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So Can Hamsters Eat Herbs Like Parsley Or Dill Or Rosemary

Yes, hamsters can eat some herbs. Not all herbs, and not in large quantities. But they can still eat them.

There are safe and unsafe herbs for hamsters, and well look over both lists. Most of these herbs are possibly already in your cupboard or maybe in your garden, fresh and green.

For the most part, hamsters rely on grains as their main source of food. So herbs while tasty, should not be given often or in large bunches. A few leaves here and there are enough. Take into account how small the hamster is too.

If youre interested to know what herbs are safe, you may also be interested in knowing the supply list a hamster will need throughout his life. You can find it here, with everything hell ever need.

Now lets see which herbs are safe for hamsters to eat.

Re: Rosewood Naturals Salad

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Peachy wrote:I saw these while I was shopping for cleaning stuff… I can never help but wander over to the pet stuff! Thought my guinea pig might like to try the dandelion sticks but he’s not supposed to have seeds. I’ll have to take a closer look at the salad!

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Safe And Unsafe Herbs For Hamsters What To Feed Hamsters

If youre wondering if your hamster can eat parsley, or dill, rosemary, even dandelions, youre right where you need to be. I asked myself the same thing when my girlfriend was chopping a bunch of parsley the other day, and wondered if Teddy can have some.

Well, we tried giving him a little bit, and we googled and asked other hamster owner friends. This is what we found out, and you can use this list to know what kind of herbs you can give your hamster.

Rosewood Naturals Nature’s Salad Safe For Hamsters

Rosewood Naturals Nature

rosewood naturals nature’s salad safe for hamstershands on architecture jobs

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Herbs Safe For Hamsters To Eat

There isnt much info available on herbs for hamsters, but this is what we found out. There will be herbs and a couple of plants in this article, just to see the general profile hamsters go for. So here are the safe hamster herbs and plants:

  • parsley
  • rose petals
  • watercress

Weve given Teddy a few leaves of parsley and he ate them right up. Didnt even pouch them, he just ate them on the spot. Our two guinea pigs love parsley too, so I guess the flavor is mild enough for small animals.

When it comes to flowers, youll see hamsters are okay with the short-petal kind of flowers. Like marigold, dandelion, daisy and so on. Theyve got short flowers, and their pollen carriers are short, unlike for example lilies.

When it comes to how much and how often you can give these herbs and plants to your hamster, there is a caveat. They are indeed safe, but only if given in small amounts, and not often.

Too much can upset the hamsters stomach. And when it comes to hamster digestive problems, those are very hard to handle since hamster stomachs are fairly different to treat than human stomachs.

Youll find some of these herbs in the hamsters food mix too, sometimes. Or possibly in some hamster treats.

A word on mint, though. While it is safe, it definitely needs to be given sparingly and in very small amounts. Too much mint can cause stomach problems even in humans, let alone small hamsters.

What To Feed Hamsters

Usually a hamsters diet consists of grains and grain-based foods , a bit of veggies, some fruits, and some protein whenever the hamster can find a bit. Nuts and peanuts are welcome too.

That being said, most commercial hamster foods have a healthy mix of all food sources. So supplementing the hamsters food with a few herbs is fine, but not entirely necessary.

You can either leave the food for your hamster in his food bowl, or sprinkle it in his bedding. Hell forage for it, and it will be a good way to keep his weight under control if he has a problem.

You can read more about what hamsters can eat here, and find the general list of safe and unsafe hamster foods. You probably have some of them in your fridge or pantry already.

Generally, hamsters can eat many things humans eat. Like for example carrots, cucumbers, a bit of salad , broccoli, asparagus, boiled plain chicken, plain peanuts, a slice of apple, and so on.

You can find out much more in general hamster care with these 15 essential steps.

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Harry Hamster Tasty Mix


Approved by the National Hamster Council, Supreme Harry Hamster Food is a well balanced mix that is nutritionally complete and great for your hamsters diet. The food mix contains fresh soya, whole peanuts and sunflower seeds, enhancing their digestive health and promoting healthy teeth and gums.No added sugarThe first and only food to be app…


Herbs Your Hamster Should Never Eat

Rosewoods itâs a pet thing naturals natureâs salad review

There are such herbs, and sometimes theyre not immediately obvious. So lets see which herbs arent safe for hamsters:

  • bay laurel
  • most flowers
  • bamboo
  • english ivy or any ivy

There are a few herb-like veggies like garlic, onion, and leek. None of these are safe for hamsters, because theyre too acidic. The same goes for the lemon-related plants mentioned above , since they release a lemon-like scent, taste, and oil. So theres the whole dont feed your hamster any citrus thing again.

Some of these herbs are used in human cuisine, like for example cilantro and cumin are used in most variants of curry. As for aloe vera, most aloe vera plants are unsafe to eat.

Of all the available ones, aloe barbadensis miller is the most common safe one. That being said, the skin of the plant is not good for anyone to eat. The gel, in the other hand, is safe. Its not tasty, its actually bitter-sour but it has great healing properties.

Too much aloe vera can upset the stomach and give your hamster a case of diarrhea. So only give it sparingly, and remember that it oxidizes very fast .

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Is Natures Salad Safe

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Yes its safe.

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I bought some Rosewood naturals natures salad today at Walmart. Ive heard its safe for hamsters but I just want to make sure. I have a Syrian hamster, a chinese hamster, a deer mouse, and rats. I was wondering if it would be safe for all four species?Ingredients:Pea flakes, oat flakes, wheat flakes, marigold, parsley, alfalfa, nettle, red bear, dandelion, plantain, wheat, puffed wheat, puffed maize, edible leaves, maize flakes, cornflowers, carrots, Melissa, red clover, peppermint, rose petals

It is safe. There are some skeptical ingredients in there, but many people feed them anyways and they seem to be okay. I’m not sure about feeding them to mice or rats though.

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