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The Surprising Runner Up: Litehouse Homestyle Ranch

How to Make the Best Blue Cheese Dressing

Litehouse Homestyle Ranch almost usurped Hidden Valley as our house salad dressing, because it is super flavorful without much sweetness. This refrigerator-section ranch really does taste fresh and has a very herb-forward flavor and appearance. Dare I say, this tastes like everything you wish that homemade ranch would be.Buy: Litehouse Homestyle Ranch, $3.89 for 12-ounces at Target

What Blue Cheese Should You Use To Make The Best Blue Cheese Dressing

There are three kinds of blue cheeses. Creamy, Crumbly and Firm. Crumbly blue works best like a maytag or gorgonzola, which is what I used here. Gorgonzola is an Italian blue cheese with a milder flavor than the very pungent blue cheese. Its great for eating by itself, pairing with apple or pear slices or topping on purple potatoes.

Make a jar a day or so ahead of your next dinner party and cut up smaller wedges and serve with tomato, bacon, and hard boiled egg for a classic or make this festive wedge if its holiday time. If you want to add extra color, radishes are nice as well as pomegranates.

Whats In The Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

If you want to enjoy a truly spectacular wedge salad, you need to make your own blue cheese dressing. Specifically, you need to make the BEST blue cheese dressing. Lucky for you, Im sharing my go-to homemade blue cheese dressing with you today.

The homemade blue cheese dressing is far above and beyond anything you can find on the store shelves, even the refrigerator section, and has just the right bite thanks to a dash of red wine vinegar and a bit of buttermilk.

To make the homemade blue cheese dressing, youll need:

  • light sour cream
  • chives

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We Tried 8 Blue Cheese Dressings To Find The Best

If you had to crown one salad dressing Americas favorite, it would definitely be ranch. But blue cheese the other delicious, creamy salad topping definitely deserves a spot as a close second. Whether its being used as a sauce or as a greens finisher, blue cheese dressing is just as versatile as Hidden Valleys namesake. And for cheese lovers, it provides that familiar, tangy satisfaction that only blue cheese can deliver.

With Super Bowl LIV quickly approaching, blue cheese dressing will soon be put through its paces, as a dip for wings, vegetables, fries, and anything else remotely dunkable. So to help you prepare for any upcoming event where blue cheese might be wanted, weve tested out eight brands of salad dressing, featuring everyones favorite Penicillium-laden cheese. Three of these brands are shelf-stable varieties, and five were refrigerated options. Weve separated these out into separate categories, to make it easier for you to shop for your preferred version. Here are our rankings, from best to meh.

How To Take The Bite Out Of Raw Onion


Raw onions are a very important part of a wedge salad, but sometimes they can be a little intense! Heres a tip for taking the edge off of the raw onion and making them perfect for your salad.

Slice the onions as the recipe calls for, then soak them in ice water for 10-15 minutes. This will mellow the flavor a little. How easy is that?!

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The Delightfully Tangy Runner Up: Maries Chunky Blue Cheese

When I tried this dressing by itself, I was really taken aback by how good it was. Compared to the other dressings, Maries blue cheese is delightfully tangy. And I think thats because buttermilk is the second ingredient listed, which means the dressing maintains its creaminess, but it has more of azing to it than other brands.Buy: , $4.29 for 12 ounces on Instacart

How To Use Blue Cheese Dressing

Other than using your blue cheese dressing as is, there are tons of ways you can incorporate it into your food.

Use this dressing to make a variety of marinades for meats and vegetables. These types of marinades will go exceptionally well with neutrally flavored ingredients such as eggplants or poultry items. It will create a harmonious symphony of flavors that most other dressings wouldnt be able to.

You can also use this blue cheese marinade as a basting sauce. Try mixing it with your favorite peanut butter and while a whole chicken is roasting, baste it every 10 minutes. It sounds weird we know, but trust us!

You can also use your blue cheese dressing inside various meals. Have you ever tried macaroni and blue cheese? To die for!

There are so many creative and mouth-watering flavor combinations waiting to be discovered.

Here is where we might be pushing it too far for some of you, but you can try to make a blue cheese ice cream or a blue cheese cheesecake. These days there arent any rules as to what you can and cannot do. We certainly love these unique and revolutionary desserts.

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Recipe For Homemade Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing

A recipe from Culinary School, this is the best blue cheese salad dressing recipe Ive found to date. And its a perfect dressing for a classic wedge salad.

I hope you give this recipe a try. And if you do, please come back and let me know how you liked it and give the recipe a star rating. And leave a comment about your experience with this recipe.

And if you have a favorite homemade salad dressing recipe, let me know, Iâd love to give it a try. Im always looking for new ideas.

How To Make Dipping Sauce

Blue Cheese Dressing – How to Make the Best Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing

While store-brought blue cheese dressing is an easy, no-fuss formula for creating those perfect dips, making a perfect, drool-worthy blue cheese dipping sauce at home is not difficult either. With your favorite blue cheese at hand and a few other ingredients, you are just a few steps away from creating a super amazing blue cheese dipping sauce. One thats surely going to amaze your family and friends.

So, to create blue cheese dressing, heres all you need:

This easy-to-make homemade blue cheese dressing is extra creamy. Its perfect to be tossed into salads, sandwiches and more. For a more dipping sauce, you may consider adding some milk or water. This will make it perfect for dipping and pourable purposes.

Video: Almond Sour Cream, Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing

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Litehouse Opa Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing

A smooth blend of Greek yogurt & Artisan Blue Cheese, Litehouse Opa Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing is full of flavors with just 60 calories per serving. Great on taste and aroma, Litehouse Opa is one of the top blue cheese dressings 2021.

You can serve it as a dipping sauce or mix it with your salads, salsas, wraps, and veggies for a flavorful combination and extremely versatile taste.

How To Make A Wedge Salad

First, make the blue cheese dressing. Learning how to make blue cheese dressing is as simple as mixing together all the ingredients, placing the mixture in the fridge for 20-30 minutes for the flavors to meld, then drizzling over your wedge salad. Seriously, thats it!

Fry the bacon in strips, then break it into smaller pieces. I find it less apt to burn and flavorful when frying the bacon in strips before making it into bite size chunks.

Cut the iceberg into wedges. Remove any limp outer leaves of the lettuce head and then cut in half, then cut each half into quartered wedges.

Assemble your salad. Place each wedge cut side up on a plate, drizzle with the homemade blue cheese dressing, top with bacon crumbles, sprinkle with chives and blue cheese chunks, then add a few wedges of tomato on top or to the side. Add a bit more black pepper and serve!

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How To Make Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

This is super quick and easy and will take you about 5 minutes or less. Perfect for when you are in a hurry.

  • Mash: In a small bowl add the blue cheese crumbles and buttermilk. Mash the crumbles with a fork.
  • Combine: Add in the sour cream, mayonnaise, parsley, garlic powder, and salt and pepper and whisk. Add in more buttermilk if you want a thinner consistency.
  • Great Value Blue Cheese Dressing And Dip

    Blue Cheese Dressing from

    Pack your snacks and meals with this versatile blue cheese dressing thats creamy, delicious and has a classic taste to please your taste buds. Made with the highest quality cheese, this classic dressing has some of the finest ingredients on its list. It contains less than 2% of salt, which makes it one of the top blue cheese dressing choices for health conscious connoisseurs.

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    Trader Joes Chunky Dip

    This is an authentic Roquefort civilization blue cheese dressing. It pairs 27% award-winning blue cheese sourced from Mindoro, Wisconsin with mayonnaise, buttermilk, sour cream, canola oil, red wine vinegar, other natural ingredients and spices. The recipe yields a thick, creamy and flavorful blue cheese dressing that has powerful aroma with tangy, blue-cheese flavors. This chunky dressing can be used to enhance the taste of your salads, chips, crudités, streaks, chicken wings and a lot more. You can even drizzle it over your baked potatoes or wedges for a quick rich and tangy snack.

    What Is Blue Cheese Dressing

    A blue cheese dressing is one of the most delicious and flavorful dressings that has ever been commercialized.

    It usually consists of a very pungent and aromatic blue cheese, creamy mayonnaise, some form of dairy , a splash of vinegar, and some flavorful spices.

    A blue cheese dressing mainly comes in two consistencies, each for its own purpose. You get blue cheese salad dressings, which have a very thin, runny consistency, perfect for drizzling over foods and salads.

    Then you get a thicker sauce that functions more as a dip for crudites and chips.

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    How Long Does Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing Last

    Well, when kept tightly covered under correct refrigerated conditions, a freshly made blue cheese dressing can last for approximately a week. To prevent it from getting spoiled, consider storing it in batches. This will help you use a single batch of home-made blue cheese dressing without disturbing the rest of them. This helps you improve the shelf life of your blue cheese dressing. Adding a little vinegar to the preparation can help you preserve your blue cheese dressing a little longer.

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    La Martinique Blue Cheese Vinaigrette Dressing 10 Oz

    Easy Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing for Salads Chicken Wings

    If you are looking for a sour vinaigrette for your salad dressings and marinades, La Martinique Blue Cheese Vinaigrette Dressing is the best blue cheese dressing to go for. It consists of all-natural ingredients, salt, white wine vinegar and spices. Its sour taste beautifully enhances your preparations without drowning it or making it heavy. This blue cheese dressing has zero carbs or additives, making it a perfect cheese dip brand for health conscious buyers.

    La Martinique Blue Cheese Vinaigrette Dressing is available at Amazon in a 16-fluid ounce bottle in packs of 3.

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    This Best Ever Homemade Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing Is Cool Creamy Tangy And Full Of Chunky Blue Cheese Crumbles Its Incredibly Easy And Delicious

    This is seriously the BEST EVER homemade chunky blue cheese dressing. I know, I know tons of recipes claim to be the best ever, but believe me when I saythis is THE BEST EVER Chunky Blue Cheese. Blue cheese is just one of those things, you either like it or you hate it. I happen to LOVE it, and will pretty much put it on whatever I can.

    There have been many times when I have thought that whatever I am eating is just a vessel for the sauce or dip. This is why blue cheese makes the perfect veggie dipbecause all you can taste is the blue cheese. If you are a fan of the cool, creamy, tangy, chunky blue cheese, then you HAVE to try this. Seriously..make this right now.

    With the exception of the actual blue cheese, you most likely have everything for this chunky blue cheese dressing in your pantry or fridge, which is another reason I love it so much. When I was making it, I really wanted to use buttermilk, but guess what? I didnt have any. So what to do? Just make buttermilk yourself all it takes is some milk and vinegar easy peasy.

    This homemade chunky blue cheese dressing would also be fabulous on your favorite wedge salad, Air Fryer Chicken Wings, or a buffalo chicken lettuce wrap or sandwich.or in a strawhowever you eat it, it will be fantastic I promise.


    If you like dressings as much as I do, checkout these other amazing dressings:

    The Best Caesar Dressing: Kens Steak House Creamy Caesar

    The bottle says This dressing is everything a great Creamy Caesar should be, and the bottle is totally right! The texture is spot-on and the flavor has a brilliant brightness to it. My husband and I could taste the grated Parmesan and flecks of pepper. I actually had to check the ingredient list because I thought for sure the anchovies would have been listed higher up. If you went to an actual steakhouse and got a salad with this stuff, you would not be disappointed. Ditto for a salad at home. Additionally, I can say from experience that this Kens option is also great in this 3-Ingredient Baked Caesar Chicken.Buy: Kens Steak House Creamy Caesar, $12.85 for two 16-ounce bottles

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    What Type Of Blue Cheese Should I Use

    Maytag Blue Cheese

    I have received no incentive to mention this name brand, its simply the brand I prefer. Its an American made blue cheese produced in Iowa. A cows milk cheese that is creamy and mild in flavor and easy to find.

    Roquefort Blue Cheese

    Roquefort is a sheep milks cheese. Creamy and aromatic, complex and intense. This cheese will add a stronger funky flavor to blue cheese dressing. This cheese and its strong personality is made for serious blue cheese lovers.

    Traditional Danish Blue Cheese

    A strong blue veined cheese that is rich and creamy, with a slight bitterness and salt. Made with cows milk, its milder than Roquefort and an excellent choice for blue cheese dressing.

    Stilton Cheese

    The best known British Blue Cheese that has a strong spicy flavor. I use it whenever I can find it.


    Gorgonzola, from Italy, is soft and spreadable. Depending on age, the flavor ranges from mild to sharp. Due to its softness, your chunky factor will be compromised. Id save this one to spread on a burger.

    Amish Blue Cheese

    Made in Wisconsin, its a medium strength cows milk cheese and a good value and Ive made this recipe many times using this cheese. The color variation isnt as crisp as other blue cheeses, making it not my first choice.

    In summary, any blue cheese will work for the blue cheese salad dressing recipe. Try them all and find your favorite.

    The Best Blue Cheese Dressing: Kens Steak House Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing

    Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing with Buttermilk

    If I were to boil down all of my hopes and dreams for the perfect blue cheese dressing, this would be it. Kens is the epitome of blue cheese dressing. This dressing is bold in its blue cheesiness, but the flavor is not overpowering. I think this is because its a little more balanced than the other dressings it has a nice tang to it, but you also taste the earthy-sweetness of the blue cheese, garlic, and onion. It has the right consistency, too: Its not too thin, chunky, or mayonnaise-y in its texture. Its the kind of blue cheese dressing that you would associate with a really good wedge salad at an awesome steakhouse.Buy: Kens Steak House Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing, $2.69 for 16 ounces at Target

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    How Do You Make Blue Cheese Dressing

    Although I have always been a ranch girl, I now find myself craving blue cheese dressing.

    Luckily, homemade blue cheese dressing comes together easily and only gets better as it hangs out in the fridge, so I always make enough to last for a few days!

    Truly, this recipe couldnt be easier. Just whisk together the mayo, sour cream, milk, and a few other ingredients to add some tang. Then fold in the blue cheese!

    Since youre making this at home, you can use a super mild or a super funky blue cheese. Some people love that funk and others dont, but with this recipe you hold all of the power.

    Easy Homemade Blue Cheese Salad Dressing

    This Blue Cheese Dressingrecipe makes a delicious homemade keto salad dressing for blue cheese lovers! Make it in minutes with only 5 ingredients to enjoy on all your favourite salads!


    | | |

    I dont know about you but I absolutely LOVE blue cheese. This blue cheese dressing recipe is my take on the classic diner salad dressing, and its SO easy to make. It tastes just like the kind you get at a restaurant!

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    The Best Greek Dressing: Kens Steak House Simply Vinaigrette Greek

    This was the most well-balanced of the bunch and delivered a lot of freshness for a bottled salad dressing not too sweet or too sour. So I guess Kens knows how to make Greek dressing. It was nice and light, too, which means it drizzled and tossed well. And bonus points because it doesnt contain any artificial flavors, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup.Buy: Kens Steak House Simply Vinaigrette Greek, $2.69 for 16-ounces at Target

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