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Tips On Making An Epic Potato Salad

The BEST Potato Salad Recipe
  • Dont forget the vinegar. Vinegar prevents the potatoes from being overcooked. Per J. Kenji López-Alt, a little vinegar in the cooking water helps ensure that the potatoes do not overcook. The acidic environment created by the vinegar, prevents the pectin, a soluble fiber found in potatoes from breaking down too quickly. Vinegar is also the secret to the tangy flavor in potato salad. The vinegar adds a layer of brightness to the dressing. For maximum absorption, the vinegar needs to be added to the boiled potatoes while it is still hot.
  • The sugar brightens the flavors. Sugar helps to brighten and enhance all the flavors in the salad.
  • Add the bold flavor and texture layers it makes a difference. The eggs, relish, whole grain mustard, celery, red onion, and scallion help move an ordinary potato salad into something EPIC. It adds a little crunch, some herby flavor, a little color to dish that would otherwise just be boiled potatoes tossed with mayonnaise.

How To Keep Potato Salad From Getting Watery

There are a couple of reasons potato salad can become runny. Heres how to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Use the right potato. Yukon golds are our go-to and absorb the dressing well.
  • Be sure to add the dressing to cool potatoes before adding the creamy mayo dressing. Potatoes will sweat water as they cool, and that can contribute watery potato salad.
  • And then, reader Vicki sent in an email with her suggestion to avoid watery potato salad:I asked a renowned chef what I was doing wrong, and he told me NEVER to salt the potatoes either during cooking or preparing the salad. The salt makes the potatoes seep water. Ever since I took his suggestion, I have never had a problem with watery salad. You can season the salad with salt, pepper, and other seasonings just before serving and it wont affect the potatoes once they have been mixed with the mayo. Just an FYI.
  • More Summer Salads To Take To Gatherings

    • Combine the French Dressing ingredients in a jar and shake until well combined.
    • Combine the Potato Salad Dressing ingredients and mix well.
    • Heat 1 tsp oil in non stick pan over high heat. Sauté bacon until crisp, remove from pan and place on paper towel to absorb excess oil.
    • Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Put the potatoes in, bring back up to boil then cook the potatoes for 5 minutes.
    • Drain the potatoes then place in a large bowl. Immediately pour the French Dressing over the potatoes and very gently toss to coat all the potatoes.
    • Once the potatoes have cooled, add the remaining Potato Salad ingredients and pour over the Potato Salad Dressing.
    • Toss gently to combine. Set aside for at least a few hours, preferably overnight, before serving to give the flavours a chance to develop. Store covered in the fridge.

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    More Easy Side Dishes

    Here is my favorite way to make coleslaw. With a generous amount of acidity from apple cider vinegar and Dijon mustard.

    Our broccoli salad with bacon has cranberries, red onion, and a zesty dressing made with mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, and apple cider vinegar.

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    Recipe updated, originally posted May 2013. Since posting this in 2013, we have tweaked the recipe to be more clear. The recipe video has also been updated. To watch the original video , watch it on YouTube Adam and Joanne

    Why You Will Love This Recipe:

    The Best Potato Salad Recipe

    Now I dont like to brag, but this is seriously the BEST Potato Salad recipe you will ever try I promise! Its always one of the first dishes we run out of whenever we have a BBQ and I may have been known to pop a little bit into a container in the fridge, just so I get some myself to enjoy!

    • Versatile along with enjoying this salad at a BBQ, it also help make the perfect lazy Summer lunch when served alongside a roast chicken and some oven baked corn yum!
    • Make ahead This is also a great side dish to make a day or two in advance as I find the flavour of the dressing and bacon really sink into the potatoes this way.

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    What Type Of Potato Is Best For Potato Salad

    We use white potatoes, or Yukon Golds, in our familys recipe. Because they have a thinner skin, theyre easy to peel after boiling and taste creamier, a little sweeter, and hold their shape well after cooking. Avoid using starchier potatoes like russets that too easily turn to mush in salads like this.

    Also remember to choose potatoes of the same size for the most consistent cooking.

    More Ideas For Summer Gatherings

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    A Potato Salad Youll Make Again And Again

    This recipe is from the mother of a good friend, and thus I originally named this recipe in her honour, calling it Mrs Brodies Potato Salad.

    The very first time I heard how Mrs Brodie makes her potato salad, I instantly knew that this was one that would stand out from the crowd of thousands millions of potato salad recipes out there in the world wide web.

    The thing that makes this potato salad so special is pouring French Salad Dressing over the hot boiled potatoes. By doing this while the potatoes are hot, they absorb the French Salad Dressing flavour rather than just coating them.

    Combined with the creamy mayonnaise dressing, salty bacon, and fresh bursts of celery, cucumber and onion, every mouthful is The Perfect Bite.

    Classic Potato Salad Ingredients

    How to Make Loaded Baked Potato Salad | Best Foods® Organic

    The best part about this Best Foods Potato Salad Recipe is the layers of flavors and textures which come from the ingredients below.

    • Yukon goldpotatoes are the best potatoes for making potato salad because they tend to be a little sweet, naturally creamy and absorb the dressing very well. They also conveniently hold their shape long after the initial boiling. You can also use other types of potatoes like russet, white and red potatoes. Starchier potatoes are a little tricky to work with as they can easily disintegrate in the salad and have a very dry flaky interior. Waxy potatoes like white potatoes, fingerling potatoes or red potatoes also works very well for potato salad.
    • The apple cider vinegar helps brighten the flavors. I like to use apple cider vinegar because I always have some handy at home. You can use any kind of vinegar including rice vinegar and white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar. Other substitutes include dill pickle juice and lemon juice.
    • Hard boiled eggs are a classic ingredient in potato salads which gives it that devilled eggs taste and creamy texture.Freshly ground black pepper helps to adds depth and spiciness to the dish.
    • The celery, sweet onion, scallions and fresh parsley leaves add texture and a fresh herb taste to the salad. The raw onion should be cut into smaller pieces or minced because the onion flavor can be overwhelming. Other fresh herbs like dill, celery leaves, basil, chives, or tarragon work very well in potato salad.

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    What Our Readers Are Saying

    If you dont believe that our recipe helps you achieve the best homemade potato salad, take a look at what our readers are saying about the recipe! More reviews are in the comments section below.

    Ive made this so many times!! Always so yummy and a big hit with even the pickiest eaters!! Pam

    Best potato salad ever!! Melinda

    Excellent. Tastes delicious! Its so much better than the potato salad purchased at the store. LouAnn

    I LOVED this potato salad! Paula

    How To Chop Fresh Dill Weed For Potato Salad

    We have a few picky eaters in the family who dont care for anything crunchy in their potato salad. Personally, I love adding celery and green onion for extra texture and flavor. Theres also some debate in the family over pickles vs. dill weed. Again, the crunchy factor comes into play. However, dill weed adds such a delightful dimension to the potato salad flavor. Heres how to chop fresh dill weed:

  • First, remove the fern-like leaves and stems from the thick center stem.
  • Then, use a large sharp knife to mince the dill leaves to the desired consistency.
  • If you dont have fresh dill, you can use dried, but its always best to use dried seasonings within six months of purchase.
  • To get the best flavor from the dried dill, crush it between your hands before adding it to the salad.
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    The Best Potato Salad Recipe

    Everyone needs a great potato salad recipe! Its a staple summer side dish. This one is my personal favorite. Its easy to put together, and a great starting point to make the recipe your own. There are a few things that make it unique: boil the onions, add sugar, and use a cooling rack to get the perfect size potato chunks. Read on!

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    What Potatoes Are Best

    The BEST Potato Salad Recipe!

    The very best potato salad recipe begins and ends with what type of potatoes you use. We love waxy potatoes like Yukon Gold or red potatoes, because they hold their shape as they cook and keep their firm texture in the salad while chopping and tossing with the dressing. However, if you dont have any of those kinds on hand, you can use Russets. Weve used them in this recipe many times and they work fine. Theyre just a bit softer and flakier than red potatoes or Yukon Gold, but taste just as delicious.

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    The Best Potato Salad Recipe Ever

    My moms potato salad is better than your moms potato salad.

    There, I said it and Im not taking it back! *wink*

    Seriously though, my mother has magical abilities in the art of potato salad making. My mom makes traditional mustard, pickle, and hard-boiled egg potato salad. Its simple, but I have never made or tasted another potato salad better than her version And Im not the only person to think so.

    Over the years Ive watched countless relatives and friends swoon over her classic potato salad.

    The problem is, when you ask her for the recipe she has a hard time sharing it, because she doesnt actually have a recipe written down. She makes it by feel.

    Its taken years of watching, assisting her, and asking questions to come up with what I consider to be her recipe.

    Want to know moms secrets?

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    This Cilantro Lime Broccoli Slaw is a tasty alternative to the traditional summer coleslaw recipe. Pre-packaged shredded broccoli, carrots, red cabbage are tossed with jalapeño, lime, red onion, and red bell pepper for a refreshing side salad.

    What are your favorite summer side dishes?

    Love this recipe for The Best Classic Potato Salad?

    Amount Per Serving

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    The Rest Of The Ingredients

    Now we have perfectly cooked and seasoned potatoes and a creamy dressing, its time to add some extra ingredients.

    Potato salad is a personal process, and there are lots of opinions out there as to what makes it perfect or the best. The recipe below is our version it includes everything we love, but remember that its your potato salad, so add what you like!

    Celery and Pickles The celery adds a lovely crunch and our house isnt stable without dill pickles in the refrigerator so adding them is a no-brainer for us. If you dont like pickles in potato salad leave them out .

    Red Onion I love the sweetness and crunch of red onion in this. To make sure that the onion doesnt overpower the salad with raw onion flavor, I deflame the onions. Its a simple process, simply add cool water to chopped onion and set aside for 10 minutes. The time in the water takes the raw edge off the onion.

    Hard-Boiled Eggs Maybe its how we were brought up or what were used to but, potato salad without eggs is missing something. Hard-boiled eggs add texture and extra creaminess.

    Fresh Herbs The most common herbs are parsley and chives, but dill, cilantro, and tarragon all work well. In our recipe below, we use both dill and parsley. Experiment for yourself to see what you love. Add a tablespoon at a time then taste. Also, remember dill and tarragon are a little stronger than other herbs so add accordingly.

    How To Make Potato Salad

    How To Make The Best Potato Salad | Food Recipes

    Every 4th of July, Erics whole family gets together for fireworks, Nanas Fall-Off-the-Bone Ribs and Barb-ecue Sauce, and her homemade Peppermint Ice Cream.

    Aunt Joy brings potato salad every 4th of July and it is THE BEST. Im in love with it and eat obscene amounts every year.

    So I texted Aunt Joy for the recipe. Heres what she sent me:

    Potatoes¾ cup miracle whipmustard

    The charlatan in me started to get nervous. How many potatoes? How many eggs? Is it really that simple?? Ahhh

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    How To Make The Best Potato Salad Recipe

    1) The key to making the best potato salad is to use starchy potatoes and let them get really soft, so they are partially mashed once mixed. This gives the recipe a rustic, yet thick and luxurious quality. I like to use Yukon Gold or Klondike Goldust potatoes. You can also use Russet potatoes if you like. Do not use new potatoes, because they hold their shape too well and will leave the dressing soupy.

    Start the potatoes in cold water and bring them to a boil to ensure even cooking. Make sure to salt the boiling water so the salty flavor gets deep down in the potatoes.

    Once the potatoes are soft, drain off the water and peel off the skins. You can leave some of the skins on if you like the added texture.

    Chop the potatoes when they are soft this saves time on the peeling and chopping.

    2) Next, mix all the dressing ingredients together. Use your favorite mayonnaise as the base.

    I know better than to tell you what brand to useMayonnaise is an intensely personal condiment!

    Here in the Carolinas, we use Dukes Mayonnaise, but mom usually uses Hellmanns. You can even go with Miracle Whip if that is your favorite.

    Mix a large amount of sweet pickle relish into the dressing.

    Use the good quality refrigerated relish that tastes fresh, has large chunks, and stays firm. Otherwise, the dense ultra-sweet shelved variety might overwhelm the flavor of the dressing.

    If you cant find good relish, finely dice firm refrigerated sweet pickles instead.

    Tips For Making This Recipe:

    • I prefer to leave the skin on the potatoes when I make this recipe.
    • I use whole egg mayonnaise for this recipe, you can use light mayonnaise, however the flavour might be different.
    • While the potatoes are boiling and the bacon is cooking, prepare your dressing. For best results, carefully combine all of the ingredients together while still warm.

    Can you make Potato Salad in advance?

    This salad can be made up to two days in advance and stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Its best enjoyed within four days of preparing.

    What are the best potatoes to use when making Potato Salad?

    I prefer to use baby potatoes, however you really can use any variety you prefer.

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