% leakproof clear plastic, BPA-free container wont spill even if you drop it. Its airtight lid will keep greens fresh for days.

The container set includes one 4.7 cup main container and lid, one removable tray, and a separate dressing container with lid that fits inside. This container is the total package.

Plus, the container looks great. It is crystal so you can clearly see its contents. No more grabbing the wrong lunch!

It is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. There is a

The only potential downside is its size. At 4.7 cups it is a bit smaller than some others on this list. There were some customer reviews that mentioned the container was smaller than expected.

The Good

  • Airtight seal to keep contents fresh

  • Outside is clear and minimalist so you can easily see whats inside

The Bad

  • 4.7 cup capacity is a bit on the smaller side

Best for you if: You need a high quality, every day salad container that can handle your commute. Or, if you meal prep salads several days in advance and need an extra snug seal to keep them fresh.

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Plastic Salad Container With Removable Ice Pack Salad Bowl 3 Part Divided Tray Dressing Container And Reusable Spork

Product Overview


Plastic Salad Container With Removable Ice Pack, Salad Bowl, 3 Part Divided Tray, Dressing Container and Reusable Spork

Plastic Salad Container With Removable Ice Pack, Salad Bowl, 3 Part Divided Tray, Dressing Container and Reusable Spork

1.2L Square On-The-Go Food Container with removable ice pack

Any Color can be customized

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Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Salad Container

Price: $13.99

This is one of the best salad containers right now. This 100% leakproof clear plastic container wont spill even if you drop it. The airtight lid will keep greens fresh for days. The container set includes one 4.7 cup main container and lid, one removable tray, and a separate dressing container with lid. This container is the total package.

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Oxo Good Grips Leakproof On

This is a stackable, two-compartment container from one of our most-trusted brands. Of course, there’s a separate 2-ounce dressing container. And yup, there’s a divider in the main compartment for keeping your lettuce away from your tomatoes. But in true OXO fashion, there’s a happy surprise: that divider is removable, so you can create more room in the main compartmentor use the divider as a plate.

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Trudeau Salad On The Go Container W/Ice Pack Tropical Blue ...

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This roundup was updated by Jenny Kellerhals, a food and beverage writer based in Queens, NYC. With over a decade of experience in professional kitchens, she knows the value of proper food storage and transportation and personally relies on Pyrex food storage containers for measuring cooking, transporting, storing, and reheating foods.

Are Bentgo And Bentgo Kids Dishwasher

Yes, you can safely clean your Bentgo Lunch Box in the dishwasher. To ensure a snug fit for the life of your Bentgo, we recommend that you hand wash the top lid and the divider that sits between the two containers.

The compartment tray of Bentgo Kids is top-shelf dishwasher safe. Hand washing the outside shell with warm soapy water is recommended to preserve the leak-proof seal.

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How Durable Are Bentgo And Bentgo Kids Will They Need To Be Replaced Frequently

Bentgo and Bentgo Kids are made of thick and environmentally friendly plastic. Unlike other plastic storage containers and lunch boxes, both Bentgo and Bentgo Kids will last you for hundreds of uses. We back this claim with a 2 year warranty.

As added protection for children on-the-go, Bentgo Kids has rubber-coated edges and a sturdy, drop-proof design.

Where Does The Name Bentgo Come From

Lunch Bag Set by Dimayar Lunch Box with Ice Pack

Bento is a single-portioned takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. Japanese “Bento Boxes” often come in a boxed-shaped container and have dividers to separate the food. Bentgo is the modern play on the Bento lunch box. We added to the “g” because Bentgo is made to be used over and over and take with you on the GO.


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Glad Home Collection Deep Dish Food Storage Containers

How are the containers that spill out of the drawers of your grandmother’s kitchen one of the best vehicles for salad? Because they have a function we didn’t know about until recentlyone so genius, they earn a top spot. Just pop a small salad dressing storage container in the indentation at the top where the logo is, and bamcrispy, dry salads! The bonus: these old-school containers are inexpensive, so you won’t worry too much if someone steals your lunch or you somehow lose it en route.

Is The Bentgo Lunch Box Safe For Kids

Absolutely, kids can safely use both the Bentgo Lunch Box and the Bentgo Kids Childrens Lunch Box. Bentgo Kids is simplified for smaller children whose little hands may have difficulty assembling and disassembling all the pieces of Bentgo . For this reason, Bentgo Kids is recommended for children ages 3 to 8.

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What Can The Bentgo Fit What Are The Dimensions

Bentgo was built to hold healthy portions of all kinds of lunches and snacks. Visit bentgo ideas to see lunch and snack ideas to put in your Bentgo. The bottom container is 7″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″. The top container is 6.8″ x 4.3″ x 1.7″ with a divider down the middle, making each section 3.4″ x 4.3″ x 1.7″.

Best For Kids: Wildkin Insulated Lunch Box

Fuel Salad On The Go Container with Ice Pack Tropical Blue ...
  • Over 20 colors and patterns available

  • Easy for small hands to carry

  • Insulated soft body design

  • Coordinating gear sold separately

Kids love the bright, fun patterns printed on these lunch boxes, and parents love them for the durable, high-quality design. This size fits your kids lunch containers, plus an ice pack and 16-ounce water bottle.

The design features include an easy-access front pocketideal for grab-and-go recess snacksand an interior mesh pouch to stash utensils and a napkin. Its made from materials that are 100 percent BPA- and phthalate-free, and the food-safe PEVA liner is quick and easy to clean.

The interior is spacious and compatible with many other Wildkin lunch containers. Its insulated to help keep temperatures food-safe, but Morford says youll still want to include an ice pack or fill up a bottle and freeze it overnight. It will act as an ice pack as it thaws and will be drinkable come lunchtime.

Includes: One children’s-sized fabric lunchbox. Coordinating bags and accessories sold separately.

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Who Should Get These

When your lunch box is fraying at the seams or starting to smell less than fresh, or your bento box is becoming dinged or scratched, its probably time for a new one. But you can also get a nice lunch box just because you want one. Some of the lunch vessels we tested in 2021 look and feel like an accessory, such as a purse or a tote, or a well-designed dish that could be just as at home on a dining-room table as in an office cafeteria.

Ultimately, your lunch box of choice depends on your storage needs and what youre eating that day. For adults who work in locations where access to refrigeration may be limited, a durable, insulated lunch box is a must for holding ice packs and keeping foods at safe temperatures. Smaller lunch boxes will be best for keeping meals like a sandwich or a container of pasta salad cold. And larger lunch boxes can act as personal coolers, holding enough food for a meal, as well as many snacks and drinks to consume throughout the day.

If youre packing multiple prepared dishes, bento-like containers are ideal for keeping different parts of your lunch from mixing together. A roomy lunch bowl with a separate dressing container will ensure your salad remains crisp. And this type of vessel will allow you to add different elements of your meallike crunchy seeds for salads or parmesan shreds for pastaright before you eat, so everything stays fresh and vibrant.

A Classic Large Lunch Box: Coleman 9

What wed use it for: Though the Built Prime Lunch Bag is slightly smaller than the Coleman, you can still fit enough food for multiple meals or one meal with ample snacks, plus one drink. If you remove the divider on this lunch box, you can fit in more food, though you may appreciate the extra organization this bag provides.

Why its great: Although the Built Prime Lunch Bag holds about the same amount of food as the Coleman, its more customizable and undeniably cuter. The Built has a two-compartment design, so its easy to fit a variety of foods or containers. And the firm foam structure means the bag wont collapse in on itself. With a short carrying handle and a longer, adjustable strap, this bag is versatile and easy to hold. Like the Coleman, its closer in size to a personal cooler, and youll likely want to hold this on its own, instead of trying to fit it into another bag.

Unlike the Coleman, the Built doesnt have just one deep well to fill. There are two separate compartments to this soft bag . That makes it easier to organize your meal: for example, lunch on the bottom or snacks on top, or more-delicate foods on top, where they wont get smushed. You can also remove the middle shelf to create more space, if youd prefer. The drink compartment will comfortably fit a 12-ounce can, though you can also fit one inside the bag itself.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: It would be nice if the Built bag came in additional colors.

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