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Things To Keep In Mind While Preparing Taco Salad Dressing

Everything can be completed in advance.

Tomatoes will be the most difficult to work with. Overnight is fine, but if youre planning to eat it for the entire week, chop your tomatoes and put them in your veggie container the night before you plan to eat it.

Last but not least, toss in the chips, dressing, salsa, and sour cream. The ideal healthy meal to last you the entire week!

Chop your lettuce and mix in the green onions and cilantro, making sure they are completely dry. Place in a ziplock bag after wrapping in a paper towel.

Place all of your meat or beans in a single microwave-safe container. Then, in a separate container, combine all of your other vegetable toppings.

For lettuce forget about fancy microgreens or even a spring mix here. Theyll be trampled by the rest of the salad toppings. To withstand all of that, youll need tougher lettuce. Choose romaine lettuce, romaine hearts, leaf lettuce, or plain iceberg lettuce.

What Are Some Bad Taco Salad Ingredients

Probably the single worst ingredient in a taco salad is refried beans. Yes, they contain protein and fiber, but they also have a ton of calories that you dont need. If you want to add some protein to your meal, try adding shredded chicken or beef instead of refried beans.

In addition to refried beans, sugary dressings and excess amounts of cheese can also add a lot of calories to your taco salad. Be wary- its easy to overdo these things! And if you want a low-fat option, try using nonfat or low-calorie dressing with reduced-fat cheeses.

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Taco Salad Done Right

Maybe youre thinking, taco salad? Meh. Id rather have tacos.

I get it, tortillas are tough to beat. But Im telling you, when you use the right ingredients and commit to making your own dressing, you will have a change of heart. You will go from thinking of taco salad as a second class healthy substitute to real tacos, to thinking mid-salad-chomp, Dang. This is legit amazing. And suddenly salad is no longer substandard.

Here are my secrets to get yourself to the BEST taco salad situation:

  • you must make a dressing, even if its an easy one
  • avocados are required, either fresh or in guac form
  • Taco meat must be beef. Sorry turkey, but no, you are not the best.
  • Mix herbs in with your lettuce. Chop your lettuce into small easy-to-bite pieces.
  • Dont skimp on the cheese! Cheese is everything!
  • You must use Juanitas or Fritos. The end. Forever and ever amen.

What Ingredients Are Ok In Taco Salad

Healthy Taco Salad Recipe

Tortilla chips, tomatoes, and lettuce, of course! Theyre all essential parts of a taco salad. You might also like to add some salsa or chopped onions and cilantro. These ingredients add flavor without adding too many extra calories.

If you want some extra crunch, try adding chopped carrots or cucumbers or even your favorite veggies like broccoli or cauliflower. Theyll add texture to your dish without making it too high in calories.

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The Topping Ingredients For Taco Salad

First things first, we need some lettuce. I prefer Romaine its the perfect blend of leafy green and CRUNCH. Green or red leaf is fine, or iceberg will do in a pinch. Chop your lettuce into nice easy bite size pieces we arent feeding dinosaurs. And for heavens sake, get yourself a salad spinner. One of the best kitchen purchases you will ever make! It simplifies the salad-making experience so much. Here is the exact salad spinner I have.

One of my best taco salad tips is to mix your herbs in with your greens. And by herbs in this case, I mean cilantro and green onions. I toss both of these ingredients in with my romaine, right in the salad spinner, and give it a whirl. It helps distribute them properly so that you get ultimate flavor in every bite of salad. Chopped cilantro tends to clump up and stay in little bits. This is a good way to spread the cilantro love. If you arent a cilantro lover, GET OUT OF HERE. Im just kidding. Kind of. Try to change your ways. I know, I know, its a gene and not your fault. Maybe )

Here is my ultimate ingredient list for the best taco salad:

  • lettuce
  • tomatoes, either cherry tomatoes or chopped roma, red vine, etc.
  • sliced radishes

Diabetic Beef Tacos Recipes

Healthier version of ground beef tacos…using half ground turkey, half ground beefSubmitted by: HAYLIEVSMOMMY CALORIES 126 FAT 6 PROTEIN 8 CARBS 10 FIBER 1 Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Tacos Calories This is a healthy alternative to Beef TacosSubmitted by: ADVNTRGRL CALORIES 159 FAT 1 PROTEIN 14 CARBS 24 FIBER 6 Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Crockpot Chicken Taco Stew Calories Tacos are one of my favorite all time things and this recipe satisfies my craving.Submitted by: RAWEBER1117 CALORIES 374 FAT 19 PROTEIN 26 CARBS 23 FIBER 2 Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Taco Salads Calories I use this for taco salad and taco pie.Submitted by: FIONNUALLA CALORIES 136 FAT 5 PROTEIN 10 CARBS 13 FIBER 4 Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Taco Filling Calories Great Low Fat Taco SaladSubmitted by: LMR967 CALORIES 311 FAT 7 PROTEIN 38 CARBS 25 FIBER 3 Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Taco Salad Calories On a reduced carbohydrate diet, but craving tacos? This taco salad gets you all of the taste, but only a fraction of the carbs! Leave out the tomatoes and save an extra two carbs per serving.Submitted by: TOASTERGIRL CALORIES 489 FAT 36 PROTEIN 31 CARBS 10 FIBER 1 Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Low Carb Taco Salad CaloriesContinue reading > >

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Can I Make This Taco Salad Ahead Of Time

Yes! Since I have a small family, I like only fully prepare half of the salad. For prepping ahead, youll want to only mix the vegetables together and store them in an airtight container and place the meat in a separate container as well. When ready to eat, heat up the taco meat, toss everything together and then serve.

Are Taco Salads Bad For You

How to make a Taco Salad

Yes, if youre not careful. There are about 500 calories in one traditional taco salad. And that would be without the shell or any of the other goodies inside like beans or cheese!

This is why you should make your own taco salad- its much easier to control what goes into your salad, and you can even use healthier ingredients . You can also use lettuce shells instead of taco shells, like in the photo above.

You should be careful with store-bought dressing because most of them are very high in calories and fat. Try making your own dressing at home with healthier ingredients, like this Ranch Dressing Recipe, or look for lower-calorie options at your supermarket.

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How Much Does A Wendy’s Taco Salad Cost

Wendy’s is one of the best places to stop when you’re looking for good, quick food at a reasonable cost. Their 4-for-$4 and Biggie Bag deals are both great options that won’t break the bank, and for the times that you’re looking to get in a few extra veggies, their famous taco salad is a relatively cheap order as well. While cost does vary by location, Fast Food Price reports that the average price for any one of Wendy’s salad options rings in at $6.99 before tax. Some Redditors feel that this is a bit too much to shell out for a fast-food salad, but in terms of the chain’s taco salad specifically, it’s actually a pretty good deal considering everything that comes with the meal. As user @luka_beth pointed out, ordering a taco salad from Wendy’s essentially gets you a three-course meal: the salad itself, as well as chips and salsa, and a bowl of chili, which Fast Food Price says goes for about $3 alone. We’re not sure about you, but we certainly think all that food for just $7 is a steal.

Like most eateries, Wendy’s has a mobile app and rewards program that patrons can use to save a bit of money when ordering from the chain. No space on your phone to download yet another restaurant’s app? No problem. Wendy’s also lists a few deals on its website and will even send coupons straight to your digital or real-life mailbox.

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Diy Fiesta Taco Salad Recipe

First, you’ll cook the beef and add the seasoning packet and water. Then, mix in your beans, cheese and sour cream. Lastly, top with the fresh veggies and dressing.

The great thing about this salad is you can really customize your toppings to jazz it up. If you’re a fan of spice, add some chopped jalapeños or chipotle peppers. If you miss the crunch of the Taco Bell Strips, add some tortilla chips to the top.

We like serving this up with a side of fresh guacamole and pico de Gallo. If you’re not eating this salad to be healthy, you could even serve it in a tostada bowl to get the full Fiesta Taco Salad vibe. If you’re able to snag some Taco Bell hot sauce, you just might trick yourself into thinking you ordered it in the drive-thru.

Get the recipe here.

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More Dinner Salad Recipes

Classic Taco Salad

Cobb Salad Dressing is loaded with delicious toppings like tomato, chicken, crumbled bacon, avocado, and chopped eggs. Made famous in Hollywood at the Original Brown Derby restaurant, it is served with a Special French Dressing.

Seven-Layer Salad also known as an overnight or “7 Layer Salad”, is a colorful party food recipe that serves large groups for picnics, potlucks, cookouts, or as a BBQ side.

Easy Roast Chicken Apple Salad with Yogurt Blue Cheese Dressing that you “Make and shake” in a Mason jar, plus learn how to oven roast chicken breasts.

When it’s hot or you are serving grilled food, try this icy cool Wedge Salad with Pistachio-Avocado Dressing. It is a refreshing cookout side with hot grilled steaks, chicken, or shish kabobs. It works great for lunch with hot soup or a sandwich.

  • Cobb Salad

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What Ingredients Go Into Taco Salad

  • Olive oil for sautéing
  • Lean ground beef I like to use 85% lean Angus beef.
  • Roasted salsa I prefer the lightly charred depth of fire roasted salsa here but just about any bottled salsa will work .
  • Chili powder and cumin these standard Mexican spices add lots of flavor.
  • Salt and pepper what would food be without it?
  • Cilantro the cilantro gives the filling the perfect fresh finish.
  • Lettuce I think romaine is the best lettuce for taco salad but iceberg, green leaf or even spinach will work too.
  • Tortilla chips, Mexican cheese, tomatoes, avocado, sour cream all these toppings together create the perfect blend of textures and flavors to compliment the beef.

A Crisp Salad That Packs A Crunch

Menu data is current as of the date posted. Product formulations and nutritional values may differ for certain Taco Bueno non-traditional locations that may be based on a different ingredients. Although this data is based on standard portion guidelines, variation can be expected due to seasonal influences, differences in product preparation per restaurant and other factors. Product formulations and/or ingredient changes may occur before www.tacobueno.com is updated. Substitution of ingredients may alter nutritional values. Menu items may vary by location. Limited time offerings and test menu items may not be included in this Nutrition Guide.

2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.


  • Calories from fat 615
  • Saturated fat 22
  • Calories from fat 520
  • Saturated fat 18

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How To Make Keto Taco Salad

Low carb recipes don’t get much easier than this!

Start by heating your skillet to medium-high.

Spray it with oil and then add the onion. Cook until tender.

Add the taco meat and cook until browned. If you have extra oil in the skillet, drain it off before adding the taco seasoning and broth.

Cook until incorporated and then remove from heat.

You can mix everything in a large bowl or divide the lettuce between serving bowls and top with the seasoned beef and remaining ingredients.

Toss with dressing and enjoy!

Ingredients For Making Keto Taco Salad Recipe

TACO SALAD RECIPE | easy, healthy and customizable to all diets
  • Onion: I used yellow onion, but you can use whatever type of onion you happen to have on hand.
  • Ground Beef: I like 80/20 for the most flavor.
  • Taco Seasoning: I recommend homemade taco seasoning. If you choose to buy taco seasoning, make sure you read the label.
  • Broth: You can use water if you don’t have beef broth on hand.
  • Lettuce: I like romaine lettuce in a taco salad, but you could use spring mix if you prefer.
  • Avocado: If you are making this ahead of time, make sure you wait to add this just before serving.
  • Cheese: I like cheddar cheese here. I prefer to shred my own because most shredded cheese has additives that you are better off without.
  • Tomatoes: If you are trying to reduce the total carbs, feel free to omit.
  • Cilantro: This adds a nice pop of flavor.
  • Dressing: I like to enjoy this with my Tex Mex Dressing, but if you prefer, you can top it with salsa and sour cream.

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Honey And Mustard Dressing

A rather versatile dressing, this one goes equally well with green salads, steamed veggies, chicken, fish, and meats. Heres how to make it:


1 tablespoon Dijon mustard + 1/4 cup

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

2 tablespoons vegetable oil plus 1/4 cup


Combine the mustard, vinegar, honey, and salt in a medium to large mixing bowl. To make the dressing creamy, slowly sprinkle in the oil while whisking. Refrigerate for up to three days before using.

Turmeric And Ginger Dressing

The health benefits of ginger and turmeric are numerous, and they make a zesty salad dressing. Bean salads, vegetable bowls, and mixed greens go well with this dressing. For the recipe, follow the steps outlined below.


1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar,

1 tablespoon turmeric powder

1 tablespoon of honey


Toss all of the ingredients together until well combined, and sweeten with honey if desired. Keep the dressing refrigerated in a jar.

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Free: 5 Secrets To Fast Healthy Dinners

In my kitchen, hot summers equal easy, one-pan dinners that avoid the oven and dont require keeping the stove on for too long. Salads are perfect for checking those boxes, but of course you still need some protein in there to make it a full meal. Thats where this easy and healthy taco salad recipe with ground beef comes in youre going to love it!

Seriously The Best Taco Salad Recipe

Vegan Taco Salad Bowl
  • 7.8K

You might think Taco Salad is one of those throw-it-together, last minute, nothing-else-to-eat kind of meals. WRONG. Taco Salad is a show-stopper dinner, if you do it right. Plus its healthy! Ill show you all my tips for Taco Salad, Done Right. Plus two taco salad dressing recipes to choose from!

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