Panera Bread Asian Sesame Salad Dressing

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Sprouted Grain Flat Bagel


If youre looking for a low-cal, low-carb breakfast, you arent likely to find a bagel that fits the bill. Eaten as-is, you can get a plain, everything, sesame, or sprouted grain flat bagel for under 300 calories. The sprouted grain flat bagel delivers 180 calories, 2g fat, 34g carbohydrate, 4g sugar, 7g protein, and 410mg sodium.

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Looking For: Panera Bread Asian Sesame Chicken Salad Dressing

I love Panera’s Asian Chicken Salad, and would love to find the recipe for their dressing. Does anyone know the secret? Thanks in advance.Sally

  • yorkiemommi

    12 years ago

    Can’t find a correct recipe for this dressing but did find that they now sell it at Target.

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    • Panera Bread Asian Sesame Dressing

      Originally Posted by: Steven Zanvil Sawolkin, Iowa 4-10-2005

      I see you have requested the recipe for the salad dressing on the Panera Bread Company’s Sesame Chicken Salad. Luckily, they published it in their book, The Panera Bread Cookbook by Peter Reinhart. It follows:

      Panera Bread Asian Sesame Dressing

      1/4 cup rice wine vinegar1/4 cup toasted sesame oil2 tablespoons soy sauce1 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes1/4 cup canola or vegetable oil

      Combine all ingredients except canola oil in a medium mixing bowl with a wire whisk. Once ingredients are combined, slowly pour in the oil while whisking to form an emulsion.

      Makes 1 1/4 cupsSource: The Panera Bread Cookbook by Peter Reinhart

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  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    13 years ago

    I love the dressing too but that doesn’t seem like the right recipe. I had the salad about 2 weeks ago and thought the dressing was pale colored and not dark. I think that recipe would make a dark dressing.But it sounds good though and I could very well be wrong.I have read that the recipes in the Panera bread cookbook are not what is served at the restaurant.

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  • What was the dressing called??

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    Soba Noodle Bowl With Chicken

    Per bowl: 390 calories, 9 g fat , 1,340 mg sodium, 47 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 4 g sugar, 31 g protein

    Yes, it has 20 more calories than the same bowl with edamame, but those calories account for a broth bowl that is almost double the amount of protein and lower in fat, carbs, and sugar. All that extra protein will help you stave off stomach rumbles by stabilizing blood sugar levels and slowing digestion.

    Copycat Panera Bread Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

    Asian Sesame Power Salad

    This salad has it all taste, texture, crunch, flavor, color, sweet, savory and its delicious. Its the perfect make at home version of my favorite Panera Bakery salad.

    For me the true mark of a good salad is the perfect combination of flavor and texture and this salad has it.

    In this salad youve got sesame oil, ginger, cilantro, mandarin oranges. The salad is topped with wonton strips, almonds and sesame seeds which add crunch and texture.

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    Is Panera Cobb Salad Healthy

    Yes, Panera Cobb salad is healthy. However, nutritional requirements may differ from individuals to individuals. So you may have to check your health and nutritional needs to know if it Panera Cobb salad is really compatible to you.

    According to our check, Panera Cobb salad has up to 655 calories, 35 g protein, 31 g total fat, 7 g saturated fat, 24 g carbohydrates, 7 g dietary fiber, 12 g sugar, 285 mg cholesterol, and 690 mg sodium.

    Key Ingredients For Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

    Lets dive into the rest of the ingredients!

    • Chicken breasts or tenders You can use almost any kind of leftover grilled or cooked chicken in this recipe, with seasonings as simple as salt and pepper. I whipped up a very quick 3 ingredient marinade you can use to amp up the flavor, or, if you really want to go all out, use our very popular Asian Chicken Marinade.
    • Rice vinegar, honey, and soy sauce Look for seasoned rice vinegar. I also prefer low sodium soy sauce, but any kind works.
    • Romaine hearts This is the base of our salad. You could really use any kind of lettuce or greens, but romaine hearts taste most similar to the Panera Bread salad.
    • Almonds and sesame seeds I used toasted sliced almonds and toasted sesame seeds to achieve the perfect Panera copycat.
    • Cilantro If you want to take your salads to the next level, add fresh herbs. It makes every bite pop!
    • Wonton strips All. The. Crunch. Nuff said.

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    Panera Bread Menu With Prices

    Panera Bread is a cafe-style fast food restaurant with origins from St. Louis, Missouri. Panera Bread prices are much higher than an average fast-food restaurant and thats because its not a true fast-food restaurant. Although the meals are prepared quickly, the restaurant focuses on healthy and quality food.

    If you are looking to order Panera for your next event or party, then you can find Panera Catering prices here.

    Panera Bread offers many meals such as sandwiches, paninis, salads, and various pastries and sweets. The food is prepared fresh each day to ensure the best taste possible.

    Below are the latest Panera Bread menu prices.

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    Can I Make Panera Asian Sesame Salad Ahead Of Time

    How to Make The Amazing Panera Asian Sesame Chicken Salad At Home

    The chicken can be made and refrigerated up to 2 days in advance.

    The dressing can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge until needed. Run it under hot water for 30 seconds and shake vigorously to reincorporate. It will keep for about 2 weeks.

    If youre meal prepping this or packing it in a lunch, layer the ingredients in your container with the dressing at the bottom, followed by the chicken, lettuce, a folded paper towel, then the wonton strips and sesame seeds at the top. This keeps everything nice and crisp and crunchy!

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    How To Make Panera Asian Salad

  • Make the marinade . In a bowl, whisk together the soy sauce, brown sugar, and rice vinegar. Add the marinade to the chicken, either in a ziplock bag or in a shallow container. Cover and refrigerate for at least two hours.
  • Make the dressing. In a glass jar with a tight fitting lid, add the oil, vinegar, honey, sesame oil, soy sauce, and ginger, if using. Cover tightly then shake until the ingredients are well combined. Season to taste with salt.
  • Make the chicken. Remove the chicken from the marinade and discard the excess. Heat a pan over medium heat and coat with oil. Add the chicken and cook, undisturbed, 4-5 minutes a side or until the chicken is well browned and registers at least 165 degrees with a meat thermometer. Remove from heat, and chop into bite sized pieces or strips.
  • Make the salad. In a bowl, toss together the chopped romaine, sliced almonds, wonton strips, and chicken. Serve with the dressing.
  • Copycat Panera Bread Asian Sesame Chicken Salad Recipe

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    You wont miss Paneras sesame chicken salad because were making it with this quick and easy recipe! This healthy salad dish is back on Panera Breads menu but you can totally enjoy it whenever by making this recipe at home. Were serving grilled chicken with sliced toasted almonds, fried wonton strips, and herbs in a bed of crispy fresh romaine. To finish, were drizzling it with our homemade Asian Sesame Vinaigrette for a Panera touch of this authentic healthy favorite.

    What we love about this sesame chicken salad recipe is its so easy to make and its extremely flavorful. Its got that Asian taste that we all crave for. In addition, its the total package! Youre getting a salad plate of greens, almonds, meat, and carbs which is deliciously healthy. This sesame chicken salad is the perfect side or main on a Sunday get-together with friends and family.

    Besides this sensational Asian Sesame Chicken Salad Recipe, theres more to love about Panera copycat recipes. Try our Copycat Paneras French Onion Soup Recipe and Copycat Paneras Blueberry Muffins Recipe that will surely go straight to your Panera Bread Cookbook! Make this Panera favorite and enjoy a plate of this delicious and refreshing summer salad that youll love making.

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    This Asian Chicken Salad Is Always A Crowd Pleaser

    The chicken breast is incredibly tender and flavorful from being marinated. The romaine lettuce and crispy wonton combined with the tangy Asian sesame dressing is delicious.

    My kids love to put extra wonton strips on their salad. This is a great meal and the entire family enjoys it.

    You can put together this salad in as little as 15 minutes. Not only will you save money but you will save time from going to get take out.

    Roasted Turkey & Avocado Blt Sandwich

    Panera Bread Dressing, Vinaigrette, Asian Sesame (12 oz)

    Skip the sourdough and tomatoes if you want to bring down net carbs as low as possible. Enjoy roasted turkey, Applewood smoked bacon, greens, fresh avocado , mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Dont forget to ask for a bowl and a fork!

    Nutrition info: 450 calories 34g fat 34g protein 6g total carbs 2g net carbs

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    Classic Salads Proved To Be The Favorites At Panera

    Coming in last place in the Panera salad poll meaning its a favorite among the responders was the classic Caesar salad, with 10.52% of the vote, followed by the Greek salad, with 14.19% of the vote. Nearly tying for third and fourth position in the poll were the Green Goddess Cobb salad and the Asian Sesame salad , which received 15.03% and 15.36% of the votes, respectively.

    Surprisingly, the Panera salad that received the second-most votes for the worst salad was the BBQ chicken salad with 21.04% of votes which ranked fifth on our rankings of the best Panera menu items and comes topped with frizzled onions, corn and bean salsa, and BBQ ranch. And taking the top spot with 23.87% of the vote was the Fuji apple salad perhaps due to the fact it contains ingredients like Gorgonzola cheese, pecans, and apple chips, which may not be everyones cup of tea. Despite the Fuji apple bringing in the most votes for the worst salad at Panera Bread, the wide spread of votes indicates that even the least popular salad at the fast-casual chain still has its fair share of herbivorous fans.

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    Broccoli Cheddar Mac & Cheese

    The broccoli cheddar mac and cheese in a bread bowl has 1,050 calories, 31g fat, 13g saturated fat, 155g carbohydrates, 8g sugar, 40g protein, and 2,290mg sodium.

    While a few pasta entrées have some protein, the protein doesnt offer enough of a nutrition benefit to offset the fat, carbohydrate, and sodium supplied by starchy pasta and creamy cheese sauce.

    For a similar meal with fewer calories, try creating your own. An order of macaroni and cheese from the kids menu and ask for a side of grilled chicken to add yourself, which only has around 60 calories and 2g fat, but adds 13 grams of protein to your pasta.

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    Copycat Panera Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

    Copycat Panera Asian Sesame Chicken Salad is a healthier version of my favorite salad from Panera!

    This post may contain affiliate links.

    If youve been reading my blog for any length of time, than you know I have a fondness for making healthier versions of my favorite, not-so-healthy restaurant dishes at home, such as

    P.F. Changs Lettuce Wraps , Food Court Baked Ziti , Chipotle Burrito Bowls rise to the top as some of my top picks.

    But some of my favorite dishes to grab on the go, dont necessarily need a makeover. Theyre light and satisfying on their own, without having to go back to the drawing board. One such meal is Paneras Asian Sesame Chicken Salad.

    I recently enjoyed one of these masterpieces as part of Paneras You Pick 2 Combo and it was perfectly light, crunchy, sweet and savory. The only thing that needed changing was the location of the salad. As in, from Paneras kitchen, to my own.

    The recipe for this salad is broken into 3 parts for easy preparation. Dont let the long ingredient list scare you it comes together lickity split.

    Part 1: The Chicken

    Tips On Making Copycat Panera Asian Sesame Chicken Salad:

    Tacoma Washington Panera – Making the Asian Sesame Salad Vegan
    • A key ingredient to this recipe, is the chicken marinade. I make this marinade whenever I grill chicken now. I am obsessed with it. Its simple, delicious, and makes your chicken so tender and juicy.
    • If you are in a hurry and dont have time to marinade your chicken, that is just fine, but if you can plan to make this recipe ahead of time, do. I will even let my chicken sit in this marinade for 24 hours, and it is so juicy.
    • This recipe calls for spinach, but you could really use any green leaf base. I am on a butter leaf salad kick lately. It would taste delicious with this salad.
    • For the salad dressing, we do highly recommend boiling the vinegar. It creates a delicious and less salty taste, to the salad dressing. If you dont boil it, it will be a very potent tasting dressing.
    • If you are in a big hurry and dont even have time for the chicken, you could also use pre-made grilled chicken strips. It wont be as good, but I get it, life is busy and sometimes shortcuts are just best.

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    Sausage Scrambled Egg & Cheese On Brioche

    Meanwhile, the sausage, scrambled egg, and cheese on brioche delivers 550 calories, 33g fat, 16g saturated fat, 33g carbohydrate, 29g protein, and 870mg sodium.

    To start your day with a protein-packed breakfast without as much fat, choose a 35-calorie serving of egg whites instead of whole eggs, which can be upwards of 100 calories depending on how theyre prepared.

    For a lower-fat breakfast, skip extras like cheese and load up on veggies instead. If you want to lower the sodium content of your egg sandwich, avoid processed breakfast meats like sausage and bacon. While youll find no shortage of bread options, keep breakfast carbs low by avoiding high-carb bagels and rolls. Instead, choose a whole-grain wrap or whole grain bread.

    Calories & Nutrition Of The Panera Breakfast Menu

    Panera Breakfast Menu With Photos

    Panera serves breakfast before 10:30am, and they have a ton of sandwich options on their breakfast menu.

    All sandwiches are served on either a brioche roll, ciabatta, multigrain roll, or inside of a wrap.

    With any of Panera Breads breakfast sandwiches, you can swap the bread for any type you prefer! If the sandwich is not appealing as-is, you can choose any bagel that Panera has in stock on that day.

    If you want to save calories on any sandwich, you also have the option to swap the scrambled egg or over-easy egg for egg whites!

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    Panera Fuji Apple Chicken Salad Made Skinny

    Panera Asian Sesame Salad Dressing

    . Each main course salad has 299 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 4 Blue WW Freestyle SmartPoints, and 5 Green.

    • 2 cupsmixed field greens or spring mix
    • 1 cupromaine lettuce, chopped
    • 2 tablespoonsGirards Light Champagne Vinaigrette or your favorite, see shopping tips
    • 2 tablespoonsfat-free feta cheese, crumbled
    • 2 tablespoonsapple chips, broken in pieces, see shopping tips
    • 1 tablespoon pecans or walnuts, chopped

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    Spicy Thai Salad With Chicken

    What makes this the unhealthier option is the higher sodium content, says Valdez. The sodium content in the Spicy Thai Salad with Chicken translates to roughly 42 percent of the daily allotment. Valdez also points out that this salad also packs more carbs than other salads on the menu. To slim this salad down further, you may opt out of the carbs, fat, and extra calories in the wonton strips, says Valdez. Finally, have the dressing on the side, and dip your fork in it with each bite of salad to minimize the extra fat and calories that may be coming from the salad dressing.

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