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Salt And Pepper Shaker Mini Vases

ð? Lemons ð? at Dollar Tree: Lemon plates, bowls, glasses and more!!

Transform salt and pepper shakers into mini vases for your tablescape by painting them to give them a rustic touch. First, spray them with black chalkboard paint and let dry. Then, add a layer of acrylic paint in your choice of color. When dry, rough up the paint with sandpaper. Lastly, add a ribbon or twine bow at the top and fill with flowers.

How To Make Beautiful Buffalo Check Plates With Mod Podge

Pick up a few Dollar Store glass plates, some buffalo check fabric and mod podge, to make quick and easy decoupage plates.

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Hello and welcome! If you follow me on or , you know I have a slight obsession with buffalo check.

One of my favorite DIYs so far were the buffalo check curtains I made for my kitchen shown here:

There was quite a bit of scrap fabric left from the curtains, so I used them to make buffalo check pumpkins. Because my fall decorating would not be complete without it!

I love to participate in tablescape blog hops and have a Thanksgiving one coming up. What better accent plates to use than buffalo check.

Back to the fabric store I went, with coupon in hand, to grab another yard of my favorite navy and white pattern.

To make these decoupage plates, here is what you will need:

Can I Use Fabric Paper And More

I highly recommend using a cotton or cotton blend if youre going to use fabric. The more pliable the fabric, the better. Silks dont decoupage well and home decor fabric will be too think.

Ive used tissue paper and napkins on the backs of plates with success. Like the fabric, the more pliable, the better. Cardstock isnt going to work well on the back of a plate, unless the plate is completely flat .

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Food Storage Bags Aluminum Foil And Cling Wrap

You really do get what you pay for with these household staples. It may only be a buck for a box of bags, but look again. How many bags are you really getting? And will they hold a seal like the name brand bags you buy in grocery stores? As for cling wrap, it won’t be of the same quality as the varieties you’ll find in your supermarket. Expect it to be tricky to get off the roll, thin, and not very “clingy” at all. And the foil will be paper-thin and tear easily.

Im Serving Up Some Crafty Inspiration With These Diys Made From Cheap Plastic Serving Platters

The Dollar Store is a wealth of cheap party supplies, toiletries, snack foods, and seasonal decor items. But, if youre willing to get a bit creative, it also a great place to shop for craft and DIY decor supplies. For instance, take those dollar plastic serving trays. They come in clear, silver, or sometimes a bright color. Theyre perfect for serving up appetizers and snacks at your next get-together. BUT theyre also perfect for your next craft project. Heres some inspiration to get you started.

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Glassware Cups And Mugs

There’s a decent selection of glassware in most dollar stores, and they’re perfectly safe for the home. They’re not made of inferior glass that will shatter when you breathe on them. The glasses may not be the most current styles, and you may not get exactly the shape you were looking for. But if you’re just looking to add a few glasses to your cupboard, your money goes a long way here. The same goes for cups and mugs. Again, don’t expect a massive array of the latest styles. But they hold tea and coffee just fine.

Design Your Own Glass Plates Tutorial

Todays tutorial, I am going to show you how you can make your own decorative plate for less than $2.00. How fun is this???

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The supplies you will need are listed below:

  • glass clear plate I purchased my plates at the Dollar Tree
  • material I purchased my material at Hobby Lobby
  • Mod Podge
  • alcohol and a paper towel

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Diy Decorative Salad Plates

I just love setting my table for the Seasons and Holidays. I have seen where people make their own decorative plates using dishwasher safe mod podge and napkins. I decided to give them a try but I wanted to use fabric and I am addicted to making these plates. You can purchase the clear glass salad plates from Dollar Tree or Walmart also carries them for .98 cents and they are larger then the Dollar Tree ones. Even though this is dishwasher safe mod podge you need to let the dished cure for 28 days and when placing in the dishwasher use the top rack. These decorative salad plates are not to be put in the microwave.

My Finished Stencils With Ceramic Paint

DIY Dollar Tree Plates | Upcycle Decoupage Glass w/ Napkin and Mod Podge

The ceramic paint is applied to the stencils just like our ChalkArt and GelArt Ink. All you have to do is let the ceramic painted designs sit for 12 hours. Then they are ready to use.

Here are my completed Dollar Tree salad plates with the ceramic~painted stencil design.

Arent these plates the cutest? So easy to do with stencils and ceramic paint. You can use them in your plate settings because they are food safe and microwave safe. They will also make darling display items in your home decor.

Just be sure to hand wash them.

For more ideas for using ceramic paint, take a look at these projects:

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Dollar Tree Is Dishing Up The Citrus Vibes This Summer

Head over to Dollar Tree where you might find this Lemon Ceramic Dinnerware Collection for just $1 per piece valid both in-store and online.

We spotted dinner and salad plates, bowls, mugs, stemless wine glasses, kitchen linens, and more!

Grab your squeezable stash for the best picnic ever!

We picked these deals

Attaching The Fabric To The Plates

Using a paintbrush apply the dishwasher safe mod podge to the back center of a salad plate. Place and center your fabric onto the back of the plate then rub the fabric with your hand to make sure it has not bubbles and is secure to the plate. I found it easier to do just the center of the plate first, attach the fabric then do the sides but you can certainly cover the whole back of the plate with mod podge at once if your would like. Next lift up the side of the fabric add the dishwasher safe mode podge to the side of the plate and attach your fabric making sure you are rubbing any bubbles or creases out with your hand. Continue working your way around the plate until you have all the fabric attached.

Now that you have the fabric attached to the plate your are going to apply the dishwasher safe mod podge to the top of the fabric. Using a paintbrush give the top of the fabric a good coat of mod podge then let dry for 1 to 2 hours. After your plate has dried apply another coat of mod podge to the top of the fabric and again let dry for 1 to 2 hours. Repeat these steps to each decorative salad plate you want to make.

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Gift Wrap Cards And Party Supplies

What’s the most depressing thing about buying gift-wrap? Personally, I hate spending $3-$4 on a roll of paper that is specifically designed to be seen for 10 seconds before it’s ripped off and thrown in the trash. That’s why I always get it from the dollar store. It’s 75% cheaper, it looks just the same, and it’s not so painful to see it get annihilated. While you’re there, grab balloons, plates, cups, plastic cutlery, greeting cards, and anything else related to a birthday or anniversary. You’ll save a ton of money over the years.

Jingle Bell Door Hanger

Words on Wheels: A Frugal McTable of Paddy O

The sound of jingle bells during the holidays is so delightful! Hang one of these jingle bell door hangers on your front door to jazz it up, and to let you know when guests have arrived. Available in assorted colors.

More Tips: These door hangers also look great hung on your window latches they add that little-something-special to your windows. You could even use them on a tree as a decoration. They also make a nice embellishment on gift packages just tie one on your package with ribbon and you have an extra gift.

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Clear Cellophane Favor Bags

Add all your wedding favors for your wedding party and/or guests to these cellophane bags that are perfect for tying with satin ribbon and adding a personalized gift tag. Your gifts will show through these clear bags, or for some extra bling, consider adding some small metallic confetti to the bag.

Preparing The Plates And Fabric

Lay your fabric print facing down. Next place your glass plate bottom facing up on top of your fabric. Center your plate over the print your want to be showing on your plate. Hold your pencil at a slant against the edge of your plate, this is so your trace line will not be right next to the edge of your plate. Trace the plate onto the fabric. Cut out your fabric about a 1 away from the trace line. Repeat these steps for each glass salad plate you are making.

Next using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol clean the back of each salad plate.

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How To Make Your Own Decorative Plate

Start off with a clean plate. Wipe all the smudges and dust with a paper towel and alcohol.

Cut your material to cover the entire back side of your plate.

Apply a good amount of Mod podge to the back of the plate. Using a generous amount, spread the Mod podge evenly on the entire back side making sure to get the edges. I found it sticks better when you apply more on the plate.

Center the material, , onto the glued plate. Pressing the material firmly on to the plate. Keep rubbing until the material is securely attached.

Let dry for several hours, turn the plate over and trim off the excess material. I tilt my scissors to get a close cut.

Apply another coat of Mod podge to the top of the fabric.

Let dry for several hours.

Finally, when the Mod Podge is dry, your plates are done! I did not use dishwasher safe Mod Podge because I am using mine for decorative purposes only.

Where To Buy Plates

How to Turn Dollar Tree Plates into Beautiful Gifts

I get asked frequently where to buy glass plates, and luckily you have a lot of options. My favorite places for clear glass plates are Dollar Tree and the thrift store. You can also find plates on .

Sometimes you can find clear plates at Target, Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or other craft stores but its hit or miss as far as Im concerned. If youre impatient, go online for sure.

Are you ready to jump into the project? Keep reading to learn how to make these holiday plates.

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Choosing Your Stencil Designs

In addition to your glass surface, you will also need the stencils of your choice. A Makers Studio has hundreds of tri~mesh stencils for you to choose from.

I chose to use 5 different stencil designs to demonstrate how versatile the stencils are.

These designs are from 5 different stencil packages, each having multiple designs:

Items For Painting With Ceramic Paint

I dont want to give away too much of this project to paint glass with ceramic paint. I encourage you to check out the full tutorial on A Makers Studio Facebook page.

For this project, I used clear glass 7.5 inch salad plates from Dollar Tree. Beside glass salad plates, you can also use:

  • dinner plates
  • glass in frames

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Diy Mod Podge Plates Your Guests Will Admire

Home / Craft Ideas / Dollar Store Crafts / DIY Mod Podge Plates Your Guests Will Admire

Create these unique Mod Podge plates your guests will love use clear glass plates from the dollar store, fabric, and Mod Podge.

Hi guys! Im Amy from My 3 Monsters and Im thrilled to be here today. Mod Podge is one of my all-time favorite . There is NO END to what it can do! Seriously, yall on my blog I have used it to make over everything from dressy shoes to a drink cooler.

This holiday season, I really wanted some red plaid dinner plates to pair with the white embossed snowflake salad plates I use every year. The only problem is, I wasnt able to find the plates I wanted for purchase anywhere.

At least not the kind I was dreaming of, or in my budget. Undaunted, I decided to make my own out of clear glass plates that are available at most dollar stores.

I cant believe I didnt think of this party craft first, especially with my Mod Podge obsession. Time to remedy the situation with a unique !

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Thanksgiving &  Fall Ceramic Dinnerware Only $1 at Dollar Tree

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I love the dollar store, and agree with most of the article, but I have to disagree with buying drinking glasses and mugs there. You will get more for your money at a discount department store. A quick search yields a couple results of a 12-pack of glass tumblers at less than $11.

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How To Paint Glass With Ceramic Paint

Have you ever painted glass? Let me show you how to how to paint glass with ceramic paint for your home.

Ceramic paint can be used on plates, glasses, vases, platters, or tiles. Its designed to be a permanent way to add pattern, quotes, sayings, and designs to accessories in your home decor.

Affordable glass items from Dollar Tree are perfect for adding decorative surfaces. This easy tutorial will teach you how to paint glass with ceramic paint.

Milk Glass Plates For Christmas Decor

I thrifted four milk glass plates and repurposed them as wall décor for Christmas.

I found the design I like and uploaded them to the Cricut Design Space. I resized the design to fit the inside diameter of the plate then cut it on a red vinyl with my Cricut Maker.

Weeded out the negative. I like using fine point tweezers as my weeding tool.

Used a transfer sheet that was cut the same round shape.

Transferred my decal onto the plate, removing the transfer sheet after.

I decided to weave some ribbon through the openings of the plates so it wont look too plain. The 5/8-inch gingham ribbon was cut in half lengthwise to fit through the plate.

This is the finished project with a little added embellishments over the ribbon.

And here they are on a display plate rack.

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Holiday Spirits Wine Glasses

I love these fun Full of Holiday Spirits glasses! It would be fun to serve beverages in them at a holiday party and would make your guests smile.

More Tips: I think it would be fun to turn these glasses into mini gift baskets for co-workers! Fill each glass with small wrapped holiday candies, holiday Gummy Bears, or other small treats. Tuck the filled glass into a clear treat bag and tie it off with a ribbon. Your coworkers will thank you!

Diy Dollar Tree Christmas Tiered Peppermint Tray

How to Personalize Dollar Tree’s Clear Glass Plates!!! Under $10 Easy Dollar Tree DIY and Gift

Nov 28, 2019 | Crafts,

Who doesnt love a tiered tray? ESPECIALLY around the holidays!

The possibilities are nearly endless!

A 2 or 3 tiered tray would make for a one-of-a-kind Cookies for Santa platter, as well as a soap dish, jewelry holder, serving tray, a hostess gift decked with homemade candy the list could go on and on

However, its no secret that tiered trays are not among the most affordable home decor items .

Introducing my budget friendly solution for a

$7 DIY Dollar Tree Christmas 2 Tiered Tray!

I may have cheated and purchased 2 items from the Target Dollar Spot for $1 each but more on that later

Watch my 2019 DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tiered Tray tutorial here:

Dollar Tree


Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Bullseyes Playground, 12 x 12 Red Glitter & Matte White = $1 each

NOTE: I purchased a red glitter and white matte vinyl in-store at Target. I dont currently see those options on their website, but here is a link to other vinyl options they have.

These are items I already owned and I did not factor into the overall cost of my DIY Project.

Gorilla Clear Glue, 3.75 ounce Bottle, Clear


Step 1:

Coat the plates , candlestick, and the detached wooden handle from the foam paint brush in 2 coats of Rustoleum Satin Seaside Spray Paint, waiting for the paint to fully dry between applications.

Step 2:

If you own a Cricut, follow the instructions in the video tutorial, found here.

If you do not own a Cricut:

Step 3:

Step 12:

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