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How To Serve A Starter

Paderno Bonavista Mid-Rim Salad Plate Set video review by Desiree

Starters are generally served on seven or eight inch starter plates and the size helps build height into the presentation of relatively small quantities of food. Starters often feature a central meat or fish item, along with a garnish or accompaniment which should provide contrasting colour and texture, as well as improving the overall presentation. Use your plate size as a guide for the best way to plate your starter.

Starter plates may also be used as salad plates, although designated crescent salad plates are designed to fit snugly close to the dinner plate. Increasing numbers of modern restaurants are also choosing to serve side salads in coupes or bowls.

Salad Fork Vs Dinner Fork

So what is the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork?

A salad fork is used for salads and a dinner fork is used for the main course. They both have four tines, although some salad forks sometimes have a thicker outer tine on the left for cutting lettuce and vegetables. See the picture below.

Normally, the salad fork does not have a corresponding knife on the right side of the plate. However, you may find a corresponding knife on the right side when the salad fork does not have the specific cutting tine. The dinner knife is longer than the salad fork. It has a corresponding knife on the right side of the plate and its placement indicates how many courses precede the main course.

What Is A Platter

Platters and serving plates are typically the largest crockery items in many restaurants tableware collections and are used for everything from central service to sharing platters and eating challenges. This large crockery can be anything from 400 to 500mm in diameter, although storing such large items can be extremely challenging in commercial kitchens, meaning many platters are rectangular or oval in order to be easily stored.

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What Is The Well Of A Plate

The well of a plate or bowl is the central flat surface on which food is served. Plates with a wider lip will therefore have a narrower well, so its important to get the right balance between well and lip size. If you want a larger lip size on a main dinner plate, this could mean that the total diameter may need to be bigger than on a standard plate.

Article: For more information on choosing crockery, try our companion guides Choosing The Right Colour Plates and Choosing The Right Shape of Plates.

What Is A 3 Prong Fork For

Pier one urban dots dinner plate and salad plate tablescape.

Cake fork: This utensil is smaller than a dinner fork with only three tines that measure about 1 inch apart from each other.

It has no handle but rather a small piece of steel attached to the back of the fork used to help lift and serve pieces of cake.

The cake fork should be placed horizontally across from your plate at six oclock for easy access when serving yourself or guests who might like some dessert.

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Completing The Salad Course

In a formal setting, where a new plate is brought to the table for each course, it is good etiquette to signal when you have completed the current course. There are two ways to do so. The European method is to cross the salad fork and knife at the bottom edge of the plate. The American way is to place the knife and the fork, with the tines up, parallel to one another, and position them like the hands on a clock representing 10:20.


History Of Dinner Plates And Sizes

We should first glance at the brief history of the dinner plates and their sizes. The size of an average dinner plate has increased by almost 25% since the 1900s.

In the 1960s a dinner plate size had a diameter of 8.5-9 inches. Those plates were capable of holding around 800 calories.

In the 1980s the size of a dinner plate got bigger, 10 inches in diameter, and was capable of holding 1000 calories on it .

The size of a dinner plate in the 2000s grew an inch from the 1980s diameter into 11 inches. It held about 1600 calories . By the year 2009 and post the size of a dinner plate in diameter is 12 inches. Capable of holding 1900-2000 calories on that plate .

Now with all of this information, one must wonder what if we change the size of a dinner plate into various diameters depending on the food we serve, the occasion, or the culture we are in!

Well, that has brought us to the next point where we will be getting to know the different sizes of dinner plates.

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Which Fork Is Used To Spear Food

It would be the dinner fork since it can hold up heavier foods in its four to five times compared to a salad forks three tines.

If youre not serving something too wet with juice or dressing that might fall off when spearing food onto its tines then the dessert fork could work as well if you only have two prongs on the end but if not, then either stick with a dinner fork or buy an extra one just for use during dessert time.

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Crescent Plates Of Herend

Paderno Bonavista Mid-Rim Salad Plate Set video review by Kate

Crescent plates are small, moon shaped plates, designed to fit to the edge of a dinner plate. They have multiple uses:

  • Some uses it for serving salads.
  • Others uses crescent plates for bones.

Crescent plates has two main forms:

  • 530 This version is a bit shorter, better suits for smaller plates.
  • 531 This version is longer, we offer them for larger plates, or when charger plate is ordered as well.

We usually offer the 531 or 20531 version.

Available sizes in length:

What is the difference between xxx and 20xxx numbers?

The form of the porcelain plate:

  • 530-0-00 is waved on the edges while,
  • 20530-0-00 has a simple edge. This is a chinoiserie design element with the simple edge.

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Tip: Use A Luncheon Plate At Dinner

I recently bought a set of luncheon plates to use as my casual dinner plates. Its been about month now and I can safely say that, for me at least, this was the right choice. What are luncheon plates and why did I choose them?

Luncheon plates are sized somewhere between a regular dinner plate and a salad plate typically around 8.75 9.5, although that can vary depending on the manufacturer. The name is an obvious reveal to their purpose: to be used at a luncheon where presumably one is eating smaller portions or more classic lunch foods such as a sandwich.

I bought my set of luncheon plates for a number of reasons, mostly because my new kitchen is very small and has limited storage space. So their smaller size and multi-purpose applications is very practical. But its also true that I dont eat large dinners so much these days, so the size suits me perfectly.

Its likely that I would not use my new plates in a more formal dinner party situation but my tiny kitchen comes with a tiny apartment, so I wont be in that position for a while. Luncheon plates are a bit harder to find these days as we continue to move away from more formal place settings, but theyre out there. Sometimes a salad plate can stand in, but I find the extra inch or so that a luncheon plate offers is just perfect.

Rough guideline for plate sizes:Dinner plate: 10 10 3/4Luncheon plate 9 9 1/2Salad plate 8 8 3/4Bread and butter plate 5 7 3/4

What Are The Sizes

Salad Fork: The salad fork is the smallest of the forks, smaller than a dinner fork and larger than a cake or pastry fork.

A salad forks average size is seven to eight inches long with three tines that are two and a half inches apart from each other.

It can also come in child-size, which measures just over five inches long with only two tines that are 1 1/4 inches apart from each other.

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Is There A Warranty With My Fiesta Dinnerware

Yes. Your Fiesta® does have a warranty. We warrant all china made by Fiesta Tableware Company against chipping under normal usage conditions for a period of five years from the date of delivery. We will replace any pieces returned and found to be defective with identical or equivalent pieces on a one-for-one basis.

All breakage and chipping caused by abnormal or abusive use is expressly excluded from this warranty. We reserve the right to determine whether or not the chipping is from normal usage.

To receive replacements under this warranty, claims should be submitted to:

Fiesta Tableware Company Newell, WV 26050-1077

What Is The Use Of A Pastry Fork

vintage China dinner plates and salad plates

This fork is similar to a dinner fork in that it has four tines but its handle is longer and thinner than most forks so you can easily spear onto pies, cakes, fruit tarts, cheese platters, etc. without worrying about accidentally dropping them when you lift them up for your guests to see or split into smaller portions.

Theyre also good for cutting through pastries without damaging their delicate skins because of how slim they are compared to regular knives.

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Where Does Salad Plate Go

If youre having salad , set the salad plate atop the dinner plate in the center. If youre having soup, place the soup bowl atop the salad plate . Your napkin can either sit atop the dinner plate or on the left of the dinner plate , where you can place silverware on top. The fork always goes to the left.

How Big Is A Side Plate

Side plates are generally 6-7 in size and can be used for everything from serving bread before the meal to placing napkins hygienically above the table surface. Although many restaurants do not use side plates frequently, some diners prefer to use one and many commonly ask for a side plate in order to share food or serve small amounts to children.

If your back of house space is limited and you do not use side plates as part of your table setting, starter plates can be used for this purpose. Although typically slightly larger, a seven inch starter plate will make an excellent compromise between a side and starter plate.

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What Size Are Charger Plates

Charger plates are typically up to 14 in diameter and are designed to sit beneath the plate on which food is served. Most chargers are mainly decorative and are not designed to come into contact with food. Whilst large dinner plates can double as chargers, it is important to ensure a suitable difference in size between your dinner plate and charger, along with the ability to lift and remove dinner plates easily during service.

Have You Thought About The Lip Of Your Plate

How to Make a CUSTOM Resin Salad Plate

The lip is the extended raised outer edge of a plate and can be decorated or patterned in order to make a plate more visually attractive. Some plates may also have wider rims in order to frame smaller portions of food. This means that when considering the total diameter of your plate, you also need to consider the size of the lip and whether this will affect your foods presentation. You can also have a very small lip or no lip at all , creating a smaller sized plate that retains a good sized serving area. This is useful in compact dining spaces where table space is at a premium.

To explore various styles of crockery, why not browse the Chinacraft catalogue?

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What Size Is A Saucer

Most saucers are between 5 ½ and 6 ½ inches in diameter , although this size is generally dictated by your choice of cup or mug. Often a specific saucer is manufactured to suit a specific cup the well size will be set to snugly fit the foot of the cup so that the cup doesnt slide around when carried. Its important to check which saucers are suitable for your cups/mugs. Will you be placing biscuits, teaspoons and sugars on your saucer? Try to pick a cup and saucer that will suit your requirements, but also make sure that your saucers suit the size of your other plates.

TIP: Many collections such as Olympia Kiln contain side plates which complement their cups and saucers. These are great for coffee shops serving light bites and snacks.

The Dinner Plate Size And What Thereof To Know About

We need plates that express the presentation style, cuisine, and portion size of a menu. Its important to identify the specific purposes that which of your plates need to fulfill and then pick the best ones to meet those requirements. This begs the question, how a dinner plate size should be considered and used in our daily life. As well as, the things we must be aware of before acquiring a new set of dinner plates.

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Dining Etiquette: What Is A Service Plate

12Feb2015 By: Diane Gottsman

Valentines Day Cheers and Good Luck to Chris and Allison!

This morning on We Are Austin Chris Saldana, Allison Miller and I discussed awkward Valentines Day dining moments. After the show we received several follow up questions, and a few regarding a service plate. While we didnt have one set up on the set this morning, I thought it would be a great blog topic. You asked and here is the answer:

Different Types Of Forks

vintage China dinner plates and salad plates

Oyster fork: This is smaller than a regular fork with two tines spaced about 1/2 inch apart.

A small piece of steel, called the shank, extends perpendicularly from the handle to help pry open oysters without breaking or crushing them.

Some models may also have prongs on the end of the handle for spearing meat and other pieces. The oyster fork should be placed horizontally across from your plate at four oclock.

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What Are Salad Plates

While they’re not defined by an official size, most salad plates range in diameter from 4 to 9 inches and are smaller than their accompanying dinner plates. They’re the ideal size and shape for a delicate serving of tossed greens, colorful chopped vegetables and crunchy nuts and seeds topped with a light homemade vinaigrette. Don’t forget a for garnishing the dish with your cheese of choice. When for a formal gathering, place each dish to the left of the dinner plates and above the forks. If you’re using , the dish should sit at the upper left corner of the cloth and should not touch it. Additionally, be sure to consider opting for square salad plates. Their modern look elevates the dining table.

How Big Are Your Dinner Plates And Why It Matters

May 1, 2012

Have you eaten in some restaurants where the plates are so big that the server cant find room to comfortably fit everything on the table?

Maybe your plates are so big that you have trouble getting them into the dishwasher.

Does it make a difference other than for convenience? You bet it does.

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Portion Sizes Have Increased Along With Plate Size

1960 sized portions would look a little lost on todays large plates. Plop a small portion of spaghetti and meat sauce in the middle of a large plate and the temptation is to add more usually pasta to fill up the plate. Thats how you feed both your eyes and your stomach.

The additional problem aside from eating more food at the meal is that with more food piled on your plate, the idea gets embedded in your brain that a larger portion is better and that it takes a larger amount to fill your plate. Your brain then figures that If you need that much food to fill your plate then it takes that large amount of food to make you feel good.

Telling The Plates Apart

Throwing A New Dinner Plate Design

Both the salad plate and the bread and butter plate are smaller plates that sit to the left of the main place setting. It’s simple to distinguish them, however, because of their slightly different locations. The bread and butter plate should be above the main plate and to the left, while the salad plate will be directly to the left. If the bread and butter plate is directly to the left, this means that there won’t be a salad course, or that the salad will be served as part of the main course. Be careful not to confuse the bread plate with the dessert plate, which sits directly above the dinner plate.

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Salad Plate Vs Dessert Plate

When considering a proper table setting, every dish has a specific purpose, a distinctive size or other distinguishing characteristics. How meals are eaten has definitely changed, but table etiquette remains much the same. In comparing modern salad plates with modern dessert plates, the size is similar, but that’s where the similarities end. They’re distinctive dishes not intended to be used interchangeably.

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