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Does It Matter What Kind Of Potatoes You Use

Red Potato Salad With Yogurt Dressing

Yes! There are two major categories of potatoes starchy and waxy. Starchy potatoes include russet and Idaho, high in starch and low in moisture. This results in a really fluffy and light product, just right for baking, boiling, and frying. I used russets for this potato salad because I wanted the texture to be creamy and melt in your mouth. Starchy potatoes dont hold their shape as well as waxy potatoes. Waxy potatoes have low starch content, like new potatoes, red bliss, and fingerling. They keep their shape after cooking so they are great for roasting, gratins and potato salad as well. There are also all-purpose potatoes like Yukon gold that has a texture in between starchy and waxy. I have used them for a cauliflower mashed potato dish. If you know what texture you want to achieve, its easy to pick your potato.

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Red Potato Salad With Greek Yogurt

This red potato salad recipe lightens up a classic potato salad with Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. Plus, we show you how to save time by steaming your potatoes in the microwave. The whole recipe is done in just 20 minutes!

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Why This Healthy Potato Salad Recipe Works

Healthy potato salad works! Growing up in Ukraine, our version of potato salad was called Olivie. It is a cross between Greek yogurt egg salad and baked potatoes with addition of diced kielbasa, canned peas and a lot of mayo.

Healthy potato salad recipe with diced pickles, red onion, fresh dill and a creamy dressing consisting of yogurt, a bit of mayo, mustard and vinegar. So good cold, especially if you pair it with healthier pressure cooker ribs or healthy pulled pork and Instant Pot corn on the cob, this dinner is heavenly!

When I am feeling really healthy I make cauliflower potato salad. Listen up it is low carb potato salad made with cooked cauliflower instead of potatoes. No one will notice or even if they do, they will be asking for the recipe! And if I am short on time, I make Instant Pot potato salad.

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These Are Very Very Good

Healthy has a bad reputation for meaning bland. Theres no denying that when you strip fat out of salad dressings, you lose a certain element of creaminess on your palette as you munch through a pile of crunchy greens.

But by using a good, thick yogurt in place of mayonnaise and adjusting seasonings to compensate for the loss of fat in the dressings, you can still make very, very good creamy dressings that you can use generously on your salads. I use these dressings far more frequently in day to day life than I do mayonnaise based ones.

Id really love to know what you think if you try any of them! Nagi x

Team Mayo Or Team Oil

Healthier Creamy Potato Salad with Non

I’m fairly equal-opportunity when it comes to my potato salad.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a classic creamy salad with a mayo-based dressing, and sometimes I’m in the mood for a bright and fresh salad with an oil-and-vinegar dressing.

But then there are the days when I can’t make up my mind, which is when this yogurt dressing with loads of fresh chives is the perfect compromise. It’s creamy and tangy and full of chive flavour, just like my favourite sour cream and onion potato chips.

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Why You’ll Love This Healthy Potato Salad With Greek Yogurt

Potato salad is such a staple at cookouts, but I honestly avoid it. It’s usually been sitting out for a while, from a package, and honestly, it’s not that tasty. Not my version though. This Healthy Potato Salad with Greek Yogurt uses simple fresh ingredients that allow the potatoes to shine… not cover them up.

The creamy Greek yogurt is healthy, low in fat, and high in protein… way better than mayo. It makes one unforgettable potato salad. Trust me!

Healthy Red Potato Salad

I love a good potato salad. But most potato salads are full of fat and drowning in mayonnaise. I have several relatives who cant eat potato salad because the mayonnaise upsets their stomachs.

So, I was excited to find this recipe on Side Delights HUGE recipe database for a healthy red potato salad. Its the perfect blend of classic and healthy to please every single person at our extended family barbecues.

The mayonnaise is swapped for nonfat yogurt. I used my favorite nonfat Greek yogurt for extra creaminess. But the potato salad dressing is still flavorful thanks to yellow mustard, dill pickle juice, red onion, celery, and parsley. And, of course, some salt and pepper.

I also added some boiled eggs to the recipe because in our family its not a classic potato salad unless it has boiled eggs. Feel free to skip them if you want a red potato salad with no egg.

In addition to the lightened-up dressing, there is added nutrition thanks to the peels of the red potatoes.

Potato peels are packed with iron. While a whole potato can give you 1/4 of your daily iron, 88 percent of that iron is from the potato skin. The potato skins also contain fiber and protein, along with a variety of vitamins and nutrients.

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The Best Potatoes For Potato Salad

  • Waxy potatoes, such as red potatoes, new potatoes, or fingerling potatoes are the best for potato salad. They have the least amount of starch so they retain their shape well and wont turn to mush. Their thin skins also mean that you dont need to peel them first, a timesaver.
  • Avoid making potato salad with starchy potatoes, like russet potatoes. They wont hold up during cooking. Save your starchy potatoes for Baked French Fries and Air Fryer French Fries.
  • For an in-between, you can make potato salad with Yukon gold potatoes, which are a great all-around potato that works in potato salad, Homemade Scalloped Potatoes, Crockpot Potato Soup, and more.
  • Sweet potatoes also make a yummy potato salad! Check out this Sweet Potato Salad for a recipe.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs. They make the potato salad even creamier and their flavor is a total classic.

Ingredients For Greek Yogurt Potato Salad

5 HEALTHIER Creamy Yogurt Dressings

These are default healthy potato salad recipe ingredients but they can vary on your taste and ingredients you have on hand. See below for variations and substitutions.

  • Potatoes: Best potatoes for healthy potato salad recipe are Yukon gold potatoes, red potatoes or baby potatoes. Leave russet potatoes for mashed potatoes and zucchini potato bake.
  • Eggs: I use 3 eggs but occasionally I add 5 eggs because I love anything eggs like avocado egg salad and healthy deviled eggs!
  • Pickles: Dill pickles vs. sweet pickles are my fave. You can also use chopped sauerkraut or seeded fresh cucumber.
  • Yogurt: Plain or Greek yogurt with fat content of at least 2% is the best. 0% or non-fat yogurt tastes chalky.
  • Mayo: I am using mayo made with avocado oil. There are many healthier mayonnaise available on the market today like made with olive oil, Vegenaise, any organic and natural brand.
  • Red onion: Red onion is more mild and sweeter than yellow onion.
  • Vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper: For tang and taste!

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How Long To Boil Red Potatoes For Potato Salad

If you dont have a microwave, or prefer the old fashioned method of boiling, you can do that too. Side Delights has regular 1.5 pound bags of Petite Red Potatoes that are perfect for boiling.

So how long do you cook red potatoes for potato salad? Get a pot of salted water boiling and add the potatoes. Cook for about 10-15 minutes, until fork tender but still slightly firm.

The petite red potatoes will need just 10 minutes. Larger red potatoes will need 15 minutes.

How To Make No

Step 1 & 2: In a medium bowl, combine all the dressing ingredients and set aside.

Step 3- Drain the potatoes then place in a large bowl. While the potatoes are still warm, pour the dressing and very gently toss to coat all the potatoes. Set aside to cool a bit.

Step 4 & 5- Once the potatoes have cooled, add cucumbers, celery, and red onion. Toss gently to combine.

Set aside covered in the fridge for a few hours before serving, to let the flavors develop. Taste and adjust seasonings if needed.

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Greek Yogurt Potato Salad

Since it’s the day before the 4th of July, I thought I’d share one of my all-time favorite grilling side dishes. I love keeping food simple in the summer, focusing on fresh, high-quality ingredients and this light potato salad recipe does just that. Don’t worry if you normally don’t like potato salad… this one is different. It’s a Greek Yogurt Potato Salad!

Why We Love This Healthy Potato Salad:

Greek Yogurt Potato Salad
  • First off it’s healthier than your usual potato salad because it uses Greek yoghurt for the dressing instead of mayo. This also gives it a delicious tangy flavour
  • It’s also packed full of herbs like dill and parsley which gives it so much extra flavour while still keeping it healthy
  • I added half a cucumber to this recipe which bulks it out and gives it a delicious crunchy freshness perfect for a hot summer’s day
  • It’s such an easy recipe which anyone can make so it’s great to make for your next summer celebration
  • It can also be made ahead so it’s ideal for taking along to a picnic or barbecue
  • This is a vegetarian and gluten free recipe

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Potato Salad With Yogurt Dressing

  • Wash hands and cooking area.
  • In a large bowl, combine yogurt, onions, vinegar, olive oil, celery, salt and pepper, mix well.
  • Fold potatoes into yogurt mixture.
  • Refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving.
  • Nutrition Facts Servings: 12, Serv. size: 1/2 cup, Amount per serving: Calories 70, Total Fat 1.5g , Sat. Fat 0g , Trans Fat 0g, Cholest. 0mg , Sodium 70g , Total Carb. 12g , Fiber 1g , Total Sugars 2g , Protein 2g, Vit. D , Calcium , Iron , Potas. .

    Variations On This Recipe

    This potato salad is absolutely delicious just as it is, but if you’re looking to change it up, here are a few options:

    • Healthy Loaded Baked Potato Salad: Add ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese and ½ cup crispy bacon bits to the salad once it’s cooled to room temperature.
    • Curried Yogurt Potato Salad: Omit the chives, and add 1 tbsp curry powder to the dressing. Garnish with chopped cilantro before serving.
    • Dill Pickle Potato Salad: Omit the chives, and add ½ cup chopped fresh dill and ¼ cup finely chopped dill pickles. For an extra boost of pickle flavour, substitute pickle brine for the apple cider vinegar.
    • Creamy Potato Salad with Ham: This one barely counts as a variation, but you can turn this salad into a complete main dish by adding 1 cup diced ham.

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    Healthier Yogurt Potato Salad Dressing

    A fabulously creamy, flavour loaded potato salad dressing made without mayonnaise IS possible! Made with Greek yogurt, a good dose of both Dijon and wholegrain mustard, plus a nice hit of fresh herbs, any potato salad tossed with this Yogurt Potato Salad Dressing is terrific on the day but is even BETTER the next day. Just use this Potato Salad recipe and switch the dressing for this one!

    Tips For Making The Salad

    Greek Yogurt Potato Salad
    • I make my healthy potato salad with golden baby potatoes. If you cant find these, it will also work with baby red potatoes. I love the smooth consistency of the golden cuties though.
    • The most tedious part of the whole recipe is cutting the potatoes into ½ inch cubes, but even that doesn’t take that long.
    • After that, you steam the potatoes in a basket. I steam mine instead of boiling them so they retain more nutrients.
    • Once the potatoes are cool, you toss with greek yogurt, dill, and mustard. I brighten the flavor with lemon and a touch of onion powder. This combo packs a flavor punch without a bunch of mayo.

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    Can You Substitute Greek Yogurt For Mayo In Potato Salad

    YES! This Healthy Potato Salad with Greek Yogurt is so good and it uses NO MAYO like most potato salads. It’s packed with dill, lemon and has just a hint of grainy mustard to bring out the flavor without all the fuss. It’s a dish you can actually FEEL GOOD about eating. Greek yogurt is the perfect substitute for mayo in potato salad.

    This lighter take on potato salad is totally addictive and should be added to your summer menu rotation ASAP.

    How To Make Potato Salad

    This is an easy potato salad recipe, but you should know that every potato salad is its own kind of man!

    What I mean, is that youll need to adjust seasonings and some of the ingredients to taste.

    If its bland, add more salt and pepper.

    If its too thick, add a splash of milk or more yogurt. It will set up and get thicker as it sits so make sure its really creamy when youre making it.

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    Choosing The Right Potatoes For Potato Salad

    Rule of thumb for potato salad is to choose a lower-starch variety that holds its shape even once cooked. In other words, save the russets another day, and stick to waxier boiling potatoes.

    Personally, I really like making this salad with fingerling potatoes, because their buttery sweetness contrasts so perfectly with the tangy yogurt dressing. My local market tends to carry larger-sized fingerlings, so I like to slice them up into bite-sized pieces so there’s plenty of surface area to soak up the dressing. However, if you can find the itty-bitty fingerlings, they can be left whole.

    Other options that work well in this recipe are bite-sized new potatoes or even full-sized Yukon Gold potatoes cut into half-inch chunks.

    Whatever you do, leave the skins on your potatoes. Not only does that preserve all the nutrients that live in the skin, it also preserves all the extra flavour!

    How To Hard Boil Eggs In A Pressure Cooker

    Healthier Creamy Potato Salad with Non
  • Set eggs on a rack in the pressure cooker.
  • Add 1/2 inch of water.
  • Close valve, set to high pressure for 5 minutes.
  • Cook for 5 minutes, quick release, and leave lid closed for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, take lid off. Drain and cover with ice water to stop the cooking process. Let sit in ice water bath for about 5 minutes.
  • Peel.
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    Greek Yogurt Dill Potato Salad

    This salad is light and refreshing! I get lots of emails from folks who want a lighter and healthier alternative to potato salad. Basically, folks want an option other than mayo. I can respect that. Personally I adore a good mayo-laden potato salad. But for many folks who are looking for lighter, healthier options, there aren’t always a whole lot of reliable recipes. So, I played around with and tested out a few recipes.

    Why Use Greek Yogurt In Potato Salad

    So, mayo based potato salads are all very well, but even as a mayo lover I find this much tastier! And that is while being a little bit healthier. Win/win.

    Its more tangy, more moist and more creamy.

    I do consider this very healthy but its not low in fat. I use full fat yogurt and I add olive oil to the yogurt mix which makes the sauce a little richer, and less inclined to just disappear into the potatoes.

    Otherwise its fairly classic a mix of spring onions and chives, and some dijon mustard and red wine vinegar.

    You can of course add some dill I love it with just the onions and chives because I never really have dill to hand, but its certainly a tasty addition.

    I have actually been making this greek yogurt potato salad in big batches for years when weve hosted barbecues, and it always goes down a treat.

    It is easy to make. Just whisk the sauce together and add to chopped, cooked potatoes.

    It works well warm or cold when its warm, the sauce goes all melty and luxurious. Irresistible!

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    Mix Creamy Dressing For Potato Salad

  • Add Greek yogurt, sour cream, mustard, vinegar, salt, pepper, celery seed, and dill weed to a large mixing bowl.
  • Stir until smooth. You can taste test to see if you need to add ingredients.
  • Add warm diced potatoes, pickles, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • Gently stir until potatoes are coated with dressing.
  • Adjust seasonings to taste. I like salty potato salad so I load up!
  • How to fix dry potato salad? Add a splash, or two, of milk. Make sure its pretty creamy because it will get drier as it sits.
  • How long does potato salad last?

    Potato salad will last for 3-5 days in the fridge. Do not store potato salad at room temperature.

    Can you freeze potato salad?

    Freezing potato salad changes the texture of the salad. I dont recommend freezing it.

    What are the best potatoes for potato salad?

    Yukon Gold and red potatoes are my favorite potatoes for potato salad.

    How long can potato salad sit out?

    Potato salad shouldnt stay out of the fridge longer than 3 hours. Dont leave it in the sun. Setting the salad on a bowl filled with ice helps keep it safe.

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