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Early Career And Syzygy

Chuck E. Cheese Salad Bar

Bushnell worked at for many years while attending college. He was made manager of the games department two seasons after starting. While working there, he became familiar with arcade such as ‘s Speedway , watching customers play and helping to maintain the machinery while learning how it worked, developing his understanding of how the game business operates. He was also interested in the , where theme park customers would have to use skill and luck to ultimately achieve the goal and win the prize. He liked the concept of getting people curious about the game and from there getting them to pay the fee in order to play.

While in college, he worked for several employers, including , Hadley Ltd, and the industrial engineering department at the U of U. For several summers, he built his own advertising company, Campus Company, which produced blotters for four universities and sold advertising space around a calendar of events. He also sold copies of .

After graduating, Bushnell had moved to California from Utah with the hopes of being hired by , but the company was not in the routine practice of hiring fresh college graduates. Instead, Bushnell got a job as an electrical engineer with . At Ampex, he met fellow employee and found they had common interests. Bushnell shared his ideas of creating pizza parlors filled with electronic games with Dabney, and took Dabney to the computing labs at to show him Spacewar.

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Chuck E Cheeses Will Look A Lot Different Once It Reopens

All of the more than 610 Chuck E. Cheeses locations around the country remain closed, with no public timeline for reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But when the struggling eatertainment chain once again opens its doors to families for pizza and arcade games, it will operate much differently than it did before COVID-19, according to reopening guidelines shared by the Irving, Texas-based chain earlier this month.

Among the operational changes:

  • Guest temperatures will be checked upon entering.
  • Masks encouraged for all guests.
  • Hands sanitized upon entry.
  • Kids will be checked in with a photo, rather than a hand stamp.
  • Prepackaged salads will be sold in lieu of the salad bar.
  • Birthday parties will only be held by private reservation, outside of normal business hours.
  • Multiplayer arcade games will be limited to one player.
  • Game prizes will be prepackaged, to limit time at the counter.
  • Arcade games will be spaced at least 6 feet apart, along with booths and other seating.
  • Stores will be sanitized every 30 minutes.

And the chains signature mouse mascot, Charles Entertainment Cheese, wont be strolling around, posing for selfies with kids, any time soon, according to a recent YouTube statement from CEO David McKillips.

Chuck E. Cheese himself will be resting until he gets ready to get back out on the dance floor, McKillips said.

Regardless of state reopening guidelines, Chuck E. Cheeses will not reopen our door just because we can, the chain said.

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Chuck E Cheese’s Cheesy Bread

This is where things start looking up. While it may not be the best item on the menu, we can’t deny that the cheesy bread from Chuck E. Cheese is pretty good. Apparently, other people agree with us, as there seems to be a demand for a copycat recipe that you can make at home.

The bread is nice and soft, with enough texture to make every mouthful an enjoyable one. Mozzarella and cheddar cheese are combined to create a cheesy masterpiece that blesses the soft-baked bread. But the best part about this dish is undoubtedly the garlic spread. If we’re honest, the garlic spread is the entire reason why we like the cheesy bread at this spot.

There are also different choices for dipping sauces when you order this item. You could always go for a ranch dressing. But if you want to take our advice, we suggest you opt for the marinara instead. It adds some depth to the cheesy bread and doesn’t make you feel like you’re loading yourself up with too much dairy.

Chuck E Cheese’s Gluten


Listen, we know that some people have no choice but to be gluten-free. Maybe you have celiac, or maybe you just don’t feel well when you eat gluten. By all means, if you don’t have a choice, opt for this gluten-free option if you just need to get something in your belly to ease the hunger pains.

On the other hand, if you have a choice in what to order, it should definitely not be this pizza. Why? Let’s start with the texture. It doesn’t taste or feel like a normal pizza crust. We know it’s gluten-free, but there are definitely better gluten-free options out there.

Just think about it. Is Chuck E. Cheese the best place to grab a pizza? Definitely not. If they’re not even that good at the regular stuff, why would you trust them to make you a more-finicky gluten-free pie? Unless you’re super hungry and won’t be leaving anytime soon, we have to advise against this order.

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Chuck E Cheese Menu & Prices 2021

Chuck E. Cheese is a family fun center that is best known for its array of arcade games and kids birthday parties. Oh, and the famous mouse mascot that you can find strolling around and taking photos with customers. Chuck E. Cheese is not just an arcade, though. They have become rather well-known for their food and beverage menu, namely their famous pizza.

In addition to pizza, they serve, wings, salad, subs, and desserts, as well as soda and alcoholic beverages. You can even place an order for delivery online.

Heres a look at the latest Chuck E. Cheese menu prices.

View Estimated Prices in Your State

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Chuck E Cheese Franchising Information

There are more than 600 Chuck E. Cheese stores in the world. It has expanded in more than 15 countries. We are the largest family entertainment franchise in the U.S. and a leader in family fun around the globe.

And if you want to one a Chuck E. Cheese store on your own, this is how much it will cost you.

Liquid Capital Required

More Information On Chuck E Cheeses

CECU – Salad Bar

Chuck E. Cheeses Store Coupons

Looking for ways to save money? Check out the Chuck E. Cheeses website and print out store coupons

Kid Check® from Chuck E. Cheeses

All guests in a group get a unique hand stamp upon entry. The hand stamp is verified upon leaving to ensure all in the group are together.

Clean & Open Environment at Chuck E. Cheeses

All areas of the restaurant and play area are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.

Chuck E. Cheeses Kids Corner

Guests can also enjoy everything Chuck E. has to offer even when you are home. Visit the official website and head over to the Kids Corner page and spend time learning and having fun. Kids will be able to play online games, download apps, watch videos, print coloring pages and download cool Chuck E. Cheeses wallpaper.

The Ticket to Your Next Celebration

Chuck E. Cheeses is a great spot to host your next birthday party, fundraising event or group event. Chuck E. Cheeses and the crew will take care of all the details as you and your group enjoy all the video games.

Chuck E-Club®

Be sure to join the Chuck E-Club. For parents, the benefits include offers & discounts on tokens, information about new menu items, special deals, and kid-specific activities.

History of Chuck E. Cheeses

For more information about Chuck E. Cheeses, visit their official website.

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Chuck E Cheese’s Chicken Nugget Platter

If you’re looking for the tastiest entree on the menu, you have to order the chicken nugget platter. Yes, it is just as glorious as it sounds. Who doesn’t want to dig into an entire platter of nuggets? These chicken nuggets have a nice, crispy exterior that gives way to juicy chicken that you’ll want to eat more and more of.

And when you order this dish, it’s not like you’re going to have to share your portion of nuggets with everyone else. Since you can order a whole platter, you’re actually getting enough nuggets to feed about eight people. And the best part? You can choose your very own sauces to mix and match. You get four different options, so choose wisely for the best dunks.

Whether you’re trying to feed your whole family or you have an entire party along with you, this is one order that nearly everyone will adore. All hail the nugget.

Chuck E Cheese’s Wings Platter

Ready for some wings? Luckily for you, there are several different wing varieties you can get at Chuck E. Cheese. Choose from traditional bone-in wings or boneless white meat nuggets that even the kids will love. Then, you have your choice of sauce. Want something that’s on the spicier side? In that case, you have to try the hot buffalo. Maybe you prefer your wings on the sweeter side. That’s when you should go for the sweet chili option. You can also get smoky BBQ or just plain wings. Isn’t that a ton of options more than you might expect from an indoor play place?

Then, when you get the wings platter, you get the choice of mixing and matching all your favorites. The wings platter feeds about six people, so everyone can chow down on their order of choice. You can get three different types of wings so there’s something for everyone. That makes it easy to ensure that everyone in your crew is well-fed.

The wings are pretty average, but they’re not bad. We do like the hot buffalo sauce because it packs a zesty kick. And the plain wings are great for picky eaters.

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Food And Fun At Chuck E Cheeses

As Chuck E. Cheeses continues to innovate, theyve also added delicious specialty pizza flavors including their Cali Alfredo which is seriously amazing and apparently a fan favorite, BBQ Chicken , Veggie and classic Pepperoni.

And guess what?! In a recent nationwide blind taste test, more than 60 percent of people expressing a preference chose Chuck E. Cheeses Thin & Crispy pepperoni pizza over Pizza Huts® Thin and Crispy pepperoni pizza.

And like I said before, I looooove their endless salad bar. Its so full of fresh veggies and salad-y options. My oldest son wanted in on it too, he loves salad bars and piles his plate so high. He even went back for seconds and thirds! See!!! This is plate 1 of 3!!! In addition to pizza, Chuck E. Cheeses also offers other food items such as traditional and boneless wings, wraps, cheesy bread, and pretzel bites.

New dessert offerings include Cinnamon Dessert Pizza , Churros and a giant warm, chocolate chip cookie.

And of course you cannot come to Chuck E. Cheeses and not play the games. Feed your tickets into the ticket exchange machine and then deliberating on what prizes you should get with your tickets!!!Families can enjoy their favorite handmade pizzas, fresh salads and delicious cinnamon dessert pizza at the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, available Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. 2p.m. starting on September 5 at participating locations.

You can also follow Chuck E. Cheeses on social media here:

Chuck E Cheese’s Veggie Pizza

Clean well stocked salad bar...

When you go somewhere like Chuck E. Cheese, you can almost guarantee there’s going to be some pizza around. After all, what else would you eat at a child’s birthday party? Well, just because you’re vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the assortment of pies you’ll find at Chuck E. Cheese. They have a veggie pizza that’s better than you might expect.

It’s made with a wide variety of veggies, including olives, mushrooms, green peppers, red onions, and tomatoes. We love how many veggies they pack onto each slice it makes you feel like you’re making a healthy decision even when you’re throwing back slice after slice of pizza.

For a pizza you’d find at a play place, it’s pretty good. The cheese and the crust aren’t the tastiest in the world, but when you smother it all with fresh veggies, it’s actually something you’d want to order. Whether you’re vegetarian or just want to take a break from meat for a meal, this is a solid option.

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Chuck E Cheeses History

The first Chuck E. Cheeses originated in San Jose, California as the brain child of Nolan Bushnell, who is also famous for his groundbreaking work at Atari during that time. In fact, according to an interview he did for The Atlantic in 2013, he was looking for a way to create a venue for the video game machines that Atari was distributing at the time.

In 1984 Chuck E. Cheeses merged with the Showbiz Pizza Place chain and by the early 1990s had renamed all of the locations Chuck E. Cheeses. As of 2014 there were 577 Chuck E. Cheese locations.

Fun Fact: The original mascot for the chain was supposed to be a coyote but the costume store where Bushnell ordered the exterior for the animatronics team sent over a rat instead. After briefly considering the name of Rick Rats Pizza, Bushnell went with Chuck E. Cheeses on the advice of some sensible co-workers.

Chuck E Cheese Just Got Major Makeover And Axed The Animal Band

Soon fans of animatronic mouses will no longer be able to enjoy a robotic show at Chuck E. Cheeses. The arcade-restaurant chain is about to give all of its locations a big makeover and they’re officially getting rid of Munchs Make Believe Band for good.

Chuck E. Cheese first announced that changes were on the way in 2017. But this week, the brand unveiled the new store design and it looks nothing like the family-friendly chain featured in 1990s commercials.

In addition to ditching the band, the brand’s redesign at its 600-plus locations will include a lighted interactive dance floor where a larger-than-life Chuck E. mascot will mingle with kids, dance and pose for photos with partiers.

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Buyout And Modern Redesign

By 2012, CEC was struggling with decreasing revenue. They ran a rebranding campaign, changing the rat mascot into a rock star guitar-playing mouse. In-store restaurant sales continued to decline through 2013 but merchandising and box office revenue increased.

In February 2014, Apollo Global Management acquired CEC Entertainment, Inc. for $54 per share, or about $950 million. In October 2014, under Apollo Global Management, CEC Entertainment announced that they would purchase their Phoenix-based competitor, Peter Piper Pizza from ACON Investments.

In August 2017, the company began to pilot a new design concept at seven remodeled locations , branded as Chuck E. Cheese Pizzeria & Games. These locations feature more upscale decor with a “muted” interior color scheme, an open kitchen, the “Play Pass” card system to replace arcade tokens, and the animatronic stage show replaced by a dance floor area. These changes, along with expansions to food offerings, were intended to help the chain be more appealing to adults and encourage family dining as opposed to primarily hosting parties.

It Doesnt Have To Be Expensive

Chuck E Cheese University Training: Salad Bar (1991)

Sometimes when you think about taking your kids anywhere it seems like it is just like hooking a vacuum cleaner straight up to your wallet. Chuck E Cheese has several options to make the trip very affordable dining and entertainment.

  • Coupons are everywhere! You can usually find coupons in your local paper or circulars, but I dont always remember to clip them and keep them, so I love that they have a coupon page right on their website. You can grab a coupon at a moments notice without having to keep up with a thing. That is winning.
  • Check for local specials or promos. Most locations run special promotions that offer savings or bonus fun for the kids. Our location does neon night on Fridays and an all you can play card on Wednesdays for a really reasonable price. Not only are these extra great for the kids, but they are often on less busy nights too.
  • Go for lunch! If you have preschoolers or your kids are out of school for the day, make a trip to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. They have an all-you-can-eat lunch special at most locations and kids under 4 eat for free! It is a great way to let them run around, get energy out, and fill up! This was one of our favorite things to do during the winter last year!
  • So what do you think? Was any of this news to you? I love all of the new menu items and adult friendly features that Chuck E Cheese has added. Do you have any tips or favorites I missed? I would love for you to share with me in the comments below!

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