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What Is Waldorf Salad

Apple Walnut Salad I Waldorf Salad | #SaladRecipe

This is a classic salad made from celery, grapes, apples, walnuts, raisins, and mayonnaise. It is most often served on a bed of lettuce.

Waldorf salad has the perfect balance of sweetness, nuttiness, crunch, and flavor. Everything just works together.

If you have any other ingredients on hand, feel free to test them out. We love making cranberry waldorf salad, but other great additions include a squeeze of lemon juice, chiffonade carrots, other berries, pecans or other nuts.

How To Make Chicken Salad With Apples & Walnuts

With only two easy steps needed, plus some preparation & chopping, this chicken salad with apples and walnuts is simple to make.

  • Preparation : Make sure the cooked chicken is chopped or shredded. Get out a cutting board and knife and thinly slice the celery and green onion. Chop the apple into small bits.
  • Creamy Dressing : Combine all the creamy dressing ingredients into a small mixing bowl and stir with a wire whisk until combined, smooth, and creamy.
  • Chicken Salad : Add the chicken, apples, walnuts, green onion, and celery into a large sized mixing bowl. Pour the dressing over it and mix until it’s combined well.
  • Serving : You can eat the chicken salad right away or let it refrigerate for 1-2 hours before serving. I prefer the chicken salad cold so I always refrigerate it for best flavor.

How Else Can I Customize The Salad

  • Mayo: First up, feel free to use any kind of mayonnaise that you prefer. Perhaps you have a store bought version on hand, or you prefer to make your own eggless or vegan mayonnaise. Feel free to use any mayo you like! Not a fan of mayo? Try Greek Yogurt instead.
  • Nuts: Next, feel free to swap nuts or remove them entirely. Good substitutions include pecans, almonds, cashews, or pistachios.
  • Nut-free: Prefer to have a nut free salad? Opt for dried fruit or sunflower seeds instead!
  • More variations: You can also feel free to make your apple salad a little sweeter by adding mini vegan marshmallows or banana slice or berries .
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    A Classic Chicken Waldorf Salad Famous The World Over

    People have been making and raving about this classic recipe for over a hundred years now. First introduced at New Yorks famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel , this recipe for a chicken salad with apples, grapes and walnuts truly stands the test of time.

    As with all our posts, we suggest making this fabulous salad using locally sourced ingredients. If those include organic options, even better! We also bet youll be making this salad again and again, so lets cut to the chase: PIN the recipe to your favourite salad board and BOOKMARK it for easy reference.

    How To Make The Classic Waldorf Salad

    apple walnut salad recipe mayonnaise

    This simple salad takes doesnt require any cooking, just a little chopping, and only takes minutes to mix together.

    Use the crispest varieties of apples. Grandma said to use tart green Granny Smith apples, but for a little variety in color, I used one green apple and one crunchy Fuji apples. Red delicious, honey crisp and gala are also good options.

    Chop the ingredients the same size. Chopping the apples, celery, and grapes about the same size ensures youll get crunchy and sweet tastes in each and every bite.

    Sprinkle the cut fruit with the lemon juice and sugar. Cut apples can quickly e discolor. Tossing with the lemon juice retards oxidation while sprinkling the fruit directly with sugar enhances its sweetness.

    Mix the wet ingredients before adding to the dry. Whisk the mayonnaise and whipped cream together before adding to the fruit. This ensures a homogenous, creamy dressing.

    Toast the nuts for deeper flavor. Toasting the nuts before adding to the salad intensifies their nutty flavor by releasing their natural oils, eliminating their raw taste.

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    How To Serve Waldorf Salad

    Firstly, Waldorf salad is best served chilled. A warm Waldorf salad wont taste great and may not even be very safe to eat since the dressing is mayo-based.

    I like to serve it on a bed of butter lettuce or peppery delicious arugula, but its also great with fresh-baked bread, dinner rolls, or even wrapped in a tortilla for an easy, on-the-go lunch or dinner recipe.

    Sometimes Ill add some protein like baked chicken, grilled chicken, salmon, or even pork chops.

    Tips For Making Honeycrisp Apple Salad

    • Its a personal decision whether or not to peel the apples before adding them to the salad. I love the skin, and it adds great color and texture to the dish.
    • This honeycrisp apple salad is best served immediately after the refrigeration time. It wont keep overnight, so make sure to eat it all!
    • Any kind of apples can be usedjust use what you have on hand, or your favorite. Some other good choices are Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, or Fuji. Its also delicious to use a mix of different types of apples.
    • In my family, the celery and walnuts are not optional! Other good add-ins are raisins, dried cranberries, or other types of nuts such as sliced almonds, pecans, or lightly salted peanuts.
    • Miracle Whip or regular mayonnaise can be substituted for the light mayonnaise, however the taste of the salad will change accordingly.

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    How To Make Apple Salad

    1. Place 2 to 2.25 cups peeled and chopped apples in a mixing bowl. Add 2 tablespoons grated radish if using.

    2. Add 2 teaspoons lemon juice and mix very well. The citric acid will prevent the apples from browning as you assemble the salad later.

    TIP: If you have citric acid on hand from canning, you can dissolve a teaspoon in a cup of water and do a quick 5 to 10 minute soak instead of using the lemon.

    3. Add 5 tablespoons chopped toasted walnuts and 2 tablespoons chopped celery. I prefer my celery and nuts to be chopped quite fine so theres a little bit in every bite. If you prefer more variety per bite, leave them in slightly larger bits.

    TIP: For more flavorful walnuts, you can quickly toast them before chopping. Either bake them in an oven preheated to 175 Celsius for about 10 minutes, or in a dry sauté pan on the stovetop. Just be careful to keep your eyes and nose sharp the nuts can go from beautifully toasted to rather burnt in a flash. When you start smelling the aroma of the nuts more intensely, they should be ready!

    4. Add ¼ cup mayo . Season with 2 pinches ground cinnamon, 2 pinches grated nutmeg and ¼ teaspoon crushed black pepper.

    5. Mix very well. Youre ready to enjoy a delicious, creamy, crunchy apple salad with walnuts!

    6. Serve apple salad garnished with some chopped celery and chopped walnuts.

    Inspiration For Apple Walnut Salad Recipe

    Watch recipe: Apple and Walnut Salad

    With the apple challenge in front of me, its when I realized its time to share a new healthier version of my Japanese Apple Salad recipe. So thats the inspiration behind this new updated healthierApple Walnut Salad recipe.

    As its been very hot in the Bay Area and my family was craving for a refreshing chilled dish to cool down, the timing for this recipe was just perfect. And I could prepare this dish without a functioning kitchen.

    Japanese Ingredient Substitution: If you want to look for substitutes for Japanese condiments and ingredients, .

    Wish to learn more about Japanese cooking? Sign up for our free newsletter to receive cooking tips & recipe updates! And

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    Dressing For Waldorf Salad

    For our dressing, we use mayonnaise as a base and add lemon juice to help keep the apples from browning so quickly, and salt to add some additional flavor.

    Traditional dressings for the Waldorf salad use mayonnaise but if you would like to cut the fat feel free to substitute sour cream or plain Greek yogurt.

    Chicken Salad Recipe Faq’s

    • How to Store Leftovers
    • Leftover chicken salad can be stored in an air-tight container, in the fridge, for 3-4 days.
    • Thanks to the acid in the dressing, the apples will actually not go browned during those 3-4 days!
  • Can I Make Chicken Salad Ahead of Time?
  • Yes you can make chicken salad ahead of time.
  • I would suggest not making it the day before, but you can make it several hours before you need it. The chicken salad is much creamier the day it’s made, rather than after days of it being in the fridge.
  • I refrigerate the chicken salad 1-3 hours before serving it, which still makes the chicken salad creamy, while allowing the flavors to develop.
  • How to Serve Chicken Salad
  • There are several delicious ways to serve this apple walnut chicken salad recipe.
  • Our favorite way is to serve it inside croissants with green leaf lettuce.
  • You can eat it with a spoon or use crackers to scoop it up.
  • Eat it over a bed of lettuce or inside lettuce for a chicken salad lettuce wrap.
  • You can also serve it inside any roll you like.
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    Our Chicken Waldorf Salad Is An Awesome Creation And Heres Why:


    Much of the beauty of this legendary salad is about the unexpected collection of ingredients used to create it. Sure, it has moist and tender chicken, but how about the fresh fruit component? We love the use of red grapes and Granny Smith apples to create a tangy sweetness youll enjoy with every bite.

    The salad also has a nice bit of crunch from raw celery, plus nuttiness from the chopped walnuts. One suggestion on the nuts is to make sure theyre freshly shelled they taste almost buttery when they are.

    MIX IT UP!

    Once all of the ingredients are prepared and assembled in your mixing bowl, we like to add something unexpected: freshly chopped mint. This gives the salad an extra note of brightness and keeps the salad very refreshing.

    We also like to amp up the flavour of the mayonnaise with a hint of Dijon and lemon juice. This adds a zesty tang to the mix. Expect a really fresh taste from this beautiful salad.


    I can just imagine how this salad was presented back in the day white-gloved servers passing chilled plates of CHICKEN WALDORF SALAD out to New Yorks finest. For us, lets simplify things, shall we? Present the salad with a simple garnish of fresh black pepper, a sprinkle of mint and a few more chopped walnuts.

    One last point on service is for all of the vegetarians out there. You can still enjoy this delicious salad without the chicken, replacing it with chopped, roasted cauliflower. We bet youll love it.

    Do You Have To Use Mayonnaise

    apple walnut salad recipe mayonnaise

    You can actually swap the mayo for plain yogurt if you would like. Depending on how tart the yogurt is, you may want to adjust the amount of lemon juice that the recipe calls for. Also, if you choose to use Greek yogurt, this will add protein too.

    Miracle Whip will work with this recipe, too. Youll want to adjust the sugar and lemon if you make this substitution. Start with half the amounts and adjust until you get it just the way you want it.

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    Apple Celery Walnut Salad

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    This Apple Celery Walnut Salad is a favorite throughout the Fall and holiday season. The creamy dressing and festive colors will have everyone wanting more!

    As we start gearing up for the holidays, some people forget about the possibilities of salads. Most think of this as a Spring and Summer food, but with the right combinations, you can transform ingredients into a great holiday dish!

    I cant remember a holiday that doesnt include some sort of salad. You know, the ones without all of the leafy greens. We usually serve a sweet salad, like my Orange Jell-o Salad or Pistachio Pudding Salad at holiday meals.

    If Im looking for a healthier dish, Waldorf Salad is at the top of my list. This version takes just a few minutes to make and compliments almost any main course meal.

    I serve this delicious fruit salad year round, not just at the holidays. Be sure to read until the end to see all of the helpful tips, tricks, and variations.

    Whats In Waldorf Salad

    The Waldorf salad is said to have originated over 100 years ago at the Waldorf hotel in New York City. Starting out as a simple salad of apples, celery, and mayonnaiseingredients that are in season all year longover the years its flavor was tweaked with the addition of grapes and nuts added to the mix.

    My grandmas recipe pretty much follows course with these ingredients and the addition of whipped cream to add extra fluff:

    • Tart apples
    • Whipped cream

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    Healthy And Delicious Apple Walnut Salad

    I kept key ingredients for the salad and I ended up with a lighter version of dressing by using mostly non-fat yogurt instead of mayo. Since Japanese mayo is a bit sweet, by replacing it with yogurt, the apple walnut salad is not as sweet. Depending on your preference and what type of apples you use, you can adjust the amount of sugar to the dressing.

    You might wonder why I was updating my apple salad recipe out of the blue, and its because I am participating in KitchenAids#KitchenAidContest!

    A little background first. When I signed up for the challenge a few months ago, I thought my new kitchen will be ready and it shouldnt be an issue. However, this is whats happening today.

    Unfortunately, the remodeling work is still in progress and I had to get my creative juice flowing. How am I going to create a delicious apple recipe without a functioning kitchen?! No oven, no stove, no sinkand my kitchen tools and utensils are all still packed in the boxes!

    Meanwhile, the mysterious black box arrived for the challenge.

    When I opened the box, I saw Chef Zakarian holding an apple in his hand, saying For those who cook, we present a challenge.

    And when I remove the top I saw A RED SHINY APPLE!!!!! How cool, challenge accepted!

    How To Make Waldorf Salad:

    Apple and Walnut Chicken Salad with Green Salad

    Combine Ingredients: In a large bowl toss the apples in lemon juice. Add celery, grapes, raisins and walnuts

    Make Waldorf Salad Dressing: In a separate bowl stir together the mayonnaise, sugar, red wine vinegar and pepper. Taste and adjust to your liking with a little extra mayonnaise or more vinegar.

    Toss Together: Coat apple mixture in desired amount of dressing .

    Serve: Refrigerate until ready to serve. Serve cold, on top of bib lettuce or large lettuce leaf.

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    The Original Waldorf Salad Recipe

    According to the American Century Cookbook, the first Waldorf salad was created in New York City in 1893, by Oscar Tschirky, the maître d’hôtel of the Waldorf Astoria.

    The original recipe consisted only of diced red-skinned apples, celery, and mayonnaise. Chopped walnuts were added later to this now American classic.

    Add Greek Yogurt To Waldorf Salads Dressing

    The dressing for Waldorf salad always starts with mayonnaise. In fact, you could get away with using only mayo, but because this salad deserves a topping thats more than just one note of flavor, I add my grandmas secret ingredient.

    Grandmas secret ingredient for this dressing issssssswhipped cream.

    Now, you could go ahead and sub the whipped cream with plain Greek yogurt or even sour cream, and I have. But, I encourage you to try both ingredient combos and decide for yourself which you prefer.

    If you prefer, use 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt or sour cream instead of the suggested 1/2 cup whipped cream.

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    Crunchy Apples Are A Must

    Crisp apples are the most important ingredient in this salad! I like using two different varieties of apples when I make it. I prefer a Granny Smith apple and a red-skinned apple, but if they arent in season I will use whatever apples I can find that are crisp. Honey Crisp, Gala, Fuji, Sweet Tango and Pink Lady apples are some of my favorite, but you can use any apples you have on hand.

    Should I Peel The Apples Before Using Them

    Apple Salad (with Walnuts and Raisins)

    Apples are a part of the so called Dirty Dozen, which are considered to be the fruits and vegetables most affected by pesticides. If that werent bad enough, many conventionally farmed apples have a wax coating on their skins that makes it difficult to effectively wash them.For this reason, I suggest that you opt to peel them, after washing them of course! It is also better if you use apples from your own orchard or buy organic.To wash your apples, let them soak them for 15 to 20 minutes in water with some vinegar and baking soda added in it.

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    Variation & Substitution Ideas

    There are several ways that you can switch up this chicken salad recipe and make it your own or adapt to your preferences.

    • Nuts : Feel free to sub the walnuts with anything you like. Sliced almonds are a great choice or even chopped pecans work well. Cashews are also a great nut to use in chicken salad.
    • Apple : This can be substituted with dried cranberries instead. You can also use whatever apple you prefer. I think Gala or Fuji are great apples to use in this recipe.
    • Make it Healthier : I only mention this because it is an option but it will significantly change the taste of this chicken salad. I have never done it, but you can substitute all of, or half of, the mayo with plain Greek yogurt.

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