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Creamy Pasta Salad with Mayonnaise | Easy Pasta Salad Recipe | Kanak’s Kitchen
  • Plan ahead and make sure that you allow at least 2 hours for the salad to “marinate” in the dressing and the flavors to come together.
  • Rinse the pasta and broccoli under cold water to stop the cooking process, cool it down quickly, and remove starches so that the noodles don’t stick to each other.
  • Thaw the peas quickly by placing the frozen peas in a colander. When you drain the pasta and broccoli florets, pour the hot pasta and water over the peas in the colander. They will thaw almost instantly when the hot pasta hits them!
  • Grate the peeled garlic clove on a microplane so that you get all of the great garlic flavor in your dressing without any big chunks.

How Long Can You Keep Macaroni Salad

Macaroni salad will keep for up to five days when stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container. This is a great salad for making in advance and serving at picnics and potlucks, but try not to leave it out at room temperature for very long as the salad dressing base will not keep well in the heat.

This macaroni salad recipe is a favorite to serve alongside my favorite BBQ pulled chicken and a plate full of deviled eggs .

When I shared my deviled egg recipe, so many of you shared your favorite methods for cleanly peeling fresh eggs, and I appreciated those tips so much and have tried many of them. Id love to keep the conversation going here if you would !

How To Make Pasta Salad

The hardest thing about making pasta salad is mustering the strength to boil water on a hot day. Luckily, our super easy pasta salad recipe can be made ahead, so you can tackle that water-boiling effort during the cool morning hours, and enjoy a chilled, cool-from-the-fridge bowl of this easy Mediterranean pasta salad later in the day when the air is thick with summer heat. Heres how to make the best pasta salad ever:

  • Cook the pasta! We like to cook the rotini pasta to barely al dente, especially if its going to sit in the fridge for a while after being dressed.
  • While the pasta boils, prep the cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, olives, feta, and salami .
  • Whisk the Italian pasta salad dressing in the bottom of the same bowl youre going to toss and serve the pasta salad in.
  • Drain the pasta and let it cool .
  • Toss the cooled, cooked rotini pasta into a big bowl along with the dressing and all of those other delicious goodies. If youre making this salad ahead, leave the fresh parsley & arugula out until right before serving.
  • Chill! You can serve this pasta salad right away, but on a hot summer day, who doesnt prefer a nice cold pasta salad? If you have time, give it a chillthirty minutes will do the trick.
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    Creamy Pasta Salad Recipe With Mayo

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    A Mediterranean twist to the classic mayo pasta salad, it is easy and colorful and goes well with your grilled meat and tasty and …. I might be a little biased here but this is REALLY DELICIOUS. This pasta salad has a very creamy Italian dressing so dare I say it is a simple creamy Italian pasta salad recipe. Make this for dinner tonight and enjoy leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

    Pasta salad was not that popular when I was growing up in Egypt, now it is actually on every restaurant’s menu. To my surprise I was never a fan of mayonnaise, and still am not that kind of girl who spreads mayo on every sandwich as I prefer tahini and baba ghanoush more, but I do really enjoy this recipe.

    My heart has nothing but love for the dressings made with mayo . Of course I try to go easy consuming mayo and most of the time using the light ones, but I’ve never actually tried making my own yet.

    We were in that Italian restaurant lately and I had a very delicious salad but after a couple of bites, I sensed something in there ….. VODKA it was!!! I really hate these kinds of situations, when you start enjoying something just to discover it has alcohol or pork, things that we are not allowed to consume.. how frustrating is that.

    I hope you’ll like the recipe and try it soon… Enjoy!!

    What Goes In Pasta Salad

    Pasta Salad with Tomatoes, Feta &  Herbed Mayonnaise  The ...

    Any great pasta salad recipe is essentially a flexible formulapasta salad is a wonderful blank canvas. Our Mediterranean pasta salad hasshockingly enoughMediterranean flavors! We love the salty pop of olives and feta cheese against the juicy sweetness of fresh cherry tomatoes and delicate crunch of diced cucumbers. Heres what youll need for this kinda-sorta Italian pasta salad:

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    Easy Creamy Pasta Recipe

    Todays recipe is a good way to use up the fresh produce you have in your fridge just like my prawn stir fry recipe. Who doesnt like a quick pick me up recipe just like this cucumber salad?

    Pasta salad is not only great for summer parties, barbeques or potlucks alone, it is a great side dish that can grace your table any time of the year. It is also good to be eaten on its own.

    I love making macaroni salad but in the absence of macaroni I use any other curly pasta of choice and in this case, fusilli pasta. The shape of this pasta holds the salad dressing in place. Rotini, bow tie or conchiglie are great pasta options for creamy salad too.

    A good salad recipe doesnt have to cost you an arm to make, the only ingredient used in this salad that you may not already have in your pantry might be the feta cheese. Although it adds great flavour to this salad, you can completely do without it.

    Right, let me show you how to make this super easy creamy pasta salad that is great for all occasions.

    Substitutions And Tips And Tricks For Recipe Success

    • Be sure to only cook your pasta until aldente, or even just under. You want the pasta to have a good bite to it! Overcooking the pasta will result in pasta that becomes mushy and falls apart.
    • If you use beef bouillon cubes, make sure to dissolve the bouillon in a few tablespoons of water buttermilk or milk before adding it to the mayo.
    • Feel free to swap our your favorite ingredients black olives, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, or even peppadew peppers would be nice additions.
    • Dont forget to season! While weve added what we think are good salt amounts, everyones taste is different, be sure to season to taste for salt and pepper, if you think it needs more, add more!

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    Caprese Pasta Salad From Midwest Foodie

    If youre feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities and all the time some of these recipes can take, this is the pasta salad for you. Besides the pasta, all you need are some mini mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, basil, and the ingredients for a homemade balsamic glaze. Truly, it couldnt be easier or more delicious.

    Good food brings people together.So do good emails.

    Easy Cold Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe With Mayo

    Creamy Lemon Mayo Pasta Salad Recipe

    Published: January 29, 2019Last Modified: May 24, 2021Harriet Britto

    This cold chicken pasta salad recipe with mayo is quick and fast to make. Great for potlucks, BBQs, and for a crowd this is an easy summer dish that can be made in advance. It tastes great both at room temperature or straight from the fridge.

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    Macaroni Salad In A Bite

    • What is Macaroni Salad made of? Cooked macaroni, shredded carrot, green onions, red peppers/capsicum and celery tossed in a dressing made with mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, sugar and garlic powder.

    • How long can you keep macaroni salad? Up to 5 days in the fridge.

    • Do you serve macaroni salad hot or cold? Its best served at room temperature or ever so slightly chilled. But not cold, straight out of the fridge.

    • Calories in macaroni salad 319 kj as a side dish

    • Can you freeze macaroni salad? Yes, because its mostly pasta. Thaw naturally and toss well before serving.

    How To Make The Best Creamy Macaroni Salad Recipe

    Cooking the macaroni correctly is essential to a good mac salad. Overcook it and youll end up with mushy bites that wont stand up to the mixing with the vegetables. Cook the macaroni al denté as you would your favorite Italian pasta. Watching your cooking time and cooking to the package directions should ensure the perfect bite. And to be sure, taste test every minute or so when coming to the end of your cooking time.

    After cooking, rinse the macaroni so it doesnt stick. The macaroni salad trick I learned from my mom is to rinse the pasta after cooking and drain it really well so theres no residual water lurking in the pasta nook and crannies. Rinsing the pasta under cold water stops the cooking time and removes some of the starches created from cooking. As the pasta cools, toss it a bit with your hands or a spoon so it stays loose and doesnt clump together.

    Pickles, eggs, celery and more! Grandmas recipe had the same basics as this one, but I added more sweet picklesbecause I could eat pickles on dirt if I had toand hard boiled eggbecause in my humble opinion, mayo based salads always taste better with a touch of a hard boiled egg.

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    Lets Make Creamy Pasta Salad

    Cook the pasta. Arguably the most important part of making a great creamy pasta salad is cooking the pasta correctly. It should be perfectly aldente, and not mushy at all.

    Start by bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil. Season with salt. Add the pasta. Cook until the pasta is aldente. It should have a slight bite to it. Drain and immediately rinse under cold water to stop the cooking process and to wash away any excess moisture.

    Make the dressing. If youre using bouillon paste, you can simply add the mayo to a large bowl as well as the bouillon and whisk until smooth. Add the sour cream, buttermilk, white wine vinegar, and salt together. Whisk until smooth.

    Toss everything. Add the pasta to the bowl with the dressing. Toss until combined. Season to taste with salt and pepper. If needed, add a little bit of buttermilk to thin the dressing out to reach your desired consistency.

    Add in the tomatoes, peppers, onions, and any other veggies or meats youre using. Toss to combine. Again, season with salt and pepper.

    Battle Of The Pasta Salads: Mayo Vs No Mayo

    Easy Cold Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe With Mayo

    Summer means cookouts, and cookouts mean pasta salad. We’re bringing our favorite kinds of pasta salad to the table and letting the mayo and no-mayo renditions duke it out once and for all.

    Summer means cookouts, and cookouts mean pasta salad. If we had to guess, you belong in one of two camps of people: those who live for a creamy pasta salad loaded with the good stuff, or those who like to take a fresher, lighter mayo-free approach. In honor of this age-old battle of the sides, we’re bringing our favorite kinds of pasta salad to the table and letting the mayo and no-mayo renditions duke it out once and for all. For each type of pasta salad, whether it’s classic, family-friendly or something more adventurous, there’s a recipe for mayo lovers and haters alike.

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    What Ingredients Are In Macaroni Salad

    Different macaroni salads contain different ingredients, but my staples include:

    • Elbow macaroni
    • Hard boiled eggs or shredded or diced cheddar cheese
    • A homemade mayo-based macaroni salad dressing

    You can obviously add your favorite additional add-ins or make substitutions , but this if my favorite combination and I really recommend you try it out exactly this way at least once for yourself.

    The dressing I just mentioned is what really sets it apart from other potluck recipes you might have tried. It provides just the right amount of creaminess the noodles are coated in just enough sauce and are neither dry nor are they drenched in the dressing. Its also just slightly sweetened thanks to the addition of some sweet pickle juice and a pinch of sugar.

    Key Ingredient For Tuna Mayo Pasta Salad

    Tuna and mayonnaise with pasta may seem overly simple. But to get the great flavor for the tuna mayo onigiri filling and in this recipe, the key ingredient, in my opinion, is mentsuyu. Mentsuyu is the concentrated soup base thats used in many Japanese soup and food recipes. It just gives the depth of flavor like nothing else.

    You could substitute mentsuyu with soy sauce if you must. But instead of using 2 tablespoons of soy sauce , use 1.5 tablespoons of soy sauce total and adjust the taste from there to your liking. If you love Japanese food, though, mentsuyu is one of the main Japanese ingredients you should have on hand anyway!

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    What Goes In My Chicken Pasta Salad

    And heres what I put in this pasta salad:

    • Chicken Buy it cooked or poach your own. Then shred or finely chop into sort of baton shapes see below for photo. It melds better with the pasta and eats more easily than having chunky cubes

    • Macaroni The original pasta salad shape. But really, you can use any short pasta you want: penne, ziti, bow ties, spirals etc

    • Green onion For freshness and nice bits of green colour

    • Carrot and celery Standard creamy pasta salad vegetable add-ins

    • Capsicum/bell pepper For lovely, crunchy little specks of red throughout

    • Avocado Optional. I chose yes, but they were sadly far too firm to use. So they arent in the finished dish photos, or recipe video for that matter

    • Shredded cheese Because I always have and always will and

    • Bacon For great little pops of salty goodness. Ham also works really well .

    Strawberry Spinach Pasta Salad With Orange Poppy Seed Dressing From Creme De La Crumb

    Macaroni Salad without Mayonnaise Recipe

    This pasta salad stands out for its addition of fruit. You dont see that too often, do you? It includes both strawberries slices and pineapple chunks, which might sound strange at first, but its actually refreshing. The rest of the salad includes pasta baby spinach, dried cranberries, and cashews, Theres also this really zippy poppy seed dressing that brightens the entire dish.

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    Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad From Salt & Lavender

    You can have your first course and your main course all at once thanks to this smart pasta salad recipe. The recipe includes two kinds of protein , pasta, romaine lettuce, Parmesan, and a Caesar dressing that binds everything together. Theres also croutons, which for some reason just really make me happy.

    Dressing For Pasta Salad

    When making a pasta salad, its best to toss it in A LOT of dressing to prevent it from drying out and getting pasty. Instead of using all mayo, we add in a bit of sour cream to cut through the fat, making it less oily. You can also use yoghurt or Mexican crema.

    WHAT TYPE OF MAYONNAISE? I suggest using whole egg mayo as it tends to be less sweeter and creamier than regular mayo.VINEGAR: adds a kick of tang! You can use white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or white wine vinegar. Substitute with lemon juice for a citrus kick.DIJON MUSTARD adds MORE flavour, making it nice and thick.MINCED GARLIC completes the flavour profile. You can use garlic powder, onion powder or minced shallots if you prefer.

    You all know how much we love drowning our food in sauce! That INCLUDES all of our salads and dressings. NO pasta salad recipe of ours will ever be lacking in dressing!

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    If You Keep Your Pasta Salad Classic

    American Macaroni Salad: Food Network Kitchens

    Team Mayo: Classic, Creamy American Macaroni Salad

    Perhaps the most-quintessential cookout-bound recipe of all, Food Network Kitchen’s creamy, chunky macaroni salad is just begging to be invited to your summer gatherings. You might not believe it by the looks of it, but this ultra-creamy recipe is actually better for you than anything you might buy premade at the store.

    Neely’s Lemon Pasta Salad The Neelys

    Team No Mayo: Fresh and Bright Lemon Pasta Salad

    With loads of 5-star reviews and a very doable ingredient list, this classic corkscrew-based pasta salad is bound to be a family favorite, especially without divisive mayo involved. Instead, it’s tossed with a vibrant lemon dressing that stands up to the fresh scattering of asparagus, peas and cherry tomatoes.

    How To Make The Best Macaroni Salad

    Mayonnaise Creamy Pasta Salad

    There are lots of options when it comes to making pasta salad. Weve already shared a few with you including our Quick and Easy Pasta Salad, this Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad with Cucumbers, and for a gluten-free salad, this Mediterranean Zucchini Noodles Salad.

    When it comes to making a cold, creamy pasta salad, keep these tips in mind:

    • Dont overcook the pasta. Use the package directions of the pasta you choose as a guide, but a minute or two before it should be done, test it. If done, drain the pasta and move onto our next tip.
    • Rinse the cooked pasta under cold water before tossing with the salad dressing. If youve ever made pasta salad that turned sticky, not rinsing the pasta before tossing with the dressing could be the reason. The cooked pasta is coated in starches. By removing the starches, the salad wont turn sticky or clump as much.
    • Choose lots of colorful veggies and textures to add to the salad. Its just better this way.
    • Use a bright and flavorful salad dressing. Since the base of our dressing is creamy, we love brightening it up with some acid from vinegar and mustard. If you love sweeter salads, you can add a bit of honey, as well.

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