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Why Does My Potato Salad Get Watery

Potato & Egg Mayo Salad Recipe – Best Potato Salad – Easy Potato Salad – Egg Potato Salad

If your potato salad is watery, its probably because your potatoes were not drained properly. Give them time to drain well and double check to make sure they are not water-logged before dressing them!

The culprit could also be over-cooking the potatoes to mush. To avoid this, dont cut the potatoes too small and be sure you remember to pull the potatoes from the water as soon as they are fork-tender in the center.

Whats In Potato Salad

I spent many a summer afternoon making and taste testing this salad alongside my amazing mama, just like she did with hers. In fact, Ive made it so many times I dont even need the recipe. You know a recipe is that good when you know it by heart.

Heres the ingredients youll need for this classic potato salad:

  • Yukon gold potatoes
  • white vinegar
  • kosher salt and fresh ground pepper

Perfect Potato Salad Recipe With Eggs

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If it’s already good, why mess with a classic potato salad? Such is the thought on any recipe that is just the way you like it. However, there’s always room for some great tweaks when it comes to cooking, and especially great potato salad, a dish that is a perennial fave at picnics, cookouts, and simple family meals in the summertime. For this recipe, brown mustard adds a kick, and the fresh crunch of celery and onion ensures you’ll be coming back for more.

This recipe requires you to make some hard-boiled eggs ahead of time, but if having those on hand is part of your regular snack or meal prep, you’ll be ready to make this at a moment’s notice.

  • 1cup coarsely chopped celery

  • 3/4cup coarsely chopped onion

  • 1/2 cup coarsely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley, more for garnish, if desired

  • 3largehard-boiled eggs, coarsely chopped, more for garnish, if desired

  • 1 1/2teaspoonsbrown mustard

  • 1 1/2teaspoonssalt

  • Cook the potatoes in boiling, salted water until tender, 30 to 40 minutes.

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

  • Drain, cool, and slice the potatoes. Place in a large bowl.

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

  • Add the remaining ingredients to the potatoes in the bowl.

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

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    How To Make The Best Potato Salad Recipe

    1) The key to making the best potato salad is to use starchy potatoes and let them get really soft, so they are partially mashed once mixed. This gives the recipe a rustic, yet thick and luxurious quality. I like to use Yukon Gold or Klondike Goldust potatoes. You can also use Russet potatoes if you like. Do not use new potatoes, because they hold their shape too well and will leave the dressing soupy.

    Start the potatoes in cold water and bring them to a boil to ensure even cooking. Make sure to salt the boiling water so the salty flavor gets deep down in the potatoes.

    Once the potatoes are soft, drain off the water and peel off the skins. You can leave some of the skins on if you like the added texture.

    Chop the potatoes when they are soft this saves time on the peeling and chopping.

    2) Next, mix all the dressing ingredients together. Use your favorite mayonnaise as the base.

    I know better than to tell you what brand to useMayonnaise is an intensely personal condiment!

    Here in the Carolinas, we use Dukes Mayonnaise, but mom usually uses Hellmanns. You can even go with Miracle Whip if that is your favorite.

    Mix a large amount of sweet pickle relish into the dressing.

    Use the good quality refrigerated relish that tastes fresh, has large chunks, and stays firm. Otherwise, the dense ultra-sweet shelved variety might overwhelm the flavor of the dressing.

    If you cant find good relish, finely dice firm refrigerated sweet pickles instead.

    Easy Creamy Potato Salad Without Eggs

    Instant Pot Potato Salad

    30 minutesEasyfew ingredients and no eggs

    This creamy potato salad is so so tasty and really easy to make that will become one of your favorite side dishes. I got this recipe from my aunt many many years ago. Back then, I wasnt really fond of salads with mayonnaise but when I tried her salad, I absolutely fell in love with it. Its so simple and has only a few ingredients, yet so delicious and with a perfect balance of flavors. I often make it when we have people round for dinner or for buffets and everyone is asking me for the recipe. So here it is, lets get started!

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    More Potluck Sides Youll Love

    • Ranch Potato Salad is a creamy, full-flavored potato salad with pan-seared, thick-cut bacon and freshly grated Cheddar!
    • Southwest Potato Salad features creamy Yukon Gold potatoes, black beans, corn, and a zesty chipotle dressing.
    • Green Beans with Tomatoes and Bacon is an easy, slow-cooking side dish made special with fresh green beans, bacon, and fire-roasted canned tomatoes.
    • Classic House Salad is the perfect starter to any meal and loaded with tons of flavor thanks to all those crisp vegetables, croutons cheese, and bacon!
    • Tuna Pasta Salad is made with canned Albacore tuna, peas, pasta shells, and dill. Best of all, it comes coated in a delectable, creamy mayonnaise dressing that cannot be beaten.
    • Bowtie Pasta Salad is a simple, crowd-pleasing dish packing tons of flavor and an Italian flare. It comes together quickly with very little prep thanks to a few fresh and a few ready-made ingredients.

    How To Make An Easy Potato Salad Recipe From Scratch:

    This fast and easy potato salad only requires 5 simple ingredients, as well as salt and pepper. It’s a perfect make-ahead side dish for entertaining, or for casual cookouts at home. I’ve served it with everything from an Easter ham to a grilled burger!


    • Mayonnaise
    • Sour cream

    Which potatoes are best for salad?

    With so many different varieties of potatoes available at the market, it can be confusing to know which potatoes will work best in a creamy potato salad recipe. I’ve shown red potatoes here, but Yukon Gold potatoes or other waxy potatoes will also work well. These potatoes hold their shape when cooked and keep their firm texture in the salad when you chop them up and toss them with dressing. You’ll want to stay away from starchy, thick-skinned potatoes like russets, which will fall apart during the cooking process.

    Step 1: Boil the Potatoes

    First, bring a pot of salted water and the unpeeled potatoes to a boil. Cook the potatoes until they are fork-tender .

    Step 2: Peel and Cube the Potatoes

    Once they’re cool enough to handle, peel and dice the potatoes.

    Step 3: Add the Remaining Ingredients

    Place the potatoes in a large bowl, and then stir in the celery, green onion, mayonnaise and sour cream. Don’t forget to season with salt and pepper, too!

    Step 4: Chill

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    Sun Fun And Great Food

    The weather is finally warming up and the sun has decided to hang out a little more often in the sky. These winters in the Midwest can seem so long and dreary! But now we have lots of great weather ahead of us and I couldnt be more excited. Its going to be a great summer.

    One thing that warmer weather means is that we will be having a lot more get togethers with friends and family. We cant wait to hang out with everyone for some great food, drink and conversation. Whether it is grilling out at home, going on a picnic or camping out, we are going to enjoy this fresh air!

    Of course, here at BubbaPie, we take the food portion of our get togethers seriously. We are always looking for fun, easy and delicious meals to make whatever we are doing even more special. This will hold true with our summer activities. So we thought wed publish a recipe for one of the most famous of all summer side dishes: Potato Salad!

    Should I Make This Potato Salad Recipe Without Eggs Ahead Of Time

    Simple Deviled Egg Potato Salad – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

    YES YES YES. This salad has to be made ahead of time to absorb all the flavors. Potato acts like a slow sponge and takes time to absorb the flavors. Let it sit on your counter for an hour or so at least before serving. Overnight works. Just bring it to the room temp before serving so that the oil based dressing can move around nicely.

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    Creamy Egg And Potato Salad

    Creamy Egg and Potato Salad, buttery baby potatoes and egg combined in a creamy mayonnaise and pickle sauce, great tasting and popular at potlucks and parties

    Creamy Egg and Potato Salad, buttery baby potatoes and egg combined in a creamy mayonnaise and pickle sauce, great tasting and popular at potlucks and parties.

    Here’s a quick recipe for you all! It is called Creamy Egg and Potato Salad. It’s so easy and delicious!

    People are often looking for recipes that have nice flavours, and different from the ‘same old’ salad we always seem to make.Our foodie, Peggy has made up a super creamy egg and potato salad, full of great flavours, and when combined, you get a creamy flavour, and diners come back for second helpings! So let’s see how Peggy makes this family favourite and please enjoy Peggy’s Creamy Egg and Potato Salad.

    Recipe from Peggy Mitchell

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    optional 1 hr for chilling

    How To Make A Potato And Green Bean Salad With Feta Vinaigrette

    We love a big bowl of classic potato salad, but get just as excited with this simple salad of sliced potatoes, green beans, olives and a dressing made with feta cheese and sherry vinegar. For another mayo-free potato salad, take a look at our easy herb potato salad or try our easy green bean salad with crispy shallots!

    We cook the potatoes whole then let them cool slightly and slice. For the green beans, we start with fresh and cook until crisp tender. Then to make the dressing, we whisk vinegar, olive oil, mustard and the lemon juice until creamy. Add the feta cheese, stir well then season with salt and pepper.

    The real trick is to wait about 15 minutes before serving. In just 15 minutes the potatoes have a chance to soak up flavor from the dressing. The wait is worth it. This is perfect served as a side, but we usually enjoy it with some protein on top. Try baked chicken breast or some roasted shrimp.

    Recipe updated, originally posted June 2013. Since posting this in 2013, we have tweaked the recipe to be more clear. Adam and Joanne

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    Easy Simple Classic Potato Salad

    Potatoes, celery and onions tossed in a classic mayo dressing simple ingredients make the best recipes!

    If you google potato salad on the internet you will quickly discover that there are several ways this recipe can be made. It all depends on who you ask and what part of the country they were raised in. A majority of them, I have found, include eggs. And a good majority have bacon.

    What surprised me though was how many of them had pickles or sweet pickle relish.

    This is my moms classic potato salad recipe. I watched her make it a hundred times. There are no hard boiled eggs, there is no bacon, there are no pickles.

    What is there? Potatoes.

    Sometimes simple and classic are where its at.

    She and I differ a little bit in HOW the potato salad gets made though .

    Ingredients For Potato Salad

    Creamy Egg Potato Salad Recipe : Easy Creamy Condensed Milk Potato ...

    So, whats in potato salad? Obviously, potatoes but my version has a few little sneaky ingredients that take it to the next level.

    • Potatoes: I find most potatoes work fine. Starchier potatoes will work out softer, while waxy potatoes will keep their shape better. Simple red skinned potatoes have qualities of both and are my favourite.
    • Eggs: Its just not potato salad without hard boiled eggs. They add another texture and extra flavour.
    • Spring onions: You may know them as green onions too. They add a mild onion flavour and a crisp texture.
    • Mayonnaise: This salad is lighter, using a light whole egg mayonnaise.
    • Sour cream: Sticking to the lighter theme, I use a light sour cream. Mixed with the mayo, it adds a slight tang and balances the much sweeter mayonnaise out.
    • Wholegrain mustard: Just a couple of teaspoons adds a little mustard kick and a slight sweetness.
    • Prosciutto: prosciutto is crisped up in the oven, then crumbled and scattered over the top. It adds saltiness, flavour and crunch.

    The prosciutto and mustard are really what set this dish apart. Both impart umami and make this seriously the best potato salad youll ever try. Big call? Maybe but the fact that this always disappears quickly tells me others agree.

    You could also try dressing it with this Homemade Ranch Dip.

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    What Potatoes For Potato Salad

    The best potatoes for potato salad are firm textured potatoes like Yukon Gold, Russets or red potatoes as they stay firm longer after theyve been cooked. If youre using thin-skinned potatoes, you can leave them with skins to save the time of peeling.

    When buying potatoes make sure they are firm and free of bruises and blemishes. Avoid buying potatoes that appear damp or slimy.

    Easy Potato Salad With Eggs Best Potato Salad Recipe Ever

    This easy potato salad is the best potato salad recipe ever! Once you try this amazing recipe, youll never have potato salad any other way! Secret ingredient is revealed below!

    This creamy potato salad is the king of all potato salads! This easy potato salad recipe with egg is so simple, yet so mouthwatering! Bring it to a potluck and there wont be a single drop of this potato salad left. Not a crumb! The bowl will be scraped out so clean, you wont believe it!

    The secret ingredient of this easy potato salad is the sweet pickle relish. It gives the creamy dressing such amazing depth of flavor, it cant get any better than that! A touch sweet, a bit tangy, absolutely just right!

    Forget about using only mayo to dress the potato salad its too flat and one-dimentional. The creamy dressing for the best potato salad is made with mayo, mustard and sweet pickle relish. This way you get the creaminess of mayo and the added flavors of mustard and sweet pickle relish. Nobody will guess there is mustard in there , but theyll marvel at the taste!

    Also, make sure you use a good mayo. My favorite brand is Hellmans Real Mayo and they didnt pay me to write it, I truly think its the best And please, please, please do not use the low-fat or fat-free mayo!

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    Tasty Macaroni Ham Salad

    Tasty Macaroni Ham Salad.A simple and delicious recipe for macaroni ham salad, quick and easy to make, ideal as a side dish with a BBQ or main meal. Creamy, full of flavor and easily transportable for picnics too!

    Deluxe Chicken Salad Wraps. These little wraps are great for parties, lunches, suppers, or any time! It’s a great way to use up left over chicken , and the recipe is nice and easy, with no fuss. Delicious!

    Bacon and Asparagus Pasta Salad is a lovely simple dish, served warm or chilled as a main or side dish. Goes perfect with a BBQ too!

    Easy Potluck Pasta Salad is a great potluck salad bowl, with olives, cheese, pepperoni, peppers and much more. Easy to transport, by far the best salad to take to a party!

    Honey Mustard Chicken Pasta Salad

    Mustard Potato Salad with Eggs | Easy Potato Salad Recipe

    Honey Mustard Chicken Pasta Salad. A delicious, easy chicken salad with an easy honey mustard dressing. Great for using leftover chicken. Serve as a lunch or dinner, alongside a buffet or BBQ.

    Corn and Cucumber Picnic Salad. A very simple yet great tasting salad and perfect for the holidays!

    Refreshing Spinach & Grape Salad with a delicious dressing! A wonderful tasting salad high in Vitamins and Minerals. Options to also add Apple and Bacon. Always a nice combination!

    Best Ever Pico De Gallo, Salsa Fresca, a delicious Mexican salsa, quick and easy to make with refreshing flavors of lime, jalapenos, tomatoes, and cilantro. Absolutely delicious!

    Homemade Creamy Coleslaw, a delicious low-fat salad option to a popular side dish, using fresh ingredients. Ideal for BBQ’s, parties and burgers!

    Bill’s Chicken Salad is a great family recipe, very easy to make and great tasting. Serve in lettuce wraps, sandwiches, on it’s own, the sky’s the limit!

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    How To Make Red Potato Salad

    When I can find them, I love using smaller red potatoes since it means that I can cook them whole. Chopping them does help them cook a bit quicker, but potatoes that have been cooked whole taste better and are fluffier in the middle.

    Use a big pot for cooking the potatoes and throw a good amount of salt into the water. The water should taste salty. Salting your water is essential since it seasons the potatoes. Without it, they will taste bland, even after tossing them in your dressing.

    Then when the potatoes are cooked and cool enough to handle, scatter a couple of tablespoons of vinegar over them. Its incredible how much of a difference the vinegar makes. I use red wine vinegar for this salad, but apple cider vinegar, white wine vinegar, and even dill pickle juice work well.

    To recap, when making potato salad, we like to keep these tips in mind:

    • Smaller red waxy potatoes are best
    • If time allows, cook the potatoes whole. They taste better and dont get waterlogged.
    • Add a generous amount of salt to your cooking water. Potatoes can be bland and need salt to taste their best.
    • For the best tasting salad, scatter vinegar over the cooked potatoes

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