Sandwich Salad Prep Table With Refrigerated Base

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Which Type Of Cover Do I Need

72 INCHES Salad Sandwich Prep Table Refrigerator RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT

Pan tops are designed to hold their temperatures for a couple of hours while remaining uncovered, but they can’t hold safe temperatures all day, so they need to be covered with a lid to stay cold. A sliding top can slide back into the unit and out of the way. If your unit will be used in the front of the house, consider one of these so your customers can watch as their food is prepared. Lift-up lids are best for back-of-house use, where ambient air is warmer and the unit needs to be opened and closed frequently.

How Do I Decide On A Food Prep Table

Having a prep table cooler can save tremendous time spent preparing made-to-order dishes, such as sandwiches, pizzas, and salads, or making a large quantity of items ahead of time some business models would be impossible without them. To make sure you choose the one that’s right for your business, you should figure out your basic needs first. Consider what dishes you’ll be preparing on your table. Make a list of the ingredients and their quantity you’ll need on hand, both in the pans on top and in the storage compartments below. Then, think about how often you’ll use your table. Will it be used only during the lunch rush, or will it be accessed regularly throughout the day? Finally, decide where in the kitchen you’ll place your unit.

Our selection includes models from some of the leading refrigeration manufacturers, including True food prep tables and Turbo Air pizza prep tables.

Do I Need A Sandwich/salad Table Or A Pizza Table

Sandwich/salad tables and pizza tables are named for the dish they’re best suited for. The primary difference between the two is the depth of their workspace and cutting boards. Salad and sandwich tables have shallower work surfaces, typically between 10 and 12 inches. Pizza units have surfaces deep enough to hold a pizza, usually around 20 inches. A pizza prep table often will have a raised rail above the service area for holding pans of ingredients and toppings.

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Prep Tables: Features And Capabilities

Prep tables, specifically sandwich prep tables, offer storage and prep space for ingredients that need to be cut, sliced or otherwise prepped before use. Operators can use these units for menu items other than sandwiches, such as burger toppings, pizza, salad and stir-fry dishes. They can also be used as dispensing units for other items, such as cold sauces and dessert toppings.

Sandwich prep tables feature a prep area on top that provides a solid surface and cooled compartments for sandwich, salad and pizza ingredients. A cooler below holds pans of food that require preparation. With sandwich prep tables, pans sit level with the cutting board, and with pizza prep tables, pans raise 3 inches to 4 inches above the cutting board.

These units use one of two basic types of cooling features: forced air cooling and wrapped wall or conductive cooling. Forced air uses one coil that cools the base and rail zone. The base needs to be at 40 degrees F, while the top is at 41 degrees F. Forced air units operate better in lower heat/humidity applications because one coil manages two different temperature zones.

Wrapped wall or conductive cooling systems use copper lines wrapped around the tank or pan opening, which provide thermo transfer of the cold through the units walls. This creates a cold blanket of air above the product to protect it from ambient kitchen conditions. Due to pans being recessed below the cold air, the top of the food is held at proper temperatures.

Sandwich And Salad Prep Table Questions And Answers

Turbo Air TST

question: What size sandwich prep table do I need?

answer: Take accurate measurements before purchasing a sandwich prep refrigerator. Consider interior and refrigerated storage space as well.

question: Do I need casters or legs for my sandwich prep table?

answer: Casters, also known as wheels allow sandwich prep tables to be moved easily. Casters make cleaning easier. Locks on the wheels ensure the unit will not move out of place when in use.

question: Do I need a sneeze guard for my sandwich prep table?

answer: Sneeze guards are used in cafeteria lines, sandwich shops, and counter-service style restaurants. The sneeze guard allows your guests to see the refrigerated food options you offer.

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Mega Top Sandwich Prep Table

Mega Top Sandwich Prep Tables are deeper than the standard prep table and commonly have 3 rows 1/6-size container situated from front to back.

Sandwich prep tables include various setups, which rely upon the producer and application. These units have somewhere in the range of one and four under-counter solid hinged doors and up to eight adjustable racks or drawers that hold hotel pans for capacity. The inside for the most part obliges somewhere in the range of 6 and 15 hotel pans, contingent upon the refrigerated sandwich and salad prep tables size. Most refrigerated tables are fitted in the front with a epoxy cutting board. This gives more extra room to the inside. Since most of sandwich prep tables have sized or back mount refrigeration, the coolers in these units can’t hold full sheet container. For this situation, the setup of a raised rail model gives more noteworthy inside stockpiling of sandwich condiments.

Should I Get Cold Wall Or Forced

Forced-air prep table coolers blow refrigerated air over the tops of pans to keep them cold. This kind of cooling is common in sandwich/salad units that store a lot of vegetables. They’re best for use in high-volume establishments because food can dry out when left sitting too long. Cold wall systems are common in pizza tables and are better at keeping dense items such as cheese, meat, and sauce at safe temperatures. This technology is also found in most raised rail systems.

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What Considerations Should I Make For Exhaust And Intake

The refrigeration systems on any prep table need to breathe air just like people do. The air intake and exhaust areas must be clear of obstructions to keep the equipment running properly, and the location of these areas varies between models. Knowing where you’ll want your equipment installed will help you choose one with an air intake and exhaust that won’t be blocked by a wall or other equipment. A front-breathing refrigerated table is usually a safe bet if you’re putting your table in close quarters, such as in a prep line or against a wall.

What Pan Capacity Do I Need

Salad Sandwich Prep Table Refrigerator RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT

Selecting a unit with the right capacity is critical. Storing empty pans wastes space and energy, and the quality of food can suffer if it sits unused and may have to be thrown out. These tables are designed to hold standard-sized food pans, with sixth-size pans being the most common. Most units include adjustable rails that can hold full-size, half-size, and quarter-size pans as well. The smallest sandwich prep table is 27 inches long and holds 6 sixth-size pans, while the largest tables are over 119 inches long and can hold 32 sixth-size pans. Many sizes are available between those two extremes.

On some units, the pan rail doesn’t extend down the full length of the table. This leaves extra space behind the work area for storing dry ingredients or placing small countertop equipment, such as a panini press or a microwave oven, maximizing the workspace.

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The Only Manufacturer Offering A Full Range Of High

For standard kitchen environments, choose from our Flat Top Sandwich/Salad Preparation Tables. With pans recessed into the refrigerated base combined with our exclusive air ducting that directs air over the pans these tables combat hot ambient conditions with cold blanketing the surface of the pans.

These narrow rail tables hold from 8 to 16 1/6 size pans depending on the model.

Standard features and benefits include:

  • Side-mounted compressor with mullion Turbo coil for full depth usable interior space on 9200-513 models
  • Rear-mounted compressor on 9000-290 models
  • Front to back air-over design
  • All stainless steel top and front, anodized aluminum interior
  • Foamed in place high density polyurethane insulation
  • Self-closing doors with exclusive press-fit magnetic gaskets
  • 12 wide poly cutting board
  • 8 cord and NEMA 5-15P plug, 115 Volt, 60 Hz

Available Models:

  • 9200-513 Model, Side Mount Salad-Top
  • 9000-290 Model, Rear Compressor

Find spec sheets for these models on the Downloads tab.

For standard kitchen environments, choose from our Flat Top Sandwich/Salad Preparation Tables. The recessed pans in these flat top openings use the refrigerated base to keep them cool or are available with separate pan and base temperature controls .

FORCED-AIRWith pans recessed into the refrigerated base combined with our exclusive air ducting that directs air over the pans these tables combat hot ambient conditions with cold blanketing the surface of the pans.

Available Models:

Sandwich And Salad Prep Tables: Timeless Freshness

Sandwich and salad prep tables are versatile commercial refrigeration equipment designed to provide a safe and functional space to prepare salads and sandwiches. These salad and sandwich prep tables are, in fact, a combined commercial kitchen utility that merges a working counter, embedded refrigerated food storage, and an undercounter refrigerator.

Sandwich and salad prep tables primarily serve to streamline the sandwich or salad assembly with its intelligent features and contribute to the growth and profitability of your business by maximizing customer satisfaction. Thus, whether you run a convenience store selling sandwiches or a large-scale commercial kitchen serving thousands of salads and sandwiches a day, sandwich and salad prep tables will be a great addition to your establishment.

You can place the sauces, toppings, pre-made products, herbs, or other ingredients that will go into the sandwiches or salads in the food pans and put them into the refrigerated food holding point. Hence, you can always reach the ingredients without going to the central refrigeration. Additionally, the sandwich prep fridge will provide a safe space to store the extra stocks.

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Inch Sandwich Prep Table

Sandwich prep tables offer stockpiling and prep space for sandwich condiments and fixings that should be cut, cut or in any case prepared before use. You or your employees can utilize these units for menu things other than sandwiches, for example, hamburger garnishes, pizza, serving of mixed greens and sautéed food dishes. They can likewise be utilized as administering units for different things, for example, mustards, ketchups, sauces and taco fixings.Sandwich and Salad prep tables include a prep region on top that gives a strong surface and cooled compartments for sandwich, plate of mixed greens and pizza fixings. A cooler beneath holds stainless steel or polycarbonate hotel pans of food that require arrangement. With sandwich prep tables, container sit level with the cutting board, and with pizza prep tables, hotel pans raise 3 inches to 4 inches over the poly cutting board.These sandwich and salad prep tables utilize one of two fundamental sorts of cooling highlights: self-contained refrigeration forced air cooling and wrapped divider or conductive cooling. The forced constrained air utilizes one coil that cools the base and rail zone. The base should be at 33 degrees to 40 degrees F degrees, while the top is at 41 degrees F. The commercial refrigeration constrained air units work better in sandwich and pizza shops since one coil oversees two diverse temperature zones.

Sandwich Salad Prep Table Withstainless Steel Cabinet Construction


The M3 model brings you style and sturdiness. Stainless steel exterior , with AL interior and, of course, a stainless steel floor and ABS door liner. Hence you get clean, and long lasting commercial reach-in freezer. Have a fast-paced environment? Due to the no sharp corners and edges ideas, we give you less opportunity for injury. In conclusion, the M3 series adds a touch of style to the most refined setting.

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Available Features For Sandwich And Salad Prep Tables

Sandwich and salad prep tables are available in various configurations to perfectly match your layout and meet your needs. Firstly, sandwich prep refrigerators can be found in different sizes ranging from 24 and 27-inch sandwich prep tables to the larger 48 sandwich prep tables and the 60-inch sandwich prep tables up to 93inch.

Additionally, they have different access types, including drawer swinging doors or combined models. You can make a selection among the 1, 2, or 3 door prep fridges for smaller needs, while there are larger models with up to 6 doors. The drawer number also starts from two and increases up to 6.

Chefâs Deal provides a wide selection of sandwich and salad prep tables as a reliable restaurant supply store with a large inventory of commercial refrigeration units. You can find the high-quality and top-of-the-line True sandwich prep tables, Atosa sandwich prep tables, Turbo Air sandwich prep tables, and many others from the industryâs leading vendors. You may also want to see our other refrigerated prep tables for your establishment.


Features Of Sandwich And Salad Prep Tables

Sandwich and salad prep tables are precisely designed for efficient salad and sandwich preparation, and so they are equipped with well-thought features that will facilitate and accelerate the process.

  • Sandwich prep coolers are made from stainless steel and boast a sturdy construction that will withstand the conditions of commercial kitchens.
  • Commercial sandwich and salad prep tables have separate food holding cabinets which are also refrigerated through air circulation to keep the pre-cut and pre-made ingredients, veggies, or herbs fresh and safe for consumption.
  • Refrigerated sandwich prep tables quicken the assembly process by keeping all the necessary ingredients within your easy reach.
  • Some salad and sandwich station models also have a large working space on the top to enable you to chop, slice, or grate the ingredients or assemble the salads and sandwich orders. Itâs possible to extend the working space with an additional epoxy cutting board.
  • The built-in cooler of the sandwich and salad refrigerators offers ample space to keep you stocked with the necessary ingredients, sauce, and condiments to keep them free from bacteria growth and mold while allowing you to catch up with the orders rapidly.
  • Some sandwich salad prep tables with refrigerated bases are also equipped with caster wheels to enable you to move them around the commercial kitchen or transfer it to the other event locations.

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Salad And Sandwich Prep Tables

Whether you are running a sandwich deli, a salad bar, or any other food establishment that serves salads or sandwiches, you will benefit immensely from a sandwich prep unit or a salad prep table.

A food preparation table specifically designed for sandwiches and salads will help speed up the work of your kitchen staff with the help of storage compartments and drawers where you can keep ingredients, as well as cooling and refrigeration units where you can store food to keep them fresh until you need to assemble that sandwich or salad for your customer.

When choosing a salad or sandwich prep cooler unit for your kitchen, you will be required to select between drawers, doors, or even a combo of these two for the lower storage compartments of the salad or sandwich prep table. Choosing between doors and drawers will actually depend on your storage requirements and what ingredients you prefer adding to your sandwiches and salads. For example, additional ingredients that are not that bulky can be placed in relatively smaller pans and stored on a sandwich salad prep table’s shelves, specifically inside units that utilize doors. However, those owners of establishments that use more bread/buns or leafy vegetables such as lettuce would want to place these ingredients in full-size pans. As such, a sandwich or salad kitchen preparation table that can accommodate full-size pans, especially those that utilize drawers, will be the better choice.

Sandwich Prep Units Salad Prep Tables And Pizza Prep Counters Available Here

True TSSU-48-12 48″ Sandwich/Salad Prep Table

We have a wide range of sandwich prep units, salad prep tables, and pizza prep counters depending on what you require for your establishment, manufactured by Beverage Air, Delfield, True, and Turbo Air. Our refrigerated prep tables help keep meats, breads, cheeses, vegetables, and even sauces cold and fresh while helping your kitchen staff prepare salads, sandwiches, and pizzas as quickly as possible. Help speed up your pizzeria, salad bar, or sandwich deli’s food-serving process, and watch your profits soar.

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The 72 Three Door Sandwich Salad Prep Table Has Extra Cutting Board Area To Prepare Sandwiches And Salads

The Universal USPTR72 72 sandwich and salad prep table refrigerator provides plenty of room to assemble your culinary production. This 72 three door sandwich / salad prep table is ideal for foodservice establishments. The top design holds food pans. Generally users store vegetables, cheeses, meats, and other condiments in the food pans. This 72 three door sandwich / salad prep table includes a cutting board, youll have plenty of room to assemble sandwiches, wraps, and salads. The 4 built in casters makes the prep table easy to clean underneath the refrigerated prep table.

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