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Chicken Salad With Cranberries And Almonds

Low Calorie Waldorf Chicken Salad Recipe

This article will supply you with everything youll need to make a low calorie chicken salad with cranberries and almonds.

From a shopping list, to a printable recipe card. Youll even find a low calorie guide and nutrition label for this healthy chicken salad recipe!

Learn how to make chicken salad healthy and low calorie in this easy to follow article. The sections below make this cranberry chicken salad easy to make

How Many Calories In A Grilled Chicken Salad

Chicken and other types of poultry, like turkey, are naturally lean, or lower in fat.

Using chicken that has been poached, broiled, baked, grilled, microwaved, or steamed helps keep calories lower since these cooking methods typically do not require much added fat.

On the other hand, fried, breaded, canned, and processed types of chicken tend to be higher in fat, salt, and calories per serving.

How Do I Calculate Calories In A Salad

You can calculate how many calories in a chicken salad, Caesar salad, or any other type of salad recipe using the following steps:

  • Make a list of the salad ingredients.
  • Each salad ingredient has a specific calorific value per serving. Get the calorie content of each ingredient in the recipe.
  • Sum up the calories in each ingredient.
  • When using the salad calorie calculator, you only have to input the number of servings of the ingredient. The total calorific value is summed for you in the nutritional table.
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    Calories In Chicken Salad Sandwich

    We strive to create healthy meals and serve this chicken salad with whole-grain bread, over a bed of lettuce and tomatoes. This chicken salad sandwich recipe contains 507 calories in each serving.

    Thats enough to make the main dish, but we have lower-calorie options, like this Waldorf salad with chicken and this delicious summer salad, for a lighter meal.

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    Substitutions For This Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe

    Ready Pac Salad, Chicken Caesar: Calories, Nutrition Analysis &  More ...

    This chicken salad is SO versatile. You can easily customize it with whatever you like/dont like or have on hand. Here are some ideas for you:

    Chicken You can sub chicken for tuna if youd like. We also have a Greek Yogurt Tuna Salad recipeI have not tried canned chicken in this recipe but I think it would work.

    Yogurt I like to use plain, unflavored, non-fat greek yogurt in this recipe. You can use 1%, 2%, or full fat yogurt if you like. We dont recommend using a flavored/sweetened yogurt in this recipe.

    Parsley- If you dont have fresh parsley, you can sub with 1/4 the amount of dried parsley. If you dont have or like parsley you can substitute with some fresh dill, thyme or even basil!

    Dairy Free I have not tried this with dairy free yogurt, but I think it would work. Make sure that your yogurt is unsweetened, plan yogurt.

    Grilled Chicken This salad is great with leftover grilled chicken. We love it with this balsamic chicken!Fruit- You can omit the fruit if youd like to. Apples can also be subbed for grapes or berries. If youre going to use a dried fruit like raisins or cranberries Id recommend cutting the amount in half.

    Celery If you dont like or dont have celery omit it.

    Weight Watchers The only points in this recipe for the blue plan come from the pecans. You can omit them or cut back on the amount to save points

    Keto If you are following a strict keto diet its best to omit the apples from this recipe.

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    How Many Calories Are In A Chicken Pita With Tzatziki

    Per Serving: 461 calories fat 21g saturated fat 5g cholesterol 115mg sodium 761mg protein 40g carbohydrates 27g sugars 7g fiber 3g iron 5mg calcium 180mg.

    How many calories does a grilled chicken pita have? Nutrition Facts

    Calories 330

    How many calories are in a grilled chicken pita sandwich? Nutrition Facts

    Calories 359

    Grilled Chicken For Salad

    For this grilled chicken salad recipe, though its best to use a freshly cooked batch of chicken, you can consider last nights leftover rotisserie or canned chicken to save time and effort prepping.

    When it is done, give it some time to rest to prevent the juices from escaping before slicing the chicken into thin slices. Remember to use a meat thermometer to test the doneness of the chicken to avoid being cooked.

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    How Many Calories In A Mcdonalds Artisan Chicken Sandwich No Bun

    There are 160 calories in 1 sandwich of McDonalds Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich .

    Is Gyros good for weight loss? What about incorporating gyro meant on your Keto diet? Given the content of lamb meat, the gyro sandwich is perfect for your keto diet. As mentioned above, the gyro meat is rich in protein and low in calories but is a little high in fat content.

    How many calories are in a Greek chicken souvlaki?

    A typical order of chicken souvlaki has just 260 calories and eight grams of fat. Lamb or pork skewers have 310 calories and 11 grams of fat. An entrée-sized Greek salad contains 30 grams of fat, including more than half-a-days worth of saturated andtrans fat .

    How many calories are in a chicken gyro with tzatziki? Salads Chicken Gyro With Tzatziki Sauce contains 12g total carbs, 9g net carbs, 15g fat, 33g protein, and 310 calories.

    How Many Calories In Tossed Salad With Chicken


    Tossed Salad with Chicken has calories. 363 calories, 22 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbohydrates, 36 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber. Joey & Luchis tossed salad with chicken and vinaigrette contains calories. Calories: 357, fat: 0. 5 g of fat, 44 g of carbohydrates, 35 g of protein, and 12 g of fiber

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    Chipotle Carnitas Salad With Black Beans Fajita Veggies Cheese & Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette

    If you’re looking for a salad at Chipotle, be sure to pass on this vinaigrette dressing on the menu. With 220 calories and 16 grams of fat, it has more than double the calories than the most caloric salsa at Chipotle. Your best bet is to turn the tangy green salsa into your dressing and spend the 205 calories you save elsewhere. When you’re looking to order at Chipotle, we opt for a burrito bowl over the salad and ask for extra lettuce on the bottom. Basically, just a salad without the caloric dressing.

    Interested In Subway Chicken Salad Ingredients

    Subway Chicken & Bacon Ranch Salad Ingredients: The Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt Chopped salad has tender all-white meat chicken with seasoning and marinade, topped with Monterey cheddar cheese, and bacon.

    All on top of crunchy greens and your choice of dressing. Aw yeah.

    Salad Recipes: Understanding the nutritional value of the chicken salad you eat will add to the fun of each mouthful.

    So this Subway nutrition list helps you with your diet and calorie counting. With a mouth-watering combination of chicken and Bacon Ranch, the Chicken & Bacon Ranch comes in a regular serving size of 444g.

    The best Subway Salad contains 40g fat and provides 15g carbohydrates, 540 high calories, and 32g proteins.

    Having said that, many items in the Subway salad menu have earned heart check certification.

    Each salad includes lettuce, green peppers, spinach, onions, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, and a meat protein. The nutrition facts for Heart-Check Certified salads are as follows.

    Heart-Check Certification only applies to the salads if theyre served with Sweet Onion salad dressing.

    The dressing adds 40 calories, 85mg sodium, 0g fat, 8g sugar, and 9g carbs to each salads nutrition tally.

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    What Youll Find In This Article:

    Helpful Tip for Shopping: Take a screenshot of the shopping list to your phone. This way you have it at your fingertips the next time you go grocery shopping.

    Recipe Card Uses: You can email yourself this recipe card so you can easily search for it Or print it so you have it handy, and can make notes. You can even pin these recipes for chicken salad with cranberries to Pintrest so it is safely stored for you.

    Up next, a shopping list for low calorie cranberry chicken salad recipe

    How Many Calories Are In A Mcdonalds Southwest Salad With Grilled Chicken

    Cut Salad Calories with These 6 Food Swaps

    The Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken is one of the healthful menu options at Mcdonalds. The one-dish meal contains grilled chicken, cheddar and jack cheese, chili lime tortilla strips, and a southwestern vegetable blend of tomatoes, corn, onions, carrots, celery, bell peppers and green peppers and has just 290 calories. The menu also includes a variety of salads, sandwiches, wraps, salads and entrees, all of which are served with a side of fries.

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    Shopping List For The Best Chicken Salad With Cranberries:

    Special Tip: You can find all the measurements in the recipe card below. There you can choose how many servings of chicken cranberry almond salad you want to make, and it will do all the measurement math for you! All of the ingredients for this chicken salad deli recipe can be doubled or tripled with the click of a button.

    Up next, how to make a healthy chicken salad sandwich recipe with cranberries

    Wendy’s Full Taco Salad

    Wendy’s may have a good number of salad options, but you’re going to be in the red when it comes to one macronutrient for each of them. While this Taco Salad takes the cake for the worst of all of them, we’re going with the Southwest Avocado Salad as the healthiest fast food salad from Wendy’s because many of those fats are healthy monounsaturated fats from avocado. Plus, it serves up a high amount of protein. Go with the half to cut back on calories while maintaining just as much protein as the Taco Salad.

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    How Do I Use The Salad Calories Calculator

    To use the salad calories calculator:

  • Select the type of ingredient you’re using for your salad meal.
  • Input the number of the selected ingredient.
  • Add more ingredients until you have your desired combination of ingredients.
  • The number of calories and nutrient content of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins in the salad meal will update with each selection in the Nutritional table.
  • The Nutrition Facts Of Chicken

    Meal Prep for Weight Loss – 166 Calorie Mexican Chicken Salad Recipe – Warren Nash

    The nutrition facts table is one of the most important things to have at your fingertips when making nutritional choices. However, it can be difficult to understand all the different types of calories, and how they relate to one another. The nutrition facts table is a way of grouping foods into categories that help you understand how to calculate the amount of calories in a food. A calories chart can be used to help understand where the calories in a food come from, and why you need to be careful when choosing food. The nutrition facts table can be found on the label of all packaged food. However, if youre eating food out, or you have no packaging, you can get nutrition information from the internet. The USDA has a nutrition facts table available online.

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    What Is The Healthiest Salad To Eat

    Listed Below Are the Seven Healthiest Salad Greens You Can Consume

  • Watercress. a Watercress Salad with Manchego, Membrillo, and Almonds from Chowhound, with spinach as a side dish. Spinach Filo Pie from Chowhound. Served with Leaf Lettuce. Chowhounds Butter Lettuce and Pumpkin Seed Salad
  • Romaine lettuce from Chowhound
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    Why We Love This Healthy Chicken Salad:

    • No mayo Like I said before.. mayo is just not for me. Plus, its relatively high in fat and offers little to no nutrition value. Greek yogurt is higher in protein, low fat and low calorie
    • Low fat/high protein Greek yogurt helps to make this chicken salad low in fat and high in protein. In 3/4 cup there are 24g of protein and only 9g of fat which comes from the pecans. You can omit them if youre looking for less fat!
    • Great texture This chicken has a mix of crunchy pecans, apples and celery, with the creamy yogurt and chunks of moist chicken breast. Lots of good texture!
    • Light and fresh! This chicken salad is super filling while tasting really light and fresh!

    This greek yogurt chicken salad is also really versatile in terms of how you serve it. Sandwich, salad, lettuce wrap.. you can choose! Let me show you how simple it is to make!

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    Serving Recommendations For Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

    Low Fat And Low Calorie Chicken Salad Faqs


    How is this chicken salad healthier?

    To make low fat and low calorie chicken salad, I cut back mayo in half and add 1/2 cup plain yogurt to make salad creamy, reduce saturated fat and calories. I recommend to use 2% and higher fat content yogurt because non-fat yogurt lacks flavour and is flat. Healthy fats are good for you, in moderation.

    Is it healthy to eat chicken salad everyday?

    Really, this is somewhat of a loaded question! I would not recommend eating original chicken salad everyday as the fat, calories and sodium content are quite high. Eating healthy chicken salad everyday, might be acceptable, but I still believe in everything in moderation. Its good to mix it up with other easy healthy lunch ideas.

    Can you substitute Greek yogurt for mayo in chicken salad?

    You can and we did! We added a touch of mayo to the Greek yogurt to keep the authentic chicken salad taste you can use all Greek yogurt, but you might miss that authentic taste. Sorry, not sorry, that taste is key for me same story in healthy shrimp salad.

    Can I used grilled chicken for this salad?

    You could use grilled chicken for this salad or you could just make our perfect formula grilled chicken salad with poppy seed dressing actually just put both on your lunch list for this summer!

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    Chicken Salad Is High In Protein

    Protein is one of the primary nutrients your body needs to build and maintain bone, muscle, cartilage, and more .

    Most adults need to eat 4565 grams of protein each day, though factors like age, sex, physical activity, and general health status could further increase or decrease those requirements .

    Thus, just one portion of chicken salad could account for nearly one-third of your entire protein requirements for the day.

    In addition to being essential for bone health and muscle strength, protein:

    • regulates appetite (

    Therefore, eating chicken salad could help you meet the daily recommendations for many nutrients.


    Chicken salad is an affordable and nutrient-dense source of lean protein that is easy to make at home.

    Nutrition And Calories In Chicken Salad Recipes With Cranberries

    We were able to cut 100s of calories and lots of fat in this recipe for homemade chicken salad with cranberries thanks to our low calorie cooking tips .

    And then showed you how to serve this cranberry almond chicken salad healthy .

    Be sure to see below for more low calorie chicken sandwich recipes and a low calorie shredded chicken recipe that is perfect in this recipe for cranberry chicken salad!

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    How Healthy Is A Subway Salad

    Healthy salad options on the Subway salad menu include the Veggie Delite, which contains just 60 calories, 1 gram of fat, 75 grams of salt, and 10 grams of carbs. 140 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 280 grams of salt, and 10 grams of carbohydrates in oven-roasted chicken salad. Roast Beef Salad has 140 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 460 grams of salt, and 11 grams of carbohydrates.

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    Risk Of Foodborne Illness

    Healthy Lunch – Chicken Salad – 300 Calories

    Chicken salad recipes tend to contain a few foods in particular cooked chicken, fresh vegetables, and the dairy- or egg-based binders that hold the salad together that may cause food poisoning if contaminated with certain types of bacteria .

    In fact, there have been multiple instances in which chicken salad in particular has been deemed the culprit in outbreaks of Listeria and Salmonella (

    Thus, its important to use caution when preparing, storing, and serving chicken salad.

    Ready-to-eat prepared salads should always be stored in the refrigerator at 40°F or below and eaten within 34 days of opening .

    Also, to prevent food poisoning, chicken salad should not be kept outside of refrigeration temperatures for longer than 2 hours, or for longer than 1 hour if the temperature outside is 90°F or higher which might be the case at a picnic or potluck event.


    The main downside of chicken salad for health is its high calorie content. Otherwise, the greatest risk of eating chicken salad is the potential to get sick with a foodborne illness if the dish is not handled and stored properly.

    Chicken salad is a food that has both pros and cons when it comes to weight loss.

    Chicken salad might help some people lose weight, while it could hinder the process for others.

    The protein content of chicken salad may help keep you feeling full longer. It might also assist in regulating your appetite and food cravings each of which can help with weight loss (

    27 ).

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