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Chicken Salads At Chicken Salad Chick Restaurant

Classic Chicken Salad

The Chicken Salad Chick restaurant is your answer to many different wonderful chicken salads. They have traditional, savory, fruity, nutty, and spicy chicken salad.

Are you looking for a great recipe for chicken salad? This salad is freshly made and full of flavor. This recipe is soon to become a favorite of yours.

Chicken Salad Chick Celebrates Seventh Annual Guest Appreciation Day On Thursday January 20

– Restaurants nationwide to provide all guests with a free scoop of Classic Carol –

ATLANTA, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to thank all guests for their constant support and loyalty, Chicken Salad Chick, the nation’s only fast casual chicken salad restaurant concept, has announced the return of its annual Guest Appreciation Day. Taking place on Thursday, January 20, the special event will provide all guests with a free scoop of the brand’s original and best-selling flavor, Classic Carol, at all locations across the country. Guest Appreciation Day is scheduled annually in January to celebrate the birthday of the brand’s founding.

The free scoop of Classic Carol will be available Thursday, January 20, in all restaurants through dine-in, carryout and drive-thru. It will also be given with all orders placed online or through the Craving Credits app for delivery or pickup, and this year a free scoop will also be added to orders placed and delivered through DoorDash and UberEats. Chicken Salad Chick wants to show appreciation to all guests no matter how they decide to order with the brand during this special celebration day. No purchase is necessary for guests who place orders in-restaurant online and delivery app orders placed on Thursday will receive a free scoop of Classic Carol per entrée purchased.

For more information, visit Follow Chicken Salad Chick on , and for the latest news and trends.


What To Include In A Chicken Salad Sandwich

You cant go wrong with the classic combo of lettuce and/or tomato, but whatever else you like in a sandwich will work too. Cucumber, sliced avocado, a slice of cheese, sprouts etc. And try buns, wraps/tortillas, or even bagels instead of bread to change it up a bit. Or go low-carb and make lettuce wraps or fill half an avocado with it.

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Buttercream Flower Cookie And Divine Chocolate Cake

Naturally, after such a delicious lunch, my dining partner and I could not leave the table without some dessert, and Chicken Salad Chick did not disappoint. For my dessert, I chose a single buttercream cookie in the shape of a flower while my dining partner opted for a slice of Divine Chocolate Cake .

My buttercream cookie was sweet but not too sweet and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, just the way I like my cookies. My dining partners Divine Chocolate Cake was divine in all respects, a 3-inch-by-8-inch wedge of chocolate cake having a dense and substantial crumb to it, loaded with chocolate flavor from its plate to the chocolate ganache on top and just heavenly.

Homestyle Satisfaction And Southern

Classic Carol

Though not a fan of celery, the Mystery Diners dining partner enjoyed her Classic Carol very much, and found Chicken Salad Chicks broccoli salad to be particularly savory.

The BLTs pimento cheese had some finely diced and spicy-hot jalapeno bits in it along with the pimento which provided an agreeable surprise.

The buttercream cookie was sweet but not too sweet and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The Divine Chocolate Cake was divine in all respects, a wedge of chocolate cake having a dense and substantial crumb to it, loaded with chocolate flavor from its plate to the chocolate ganache on top.

One of north Johnson Citys newest entries to the restaurant scene is Chicken Salad Chick.

Co-tenant of property once occupied by Sears Automotive, Chicken Salad Chick has been gathering in new customers almost from the moment it opened its doors back in April. Owners James Denham and Chip Backus know a good thing when they see it, and are making sure their Chicken Salad Chick location follows the companys first principle: Spreading joy and serving others.

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How To Make Chicken Salad At Home:

For the full recipe for chicken salad with canned chicken, scroll to the bottom of this post.


  • Drain the chicken, add the chopped hard boiled eggs and mayo, mix and serve!
  • Seriously, just grab a packet of crackers and go to town.
  • We just love recipes that use ingredients that are always in the house, either in the pantry or in the refrigerator. We are definitely adding canned chicken to our pantry staples list from here on out.

    Looking for low carb canned chicken recipes? Try our 5-Minute Low Carb Chicken Salad. If you are looking for canned chicken pasta recipes, try Easy 10 Minute Lemon Chicken Pasta.

    You could also use canned chicken in some of our other recipes including Chicken Noodle Casserole with Potato Chips, Grandmas Chicken Rice Casserole and Chicken Ranch Vegetable Pizza. Just swap out the cooked chicken that the recipe calls for with canned chicken breast that has been drained.

    A good rule of thumb would be that one can of chicken breast would equal two chicken breasts. Or, another way to think about it is that half of a can of chicken equals one chicken breast.

    In general, canned chicken is relatively healthy. It contains a low number of calories and is high in protein. You do need to watch out for the sodium content. One way to make it healthier would be to rinse the chicken before using. Be sure to drain completely. This will help remove some of the excess sodium.

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    What To Serve With Chicken Salad Sandwich

    There are a few ways to present this amazing chicken salad. Spread it on a flakey croissant, , serve with ritz crackers and a vegetable tray, or serve in lettuce cups for a low carb option. Salty potato chips, in my opinion, are a must, but there are other options that will still make a satisfying meal, whether its lunch or dinner. Serve with a wonderful cup of soup, some fruit, and vegetables with this incredible dip and youve got it made!

    Dressings, Sauces, and Dips

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    Chicken Salad Chick’s Grape Salad Recipe

    May 10, 2019 – Fancy Nancy Chicken Salad recipe by Jan Duke, is from Our Family Cookbook , one of the cookbooks created at Family cookbooks are an important way to preserve our mealtime traditions for future generations with individual printed recipes or your own professionally printed cookbook.

    Classic Carol Filo Cups with Fresh Herbs Ingredients: 1 pound of Classic Carol chicken salad. 2 package of filo cups

    The Classic Carol at Chicken Salad Chick is made with all white meat shredded chicken, finely minced celery, mayonnaise and a secret seasoning. Shown here with macaroni and cheese.

    All Chicken Salad Recipes Ideas. Showing 1-18 of 160. Easy Chicken Salad Recipes. Photo Gallery … Reinvent basic chicken salad with new takes on the classic. Chicken Nuggets Salad.

    Meet the Chicks Who Inspire Our Recipes. At the heart of Chicken Salad Chick are all the Chicks who inspire us every day. The named flavors on the menu are named for the real people in Stacys life. She chose to create new spins on classic flavors in their honor, to reflect their personalities and connections.

    Chicken Salad Chick Review

    Recipes: Classic Chicken Salad

    The brands areas are enhanced with the sort of Southern style youd anticipate. Every one of the restaurants are right off the bat, faultlessly spotless the dividers are painted in warm however quieted hues with excellent brilliant lighting. They have a cutting edge feel however are intended for their clients highest solace. The staff are well disposed, proficient and effective and expect to make your feasting knowledge as pleasant as could be expected under the circumstances. In spite of the fact that, on the off chance that you dont have a craving for eating in, they do likewise offer the choice to get and go.

    As their primary offering, Chicken Salad Chicks chicken plate of mixed greens choice has a possibility for everybody: Jalapeno Holly, Olivias Old South, Nutty Nana, the names are as celestial as the taste. The Classic Carol is a very prevalent choice being the variety that begun the entire brand. Another most loved is the Sassy Scotty: chicken, bacon, farm dressing and cheddar, a liberal mix.

    Other than their meat choices, they additionally have a flawless Pimento Cheese variety. They offer a scope of sides: potato chips, crisp organic product, pasta, broccoli or grape serving of mixed greens. Additionally, a determination of Deli sandwiches and their naturally heated treat of the day. Their prices are sensible with 1lb of any flavor plate of mixed greens costing around $10.

    TOPIC: Chicken Salad Chick Menu Prices

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    Chicken Salad Chick Menu

    Chicken salad is a Southern tradition and now its easier than ever for chicken salad lovers to enjoy it thanks to Chicken Salad Chick. With 12 different chicken salads to choose from on their regular menu, Chicken Salad Chick has a Southern-style chicken salad flavor for everyone.

    The companys first location was started in Alabam near Auburn University, and now there are various Chicken Salad Chick restaurants all over the Southeast.

    The Chicken Salad Chick concept has loyal guests coming back for more than just chicken salad. Their signature sandwiches, fresh side salads, sides, gourmet soups, pimento cheese, egg salad, and delicious desserts are on my list to try. Not to mention the high-quality meals offered by their full catering service! Im trying to sample all of the original chicken salad flavors on the Chicken Salad Chick menu first and share my thoughts.

    From Chicken Salad Chicks robust menu you can order a variety of options and sizes of their chicken salad flavors. Choose from scoops, sandwiches, or Quick Chick to-go packages that are a perfect fit for feeding larger groups. Each Chicken Salad Chick location makes between 240 and 400 pounds of chicken salad per day. Thats a lot of chicken!

    Lets work our way through the chicken salad menu offerings from Traditional to Spicy. I mostly opted for preordered Quick Chicks to share with friends and family. They were happy to get free chicken salad and I was happy to have their feedback.

    Light And Creamy Chicken Salad Made With Cooked Or Canned Chicken Red Onion Crisp Celery And Just The Right Amount Of Seasoning Best Chicken Salad Ever Is Our Version Of This Family Favorite Recipe

    I have been blessed to have had some really fantastic everyday recipes shared with me over the years and this is one of them. This recipe for the Best Chicken Salad Ever is in regular rotation in our house because it is so versatile!

    Delicious as a sandwich, in a wrap, and even on its own right out of the bowl, this is less expensive than the deli version and super easy to make. If you havent tried it, you really should. It could become a new favorite in your house too.

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    Chicken Salad Chick Chicken Salad

    May 15, 2019 by Stephanie Manley, Last Updated October 21, 2021

    Have you tried the Chicken Salad Chick Classic Carol Chicken Salad? Some of us are lucky we are located near a Chicken Salad Chick restaurant, if one opens in your area, I recommend you go. Until then, here is my easy copycat recipe for the delicious classic Carol chicken salad.

    What Makes This Chicken Salad So Good

    Chicken Salad Chick {Coming Soon}

    I think there are a few different elements that make this recipe unique.

    • It calls for only chicken tenders. Chicken tenders shred wonderfully when pulled apart after cooking.
    • Celery is chopped super fine, so you dont get large pieces of celery.
    • Also, dry Ranch salad dressing mix adds a unique flavor.

    For this recipe, I have chosen to cook the chicken tenders in chicken stock. I think this adds layers of flavor to the recipe. Good quality chicken stock is made with carrots, celery, and onion. The chicken tenders pick up some of this flavor.

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    How To Brine Chicken In Pickle Juice

    If youre already sold on the idea of adding pickles and pickle juice to your chicken salad, theres yet another way you can boost the taste of the recipe with more tangy, salty flavor. Try brining your chicken in pickle juice before cooking it.

    Not only does a pickle juice brine tenderize and flavor your chicken, but it also helps keep notoriously dry chicken breast moist . All it takes is an hour. Brine your chicken breast in pickle juice, then remove it from the liquid and pat it dry before pan-roasting or baking it.

    Now the base of your chicken salad will be super flavorful, juicy, and will pair perfectly with the splash of pickle juice and crunchy chopped pickles you add to your chicken salad recipe.

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    Can You Eat Chicken On Keto

    Chicken Salad Chick is keto-friendly only because its main ingredient is devoid of carbs.

    In fact, meat and poultry are like bread-and-butter for a ketoer. Fresh meat & poultry have exactly zero carbs and they offer plenty of minerals and vitamins like Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, phosphorus, and selenium.

    The keto diet isnt just about high-fat low-carb foods. The third macro, aka protein, also has a very important role to play in your overall well-being.

    Here are some essential roles of protein in our body:

    • Muscle repair & growth
    • Maintaining healthy skin, hair, nails, bones, and internal organs.
    • Creation of hormones and enzymes.

    A Chicken salad is your best tool to reach your protein goals on a ketogenic diet.

    Opt for dark meat chicken since it has more fat and iron. For example, a 4 oz serving of Chicken Thigh has 20g fat, 17g protein, and zero net carbs!

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    Chicken Salad Chick Locations

    With 183 company locations across the Southeast and plans to have over 200 by the end of 2021, Chicken Salad Chick is undergoing a period of rapid expansion.

    Select locations are offering curbside pick-up and quick chick deliveries in order to limit interaction with front line workers during this period of social distancing. Be sure to check with your restaurants franchise owners for local quick chick delivery options, online ordering, special offers, and the latest news.

    How Much To Serve Per Person:

    How to make a Classic Chicken Salad | Homemade Recipe | Mattie’s Kitchen

    If you are making for serving a large group, at a party or event, youll want to increase the amount that you make. Here is the rule of thumb that I use for how much to prepare per person.

    • Sandwiches and wraps = 4 6 ounces per person
    • Lettuce cups = 4 6 ounces per person
    • Main dish = 8 ounces per person

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    Can I Use Something Besides Pickle Relish

    The pickle relish in this recipe provides a lot of flavor, thanks to the sweetness and tartness of the pickle brine.

    I do recommend you use sweet relish, not dill pickle relish. You can also dice up some sweet pickles if you dont have any relish on hand.

    And I bet some sweet and spicy pepper jelly used in place of the relish would be pretty tasty.

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    Soup Best Friend With Salad

    The first dish to be introduced on what to serve with chicken salad for a luncheon is soup.

    Just imagine, on a cold rainy day, staying in your home and having a hot vegetable soup with juicy flavor, and cheesiness alongside the chicken salad seems just too good to even think about.

    There are two main ways to serve salad with vegetable soup. The first method is to use salad as the main dish and the soup on the side.

    Or, you can also have chicken salad as an appetizer to slurp the hot soup. Whichever way, chicken salad with hot vegetable soup has always been a great combination.

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    How To Survive Keto At Chicken Salad Chick

    For Southerners, the chicken salad is an all-time staple whether its lunchtime, party time, or when you are in a mood for some light snack.

    Well, who doesnt love chicken salad?

    Chicken Salad Chick brings you a much healthier alternative to junk food, thats also lower in carbs! They have all shades of chicken salad including the nutty, fruity, and spicy flavors.

    The company uses fresh ingredients and make all of their flavors from scratch every morning. Thats quite a relief from the highly processed foods we get in fast-food restaurants!

    If you are on a ketogenic diet, Chicken Salad Chick is a food heaven for you! They literally have zero-carb salads that you can devour until your appetite gives up.

    Here are the top 5 Keto-Friendly salads in order of their carb count :

    • Classic Carol: 0g
    • Lauryns Lemon Basil: 1g
    • Sassy Scotty: 1g

    Note: The crackers on the side can be really tempting. But its a major carb disaster and you should avoid them at all costs.

    A keto diet caps your daily carb limit to 20-25g carbs. Thats why Chicken Salad Chick comes in handy for all your untimely cravings.You can have multiple scoops of the shredded salads and still get away with just 4-5g net carbs!

    And thats not all. They also have pimento cheese and low-carb egg salad that greatly increases your options. You can have the salads as a scoop, in a bowl, or served as a sandwich. Skip the last option if you want to keep it low-carb, pal!

    Just How To Jazz Up Canned Hen Salad

    Chicken Salad Chick

    This poultry salad include Parmesan cheese to provide it some additional taste, and also it tastes definitely tasty in this manner. Nevertheless, you might wish to obtain innovative and also include various tastes to it depending upon what you have in your kitchen.

    I such as to exchange it up so my youngsters do not obtain burnt out with it, and also it likewise allows me consume active ingredients that are practically gone however I can not rather throw out.

    You do not require greater than 1 or 2 added products, and also I make use of regarding a quarter to a fifty percent mug total amount, depending upon what I include. Check it out, and also have some enjoyable.

    Several of my preferred mix-ins consist of:

    • Chopped grapes
    • Chopped Red or yellow pepper

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