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Specially Selected Gourmet Garlic Vinaigrette


The next time you’re preparing a savory salad, like a delicious Greek or bacon Cobb, grab this garlic vinaigrette dressing from Aldi. It has tons of garlicky flavor and is light in texture to pack on flavor for your salad greens and protein without making the dish feel too heavy and thick. A bottle of Specially Selected Gourmet Garlic Vinaigrette costs $2.19.

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Its Okay To Save Money And Splurge On Calories

We both let out a squeal of delight upon finding an off-brand of hazelnut spread for a fraction of what that other jar costs. The calories are just through the roof, but its worth it, Mom says. Heck, if we cant stress-eat a few hundred calories of chocolate-y nutty gooeyness now, I dont know when we ever can.

Thirty minutes later wed spent less than we would have on lunch at the neighborhood diner, and we had a number of quick and easy meals each of us could enjoy. But taking that time to share some together time, and some silly memories of my dad, was simply priceless.

These Are Aldi’s Best Healthy Products According To Customers

More than 40,000 Aldi shoppers participated in this year’s Aldi Fan Favorites Awards.

Aldi is a favorite grocery store of ours because they have high-quality products at fantastic prices. The German-based grocer has developed a cult-like following over the years, and the company holds an annual Fan Favorites survey to discover Aldi’s best-loved products.This year’s awards had 23 categoriesfrom alcohol to vegetarian/vegan optionsand we have the whole list of winners!

We can’t wait to try a lot of these products, and some of them have already become staples in our own homes. Aldi is making it even easier to find them in stores by placing blue heart-shaped “Fan Favorites” logos on these winning grocery items. Check out the healthy food and beverage winners, below:

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The Produce Is Limited But Whats There Gets An A+

Aldis selection of fruits and veggies is limited, but what is available looks really fresh. Still-green bananas are $0.49 a pound, which is the super-special price my grocery store offers only when its trying to unload the last of a shipment. There are trays of firm avocados, and bags of green kale, lettuce, and other leafy greens. Mom heads straight for the citrus. I always liked grapefruit, but your dad didnt so I got away from buying these, she says. I think Im going to try them again.

Simply Nature Organic Marinara Pasta Sauce

Specially Selected Salad Dressing 255ml

This marinara sauce is refreshing and has great taste from the basil and other herbs. It’s full of flavor, yet the texture is light, so it won’t make your plate of pasta feel too weighed down. Use as a dip for warm bread, or enjoy on pasta with some Parmesan cheese! A jar of Simply Nature Organic Marinara Pasta Sauce costs $1.89.

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Specially Selected Gourmet Three Cheese Vinaigrette Dressing

Made with three cheeses, Asiago, Romano, and Parmesan, along with garlic, this savory dressing adds a bit of indulgence to your meal. You can use it on salads for a rich, creamy texture. We recommend serving it on greens with some nuts for crunch, grilled chicken, and tart Granny Smith apple slices. A bottle of Specially Selected Gourmet Three Cheese Vinaigrette Dressing costs $2.19.

Vegetarian/vegan: Earth Grown Veggie Burgers

This is a fan favorite of ours over at EatingWell, too! We love that this vegan burger is actually made with vegetables, whole grains and legumes instead of ingredients we can’t pronounce. At just 90 calories per patty, these burgers have 3 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein to give you a tasty nutrition boost.

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If Youre Not Going To Make Your Own Salad Dressing Aldi Has The One To Get

My mom tells me that my brother and sister-in-law sing the praises of Aldis salad dressings, particularly the Specially Selected Three-Cheese Vinaigrette made with apple cider vinegar mixed with Parmesan, romano, and asiago cheeses. This one is really hard to find! she adds, snatching two bottles and tossing them into the cart. We also speculate on the Aldi brand versus the more recognizable version, which have similar labels and are placed side by side on the shelf, with the Aldi brand at a steep discount. Hmmm but we decide to save the blind taste test experiment for another trip.

Choceur Moser Roth And Specialty Chocolate


The regular chocolate chips and baking chocolate are so-so. Theyre passable for cookies, but not great. But good newsthey have a wonderful selection of specialty chocolate! These bars are delicious and often European chocolates . Im sure I dont have to tell anyone twicegive their chocolate bars a try.

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Aldi Makes Summer Shopping Convenient

Did you know that ALDI operates more than 40 stores in the St. Louis area, providing convenient access to fresh, high-quality groceries at unbeatable prices? For added convenience, curbside grocery pickup is now available for shoppers at more than 20 St. Louis stores. To find out which area stores offer curbside, shoppers can visit

The Prices Are Legit Better Than Costco And Other Places

Holy cow, that jar is bigger than Costco. And a better price, too! Mom says, sending me to retrieve a huge jar of chicken flavor bouillon for $4.75. There are a zillion things you make with bouillon, she tells me, from risotto to soups to veggie dishes to any chicken dish where dried-out meat is a real concern. However, this size jug would last one person well into the next presidential administration, so its a pass for now.

But right next door is a box of roasted red pepper and tomato soup that perfectly mirrors another organic variety I got mom hooked on that costs three times this much. Were both pretty stoked about this $1.99 version, so we buy some for her, and some for me.

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Top Aldi Finds Of The Week

Beyond those Simply sauces and dressings, here are the top 20 ALDI Finds of the week.

  • Never Any! turkey bacon 8 oz, $2.99
  • Mama Cozzis 12 gluten free deli pizza , $5.99
  • Mama Cozzis frozen artisan pizza, $4.99
  • Bentons Thins sandwich cremes, $1.55
  • Bentons keto cookies , $2.99
  • Simply Nature grain free cookie bites, $2.99
  • Simply Nature organic grass fed chuck roast, $7.99
  • Whole & Simple products, ranging from a $1.99 burrito to $4.99 breakfast bites
  • Park Street Deli 16 oz spinach dip, $3.49
  • Simply Nature organic chicken or vegetable bone broth soup, $2.79
  • Fusia 13 oz frozen sushi, $5.79
  • 5 Money Tree, $7.99
  • Crofton ceramic ramen noodle bowl, $4.99
  • Crofton 14 stir fry wok pan, $9.99
  • Crofton teppanyaki grill plate or reversible griddle-grill, $14.99
  • Pembrook 4 piece scissors set, $3.99
  • Little Journey retractable gate, $29.99
  • Bauhn charge tower pro or multipack cables, $14.99
  • Crofton knife sharpener, $8.99
  • Ambiano premium nutrition blender, $29.99
  • Im kind of thinking about going back to pick up a money tree they looked so healthy and pretty. What are you picking up this week?

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    • Manufacturer :FCV

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    Alcohol: Winking Owl Moscato

    We must say, we were pretty surprised to see a moscato get top honors here, but we are definitely adding it to our list of Aldi wines to try. Moscato is a fruity, sweet wine and this winner from Aldi has flavors of white citrus, apricot and peach. It pairs well with light cheeses, spicy foods and your favorite desserts.

    Deli: Never Any Oven Roasted Turkey Or Uncured Black Forest Ham

    Never Any! Is a popular line of meats at Aldi, since all of these products are made without antibiotics, animal by-products, added hormones, added steroids or salt. These Roasted Turkey and Uncured Black Forest Ham slices are ones you can feel good about sliding into your child’s sandwich or layering on top of a lunch salad.

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    Calories In Aldi Specially Selected Ranch Salad Dressing 255ml

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    What Sets Aldi Apart

    Specially Selected Garlic & Peppercorn Gourmet Salad Dressing

    Shopping at ALDI is a unique experience. It certainly isnt your big, coupon-friendly, buy-everything-on-your-list grocery store. Some of ALDIs quirks may be intimidating to a first-time shopper. But, once youre in the door and see all the ALDI deals, youll be convinced!

    The first of several greatreally greatthings about ALDI is their Twice as Nice Guarantee. On some of their products, if you end up not liking it, or it didnt meet your expectations, take the package, any unused portion of the product and your receipt of purchase back to ALDI and theyll issue a refund AND a replacement. Another bonus? ALDI recently announced theyve removed several artificial ingredients from their exclusive brand products. If youre concerned about partially hydrogenated oils, synthetic colors and added MSG, this should come as great news. They also launched their own non-GMO and organic products as of late and they are just as good as any other name brands.

    ALDI takes an innovative, low-overhead approach to business that allows them to offer big savings to their customers. You wont see a lot of employees straightening up the aisles, bagging your groceries, and stocking shelves. Many items are brought to the floor on pallets to allow for quick restocking and rotation. Big yellow signs above the pallets and on the shelves list the prices. If youre curious what the store looks like, ALDI offers a virtual tour on their website.

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    What To Know Before You Go

    Remember what I said about bringing a quarter for a cart? Well, their cart rental system is another way they keep a low overhead. It requires a quarter deposit when you take your cart out of the line. Simply put your quarter in the slot and the cart will release. When youre finished, return your cart and youll get your quarter back. This way, the store saves on employees time retrieving carts from the parking lot.

    ALDI accepts most major credit cards as well as EBT, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Because the majority of their products are ALDI-exclusive brands or special manufacturers deals, they dont accept coupons. Bring your rock bottom price list with you when you go, so you can be sure youre truly getting the best deal. ALDI exclusive brands are where youll usually find the best bargains. Purchases on toiletries and brand-name items are often cheaper in a traditional store with a coupon, although sometimes ALDI will negotiate a special offer on name-brand products.

    One more thingwhen you see the checkout lines, dont despair! A lot of the time, lines look long and congested, but heres yet another way ALDI is different. Their products are bar coded in several places, which means cashiers can quickly zap your products through. Its a sight to seetheyre super-fast!

    Items To Avoid At Aldi

    Not every item at ALDI is a dont-miss item. As I said before, you arent likely to find everything on your shopping list. Theres usually only one version of most items, so you wont have the wide selection youre used to at your everyday grocery store. Ive found a few items dont make the cut, even if theyre priced cheaper.

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    Top 20 Aldi Finds Week Of 1/13/21

    Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, where I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

    Im glad to see Reggano Simply Marinara pasta sauce back at ALDI this week, at just $1.49. This is my favorite affordable store brand sauce its made with real ingredients and contains no added sugars.

    Use it in simple family recipes like this Easy Cheesy Beautiful Pasta Skillet, or its sister Easy Cheesy Vegetarian Pasta Skillet.

    And while were being Simply, dont miss this weeks Tuscan Garden Simply Salad dressings: Available in lemon poppyseed, raspberry vinaigrette, or white balsamic citrus basil for $1.49 a bottle.

    Finding the Finds:

    • Check out the ALDI Finds and current weekly ad tabs on the ALDI site to window shop from home.
    • If youre planning an in-store shopping trip, use their online ad to help determine what youll grab and purchase if you do see it in the store.

    As always, prices may vary by store and by region.

    Simply Nature Creamy Almond Butter

    Specially Selected Roasted Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette ...

    Almond butter can be considered a condiment in a way, since you can add it to sandwiches or mix it into satay sauce in place of peanut butter. If you want a smooth, fresh-tasting nut butter, this pick from Aldi is your best option. The deep flavor of the almonds and easy-to-spread nature is perfect for serving on toast, fruit, or eating with a spoon straight out of the jar. A jar of Simply Nature Creamy Almond Butter costs $4.99.

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    Aldi Has Quality Meat

    My dads Restaurant Depot runs were the stuff of legend, so he left behind a very full freezer of very large cuts of beef. However, Mom sees some much smaller cuts of Black Angus. Black Angus is good stuff, she says, digging through the selection of vacuum-sealed packs. Where we do a hard pass, though, is at the $1.99 braunschweiger. Ugh, your dad loved that stuff, Mom remembers. Disgusting.

    Aldi Specially Selected Raspberry Vinegar

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    Frozen Jumbo Shrimp & Seafood

    Frozen seafood items are usually one of the best ALDI deals. The frozen jumbo shrimp are always a bargain. Dont bother with the other sizes of shrimp though, they arent worth the price compared to their weight. The frozen salmon portions and tilapia fillets are also a few dollars less than your average grocery store.

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