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Keto Salad Dressings To Buy: Best Brands Healthiest Products And Walmart Options

How To Make Healthy Sugar Free Salad Dressing

There are plenty of trustworthy salad dressing brands and popular products you can find at your local grocery store or superstore chains like Walmart or Target.

Before you add anything to your cart, however, make sure to check the nutrition facts and ingredients label to confirm that it is something you want to add to your keto lifestyle. When in doubt, try using the three keto dressing characteristics we learned about earlier to help guide your decision.

Lets begin our journey through keto-friendly store-bought dressings with the cheaper, easier-to-find options. The following list of dressings are likely to be found at most grocery store chains, Walmart, and Target .

  • Hidden Valley Ranch
  • Great Value Creamy Caesar Dressing *
  • Kraft Classic Caesar Dressing
  • Kraft Ranch
  • Kraft Creamy Italian
  • Kens Steakhouse Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Kens Steakhouse Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
  • Great Value Classic Ranch Dressing & Dip *
  • Great Value Blue Cheese Dressing *
  • Great Value Buttermilk Ranch Dressing *
  • Skinny Girl Dressings this brand focuses on making sugar-free products that are very low in calories, and fat. Double-check the label to make sure the net carbs fit within your daily carb limit. Only use these dressings if you are already eating too much fat throughout the day.

*This denotes a keto dressing exclusively found at Walmart.

Keep in mind that these will not be the healthiest dressings, but they are more budget-friendly and keto-friendly.

Are Salad Dressings Bad For You

It depends. Not all salad dressings are created equal. A lot of dressings that are contain corn syrup as their main ingredient. Believe it or not, some popular salad dressings in stores are even worse for you than chocolate syrup!

Unfortunately, most store-bought salad dressings are made with unhealthy, inflammatory seed oils and are full of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Its important to always read the labels on any product that youre going to consume. Making your own is the safest option!

Newman’s Own Balsamic Vinaigrette

When you’re looking for a healthy salad dressing, balsamic is usually your go-to, right? Maybe not this one. Balsamic is known for its subtle sweet hints, but this offering is packed with a significant amount of heart-taxing salt. And contrary to its label, balsamic vinegar is a lowly third on the ingredient list, snailing behind fillers such as soybean oil and water.

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Ken’s Simply Vinaigrette Dressing Balsamic

The name says it all for this vinaigrette. It is very simple and that’s a good thing. A blend of canola, olive oils, and balsamic vinegar make up the base of this dressing. A little sugar is thrown in for sweetness and a blend of spices gives it some flair. This is the best option for a simple, classic taste that won’t break the bank.

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Newman’s Own Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Maple Grove Sugar Free Asian Sesame Salad Dressing, 8 Oz ...

If you’re looking for a tangier vinaigrette, Newman’s Own’s classic balsamic vinaigrette has a lot of spices and is low in sugar. It’s made of mainly canola oil with a splash of olive oil for flavor. This is a decent choice, but just watch your serving size, and be aware that it’s higher in sodium than some other options.

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Zesty Keto Italian Dressing

This is essentially our honey vinaigrette dressing with extra zest instead of stevia. All you need is an Italian spice mix or the combination of herbs used in the recipe to make this quick and easy Italian dressing.

You can also try making a creamy version by replacing the oil with mayo and using enough vinegar to get it to the right viscosity. Keep the seasonings the same.

Try having the oil-based dressing or the creamy Italian variation on a keto cobb salad to give it an extra punch of flavor and fat.

Check The Ingredients And Nutrition Labels

Some low-sodium salad dressings will carry the label of low sodium or less salt. However, this is not always the case. When you’re unsure of whether or not it’s really low-sodium, consider salad dressings that are naturally low in sodium due to their ingredients. Vinaigrettes that contain a base of olive oil or apple cider vinegar are examples.

Dressings made with yogurts, sesame seed oils, and avocado oils can also contain low amounts of sodium. However, the best way to check whether a salad dressing is low-sodium is to look at sodium per serving. A good benchmark is under 250 milligrams per serving.

You can also look at the list of ingredients to see if there is added salt and if these additives appear higher up in the list. Examples include silicon dioxide and tricalcium phosphate.

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What Dressings Are Keto

The keto diet involves consuming your macronutrients in a specific ratio. Following the ketogenic ratio, your body will be burning fats and ketones, and not carbohydrates. Whether a particular salad dressing fits into a keto diet or not can be determined by what other foods its consumed with.

Read the labels of store-bought products or nutrition information of recipes to determine how the dressing fits into the meal as a whole, and if it follows the keto ratio or not. The most keto-friendly salad dressings will be those containing the least amount of sugar, thats for sure!

Following a keto, paleo or Whole30 diet doesnt mean you need to miss out on your old favorite dressings. The sky is the limit when it comes to flavor, so take a look at these healthy salad dressings below to get some ideas!

This zesty citrus salad dressing with thyme packs a major flavor punch! Making a homemade salad dressing means using fresh fruit, which ensures you get a healthy dose of vitamin c and other antioxidants.

8 Ingredients:

Find this RECIPE at Cooking With Curls.

Cobb Salad Dressing Recipe

Diabetic Friendly – Sauces, Salad Dressings & Marinades I Use Made By G. Hughes

Its been a hot California summer. One of those years where you run your errands in the evening because its just too hot to leave the house in the afternoon. And turning on the oven? Fugetaboutit! Its time to pull out the summer oven .

Luckily, we are a family of salad eaters. We enjoy salads all year, but especially during hot weather. We currently love Amish Broccoli Cauliflower Salad with its tangy cheddar cheese and creamy dressing. Crisp BLAT Salads or Curried Chicken Salads also hit the spot but a great Chicken Cobb Salad is one of our all-time family favorites!

To us, Cobb salad is KING! Its a great low carb meal full of protein, low carb veggies, cheese and an oil and vinegar based dressing. The dressing is naturally low carb and has an acidic bite that plays nicely against the bacon, egg and cheese usually found in a Cobb salad.

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Newman’s Own Creamy Caesar

The Caesar salad has doubled in size and calories over the last two decadesand with dressings like this one, it’s no surprise. For starters, Caesar salad is drenched in dressing. Imagine you use four tablespoons : You’re looking at 320 calories, 36 grams of fat, and 680 milligrams of sodium from the dressing alone. No, thank you! And for the salads to steer clear of, check out these 25 Unhealthiest Restaurant Salads in America.

Ken’s Chunky Blue Cheese

Chunky is what you’ll be if this is your go-to salad dressing. Blue cheese dressings, like ranch dressings, are typically calorie bombs, especially because each two-tablespoon serving is easy to bypass if you’re pouring straight from the bottle. And 13 grams of fat per serving is nothing to scoff at this soybean oil-based dressing is a no-go.

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How To Make Cobb Salad Dressing

Cobb salad dressing is easy to make. It starts with an oil and vinegar base with a little lemon for brightness. Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard and garlic add flavor while a hint of sugar tempers acidity and rounds out flavors.

You can whisk the dressing together or shake it in a jar, but I prefer to use an immersion blender to emulsify the ingredients. This results in a nice thick creamy dressing.

Briannas Classic Buttermilk Ranch

Walden Farms Sugar Free Ranch Salad Dressing

You fill your plate with a plethora of superfoods like kale, cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, and even chickpeas. You top it with a piece of lean grilled chicken and a glopping mound of Brianna’s Classic Buttermilk Ranch. You think you’re doing your body a favor, but you forget that 17 grams of fat are still 17 grams of fat, no matter what you place beneath it.

Instead of using store-bought ranch, try our Healthy Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe.

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Easy Keto Honey Vinaigrette

If you love the sweet and sour flavor profile of a honey-based dressing, you can still have it on keto just make it yourself. With this low-carb honey vinaigrette recipe, youll use a bit of raw honey for its distinct taste while getting the rest of the sweetness from stevia. This allows you to create a robust honey vinaigrette without having to worry about consuming too much sugar.

Try it on a simple salad or use it to balance out the savoriness of your keto meal. To experience what I mean, use it as your dressing for a Keto Thai Chicken Salad Bowl.

The Best Healthy Salad Dressing Brands

Ideally, you want your healthy salad dressing to meet certain nutritional criteria.

  • Less than 250 milligrams of sodium
  • Less than 3 grams of added sugar
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Few to no vegetable oils

And while “fat-free” dressings may seem synonymous with fitting into your skinny jeans again, that’s not actually the case. You want your topper to contain some healthy fats, which help your body absorb vitamins A, D, E, and Kslimming nutrients found in many salad staples such as spinach and tomatoes.

These are the 10 healthiest salad dressings you can buy.

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Annie’s Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing Organic

This is a good choice for someone who’s looking for a lower calorie balsamic with a creamy, not oily, mouthfeel. There are good mustard flavors and the interesting addition of cloves. Just know that this dressing does use canola oil, so you won’ be getting a healthier olive oil. Honey adds a slight sweetness.

Newman’s Own Family Recipe Italian Dressing

EDUCATIONAL Walmart Grocery Haul- CLEAN Condiments & Salad Dressings

Italian dressing sounds like it should be healthyit’s usually just a mix of oil, vinegar, and herbs. But Newman’s Own adds a ton of questionable ingredients, including corn syrup, caramel color, and the elusive “natural flavor.” Add to that the 13 grams of fat coming from the bad-for-you vegetable oil, and you have a dressing that’s anything but healthy.

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Primal Kitchen Dreamy Italian Dressing

Avocado oilthe first ingredient in this pickhas been shown to prevent metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, a study in BioMed Research Journal shows. What’s more, this dreamy dressing features aromatic flavors from basil, garlic, red chile peppers, and thyme, deeming this the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Did You Make Any Of These Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes

If you made one of these yummy recipes that we rounded-up for you please let us know in the how it turned out for you! If you have any improvements or other awesome salad dressing recipes of your own let us and other readers know as well!

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Sugar Free Salad Dressing Walmart

Dont worry too much about the fat contentas long as the dressing consists of healthy oils, like olive oil, sunflower oil, and avocado oil. Toss with a few handfuls of colorful spring mix and a few walnuts for a fresh side, or add some grilled chicken to make it a meal.

Simply Dressed & Light Ranch Dressing Marzetti

Cobb Salad Dressing Variations

Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free Salad Dressing, Asian Sesame ...

There are many variations for Cobb salad dressing. Some people use avocado and water to replace the oil, and add a little cumin and cayenne for a Mexican flavor. Other recipes call for balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar or use more mustard in the dressing.

Sometimes, restaurants serve their Cobb salad with ranch or blue cheese dressing. I often serve our Cobb salad with a quick and dirty mayonnaise based dressing which includes white vinegar and a little sweetener. Its the same dressing I use on my raw broccoli salad.

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Brianna’s Homestyle Asiago Caesar

Don’t let the modest and minimally-styled label fool you: this dressing is far from simple. In addition to including a laundry list of ingredients, Brianna’s cheese-spiked caesar also manages to pack in a whopping 270 milligrams of sodium, which is why we omitted it from being deemed a healthy salad dressing.

Organic Girl Avocado Cilantro Vegan Vinaigrette

If the avocado on your countertop isn’t yet ripe for use, don’t fretyou can still get the coveted creamy flavor with this organic offering. Organic Girl boasts a kick of jalapenos and invigorating lime juice as well as satiating unsaturated fats that help you absorb many veggies’ fat-soluble nutrients. Squirt this over a Mexican-style salad when you’re short on time to make fresh guac.

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Maple Grove Farms Fat

We were so close to loving this low-calorie condiment until we looked at the nutrition facts panel. The potassium sorbate on the bottle’s backside indicate this is a dressing you should skip. The preservative has been shown to be genotoxic to human lymphocytes , according to a study published in Toxicology in Vitro.

Key Takeaways For Keto Dressings

TASTY OIL FREE VEGAN SESAME GINGER DRESSING » sugar free, oil free, plant based salad dressing

Whether you are eating out, grocery shopping, or making them at-home, the healthiest keto-friendly dressings will have these three characteristics:

  • They use healthy oils/fats as the primary ingredients.
  • The rest of the ingredients list contains minimally-processed foods.
  • Each serving contains a minimal amount of net carbs that you can fit into your keto diet.
  • From a health and budget-friendly perspective, your best bet for a reliable keto dressing is to make it yourself. Heres a quick recap of the recipes we learned about in this article:

    For more keto meal ideas, check out our recipe roundup of the top ten keto salads.

    As with anything you eat while following the keto lifestyle, make sure you are mindful of how the recipe fits into your nutritional needs for the day. Dousing your salad with keto dressing is a great way to increase your intake of healthy fats, but overdoing it can slow your fat loss progress to a halt .

    To help you figure out how much fat is too much or too little for you, weve included several tools and plans thatll help guide you toward the results you want:

    • Our keto calculator Find out how much of each macronutrient you need to eat to lose fat and stay in ketosis.

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    How To Make A Last

    When you dont have a store-bought keto dressing or the right ingredients to make one of the recipes in the next section, you can still whip up something flavorful with what you have.

    Your simplest option will be oil and vinegar, with 1-1.5 tablespoons of vinegar for every 3 tablespoons olive oil, avocado oil, or MCT oil. You can even turn it into an Italian-style dressing with an Italian spice blend or make it Greek with a Greek spice blend.

    You can also turn it into a mustard vinaigrette by adding a teaspoon of dijon mustard, 1-2 pinches of garlic powder, salt, and pepper. If youd like to cut the acidity of your dressing with some sweetness, try adding keto-friendly maple syrup or a low-carb liquid sweetener.

    If your vinaigrette separates, simply give the jar a few shakes before using it. The shaking process helps emulsify the oil and liquids together again so that you can use it as a vinaigrette.

    Tomato-based dressings and creamier options , can also be made in a pinch. For a tomato-based dressing such as Catalina-style, thousand island, or French dressing simply combining keto-friendly ketchup with vinegar and oil or mayonnaise with your preference of herbs, spices, and vegetables for added flavor.

    To make a thick and creamy dressing, on the other hand, use mayo as your primary ingredient. Mix with sour cream, heavy cream, or vinegar to help thin out the dressing, and add more flavor with your preferred herbs and spices.

    Minimal Net Carbs Per Serving

    Even if you see high-carb ingredients on the label, this doesnt mean you should completely avoid the dressing. It is possible to have a dressing that adds some sweetness without keeping you from the benefits of ketosis. Simply check the number of net carbs per serving to help you determine if that dressing is keto-friendly for you.

    As a general rule of thumb, try to find products with one gram or less of net carbs per tablespoon. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite dressings while leaving room for keto dessert or any other foods you enjoy that come with a larger amount of net carbs.

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