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Whiskware Salad Dressing Shaker

Plastic Salad Dressing Containers

Blender Bottle manufactures Whiskware Salad Dressing Shaker. It is available in Tritan Plastic and also glass. The glass bottle has dimensions of 2.98 x 2.98 x 8.69 inches with a cost of $20. This whole shaker is made of polypropylene, stainless steel, and glass. This product has a cylindrical shape with a blender ball and weighs about 0.88 pounds.

This container has a capacity of 2 ½ cups which makes it perfect for a gathering of people. This whole product is stain-resistant and BPA free and leak-proof. Anyone can use this container to store different kinds of dressings, sauces, and marinades. This one is best for creamy salad dressings, including a dressing with blue cheese crumbles.

Because of its airtight lid, your dressings remain fresh and ready to use. It also comes with a blender ball, so you dont have to shake your dressing every time you want to pour them. Being a dishwasher-safe container, you dont have to worry about clean it yourself just easily dissemble it and put this shaker in a dishwasher.

Why do we like it?

  • Leak-proof

Which One Is The Best

When it comes to the best salad dressing containers, you have a lot of options. But when it comes to the best overall choice, the Simpli-Magic Salad Dressing Shaker is hard to beat.

This dressing container has the perfect pour spout for both thick and thin dressings, a wide opening for adding ingredients, measurement markers, and printed-on recipes. It is made of environmentally friendly, chemical-free glass and has a leak-proof top.

If the most important feature for your new container is portability, then we recommend the Sukki Stainless Steel Condiment Containers. On the other hand, if you want something specifically for the kitchen with a lot of fun features, you cant beat the OXO Good Grips Shaker.

Whichever salad dressing container you choose, youll be glad you made the purchase. These surprisingly complex little bottles make creating, storing, and transporting healthy homemade dressing a breeze.

Rosti Mepal Salad Lunch Box

Tough this looks like a regular one-compartment container, a hidden storage space in the lid allows for small amounts of toppings like nuts or croutons. The central compartment is extra roomy, and the container is made of glassa great option for those of you who are freaked out by plastic. Of course, this wouldn’t make the list unless it had that crucial mini storage container for dressing.

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Smartplanet Deluxe Collapsible Green Salad Bowl Kit

This lunch container hits the trifecta of functionality: it has a large main compartment, separate compartments for toppings, and a dressing container. It also includes a spork, the world’s greatest utensil. But the best thing about this container? It collapses, making it infinitely easier to store at home, and great for slipping in your bag at the end of the day.

Sistema To Go Salad Dressing Containers

Sistema Klipit To Go 35ml Salad Dressing Container

When it comes to salad dressing containers, there is no one better than Sistema to go collection. This collection comes with four different color containers, pink, green, blue, and purple. These containers are also surprisingly affordable and only costs up to $10. these small containers are ideal for storing salad dressings.

The material used to make these containers is BPA-free plastic, which makes them, health-wise, a perfect choice. You can add olive oil, nuts, sauces, yogurt, and many more to them. They are completely waste-free. These storage vessels have dimensions of 3.74 x 1.89 x 2.76 inches with a capacity of 35 milliliters. These boxes contain screw-top lids that keep your dressing fresh and ready to eat.

Due to their small size and to-go design, you can use these containers for lunch, leftovers, school, and many more. These canisters are top-rank dishwasher safe, which makes them easy to clean. They are also microwaveable without a lid and freezer-safe. These salad dressing containers are perfect for keeping your dressings separate. We will recommend you give this collection a shot.

Why do we like it?

  • Inexpensive

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Oxo Good Grips Leakproof On

This is a stackable, two-compartment container from one of our most-trusted brands. Of course, there’s a separate 2-ounce dressing container. And yup, there’s a divider in the main compartment for keeping your lettuce away from your tomatoes. But in true OXO fashion, there’s a happy surprise: that divider is removable, so you can create more room in the main compartmentor use the divider as a plate.

Oxo Good Grips Twist & Pour Salad Dressing Mixer

Whether you like thick dressings or thin, being able to mix the ingredients well is key to tasty homemade dressing. This fun dressing container from OXO makes mixing as easy as twisting your wrist.


  • Lid is not dishwasher safe

Why we love it:

Like some of our other favorite containers on this list, this bottle opens wide to make it easy to add ingredients. It also has measurement lines printed on the outside for easy prep.

What makes this container different is the built-in wide-surface mixing blade. To spin the blade, simply grip the rubber ring in the lid and twist back and forth. With just a few flicks of the wrist, youll get perfectly creamy dressing.

One thing we dont like? The bottle is made of plastica fact that is not readily disclosed on the sales sites. There is also no listing of whether the plastic is BPA-free.

Who its best for:

This container is great for both thick and thin dressings, especially those that require frequent agitation to keep from separating or congealing. The toggle lid is leakproof but is prone to getting bumped open, so may not be the best for packing to and from work.

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Mueller Salad Lunch Container To Go

Are you shopping for a dressing container because you need a way to transport your healthy lunch to and from work? Dont stop at a convenient container for just the dressing when this brilliant to-go kit from Mueller can transport your entire lunch in style.


  • Made of plastic

Why we love it:

There are a lot of salad to-go containers out there, but none quite as well thought out as this one.

The large basin holds your salad greens and keeps them fresh all day long. The removable tray includes four spaces for salad toppings. Keep your dry ingredients from getting soggy and your veggie and fruit toppings extra-fresh in their own small space.

But what really sets this set apart is the removable salad dressing container that comes with its own lid. This double-lid system is key to avoiding leaks in your lunch bag.

Who its best for:

This, more than any other product on this list, is for the finicky salad eater on the go. No more soggy ingredients or dressing messes. Just easy, portable, fresh salad, all in one place!

Useful And Stylish Options For Your Kitchen And Table

Aladdin 34oz Plastic Mason Salad Jar w/ 4 oz Dressing Container

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Fresh, homemade salad dressing is pretty simple, and its so much better than store-bought. When you make your own dressings, you can control the sugar and salt levels, and youll always know every ingredient in the dressing, which is important if anyone in the family has allergies. When it comes to making salad dressings, you could certainly whisk the ingredients in a bowl, but thats not very convenient for serving or storing.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of salad dressing containers that are designed to make mixing easy. Some are great for daily serving, while others are more attractive for parties and events. And a few containers are just for show, to serve your favorite dressings at the table. Not just for salad dressings, many of these containers are also useful for mixing or serving and sauces as well.

Here, some of the best salad dressing containers.

  • Dressing recipes on the bottle

  • Lids snaps closed for storage

  • Not attractive enough for upscale dinner

The 13-ounce bottle is perfect for storing your homemade dressing, but it’s attractive enough to serve with, too. Made in the USA, the permanent markings won’t fade over time. Both the top and bottle are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

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Nicebottles Clear Glass Beverage/sauce Bottles

The biggest drawback of most of the other products on this list? Theres only one container! If you like a little variation in your salad dressing or want to keep one at work and one at home, this set of dressing containers from Nicebottles is exactly what you need.


  • Limited features

Why we love it:

These bottles are as simple as it gets, but still oddly perfect for both thick and thin dressings. The opening is wider than most, making it great for ranch, blue cheese, and other thick dressings. This same feature makes precise pouring difficult, but the long neck does help slow the flow of thin dressings.

Like the Kolder bottle, these are easy to clean with a bottle brush and made of environmentally-friendly glass. They dont include the same extra features as the Kolder, but what they lack in bling they make up for in quantity.

These bottles come in sets of six, twelve, and forty-eight .

Who its best for:

This set is great for anyone who wants to keep their homemade dressing at work and still have some in the kitchen. Or for anyone looking for extra containers to store additional dressing types, sauces, or beverages.

Best Small Shaker: Oxo Good Grips Little Salad Dressing Shaker

  • Wide opening for adding ingredients

  • Not large enough for big dinners

The OXO Good Grips Little Salad Dressing Shaker is the perfect choice when you want to make just a small amount of dressing. The 3/4-cup capacity lets you make single servings or just enough salad dressing for the family when you want to avoid leftovers.

This product has a leakproof seal to shake and pour with confidence, and the wide opening lets you add ingredients with ease. For serving, the lever opens easily with one hand and flips back to seal so you can store the dressing in the same container. Made from Tritan plastic, it is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The green accents look attractive and provide a firm grip. The salad dressing container also comes in black. For larger quantities, try the Salad Dressing Shaker that boasts 1 1/2-cup capacity.

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Oxo Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker Clear

This ingenious dressing bottle from OXO has a ton of fun features that make it easy to use and fairly simple to clean.


  • Easy for cap to get knocked open
  • Spout takes some work to clean

Why we love it:

Lets start with the fact that the entire top third of this dressing container comes off. This makes for an extra-large opening for adding ingredients. No need for funnels and no risk of making a mess!

And once you put the top back on, the easy-pour spout will keep that no-mess streak going. The spout is wide for even the thickest dressings to move through and has a long curve to prevent drips.

We also love the one-handed operation of the toggle switch opener. Its leakproof when closed, and can stand up to even vigorous shaking. Though, the fact that the cap doesnt come completely off makes this one part a bit difficult to clean.

Who its best for:

The toggle opener design is great but can cause problems if you store this container in your work bagtheres always a chance it can get caught on something and accidentally open. But for use in the home, it is great!

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Condiment Cups Containers with Lids
  • They come in every shape and size! We have everything from corrugated cake boxes to tamper-evident deli containers.
  • Hot or cold, weve got you covered! Choose from coffee carriers, foil containers, microwaveable buckets, and more.
  • Go green! We carry eco-friendly cartons made from reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable materials.
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  • Our selection of disposable take-out containers includes items made from various materials, including plastic, foam, and paper. You’ll also find eco-friendly options for your green establishment made of recyclable and compostable materials and microwavable products for convenient food re-heating. You’ll also be able to choose from both hot and cold to go boxes, including coffee carriers, microwaveable buckets, and more.

    These to go containers and take out boxes enable kitchen staff members to package up foods for individual purchase, bulk retail, or catering applications. Many of these containers even come with their compatible lids, ensuring your salads, mixed greens, fruits, and other foods stay fresh and uncontaminated during transport or delivery. Best of all, some of these products can even be customized with your business’s name or logo.

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    Stack Man Small Disposable Salad Dressing Container

    Stack Man manufactures these small plastic containers. These disposable containers are made of crack-resistant and durable polypropylene. Two hundred sets of lids and cups can cost up to $15, making it perfect to stock up. Each canister has two fluid-ounce capacities, and the whole set is made of Phthalate-free and BPA-free PET plastic which makes it flexible and ensures sturdiness and strength.

    If you like storing different salad dressings separately, we highly recommend buying Stack Man Salad Dressing Containers. The main quality of these disposable containers is their airtight seal. It contains leak-proof lids that are mess-free and form an airtight seal, keeping dressings fresh for a long time. Its crystal-clear appearance represents everything more delicious. You can use these containers to store anything from jello shot to sauces.

    This 2oz cup maintains a good portion control by providing suitable capacity for salad dressings, mayo, and butter, ensuring a constant amount. With perfect portion control, you can make your meals faster and easier with a track of your healthy eating habits. Because of their disposable nature, you dont have to worry about cleanup after using these containers.

    Why do we like it?

    • Inexpensive
    • 200 set in one pack
    • Disposable and BPA free.

    Glad Home Collection Deep Dish Food Storage Containers

    How are the containers that spill out of the drawers of your grandmother’s kitchen one of the best vehicles for salad? Because they have a function we didn’t know about until recentlyone so genius, they earn a top spot. Just pop a small salad dressing storage container in the indentation at the top where the logo is, and bamcrispy, dry salads! The bonus: these old-school containers are inexpensive, so you won’t worry too much if someone steals your lunch or you somehow lose it en route.

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    Industry & Scienceselftek 200 Pcs 1oz & 2oz Disposable Condiment Cups With Leakproof Lids Plastic Sauce Containers Portion Cups Souffle Cups Jello Shot

    Ps plastic disposable 3.25 oz salad dressing container,ps sauce cups,food packaging accessories,ps sauce cups. Buy 10pcs plastic disposable sauce cup clear salad dressing food storage containers + lids10pcs online at lazada philippines. Great savings & free delivery / collection on many . Industry & science,selftek 200 pcs 1oz & 2oz disposable condiment cups with leakproof lids plastic sauce containers portion cups souffle cups jello shot . Eating clean, healthy food has never been more en vogue than it is today. For making your own salad dressings at home, you need one of these leakproof containers. We do not accept p.o.

    Great savings & free delivery / collection on many . For making your own salad dressings at home, you need one of these leakproof containers. Eating clean, healthy food has never been more en vogue than it is today. Ideal for salsa, salad dressing . We do not accept p.o. Free shipping sauce containers lids disposable salad dressing cups plastic 1,2,3,5,4,5.5 oz big sale. Perfect for all parties and sporting events. American rust is a compelling family drama and a .

    Disposable Salad Dressing Containers Ideal for salsa, salad dressing . Cheap bottles,jars & boxes, buy quality home & garden directly from china suppliers:10pcs/lot plastic disposable sauce cup clear salad dressing food stage . Eating clean, healthy food has never been more en vogue than it is today. We do not accept p.o. Perfect for all parties and sporting events.

    Plastic Salad Bowls 32 Oz Disposable Salad Bowls With Lids

    Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker Lunch Container Video
    • PREMIUM SALAD BOWLS: The Stock Your Home Salad Bowl & Lid Value Pack is perfect for everyday use. Whether youre packing lunch or catering an event, these plastic bowls are great for serving all your food storage needs.
    • RECYCLABLE BOWLS: Whether you decide to reuse them or toss them, these plastic bowls are great for multiple uses. Theyre also BPA free.
    • AIRTIGHT & LEAK-RESISTANT PLASTIC LIDS: These plastic salad bowls are strong and lightweight, with an airtight, leak-resistant plastic cover to keep your food fresh and secure.
    • LARGE SERVING BOWLS: These disposable serving bowls can hold up to 32 ounces of food. Product Dimensions: Height 3 1/4 Inches and Top Diameter 6 11/16 Inches.

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    Kolder Salad Dressing Mixer Bottle For Light Recipes

    If simplicity is your game, youll love the design of this salad dressing container from Kolder. It has a simple shape and closure style but includes a couple of features that make it perfect for holding your favorite homemade dressing.


    • Wider opening makes precise pouring difficult

    Why we love it:

    This simple glass container has printed measurements and light dressing recipes right on the bottle. And the ink wont fade or wear off with time, even if you put it in the dishwasher.

    The bottle itself is very simple. It doesnt have a specialized spout for pouring thin dressing but the elongated neck makes it easier to pour precisely than other options. And it is great for thick dressings that take some encouragement to get out.

    You will need a bottle brush to get this container clean but it is still easier to clean than most. There arent any crevices for oil to hide.

    Who its best for:

    This bottle is optimal for those who love thick dressings, due to the ease of pouring. And, with light dressing recipes printed right on the glass, it is also a great choice for those looking to keep things on the thinner side.

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